A Massage From Sasha

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It’s a wet Friday afternoon and I’ve left work early to go get a massage. It’s been such a stressful week, work has been driving me crazy and I haven’t had a moment’s peace so I decided to treat myself. Even getting to the clinic has been such a drama, something came up at the last minute that just couldn’t wait until Monday and then thanks to City Rail I had to run from the station to get to the clinic on time.

However, once I stepped through the door from all the hustle and bustle, I took my first step towards relaxing. Soothing music is on in the background and I can smell the calming scent of lavender combined with a refreshing hint of peppermint. One of the clinic staff ushers me into a room and urges me to undress and to pop up onto the table and informs me that Sasha will be with me shortly.

I’m quick to shuck my shoes and clothes, while briefly assuring myself that when I dressed this morning I remembered to put on decent pair of undies. Thankfully I had donned a respectable pair of black boy leg shorts. Hauling myself up on to the table I arranged the towels over myself as best as I could and awaited the ministering hands of Sasha. I’d been coming to the clinic for a while now and the staff new me well and I’d always requested Sasha. I liked his firm hands and he wasn’t shy about getting in there on those hard knots and working them out. He knew I liked it just on the edge between the pleasure and pain required to release my tension.

I heard the door close and Sasha straightened the towels across my back and legs. Drawing the bottom one to one side to expose my left Ümraniye Escort leg he began on my foot then up my calf and tight hamstrings. One leg was quickly finished and then he was onto the other and into my buttocks. Ooi wow did he really hit the spot. He was a fast worker, quickly my legs and butt were warm and relaxed. Moving round the table he covered up my legs and then began to work on my tight back. It was sheer pleasure to have the knots between my shoulder blades loosened, my shoulders relaxed and my tired lower back soothed. The firm pressure of Sahsa’s hands began to slowly lessen and his hands begun long smooth strokes, moving up and down my body. I sighed and relaxed deeper into the table.

The room was rather warm so I wasn’t surprised when he removed both towels off my over heated body. The firm strong hands had become gentle and soft trailing from my feet all the way up my body. It was a pleasant change from the punishing pleasure but totally unexpected. I opened my eyes to have a quick look at the feet as they moved around the table. They kept eluding my sight as they moved up and down my body. Occasionally those hands would slow and hover over the dip in my back or at the back of my knee. Just as I noticed this I also got the slight scent that was purely feminine as that body moved round mine, especially when it came near my head.

Concentrating harder on the movements across my body, I noticed that the hands were smaller and softer than what I was used to from Sasha. Finally those feet came to rest under my eyes and as those hands worked Ümraniye Escort Bayan down my back and into my buttocks. Yes, I was not mistaken, those feet definitely belonged to a woman but whose I had no idea. I did notice that whoever this teasing female was that she had damn fine looking feet with pretty polished toes and a silver toe ring on her right foot. Hmm yes indeed!

As I was pondering this change to the normal routine, those hands wandered over my back and down my sides, gently grazing the sides of my breasts. Then they were pushing down the waist band of my undies and tucking the sides into the middle, turning them into a g-string and exposing my butt cheeks for those ministering hands. Hmm, I was too relaxed to do anything about this wench’s completely inappropriate behaviour. She continued to stroke and caress my back, arms, buttocks and legs. Each time she moved around my body those hands would steal closer and firmer around the side of my breasts pushed flattened out to the side. I could feel my nipples harden into the towel on the table beneath me. And those hands moved up the inside of my legs, then over my butt cheeks. She had me panting into the table. I could feel the moisture building between my legs and I was sure she could feel the moist heat there each time those imprudent hands moved past. I was in such a haze off steamy desire that I nearly jumped of the table when she spoke “Turn over and keep your eyes closed the rooms very bright”. After a few moments of hesitation, I did what I was told. I was enjoying the sensation of this Escort Ümraniye stranger’s hands running over my body to ruin the illusion by opening my eyes.

As I rolled over, exposing my erect nipples to those hands I sighed with pleasure as they were freed from the pressure of being squashed into the table. I felt drops of oil fall onto my chest and legs. Those hands were quick to smooth it all over my exposed flesh. It was such a new experience to be massaged over my breasts ah but oh so pleasurable! Those hands continued they’re roaming all over the front of my body, occasionally pausing to apply gentle pressure to my nipples and over the heat between my legs. I gasped when I felt a set of lips kiss my left breast and groaned quietly when teeth nipped that same nipple. That mouth then switched to my other breast while a hand dipped down to my undies to grab the bundled up material to pull it tight between my lips and over my clit. She gently tugged at it causing it to grate back and forth over my clit while she continued to nibble and suck my breasts.

I was so relaxed and turned on that once she pushed aside that bunched up material and drove two fingers into me while her thumb rubbed over my clit, I was on the brink of coming. Those delicious lips moved up from my swollen nipples to kiss their way up to my collar bone and into my neck to gently nibble around my ear and flick her tongue all around it. Then she nuzzled back down into my neck to nip and suck my soft flesh. At the same time her sure hands were working overtime strumming my clit and diving in, out and around my swollen lips. Just as I was about to come she moved over to give me a deep probing kiss, then lifted up to whisper into my ear “Happy birthday Mary”. She smothered my long moan as I came with a kiss.

I opened my eyes to see just who this “Sasha” was… it was my ex; she was always great with her hands!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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