A Sex Show I will Never Forget

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“Hey Sara, do you wanna see a show when we are in Sydney next week? I found something I think you might like.”

“What is it what is it?”

“Hahahaha wait and see Sarah, wait and see.”

“OK whatevs.”

I thought about all the possible shows that might be on next week, musicals, plays, what was he thinking. One thing for sure it will probably be fun.

So, Tuesday came and I found myself on a plane heading for Sydney to visit the usual high profile accounts arranging to meet up with him latter when he flew in. I got the message he landed just as I was about to get in the shower.

“OK Tony you survived, congratulations, I’m just getting in the shower.”

Secretly I know every time I mentioned this he wanted so much to ask.

“Prove it”


“Really, please Sarah show me.”

I know I’m not addicted to sex but the idea my body can turn on someone I care about has always turned me on, knowing the site of my naked form can get him stiff, cause him to masturbate thinking about me is such a good feeling. But I know it’s not just my body he craves but all of me, and that’s what I truly desire, someone who cares for me, who, cares for what I am not just on the outside but the inside.

And it’s that thought that has my hand between my legs feeling how wet my pussy has become thinking about the night ahead, what would happen, nothing, something who knows, who knows. My pussy is so swollen and wet I can feel the heat, the burning desire to fulfil.

I’ll just have a little play to warm me up, my clit is erect and hard matching my nipples, with one hand squeezing my boobs I rub gently up and down the nub of my engorged clit, the sensation is incredible, I’m so wet, the unmistakeable signs of my desire, my passion, my need to be sated is overwhelming.

I need to feel his touch, his magic fingers touching me like no one ever has before. I want him, I want all of him, his fingers, his tongue, his cock, I want it all.

I rub harder but only outside, I don’t want to penetrate myself yet I want to rub hard, firmly on my rock-hard clitoris back and forth, up and down faster and faster until that familiar feeling starts to build inside me the burning, the heat, the powerful force compelling me to the brink of ecstasy.

A nice start to the evening, I wonder if that’s the only orgasm I will, have tonight.

My phone beeps to snap me out of this light-headedness back to reality.

“Hey Sarah, forgot to tell you the dress code for tonight, do you have a skirt with you?”

What the fuck.

“Yes I have one, the short grey one you like so much.”

“Oh great please wear that, oh and if possible nothing underneath!”

“What did you say?”

“Hahaha, yeah no panties please Sarah.”


“I’ll be at the hotel in 10mins, ping you when I’m downstairs, see yay.”

No underwear, what kind of show is this?. New thoughts filled my mind, after all Sydney was famous for its darker side, what was I going to be in for this evening, and should I acquiesce to his request, hmmmm what to do, what to do.

“Hey Sarah, I’m downstairs, ready when you are.”

“Ok just coming, hahaha.”

I wonder what he is thinking, is he wondering if I have any underwear on!

“Hey Sarah, you look amazing.”

“Thanks Tony.”

I jump into the car wondering if he is trying to guess if I met his request or not, straining to look for any tell-tale signs.

“So where are we going?”, he does that stupid grin and I know he half wants to tell me but desperately wants to keep it a secret.

“Just somewhere in the city, a great new show I think you will like.”

He puts his hand on my knee, it feels warm and soft, it lingers and moves slowly up towards my pussy, under my skirt, so he really can’t wait to find out if I have been compliant to his fantasy, his erotic demands.

“Hey hey what do you think you’re doing!”

“Oops, sorry Sarah, just love the feel of your skin so much.”

“Yeah and the feel of my wet little pussy, I know, well not now Tony, not until you tell me what’s happening and why you made the stupid request to leave my underwear at home!”

“Did you do it, did you, tuzla bayan escort did you?”

“You will never know at this rate, wtf is going on.”

I knew by the evil grin on his face something unexpected was going to happen this evening, but what!

After another 10 mins of driving through crazy Sydney traffic we pulled into a car park and made our way towards the club. It was a modern looking bar filled with a range of people which pretty much looked from all different backgrounds and ages, no clues yet of what was to come.

We got a drink and then after some small talk heard the announcement to head towards the showroom, the showroom! What a funny name, are they selling cars, hahaha.

The showroom was a large room in the middle of which was a circular platform slightly raised of the ground with a circular curtain going all the way around it, maybe there really was a car under there.

We made our way towards the platform to the beat of some random high energy music not sure what to expect while the others did the same, they seemed to split up into groups, some obvious couples, some threesomes and some individuals just standing alone.

We had a good spot and I was keen to see what the fuck this show was all about.

The music suddenly went low and the curtain started opening electronically all 360 degrees to reveal one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. A woman was tied suspended over the circular stage completely nude and turning slowly, she looked incredible, obviously beautiful but it was the way she was tied which was also so beautiful, each knot was a work of art, carefully positioned and adjusted to create a living sculpture, a sculpture of sex and lust.

Her hands were tied behind her pushing out her breasts which had multiple ropes tied across her tightly causing her nipples to poke through hard and erect. Her legs were tied under the thighs forming a kind of seat from which she was suspended like she was sitting on a swing, but the legs were also pulled wide open leaving nothing to the imagination, more ropes and knots wound their way down her legs in precise rows creating a pattern of intricacy and an obvious labour of love, she looked like a living statue filled with arousal and helpless to do anything about it.

Her pussy was open and obviously aroused, it glistened in the light that played on it as she slowly turned on the stage. I could immediately feel my own cunt start to get wet and engorged with lust, what was going to happen next, what was she waiting for.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Walking onto stage was a beautiful blonde woman, slim but with very large breasts wearing obviously very expensive lingerie all black which contrasted her pale flawless skin.

She was walking slowly around the stage taking in the crowd and the sight of her bound friend smiling and in an obvious state of lust herself as she constantly touched herself while she moved around the platform making eye contact with as many as she could in the audience.

Her gaze hit mine, she lingered looking at me, licking her lips and rubbing the front patch of her underwear in front of me, she stared into my eyes for what seemed like several minutes but must have only actually been seconds looking at my reaction to her lustful activity, I was transfixed, couldn’t look away and felt my own arousal grow higher and higher with each second that passed.

I was so fucking turned on by the sight in front of me, one beautiful woman bound suspended her open legs displaying her sex for all to see ready and waiting to be satisfied and the obvious source of that satisfaction prowling around her, heightening her own anticipation and longing.

I looked around at the reaction of the rest of the crowd, they were all obviously enjoying the image before them, some had started to touch themselves, or their partners were touching them, everyone was ready for the show to begin.

We didn’t have to wait long the woman in lingerie went behind her bound suspended friend and started to lovingly caress her tightly tied breasts and nipples, running her hands over the ropes, feeling each knot and pulling and rubbing each nipple tuzla olgun escort with both hands at the same time, while she did this she kissed her passionately over and over their open mouths and tongues clear to see as the enjoyed the feel of each other’s lips and taste, hot and moist with desire.

After enjoying a few minutes of this fourplay the woman in lingerie started to strip, slow and seductively as she prowled around the stage obviously enjoying showing her naked body to a room full of strangers, her body was well toned and glistened in the lights highlighting and accentuating each curve each turn she made, her pussy was nicely trimmed exposing the lips which were large and puffy, another indication of her enjoyment to be putting on this show.

Once she was fully nude she lay on the platform as it slowly turned on her back, her legs spread wide open bent at the knees displaying her pussy for everyone to see.

As she passed by in front of me slowly I could almost reach out and touch it and had to fight the urge not to. As she slowly was turning around before everyone she started to play with herself, slowly at first just gently rubbing her clit with her fingers but it soon became fast and frenzied as she put one and then two fingers deep into her dripping wet cunt the sound was incredible as she lost herself in the joy of bringing herself to climax, I could see her juice pouring out of her as she removed her fingers holding them up for the crowd to see.

I was so engrossed in the moment and enjoyed my own arousal I didn’t even realise the hand that was stroking my own pussy gently from behind under my skirt, so he had found I followed his request, I had come out with no underwear, just my short skirt covering my bare backside and pussy which was no being squeezed and stroked as a finger slowly started its way between my slightly opened legs.

Fuck.. I was so turned on, my cunt ached and I could feel the juice running out onto his finger.

He kissed my neck so tender and loving like it was the most the most important thing in the world for him to do and he enjoyed every small touch every slight graze he made over my skin.

Even a slight touch of my hair I knew was one he treasured and enjoyed the slightest touch of my body he was grateful for and longed for.

I pushed back on his finger urging him on to go deeper inside of me. He knows me so well, knows I will give him the sign when I am ready to except him inside me, his desire to fulfil me, to wait for the signs and listen to my body respond to him is amazing, he knows to wait on my signal, which I give him now as I move slowly back into him pushing my tight little pussy down and onto his waiting finger.

It enters me slowly, lovingly, making its way deep inside me but at my pace, I control, as he holds it still for me to move into. I gasp as it fully enters me, it’s so deep inside me, filling me up as I am so tight around it, he knows I want it held there for a moment as I enjoy the feeling and want to move slowly, savouring every sensation.

He knows when it’s time to move, he moves slowly applying just the right pressure inside me on the front wall of my cunt finding the spot which brings me such great pleasure, how does he do it, how does he know what is inside me, like a button he can press which drives me wild.

Lost in my own pleasure I look around and start to see what others are doing. One woman is on her knees in front of her partner sucking his cock while he enjoys the scene in front of him.

To my right I see two guys either side of a woman in the middle, she is rubbing the front of their pants, enjoying the growing bulges of their cocks as they have their hands all over her body, on her boobs under her skirt they are all over her has she holds her head back in ecstasy.

Two women have their hands inside each other’s pants obviously fingering each other as they enjoy the show. And the show is about to get more interesting.

After making herself cum for everyone to see the beautiful blonde positions herself on her knees in front of the open legs of her friend and gazes into her open pussy enjoying the scene in front of her as we tuzla otele gelen escort have been, the neatly tied ropes drawing attention to the lips of her open cunt, so ready for her attention.

She starts to tease her, to blow on her pussy, gently kiss her thighs on any untied exposed flesh and running her tongue over the knots, but being careful not to go to near her pussy yet, just around it teasing and heightening her need and desire to be touched, to get a release from the agony of not being able to touch herself, to relieve the burning desire that rages in her body.

It seems to go on so long, getting close but pulling back at the last minute. Until without warning she forces her tongue deep into her friends pussy pushing it in as far as it will go and holding it inside her as she screams in pleasure at last having her desire fulfilled.

Her tongue goes in and out and she practically fucks her with it occasionally pulling it out only to kiss and lick on her clit and suck each lip as she starts to use her fingers fucking her pussy so expertly with them two fingers slide so easily into her as she throws her head back and cums with a loud shout and a gush of juice flowing out onto the floor.

My own need is growing for more than a finger inside me. I find the front of his pants and to my pleasure feel how aroused he is, rubbing his cock through his jeans is all the encouragement he needs as he recognises my sign and pulls down his zip to let his cock spring out, I can feel its growing length in my hand and it only takes a few strokes to realise its full potential.

I hold his cock and move in front drawing it so near to my pussy from behind, I hold the tip at the entrance of my dripping wet cunt and rub it up and down my slit, covering it with my juice, enjoying the feeling of using it like a dildo to fuck myself with.

I position it in exactly the right spot and push back onto him as it enters me forcing a scream of my own as it first opens me up around its thick girth, my pussy feels so small around him but I want it so much, I push back hard on him to let it completely fill every part of me.

He grabs me, to hold me onto him, knowing I need a moment to get used to its size inside me before I can really start to fuck him, enjoying the feeling of being completely filled with cock I start to move in rhythm with him, an expertly choreographed ballet of lust and desire our bodies working so well together.

I meet each of his thrusts with a push back of my own so it can go as deep as possible inside me, so deep, impossibly deep.

It’s while I am lost in the moment I start to realise another hand is on my body.

The blonde from the stage is in front of me transfixed, staring at me and rubbing my breasts, I open my eyes and they lock on hers as she starts to see my encouragement to go further, she opens my blouse and starts squeezing my tits hard, each together, and takes my nipples into her mouth one after the other to suck on them as she squeezes, harder and harder responding to my enjoyment and willing her on to do much more.

As she sucks my nipples her hand moves down to my pussy and It’s like a bolt of electricity hits me as she touches my clit, the feeling of being fucked and have this beautiful woman rub my clit is driving me wild, I’m screaming out words filled with wanton desire.

“You love my little pussy don’t you.”

“You love fucking my tiny little pussy.”

“I love the feel of your big cock inside me.”

“Keep fucking me with your cock.”

“Fuck me harder, fuck me faster, fuck me deeper.”

“I want your mouth on my wet cunt.”

“I want your lips sucking my clit.”

“Rub my pussy.”

“Make me cum.”

I grab her head and push it down, down to my pussy as its getting fucked and hold her head onto my cunt, her tongue hits my clit and as she licks and sucks on it and runs her tongue up and down the cock that is fucking me so well I can’t hold back any longer, my whole body shakes as I cum over and over again convulsion after incredible convolution rock my body as the overwhelming feelings of joy and satisfaction quiver through me, how many times did I cum, for how long who knows as I am in the final throws of my multiple orgasms I feel my new blonde lover take the cock fucking my pussy out and start wanking and sucking on it until I see my lovers cum fly out onto her breasts and run down over her body, the smile on her face tells me all I need to know.

What a show, what an experience, what pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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