A Shopping Trip Gone Right Ch. 02

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Kim’s next destination was the Beauty Salon. She had been thinking about a hair trim, a pedicure and a manicure, she was going to pamper herself. She wanted tonight to be perfect for Keith tonight, she was going to be as hot as she could be!

She walked into the salon, the little bell tinkling behind her. The owner looked up at her and smiled. “Hi there Kim!”

“Hi Ann.” Ann Taylor’s salon was the best in town, it was hard to get an appointment. Of course, Kim had an “in”. She knew Ann Taylor much more intimately than many of her other clients.

She and Ann hugged and shared a very warm kiss, tongues meeting briefly. She hadn’t seen Ann in a few weeks, she’d had the flu at the last meeting. As always, the chic brunette was dressed in the latest fashion. She had the warmest eyes Kim had ever seen, her cream-colored blouse and skirt contrasted with her dark tan. Kim’s mouth watered every time she saw Ann. She adored her sweet Marcie, but Ann exuded sex from ever pore.

“How’s Stan?” Kim asked, referring to Ann’s husband.

“Lousy in bed, as usual.” Ann sighed. “How’s Keith?”

Kim giggled. “Wonderful, as usual. Still manages to fuck my brains out whenever I ask.”

Ann grimaced. “Lucky bitch. Wish I had one like that.”

Kim smiled. “Play your cards right darling, I may let you borrow him sometime.”

Ann immediately brightened. “You mean it? Oh, I’d love that. Your husband is a honey.”

Kim felt warm inside. Her Keith was a rare gem, she knew that. But would he be willing to fuck other women if she asked? He could be so straight-laced. She put the thought güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri aside and turned her attention back to Ann.

“So, pretty lady, business or pleasure?” Ann asked her.

“How about one from `Column A’ and one from “Column B’, Ann darling?” Kim said with a husky purr.

Ann was delighted. It was near the end of her day, so she put her “Closed” sign up and went back to Kim. Her blonde friend’s timing was perfect, that little slut Dee was away with her husband and family. How dare she not give her mistress a proper servicing before she went? She’d whip the little black bitch’s ass for that when she got back. Dee would love every minute of it too, begging for more. Then, Ann would put on her dildo and fuck Dee’s ass until she came.

She sauntered over to Kim and embraced her fully, taking her in her arms and fondling her tits, running her hands up Kim’s stocking-clad legs. “What did you have in mind?”

“Hair styling, manicure, pedicure, some pussy licking and finger-fucking. Sound good?” Kim smiled.

“Sounds great.”

Kim loved having her hair washed and Ann was such a tease. She’d caress Kim’s scalp and sneak a kiss or two, which Kim, being underwater with her eyes closed, couldn’t see. Her pussy was already damp as Ann toweled her dry and led her to the chair.

Ann clipped and trimmed Kim’s hair, giving her a smoldering new look. It was somewhat reminiscent of the old film star, Veronica Lake and Kim knew that Keith would love it. Kim felt her nipples hardening under her blouse as Ann dried her hair with the Blow Drier and brushed it until güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it gleamed in the light.

“You’re a tease!” Kim giggled as Ann’s manicured nails stroked her neck and behind her ears. Ann smiled at her and kissed those selfsame spots.

“You’re just figuring that out now, huh?”

She led Kim over to the Manicurist’s table and gave Kim a manicure, but it was to further incite passion in the lovely bi-sexual blonde. As she trimmed each nail, Ann would take one of Kim’s fingers into her mouth and suck on it lovingly, looking up with her rich brown eyes into Kim’s own baby-blue eyes. If Kim hadn’t been so nuts about her Marcie, she would have battled Dee for this woman. She shuddered in pleasure as a mini-orgasm overtook her. From Ann’s soft laughter, the lovely bitch knew it too!

The pedicure was even more sensual. Kim had to take off her skirt and stockings and shoes, she stood before her lover in blouse and thong only. Ann soaked her feet, when they were ready, she clipped and buffed and polished each nail. Her next stop was to lovingly suck Kim’s toes, one by one, until Kim was wriggling in heat.

“Enough!” Kim yelled out. “Get naked. Come on Ann, I have to eat you too! I have to fuck you too!”

Ann grinned. “Of course you do. All right darling, the customer is always right.”

Kim loved watching Ann undress. The soft material made a slight “shushing” sound as it slid off Ann’s beautiful body, her tan skin devoid of tan lines. She leaned forward and kissed her playmate. “Want me?”

“Of course, goddd, yesss!” Kim cried güvenilir bahis şirketleri out as she took one of Ann’s dark nipples into her mouth and sucked on it. Ann let out a plaintive cry and her hands stroked Kim’s arms and pulled her into her embrace. They rocked and held each other, bodies just rubbing softly together.

The two women moved quickly into a `69′ and began lapping at each other feverishly, the salon time having been great foreplay for their lesbian love-play. Ann’s tongue delved into Kim’s blonde pussy. feeding on her in passionate hunger. Kim’s tongue slid over Ann’s prominent mound, pulling at her clit and feasting on her juices. She slid one of her newly-manicured digits into Ann’s asshole, knowing Ann loved that. She was right, Ann screamed out her pleasure.

They rocked together on the salon floor, bodies hunching against each other, crying for release. No quarter was asked, none was given. In her short time loving women, Kim had become quite good at eating cunt. She’d had good teachers, she giggled inwardly.

They feasted greedily on each other, slurping up copious amounts of pussy juice. Ann and Kim were both glistening, faces coated with cream as they continued to work each other over. Ann speared her tongue deeply into Kim, the way she knew her friend liked. Kim licked her tongue flatly over Ann’s pussy, the way she knew pleasured Ann. Both women were enjoying themselves, they weren’t worried about the time.

Ann came first, but Kim followed shortly thereafter. “Shouldn’t the customer cum first?” Kim giggled as Ann helped her wash up and get clean.

“Depends on how busy I am.” Ann giggled. “I got pretty busy with you, didn’t I?”

Kim smiled as Ann looked down at her. The slightly-taller brunette had a sudden burst of inspiration and she whispered in Kim’s ear.

Kim smiled and nodded at Ann. Keith was going to be walking funny tomorrow.

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