After the Book Store

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The store is quiet just as it should be, a few people milling around the aisles those that are there talking in hushed voices. I stand looking through the graphic novels amazed by the selection available, the wonders of the American stores still a great fascination to me even after the month or so I have been there. I see you have moved over from the poetry to another section and I slowly move over to you. You see me approaching from the corner of my eye and smile, I stand next to you and wrap my arm around your waist and ask what you are reading. You turn the books cover to face me and I see its a book on sex positions and sex play. I then look down to realise you are looking in the adult section.

‘Looking for some ideas are you?

A cheeky smile spreads across your face, ‘Always looking for new things to try.’

I reach down and take a book from the shelf, a series of erotic stories and I read the back cover and your turn to me so I can kiss you gently on your soft lips.

‘I am just going to sit down over there.’ I indicate to a soft chair just across from you by a pillar.

I sit myself down and start to read through the stories getting very slowly turned on and I can feel my jeans tighten.

A short while later you join me standing just next to me my hand runs up your leg to your ass and rest there gently stroking and squeezing.

I look up to see you smiling down at me your top clinging to your large breasts barely contained within the baby pink embroidered bra I know lies beneath.

‘You ready to go?’

‘Yeah I am ready and have some ideas for when we get home.’ A very sly smile sits on your beautiful lips.

The walk back to the house is long, but its something we are both enjoying very much. It’s a beautiful day with the sun shining down showing off the beautiful PA countryside. We talk on the way back to your parents house and you tell me when we get back I am güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to go and have a good long shower and really scrub myself clean. Every area cleaned hard including my ass. I look at you quizzically with this statement but don’t question you any more.

By the time we reach the house we are both very hot and immediately we go through to the room we are sharing and we kiss passionately my hands moving over your sumptuous body. You break the embrace and order me off to the shower. I throw my top onto the bed and strip down to my boxers and quickly check no one is around as I hurry along to the bathroom a few doors down. The water feels good against my body and I stand there leaning against the wall the water running off my newly blonde hair and down my back. I wash my body hard and long, the lather running down my chest and over my semi-hard cock. I crouch down and do as order and clean every part of my body including my tight ass, spreading myself wide to make sure I am as clean as I can be for you. I shut off the water and I hear a knock at the door and you come in and hand me the towel. I step from the shower and you inspect me making sure I have cleaned everywhere. Satisfied I wrap the towel around my waist and quickly dry my hair and we walk back through to the bedroom.

I sit myself on the edge of the bed and I hear the door close and lock and you slowly pad over to me and stand before me. My hands move to your hips and around to your ass gripping you tight towards me. I slowly move my hands up under your shirt and you lift is slowly over your head until I can see your bra come into view. Deftly you unhook the bra and allow your breasts to fall from the cups, I raise my head and take one of your hard nipples in my mouth sucking and biting hard, your moans of pleasure driving me on. I reach down and pop the button on your jeans and I ease them down along with your black lace topped güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri panties until you kick them to one side out of the way. You slowly move down onto your knees and you slightly forcefully spread my legs apart unwrapping the towel from my waist until my hard cock comes into view. Your hand wraps around my shaft you and gently stroke me as our lips meet. I feel you slowly pumping my cock pulling my tight foreskin back more and more with every stroke until my whole tip is visible. You kiss your way down my chest sucking and biting my nipples as you go until you slowly take my cock into your welcoming mouth. Your lips wrap tightly around me moving slowly up and down going deeper and deeper until you swallow my whole length. Your tongue strokes my shaft until you feel my cock throbbing and you gently allow it to slide from your mouth.

‘On your knee’s…..and turn around and put your arms on the bed.’ I do as told and sink to the floor and turn around. My ass now sticking out as I place my arms on the bed. I feel you reach around and take my cock once more and then I feel you kissing my lower back and moving down until you gently kiss the cheeks of my ass. ‘Reach around and spread yourself for me sunshine.’ I reach back not knowing what is happening and I spread my legs wide and open my ass to you. With little warning I suddenly feel your tongue on the rim of my ass and it sends a shock wave through my body.

‘Oh god baby that feels so good……please don’t stop!’ I barely manage to get my words out as your assault on my hole continues, your tongue teasing the rim of my hole and then suddenly sliding inside me. Gently you fuck my ass with your tongue and then stop and say to me ‘play with yourself as I lick you…’ I reach down with one hand and your hand replaces mine holding my hole open, my cock now hard and throbbing in my hand I stroke it hard feeling the precum leaking güvenilir bahis şirketleri all over my shaft and running down to my balls. Harder and faster you fuck my ass with your tongue until we both need to feel myself inside you.

I pull you over to me my hands moving over your ass and bending you over the bed, you bend your head down and push your ass out towards me, the tip of my cock rubs gently up and down your slick pussy and inch my teasing inch I slide inside you until I am burred deep inside with my balls rubbing against your clit. Long slow strokes in and out of you, feeling your pussy getting wetter with each stroke. I start to speed up, your hand reaches down to feel my cock sliding in and out of you and you start to massage your clit.

Your pussy starts to tighten and throb as the wave of the first orgasm rips through your body gripping me tight inside you. I am barely able to move until you relax slightly and I start to pound you harder and faster pushing as deep as I can with each thrust. Orgasm after orgasm tears through your body, your juices running down the length of my cock and covering my balls.

I know I can’t hold it much longer and I start to throb my balls tightening against my body…’I’m going to cum baby.’

Your muffled cries of pleasure pour from you as I continue to pound you harder and faster the spunk rising in my shaft until I cannot hold it any longer and I explode deep inside you, shot after shot of hot spunk covers your insides the last orgasm hits out hard and your pussy milks the last of my cum from my balls and I throb inside you holding deep not wanting the feeling to end. Slowly my cock starts to soften and your pussy releases me from its grip. Rivers of your and my orgasmic juices run from your pussy down your legs, we lay wrapped in each others arms next to the bed our bodies slowly returning to normal, my hands gently caressing your heaving breasts stroking your nipples making you jump with pleasure small little orgasms still running through your body due to my touch. I kiss you long and hard the sweat from our bodies mixing as we embrace. There we lay captured in the moment the love for each other, the desire being shown in the smallest of gestures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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