A Proper Young Woman’s Guide to Anal Etiquette Ch. 08

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Disclaimer: The following is a work of pure sexual fantasy and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. If you are under the age of 18, please stop reading NOW and go tell your parent and/or guardian that you need stricter internet supervision. Any physical resemblance to a real person that any fictional character herein may bear is probably intentional and is meant as a compliment. Furthermore, all fictional characters in the following fantasy are professionals and good at what they do. So please, don’t try this at home; if such things were even physically possible. If you still insist on trying this at home, please send all pictures and feedback about the experience to myself via the CONTACT tab on my profile. If I can’t stop you I can at least make sure you’re doing it right. Consider yourself disclaimed.

The Dermott Clinic, Part I

“G’mornin’! I’m Georgiana, and welcome to the Dermott Women’s Clinic. Do y’all have an appointment?” asked the bubbly brunette receptionist with the deep southern drawl at the front desk of the clinic.

“Good morning, and yes we do. Wilder: Laura, Cora and Emily,” replied Laura. “We have 9:00 AM appointments for full physicals.”

The perky twenty-something receptionist chewed her lower lip in deep concentration as she navigated the software running on her monitor for a few seconds; deeper concentration than the simple task should have demanded. Obviously, clicking on a few buttons and greeting patients was stretching her simple mental capacity to its limits. Laura was certain that the young woman was in her present position more as eye candy than a productive member of the clinic’s nursing staff. Her first impression of the young receptionist was only strengthened as she gazed down across the desk into the deep cleavage of the massive breasts that threatened to pop out of her tight, low-cut nurse’s uniform. Laura was certain that if the woman moved too quickly, they just might. Despite her annoyance at having to deal with perceptibly stupid people, the affect of the bubbly young woman wasn’t lost on her. Quick mental images of what she’d like to do to the buxom brunette if she had the chance flashed through her mind.

“Ah yes! Here ya are. If I could just get y’alls thumb prints on the scanner, I’ll check y’all into the computer here, and ya can have a seat,” the empty-headed receptionist said cheerfully; her bulging breasts bouncing around deliciously as she motioned towards the scan pad located in front of her on the desk. The motion itself was way more jerky than it had any right to be; with mouth watering results.

Laura tore her gaze from the woman’s dancing mammaries to look Georgiana in the eyes once again. “Ah… Yes… Girls, she needs your thumb prints,” she said in slight embarrassment as she scanned herself in first.

Georgina only smiled more brightly. It was as if the phrase, ‘My face is up here, pervert’ had never once in her life occurred to her to say.

It probably hadn’t.

“Thank y’all kindly,” Georgina said as she turned every precious IQ point at her disposal to the monitor in front of her and tapped the keyboard a few times. Once again, Laura took the opportunity to gaze longingly down the woman’s cleavage.

Hey, Laura thought to herself, if you got it, flaunt it, I guess.

“Alrighty,” she announced proudly after a few seconds. “It found all y’alls records and yur checked in. If y’all could have a seat, a nurse will call ya back in a few minutes.”

“Thank you,” Laura responded and turned towards the room’s rows of comfortable chairs; thankful that she didn’t have to listen to that bimbo’s annoying accent anymore. Perhaps a nice big ball gag would do her wonders for her conversational skills…

Come now Laura! Get your mind out of the gutter! she admonished herself firmly. You don’t have to get your panties wet over every big-boobed bimbo you run across; if you actually wore panties that is.

“Just your type, right mom?” inquired Emily with a smile on her face as the three Wilders found a trio of adjacent seats in the half full waiting room.

“I think she’s every woman’s type,” Laura replied quietly. “Just as long as she doesn’t say too much that is.”

“She’s certainly my type,” Cora agreed as she glanced over her shoulder to watch Georgiana greet the next pair of women that were coming into the clinic with equal enthusiasm and air-headed devotion. “She can say whatever she wants!”

“You can do better, honey,” Laura told her daughter. “I’m sure she’s dynamite in the sack, but what would you two talk about when you’re not having sex?”

“With a body like that, I don’t think there would be much time we wouldn’t be having sex; so I don’t see the problem,” Cora countered skillfully.

“She has a point, mom,” Emily agreed as her gaze followed her sister’s to watch the receptionist’s tits bounce around as she went about her entry-level job.

Ah… To be young and dumb again, Laura thought. She didn’t say anything further, in order to allow her two youngest daughters to peel the receptionist’s tight clothes off with their escort ataşehir eyes and mind-fuck the sexy brunette senseless.

As Laura was observing the lust-filled expressions on the faces of her two teenagers, her phone beeped softly. The notification was immediately followed by a slightly painful stretching sensation as the Dilation Master XXL that Amanda had buckled into her mother’s spacious bottom that morning sensed that Laura was no longer in motion. The ingenious device was one of a new line of ‘smart’ plugs being marketed by Anal by Design at the Women’s Health and Wellness Expo. The model Laura wore today was one of the toys that her eldest daughter had brought home last night in her little bag of goodies.

The Dilation Master XXL was designed to remain at a pre-programmed diameter to match that of a woman’s normal daily plug; it would stay at this size as the wearer went about her day. This was the plug’s Retention mode. However, as soon as she stopped moving – like, say: sitting at her desk, attending a management meeting, or waiting in a clinic’s waiting room – the smart plug would sense the lack of movement and automatically start expanding itself into its Expanded mode. Of course, there were many safety features built into the device: It wouldn’t expand while the wearer was driving; that could be dangerous. There were also built-in pressure sensors to ensure that, when enlarging occurred, the plug would not grow to dimensions that could physically damage the wearer. The plug’s control app on Laura’s phone also had an override button that would force the plug to contract to its normal Retention size. Optionally, this last feature could be disabled provided that at least one phone the plug was registered to keep this safety feature enabled.

The plug’s Expanded size could either be pre-programmed at the same time the Retention size was, or an optional Maximized mode was available. This setting would utilize the data recorded from the plug’s pressure sensors to keep up a grueling outwards pressure on the enclosing rectum without regard to how large the plug actually got. This optional setting was what Amanda had set Laura’s Dilation Master to after it had been safely locked in place.

Her phone beeped yet again when the plug’s expansion halted several seconds later. Laura groaned softly from the intense discomfort in her nether hole as she checked her phone.

Dilation Master XXL Control Dashboard

Laura’s Plug:

Mode: Maximized

Dilation: 5.91″

Duration: 0:00:06


– You have been dilated past 5 7/8″ today! Congratulations!

Amanda’s Plug:

Mode: Retention

Dilation: 5.5″

Duration: 2:07:21

Damn! Amanda thought as she did some mental arithmetic. 5.91 inches is a little over five and seven eighths inches! This thing might have me at six inches in diameter by the time I get home tonight.

Shit! I’ve only been at five and seven eighths inches as my maximum capacity for a day and a half now and I’m already getting wider? I guess my butt’s remembering how wide it used to expand when Dave was still around.

As her Laura’s phone attested to, Amanda had joined her mother earlier that day by inserting one of the Dilation Masters she’d brought home up her own bubble butt. Both of them had registered each other’s plugs with their phones so that they could monitor the other’s progress throughout the day. Laura had to admit that it was fun knowing how wide-open her daughter was stretched at this very moment. She assumed since Amanda’s plug was in Retention mode that she was up and moving around the Expo; chances were, the busy woman wouldn’t have very many opportunities to experience the plug’s Expanded mode today. Honestly, a normal dilation plug would have probably worked just as well for Amanda while she worked Anal by Design’s booth at the Women’s Expo. Although, the novelty of having an expensive digital toy up both their butts was fun!

Laura closed her eyes and breathed deeper to accustom herself to the interesting sensation of being stretched past her previous maximum; it was a sensation she imagined she’d be feeling a lot over the coming weeks. When she opened them again, she felt she had the pain in her butt under mental control.

The Wilder matriarch began to look around to give herself a chance to take stock of the familiar waiting room. Not much had changed since the last time she’d been here for a checkup a year and a half or so ago. Some of the posters, handouts and advertisements had changed, but the art on the walls and the overall décor hadn’t.

She picked up one of the folding handouts on the end table next to her. This one had an image of two identical looking young women in their late twenties holding hands on the front cover. The title read ‘Do You Need a Corset?’. Laura looked again at the two women, who were identically dressed in light sundresses. Sure enough, kadıköy escort bayan the outline of a large anal violator lodged in her backside was clearly visible on the abdomen of the one on the right. Laura opened the pamphlet to glance at the pictures and read some of the text; mostly to pass the time until her name was called.

On the left panel, both women were turned around and holding the other’s sun dress up so that the bases of the pair’s impaling daily plugs were clearly visible. The pamphlet went on to describe that the twin sisters had worn a matching pair of five inch wide, eighteen inch long plugs to go out shopping for shoes that morning. One had worn a corset and the other hadn’t. In pictures and text, the handout went on to describe the benefits of harsh corseting in concealing the larger plugs that were the fashion these days. The right panel even had a step-by-step walkthrough on how to properly insert a five inch plug into a corseted woman. Laura’s eye’s lingered on the picture of the corseted sister’s fleshy pink and wide open asshole just before her smiling sister filled it with the black latex plug. There was a local lingerie company’s name at the bottom of the pamphlet along with a web address and a phone number.

Well, duh! Laura thought to herself as she put the bi-fold back on the table. Tell me something I don’t know!

Picking up the next one, she scanned its front. The image was an old-school, green line-only technical-like schematic of what appeared to be a woman’s intestinal tract filled with a large fuzzy mass that she assumed to be a plug. This one was titled, ‘Certified Capacity™ developed by Anal Dynamics Inc.’ Flipping it open, Laura scanned the informational document about using advanced mathematical modeling and proprietary algorithms to determine the maximum size of dildo that could be physically inserted.

Interesting, she thought. Although I’m sure Dave has already had me open to the largest size my body can physically take. I don’t need some geeky engineer telling me that I’ve already reached my maximum; I can feel it quite well enough when I get there, thank you very much!

“Ever thought about having yourself checked out for that?” said a voice to the side. Laura looked up from her reading to note an attractive blonde woman sitting on the other side of the end table from her. She looked to be about the same age as Laura, but not quite as stacked in the curves department; although she made up for it by obviously being a workout junkie.

“Pardon?” Laura answered at the unexpected small talk.

“The Certified Capacity,” said the other woman, holding up the same pamphlet Laura was flipping through. “My husband and I have been seeing advertisements for it lately and I was asking if you’d ever considered it. I’m Sandy, by the way. Please to meet you,” she continued holding out her hand.

“Laura,” she answered, shaking the offered hand, “and no, I haven’t,” she said, putting the handout back on the end table.

“I’m certain I am too, but Mark – my husband – wanted me to come in and have the screening done anyway. I think he just wants the validation that he’s doing a good job with my wellbeing, to be honest,” Sandy said, continuing the [mostly] one-sided conversation.

Laura was slightly taken aback by the other woman’s forwardness to a complete stranger. Discussions of such personal information were best left to the family, close friends, and the medical community.

She was about to politely attempt to back herself out of the idle chitchat when a pleasant soprano announcement came: “Wilder? Laura Wilder?”

Saved by the proverbial bell, Laura thought. She looked up and saw a pretty brunette nurse with a medical tablet standing in the half open door leading to the clinic’s back area. Laura raised her hand to gain attention, made eye contact to let the nurse know she had heard her name called, gathered up her purse, and bid her two youngest daughters – who were still trying their best not to be too obvious while gawking at the bubbly receptionist – a quick goodbye. Smiling apologetically at Sandy, she got up and made her way towards the waiting nurse.

As she did so, her Dilation Master XXL sensed that she was in motion again and obediently shrank back to its Retention mode; a healthy five and three quarter inches wide. Laura heard the notification sound from her phone in her purse as it did so.

“Good luck in there,” she heard Sandy comment as she walked away.

“You too,” she answered; glad to be away from her.

As she approached the thirty-something nurse, she allowed her eyes to assess the attractive woman. She wore the same white, skin-tight, ultra-low cut uniform that Georgiana wore, although she didn’t fill out the bust area quite as spectacularly. Not to say she was flat chested. Hardly! Laura’s expert eyes estimated that her impressive bosom was very close to her own; somewhere in the 34FF or 36EE range. While Laura considered herself blessed in the tits department, some women – like the astonishingly dumb yet equally over-endowed Georgiana – hand her escort bostancı beat hands down.

Just below her assigned nurse’s womanly gifts, the uniform had a built-in, white, patent-leather corset that compressed and shaped her waist perfectly, while at the same time uplifted and pressed her breasts together to produce a glorious amount of cleavage. The corset, combined with the garment’s low cut front, shaped the nurse’s breasts into mouthwatering, fleshy orbs high on her chest and allowed just the hint of bottom boob to display as the cleavage separated just before the blouse finally came together. Laura had to resist the urge to bury her face in the pretty woman’s chest and motorboat to her heart’s content.

Moving down from there, her wide, shapely hips filled out and complimented her voluptuous figure beautifully. Just below them, the uniform’s tight skirt finally ended a few inches above her knees to reveal white stocking encased legs which ended in five or six inch white, patent-leather high heeled shoes that matched the corset perfectly.

The end result was that Laura couldn’t decide if the woman looked more like an incredibly sexy, yet professional, nurse or a leather-clad seraphim come down from on high. In actuality, it didn’t really matter; the woman was a knockout! Though, while Laura didn’t recognize this particular nurse, she was glad that the uniforms hadn’t changed since her last visit; she’d always been fond of them. She actually had her own nursing uniform somewhere back in her closet at home; she’d bought it for Dave as an anniversary present a decade or so ago as he’d liked the uniforms just as much as she did.

“Good morning, Mrs. Wilder,” the angelic beauty said extending her free hand to Laura, “I’m Nurse Melissa and I’ll be your assigned nurse for this morning’s procedure.” The wide smile and bright gray eyes that went along with the greeting sold Laura on her mental image of this Melissa as a heavenly being.

“Hello, Nurse Melissa,” Laura replied taking the woman’s soft hand in her own and shaking it firmly. “And please, call me Laura.”

“It would be a pleasure, Laura. First names are so much better than all that normal formality, don’t you think?”

“I couldn’t agree more, Melissa!”

“Now if you’ll follow me to the examination room,” she said as she stepped back to open the door completely for Laura to enter. Laura smiled back and stepped through the portal to follow the enchanting, leather-clad nurse and almost ran into a young, blond nurse on her way out.

“Hey!” the blonde in a matching uniform said in surprise.

Although the uniform was where the similarities ended between the two nurses. While Melissa was tall and curvaceous, this new nurse was on the short side and obviously very muscular. Laura’s nurse had breasts almost the size of her own, while Blondie had much smaller, but still respectable, D cups; by Laura’s expert estimation. Most importantly, Melissa had a beautiful, warm, friendly face, the other nurse’s was attractive – undoubtedly – yet cold and detached.

“My fault entirely,” Laura replied. “I just couldn’t take my eyes off of your delightful coworker, Melissa, over there,” she said with a quick wink towards the giggling brunette. Laura couldn’t help herself but join her nurse in a soft chuckle.

“You mean Nurse Melissa, ma’am,” the blond said sternly, sucking all levity out of the situation. “Apology accepted. Please be mindful to watch where you’re going; there’s a lot of sensitive equipment around here!” she added and turned back towards the door to continue her mission.

Subdued slightly in their schoolgirl-esque giggling, Laura and Melissa turned to head towards the waiting examination room. As they began walking down the hall, Laura quietly inquired, “What’s up her butt?”

“Whatever it is, it’s nowhere big enough, I can assure you,” Melissa said equally as quietly, but still smiling. “Don’t worry. That’s just ‘Nurse’ Lana; she treats everyone that way. All business, that one!”

“Ah… So you’re saying she just needs a proper fucking then?” Laura asked with a mischievous smile.

“Don’t we all?” Melissa questioned back with her own roguish grin, and then started giggling again.

Laura found her nurse’s laughter quite endearing. “Yes. Yes, I believe we all do,” she answered, giggling herself.

“Cora and Emily Wilder?” came an announcement from behind her. Laura turned her head to get a better, quick glance at this ‘Nurse’ Lana – who would evidently be performing the physicals on her daughters – and did a double take at what she saw. Stopping abruptly in her tracks, she snapped her head back around to Melissa – who had continued to walk a few paces before noticing that Laura had quit walking next to her- to look at the brunette nurse from this new angle.

While, from the front, the nurses’ uniforms looked identical to the ones they’d been wearing for years here at the Dermott Clinic, the backs had a slight, but significant, modification. The tight skirt now had a circular cutout that went from mid-buttock to mid thigh to reveal the white garters extending from the base of their corsets to the tops of their lacey, white stockings; and the bases of the sizable, black latex plugs buckled securely in place deep within their rectums by their white leather plug-straps and tiny, stainless steel padlocks.

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