A Very Estelle Christmas

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“Weee!” Estelle hollered giddily as she whirled around while staring straight up at the mistletoe that was dangling just inches above her. Her red and green skirt had been lifted up by the air flow, revealing her black lace panties. With her black baby doll t-shirt tucked into her skirt, it appeared as though the panties and shirt were one article of clothing.

“Sweetheart, you’ve been there for, like, fifteen minutes,” Amelia called over to her from the kitchen, “how long are you going to stand- er, spin there?”

“Until Sophia gets her cute little ass out herrreee!” with that, the whimsical brunette lost her balance and slumped to the floor clumsily. “Ow.”

Just then Sophia emerged from the bedroom, carrying a candle with one hand while protecting the flame with her other. She was wearing an over-sized pastel blue sweater that barely covered her thighs. The site of her plainly visible panties, which were just a shade darker than her shirt, caused Estelle to stop in mid-recovery.

“What was that crash? Oh, Estelle!” Sophia made a move to assist Estelle, but stopped when she was waved back.

“You stay right there! I have something for you. Hold please.”

Amelia watched with great amusement as Estelle tried to find her footing when clearly her world was still spinning. Estelle pushed herself off of the floor with both hands, only to fall back down again. She hung her head in defeat and let out a meek, “help.” Her rescuers made no secret of the fact that they found great entertainment value in Estelle’s silly behavior, for they could hardly find the strength to pull her up from laughing so hard.

“Thank you,” Estelle said politely as she curtsied, then commanded to her dark-haired girlfriend, “You. Mistletoe. Now.” Sophia did as she was told and walked back under the mistletoe, and turned around in time to meet Estelle’s lips. As always, she was quite powerless against her lover’s advances, and returned the gesture by wrapping her arms around Estelle’s neck. She savored any opportunity to bask in Estelle’s affection. A subtle moan escaped her mouth as Estelle placed her both hands under Sophia’s sweater and squeezed her buttocks.

“Mmm…you taste like mint,” Estelle observed, “And Amelia. Minty Amelia-Sophia goodness.”

“Well, Amelia was waiting for me under the mistletoe earlier…apparently for, like, fifteen minutes.” Sophia responded.

“Oh really?” Estelle said with conviction as she turned to look at her red-haired mistress, who simply smirked back.

“Did I mention that I love your new jacket?” Sophia said to Amelia as her eyes took in Amelia’s burgundy snap front jacket, accompanied by tight black jeans.

“Why thank you. Now come, I have presents,” Amelia announced. She took both of her girls by the hand and led them over to the Christmas tree, then motioned for them to sit with her. “Every year, Estelle and I like to open a single present on Christmas Eve. However, since you are new to the family, this year Estelle asked if we could do things a bit differently.” With this explanation, she handed one present to each of the girls.

“Yay!” Estelle exclaimed as she ripped the wrapping off of her package to find a bottle of Chardonnay. Sophia took a bit longer to open hers, for she carefully pulled off each piece of tape. When all of the pieces were safely unfastened, she pulled out a black velvet blindfold. Estelle couldn’t help but giggle at Sophia’s puzzled expression.

“It’s a game,” Amelia stated matter-of-factly. “See, usually one of us blindfolds the other person, then the other takes her finger and draws on her tummy. The one with the blindfold has to guess the shape. Do you understand?” The patented ‘Sophia-in-Wonderland’ look on her face assured Amelia that she did not understand. “Don’t worry, we’ll show you. But since there are three of us, I’ve given Estelle permission to take the reins.”

“Oh dear,” said a concerned Sophia, “there are reins?”

“No silly,” Estelle interjected, “I’m usually the one getting drawn on. This year, I get to be on top, too! Now then, this will have to come off,” she continued as she tugged at Sophia’s sweatshirt. Without waiting for an answer, Estelle grabbed the bottom of the knitted fabric and pulled upward. Sophia lifted her arms obediently, letting her breasts be exposed freely. Her nipples were instantly hard without the insulation of her canlı bahis şirketleri shirt.

“Now put this on,” Amelia continued as she handed Sophia the blindfold. Sophia stretched the elastic on the back of the mask and placed it over her head, resulting in her eyes seeing nothing but pitch black. Amelia placed her hands on Sophia’s shoulders and gently pulled her back until she was lying on the floor.

Estelle grinned mischievously at her red-haired lover and opened the bottle of Chardonnay. Amelia reached behind the tree and pulled out two wine glasses, holding them up for Estelle to pour the drink into. They lightly clinked their glasses together, took their respective sips and set them on the table next to them.

“Ready?” Amelia asked a slightly nervous Sophia.

“Um, yeah. I think so.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. I’ll draw, you guess. If you guess correctly, Estelle will reward you.”

With that, she dipped her index finger into her wine glass and allowed a drop to fall onto Sophia’s body. The blindfolded girlfriend inhaled deeply as the cold liquid touched her skin, making her stomach muscles contract. Amelia smirked playfully before placing her finger on Sophia’s tummy and drawing a shape.

After a moment, Sophia ventured a guess. “Is that a heart?”

“Mmm, correct,” Amelia answered before nodding to Estelle. The eager brunette dropped her head onto Sophia’s tummy and let her tongue follow the trail that had just been drawn by Amelia. This caused her dark-haired lover to whimper at the unexpected moisture. The heat of Estelle’s breath on her skin made her quiver slightly.

Again Amelia traced her fingers along Sophia’s stomach, pausing to put a little extra wine in her belly button. Sophia’s hips shifted automatically at the sensation of her lover’s finger moving closer to her sex. She felt her panties becoming moist with anticipation.

“Well? Care to venture a guess?” Amelia asked, for Sophia had been too caught up in her arousal to answer.

“I…I think it’s a Christmas tree.”

“Ooh! Very well done! Estelle, if you may,” Amelia placed her palm out to Sophia’s body invitingly.

Estelle was only too happy to oblige as she licked every spot that had wine on it. Her tongue stopped at Sophia’s belly button, lapping repeatedly until all of the amber liquid had been absorbed. “Oh…oh God,” Sophia whispered as she squirmed with delight.

Once more she felt the cold trail of wine on her stomach. “It’s a mistletoe,” Sophia proclaimed with confidence.

“I’m sorry, that’s the wrong answer,” Amelia announced while winking at Estelle. The brunette smirked and grabbed a candle from the table next to them. She held it over Sophia’s chest, and tipped it so that the hot wax would drip between her breasts.

“Holy fuck!” Sophia cried out as the sizzling nectar-like substance touched her bare skin. It took her a moment to catch her breath, but she found that, once she got over the initial shock, the acute sultriness was actually quite stimulating

Before she could fully recover from that last round, she felt Amelia’s finger press against her chest. It circled around her nipple teasingly before disappearing momentarily. It soon re-appeared, freshly dipped, on her other breast.

“Oh, that’s a…um…” Sophia began, but lost her train of thought as she felt both Amelia’s and Estelle’s open mouths press against her soft breasts. “Oh…I can’t think…”

Estelle made a small approving noise as she sucked at her lover’s erect nipple. After every drop of wine had been consumed, Estelle lifted her head and said, “Game’s over, dear. You won.” After Amelia had finished with her side, Sophia made a gesture to get up, but felt a hand on her chest.

“Whoa, where do you think you’re going, sexy? I didn’t say we were finished with you yet.” Estelle stated firmly as she pushed her back down. “And don’t even think of removing your blindfold.”

“Oh, okay.”

“You say ‘Yes Mistress’,” Estelle commanded.

“Hey! I never gave you permission to go that far.” Amelia warned.

Estelle gave an apologetic look to Amelia, then lowered her head and said “I’m sorry, mistress.”

“Yes well, you and I will deal with your punishment later. Right now we should reward our little Sophia for winning the game.” With that, Amelia took what remained in her glass of wine and poured canlı kaçak iddaa it over Sophia’s panties. Sophia gasped loudly and arched her back as the icy liquid soaked her throbbing vulva. Amelia gave a cautious Estelle an encouraging nod before continuing to suck on her dark-haired lover’s breast.

Estelle crawled between Sophia’s legs, pausing to lick her inner thighs tantalizingly. She found the scent of the wine mixed with Sophia’s sex to be intoxicating. Spellbound, Estelle dipped her head to Sophia’s mound and began to suck out the juices from her soaked panties. Sophia responded by pushing her hips up to meet Estelle’s lips.

Between Amelia’s attention to her breasts and Estelle’s rousing her bud through her underwear, Sophia could feel the pleasure spreading throughout her body like a wildfire. It didn’t take long before she was writhing with euphoria, drowning in an endless sea of flames. She begged them not to stop, she screamed as the inflammation reached its crescendo, and then, finally, she let her body convulse, panting and gasping for breath.

Amelia sat up and smiled at Sophia. “And that’s how the game is played.”

Sophia took a moment longer to gulp down pockets of air, until her breathing returned to normal. In a daze, she looked over at Amelia and asked, “Game…what game?”

Amelia smiled triumphantly, responding, “And that’s how we know that the game worked. We’ll give you a moment for your head to come back to reality. In the meantime…” she looked over at Estelle with these last words, causing her brunette lover to cower knowingly. “Go get them,” she commanded.

“But –”

“Now.” Amelia said firmly.

With that, Estelle disappeared into the bedroom, returning shortly with a pair of pink, fluffy handcuffs. She handed them over to her mistress with her head down. Under normal circumstances, she would have been thrilled to be bound by her favorite bedroom accessory; but she knew that these were not normal circumstances. With a sigh of resignation, she knelt before Amelia and placed her wrists together in front of her.

“Uh-uh,” the red-haired woman said, “turn around.”

Estelle’s eyes widened, but she did as she was told. After she put her hands together behind her back, she felt the soft fur tickle her wrists as Amelia wrapped them around.

“Sophia sweetheart, you may take the blindfold off now. I want you to put it on our misbehaving girl.”

Estelle was in shock at these words; now she wouldn’t even be able to watch?! Sophia sat up and did as she was told. Estelle attempted to peer through the immediate darkness of the blindfold, but could not even see the table in front of her. Suddenly she felt a pair of hands lead her torso to the ground, so that she laid on her side. As much as she wanted to protest, she knew that doing so would only cause her to face much worse consequences.

“Because it was your tongue that got you into trouble, your punishment shall require you to focus on hearing. This is so that, in the future, you shall remember to listen more carefully to what you are given permission to do, and not to do.”

“Yes, mistress,” Estelle answered sadly.

“Come here Sophia. I want you to please me while Estelle listens.”

This infuriated the brunette. Why was Amelia being so harsh over one small mistake, especially when it was supposed to be HER turn to run things? She knew that Amelia was aware of how being tied up would make her horny, and how hearing her two girlfriends make love would make Estelle long to touch herself. No wonder Amelia made her put her hands behind her back; clever bitch.

“Mmm, yes. Just like that…” Amelia began as Estelle’s ears perked up. Amelia was obviously exaggerating her pleasure, for Amelia was never that vocal; at least, not right away.

“That’s right Sophia, now stick your fingers inside me.” The unmistakable scent of Amelia’s sticky sex filled Estelle’s nostrils as she lay there, completely helpless to do anything about it. Despite her denial, Estelle had to admit to herself that she was quite aroused at being forced into submission. However, she also wanted very badly to participate.

“Oh, that’s right. Keep going,” Amelia continued to narrate her pleasure. Estelle’s own sex was so drenched with aching desire that her panties were soaked. She rubbed her legs together discreetly in order to achieve canlı kaçak bahis a brief moment of relief. Since Estelle was rather limited in her senses, she found herself inhaling deeply to take in the smell of Amelia’s wetness.

“Oh, Sophia…I’m getting close…I want you to keep your fingers in me so that you can feel me throbbing when I cum…” Amelia spoke in between moans. The darkness in front of Estelle became a playground for her imagination, as she pictured Amelia’s face at the peak of her pleasure. She imagined Amelia’s head tilted back, with her eyes clenched tight, her fiery hair swaying with the motion of her body, as she rode Sophia’s mouth.

A series of groans erupted from Amelia’s throat that let everyone know that her orgasm had arrived. It was followed by a brief moment of silence, then erratic panting. Estelle whimpered in frustration.

“You were excellent, Sophia. Now then,” Amelia said, as if she were stating business, “our little Estelle has been very well behaved, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes.” Estelle heard Sophia’s docile voice answer back.

“I think that she deserves to be rewarded for that. After all, it is Christmas.” After these words, Estelle felt Amelia uncuff her hands. “Don’t get any ideas,” Amelia warned her, “we’re not through with you yet. Lie on your back and place your hands together again.” Estelle ardently obeyed, unable to repress a grin from spreading across her face. She thought that her smile would provoke a reaction from her mistress, but nothing was said.

“Sophia dear, come up here so that you may do with Estelle’s mouth as you see fit. I shall take care of the other end,” the brunette heard Amelia instruct. She instinctively spread her legs apart, waiting. “My, aren’t we an eager girl tonight?” Amelia acknowledged.

Estelle didn’t know whether this was a rhetorical question or not, so she decided not to answer. At that time, she felt the moist tip of a tongue slid across the length of her lips. She opened her mouth expectantly, but the tongue did not return. A moment later, Estelle’s heart fluttered as she felt the unexpected sensation of teeth gently nibbling on her earlobe. Her voice conducted a single breathy note of approval.

“Mmm…you like?” Sophia whispered in her ear, to which her bound lover could only nod.

Just then, Estelle felt her black lace panties being pulled to one side. “Wow, someone’s been thinking naughty thoughts, haven’t they?” Again, Estelle nodded. Suddenly Estelle cried out as her sex was finally caressed by Amelia’s tongue. The fleshy member took no hurry in exploring every fold and crevasse as its host wriggled on the floor. Just then, the tongue that had visited her lips briefly only a moment ago, returned. This time, her open mouth was rewarded with the warm moisture of Sophia’s kiss. The stimulation coming from below made her moan into her dark-haired lover’s mouth with unrestrained, undying lust.

Every ounce of self-control had been completely drained by the teasing that she had endured. Estelle bucked her pelvis forcefully at Amelia’s mouth unapologetically. Amelia sensed that the threshold had been crossed, and dared not leave Estelle wanting more now. Her face rode the thrashing hips while she sucked hungrily at Estelle’s dripping sex. Sophia’s mouth traveled further down until it found a breast to suck on through the shirt.

The bound woman’s voice erupted with a fluent stream of noises that ranged from low groans to high-pitched cries. Her hips were now still, raised into the air as high as they would go, as Amelia nursed on her clit while pumping three fingers into her sex. Despite all of the aural chaos, the tonal change in Estelle’s noises made it clear that she was cumming hard, as did her frozen stance.

She stayed like that as Amelia licked her into several aftershocks. Finally she collapsed onto the floor, unable to hold herself up any longer.

‘Wow…holy fucking…wow,” Estelle babbled as she tried to recover from her orgasm.

Sophia took off the blindfold and smiled warmly at her girlfriend. Amelia undid the hand cuffs and also offered a friendly grin. Estelle looked back and forth at them, and heaved a resounding sigh. “Well,” she said, “I need to be bad more often.”

“So,” Amelia began, “we’d better get to bed. Tomorrow’s Christmas morning, after all.”

“It’s early,” Sophia complained, “it’s not like we have to get up early or anything.”

“Yeah, but you’ll still need your rest.” Amelia countered.

“Why’s that?”

Amelia smiled wickedly and said, “if you think this was fun, wait until you see what presents you get tomorrow.”

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