A Shower With Kami

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It was the first warm spring night. We arrived home late, but I insisted that Kami get in the shower. She had school pictures in the morning and I didn’t want to have to deal with us both fighting over the bathroom as usual.

Kami closed the bathroom door and started the shower. Just when I had gotten undressed the shower stopped and the bathroom door cracked open. “Dad, the shower head is clogged again!” I threw on a robe and headed for the bathroom. Kami had left the door ajar and I could see into the mirror. Kami was slowly putting on her robe. I never expected to be aroused by the sight of her firm young body. But her smooth ass was so tight and flawless and her slender body was so ripe for caressing I had no choice.

I tapped at the door and entered. “I’ll fix it Hun,” I said. As I worked, she leaned against the sink. I couldn’t help but get aroused thinking of what I had just seen. “OK, there baby, it should work now” I said as I turned on the shower. Without kadıköy escort hesitation Kami dropped her robe right in front of me and entered the shower. “Yea, thanks Daddy”, she said as I stood there in amazement. Aroused, I watched her soap up her tight tanned body through the clear glass door.

“Dad, why don’t you step in here too, you can wash my hair for me, ok?” Kami said above the sound of the pounding hot water.” I hesitated for a moment and then dropped my robe and stepped into shower. Her back was to me, her soapy young body bumping into my hardening cock as we positioned to make room in the crowded stall. I tried to keep from getting an erection the best I could, but as her tight young ass kept sliding against my stiff pole and it was futile. My hands slowly began caressing her soft shoulders and then moved down over her tight young ass. The fragrant soap made üsküdar escort her firm body slip through my roaming hands.

Without a word she handed me the shampoo and asked if I would wash her hair. As I lathered her up, she stood with her back to me, her body so close that my now hard cock slid up and down on her tender flesh as her body moved to the rhythm of my hands working her hair.

She must have known what was happening and reached her hand behind her and began to stroke my soapy cock. I moaned as her soft little hand moved up and down my huge shaft. I placed my hands on her shoulders and removed her hand from my soapy prick. I placed my cock against the soft tender flesh of her ass and slid it up and down in her slippery crack.

“I was about to come when Kami said, “ok, I think we’re done” As we rinsed off I couldn’t help but think what I had done. Was this her way of saying I was way out of line? Would tuzla escort she tell her mom and her step-dad? I excused myself and put my robe back on and started to leave the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” Kami said. “I need you to help dry me off!” I turned around and gently toweled off her hair. As I moved the towel down her smooth little body my head began to buzz with excitement. She turned and stood toward me as I rested on one knee and finished drying her tanned legs. Looking up, her tender young folds were right in my face.

I couldn’t stop myself and without a word I grabbed her firm ass and pulled her pristine young lips to my mouth. She moaned as my hot tongue separated her pussy and entered her young body. Her hands rested on my head and pulled me into her as I continued to lick her smooth cunt. Her clit swelled as she neared orgasm.

“Oh daddy” she yelled, as her young body pulsed in ecstasy. Her sweet juices flowed down her leg as she came. She nearly fell over during orgasm and I caught her with my hands. “It’s time for bed now sweetie” I said. You’re graduation pics are tomorrow and we want you to look your best!”

I picked her up in my arms and gently set her down on my bed, “you can sleep with me tonight, baby!”

“Yes Daddy,” she replied, “but I doubt if we are going to get much sleep!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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