After The Volleyball

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Our volleyball team was doing well in the midweek comp. The Spikers, lame name I know, were coming second in our league when trouble struck. We were three couples in a six-a-side mixed hard court competition, and being friends and relatively sensible we gelled as a team and were overachieving for players of average height and ability.

Sure we got jokes from our other friends about whether we trained in the nude on weekends plus the standard set of volleyball taunts. Then Matt’s girlfriend Treena busted her knee playing weekend netball and we had five fit players for Tuesday night. And probably for the rest of the season. We hustled around for a replacement and eventually Jeremy’s girlfriend Annette managed to find a friend called Liza to fill in. Annette said that Liza was a work colleague who said she had played a bit of volleyball, so okay. We needed another body. Jeremy got a bit of ribbing on the socials about how much of a replacement Liza would become off the court, what with his girlfriend incapacitated, but that was all good clean volleyball fun.

So onto match day and I met Liza for the first time as did most of the rest of the team. She looked right for a volleyball player being thin, slightly taller than the rest of us, indeed a lot taller than Treena who had hobbled along to give us moral support from the bench. Liza put on her kneepads and proved she could serve and set in the warmup. You had to admire her physicality. Her muscular legs fitted tightly into her shorts, her quads bulged just a little, you just knew her torso was ripped from how her uniform top fitted her, and her breasts although held by a sports bra were still prominent enough to move about as she tensed and jumped. You couldn’t miss them and seemingly self-assured, I reckon she knew it.

Now volleyball is pretty straightforward when you gel as a team. The Strikers try to get our serves in most of the time, and we efficiently cover the ball coming back over the net as a team, to block, set and spike. We have fun but we don’t do anything too fancy.

Liza changed all that right from the start of the first set. If she got to the ball, it went straight back over the net. From the baseline she moved forward and bashed the ball back. When she was at the net she stepped back for the serve and swatted the ball over her head, yes, back over the net. Moving from her position, she bumped into anyone too close. I went for a ball I knew was mine, only to see her cut in and swat the ball back to the opposition as she fell against me pressing her breasts into my side and rubbing my cock with her leg. I looked over and Minerva scowled at me. She had noticed. The point won, Liza went back to her position without any glance or acknowledgement to me. Later in the second set she tangled with Minerva, but it was one of those fifty/fifty balls that they both had to commit to. Minerva looked over at me and got a wry smile. She shook her head. Liza just got ready for the next ball without appearing to notice our exchange.

We won. We usually stayed for a drink after the game but Treena said she needed to get home so they left and Annette made an excuse and they headed towards the exit too. So it was suddenly down to the three of us.

Liza looked hopefully at me. “I got dropped off here, can anyone give a lift home?” she asked even though ‘anyone’ could only mean Minerva and me. To my surprise, Minerva immediately said that we would.

I rolled my eyes at my girlfriend. I was hoping to spend no more time with the interloper than necessary. “It will cost you,” I blurted at Liza, in frustration as much as anything.

“I can pay,” Liza replied with her cocky assurance.

“He doesn’t mean like that,” Minerva interjected. I gave her a ‘what?’ look but she smiled back, quick enough not to be caught by Liza but too quick for me to work out what she was up to. I didn’t see Liza’s reaction so we got into my car, Minerva and I in the front, before Minerva could add to her threat. What was she up to?

I drove us out of the volleyball centre’s carpark noticing Liza sprawled across the back seats, via the rearview mirror. We didn’t say anything for a while.

Eventually Liza spoke up. “You don’t like me, do you?” she asked us.

Minerva and I looked at each other. Minerva shrugged first. So I had explain that our team had played together for some time and how we had instilled teamwork into our game and how we liked to play volleyball by sharing the ball and respecting each other.

Liza seemed distressed at ankarada sakso çeken escortlar that. “Oh, I see,” she stammered. “I didn’t realise. Now that you’ve explained I’m actually a bit embarrassed and rather sorry. I thought I was helping out and doing the right thing.” She paused for a while but neither of us in the front said anything. So she continued. “Well you said I should pay, what can I do to make amends? How about you take me home and have your way with me?”

I glanced at Minerva who was looking straight ahead without giving any emotion away. “Do you know what that could mean?” I asked Liza.

“No,” she laughed, “I haven’t thought it through. It kind of just came out.” She seemed to think for a moment. “I really do want to make it up to you,” she added brightly.

I looked at Minerva again and thought I saw a wicked smile. Had we heard Liza right? I assumed that she had given her consent so I replied honestly. “We haven’t actually discussed having a threesome.” I looked again at Minerva who now seemed to be trying to appear aloof. “What do you think?” I asked my girlfriend. She would have to take some ownership too.

Minerva gave me her evil smile. “Well, it’s a golden opportunity to explore my bisexuality, let’s see how it plays out.” She shrugged at me. And then turned around to face our guest. “What are your boundaries, Liza?” she asked her, making eye contact.

Liza apparently was contemplating the effect of what she had started. “Well, you’re going to have to punish me,” she replied.

Minerva touched me on the arm and smiled. “Hmm…”

This was breaking more new territory for both of us, but Minerva looked to have it in hand, seeming confident, not at all like we had never done anything like this before.

Liza interpreted our silence as a warning, I guess. “But not too seriously,” she tried in a little girl voice.

Minerva deepened her voice. “Well, hopefully you’ll have the common sense to tell me if I go too far,” she stated, staring hard at our voluntary victim.

I looked quizzically at Minerva. “What are your boundaries? I asked her. But she shook her head like she had a plan in mind.

I had to stop at a set of traffic lights. Minerva used that as her opportunity to get out of the car to get into the back seat with Liza. In a quick moment Minerva told Liza that she was going to teach her a lesson, took off one of her shoes, rolled down her sock and stuffed the sock into Liza’s mouth.

“That’s your first punishment,” Minerva told her subject while tightening Liza’s seatbelt and making sure it pressed into her chest between her large breasts, making them seem to be more prominent. “That is for all the times you spiked when you should have set.” Liza seemed to grumble out an acknowledgement of her error in doing that. “Now we have some other punishments to consider.” She looked hard at Liza. “We have to think how to punish you for feeling up my boyfriend.” Liza shook her head and tried to grunt out a denial.

“No, she definitely did,” I confirmed to Minerva.

“You see,” Minerva told her, their faces quite close I suspected. I looked around to check. Minerva tweaked one of Liza’s nipples through her uniform, quite hard it seemed by the squeal that Liza made through the sock. “There’s no point lying,” Minerva told her. Fortunately we were close to home.

As we rolled into my driveway, Minerva pulled her sock out of Liza’s mouth. We all got out of my car a short walk from the front door.

Liza coughed then spat on my front lawn. “That was disgusting,” she complained to Minerva.

But my girlfriend seemed unfazed. “You had full use of your hands,” she told Liza. “You could have taken it out yourself any time you wanted to.”

Liza looked at Minerva with a strange face, somewhere between non-comprehension and submissiveness. “But you were punishing me!” she complained.

I stood near the house to watch the drama unfold on my front lawn. Were any of our neighbours peeking through their blinds? We were in the dark so I turned the porch light on. Minerva and Liza were still near the car. Minerva crossed her arms. “I’m only punishing you as much as you want to be punished. “Now let’s go inside,” she ordered.

I unlocked the front door then turned back to see what would unfold next. Minerva grasped Liza’s hands from behind and pushed her towards the entrance. She stopped her a metre or so away. “I think we can improve on this,” Minerva decided and pulled Liza’s tight shorts down elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar to her knees, clearly hobbling her.

Just as well I had turned to look at that moment. “The dirty girl isn’t wearing any pants,” I exclaimed.

Liza hung down her head like she was guilty of something else. “Any pants I’ve tried to wear with these shorts tend to rub and give me a rash,” she admitted.

“That’s convenient for us,” I smiled going up to her to grab her mound.

Liza looked at me with a smile. “That’s nice,” she responded, “but could we please go inside?”

“Of course.” I led the way in still holding Liza by the crotch. Minerva followed, gently slapping her bare bottom. I let go and sat down on the lounge and waited as Minerva led the hobbled Liza slowly towards me. She stopped our victim on the other side of the coffee table with her shorts still down around her knees.

“Stay there,” Minerva ordered and came around to sit next to me and admire her work so far. “Keep your hands behind your back.” My girlfriend gave me a lingering kiss on the lips and a hug, then looked over at Liza. I looked too and for the first time noticed how her slit was on full view to us, framed by a small tuft of short light coloured hair.

“Maybe next week we should make you play like that,” Minerva pondered, “your shorts tight around your knees. That way you can’t leap around and play any balls that are not yours.” She smiled at Liza in her now expected threatening manner.

Liza looked at us apologetically. “I guess I have learned my lesson. I will respect the abilities and the roles of the rest of the team. But I don’t think the volleyball centre would let me play like this.” Liza smiled hopefully, waited for Minerva to reply.

But Minerva sat and stared at her for an uncomfortable moment. Then she reached over to me, carefully pulling my shorts and underwear down to free my growing erection. She eased both pieces of clothing down over my shoes. Then she cupped me gently in her hands. “Speaking of balls that are not yours, these ones belong to me as well.”

“I can see that,” smiled Liza.

“Don’t get too cocky,” Minerva warned her. “Now we need to teach you teamwork. Let’s have you out of that sweaty uniform first.” Liza slid her shorts the rest of the way down her legs and off. Minerva continued to play with my balls but kept her hands off my cock. I went to reach for it, but she slapped my hand away before I could connect. “There will be plenty of time for that later,” she assured me. I took off my shirt, since that was all I had left. We looked at the bottomless Liza. “Get rid of the top too,” Minerva ordered. Liza obeyed, slipping the top off. She stood in only her sports bra and her footwear for a moment.

“We’re waiting,” Minerva commented, staring at her bust. So she slipped the sports bra over her head and dropped it on the coffee table with a shrug. Her breasts stood out proudly, large and firm as I’d hoped. Minerva took in the sight with a smile. “That was worth waiting for, wasn’t it?” I didn’t realise she was talking to me. “Robbo?”

“Oh yeah,” I muttered as if there was any doubt. We had a very attractive naked woman in our lounge room who was at our mercy.

“Now the teamwork,” the still fully dressed Minerva announced. “Come over here,” she beckoned. Naturally Liza obeyed. She now stood right in front of the two of us. “Teamwork,” Minerva lectured, “is something that can be learned. There are some basic drills that can improve your teamwork, even though you are a beginner.” Liza nodded and hung down her head as an admission of her failings. “Very good,” Minerva continued, “now for our first exercise, you need to get down on your knees in front of Robbo, face down there.” Liza followed her instructions. “Good,” Minerva continued, “now lick the balls while I get to work.”

I slipped down the front of the lounge to make Liza’s job easier. She leaned forward and tentatively stuck out her tongue and made the gentlest of contact with my sac. “That’s a good start,” Minerva confirmed, “now let’s get on with the job together.” And she lowered her mouth onto my cock while Liza explored my balls and my taint, first with the tip of her tongue and then with her whole mouth.

Minerva stopped her work on me and ran her fingers through Liza’s hair while Liza kept lapping at my balls. “Time to go from receiving to attack,” Minerva advised.

I eventually twigged. “Are you talking to me?” I asked sincan gece kalan escortlar her. Minerva rolled her eyes as Liza looked up to her and caught her gesture.

Liza stopped what she was doing with her mouth, instead stroked my sac with her fingernails which was enough to keep me hard. Well that plus everything else about the situation. She asked Minerva “So do you actually want me to bonk your boyfriend?”

“Are you questioning me?” Minerva demanded menacingly.

Liza sat up to face her at the same level. “Well, it’s a big jump from us just messing around. Are you sure you are okay with it?”

Minerva looked at my face then at my hard cock. “Well, he certainly seems happy about the idea,” she observed, stating the obvious.

Liza continued checking. “Yeah, but I’m talking about you. You and Robbo still have to continue your relationship after I go home. I want to be sure that you’re not crossing your own safe boundaries.”

“Well I am winging it,” Minerva admitted. She thought for a moment. “Why don’t you look after me instead while I make my mind up about what you can do for our boy there.” Minerva wriggled out of her pants and spread herself on the lounge, in easy reach of Liza.

But Liza held back. “Come on,” she urged, “everything.” Minerva looked at her quizzically. “Well, it’s the team uniform,” Liza pointed out, indicating her state of undress and mine. Minerva shrugged and took off her top. Liza looked seriously impressed. “Nice tits,” she exclaimed.

That seemed like a cue for me to reach over and cup them, holding them out for Liza to get a better view, if that was possible. Liza smiled and ran her fingers lightly over Minerva’s slit.

“Get to work,” Minerva moaned. Liza correctly interpreted her urgency and went down on her. The taller woman crouched between my girlfriend’s spread legs and seemed to be licking with some gusto. “She’s good,” Minerva grunted at me. “You could learn a few things watching.”

Impressed by Minerva’s heavy breathing and how her body tensed, I looked down at what was going on, but I couldn’t see Liza doing anything I didn’t already perform. I guess it was the situation. With Minerva now preoccupied I stroked myself. It was quite exciting. Lisa had one hand rubbing herself too.

“Do you want to fuck her?” Minerva asked me, noticing how erect I was.

It seemed I now had some control. “She seems to want it,” I observed as Liza rubbed herself while she got Minerva off, humping her own hand. “Maybe she needs some serious teasing. Did we say that she could pleasure herself?”

I waited for Minerva to finish her orgasm before she replied to me. It looked strong and it went on for a long time. “Oh let her have some fun,” Minerva decided as she came back down. “She’s earned it.” Even though Minerva kept Liza’s face in her crotch.

I got up off the lounge and went behind Liza, taking her hand away from her mound which got a complaining groan from her. That was until she turned and saw that I was about to enter her. I set her at the right height for her to keep eating Minerva and be easily available to me. Without any fanfare I entered her. “I think this is fair for everyone,” I gushed. We were all getting off at the same time.

“Teamwork,” Minerva pointed out. Liza moaned some sort of agreement. “Let’s all come,” Minerva decided. So we worked together on that.

After we finished I got back onto the lounge with my girlfriend while Liza sprawled on the carpet just near us.

Liza smiled at us. “You could have got the whole team have sex with me at the same time,” she suggested.

Minerva reached down and lazily stroked her neck. “Yeah, didn’t think of that,” she admitted.

“It’s opened my eyes to what we can do when we work together,” I added.

Minerva gave me a warning look. “I think we’re finished now,” she announced.

Liza looked up to her. “I’ve got to get home,” she noted, reminding us, that we had given her a lift to get her here.

Minerva cut her short. “Uber.” That was an order.


Liza played much better the next week. She proved that she could block and set as well as drill the ball back over the net when we set it up for her. We all stayed and found a table at the sports centre’s bar after the game. We were far more relaxed than the previous week, not least because at that moment, The Strikers were on top of the ladder.

As our drinks started to run down, Liza asked Minerva if we could take her home again for some extra practice. But Treena spoke up a little too quickly, before Minerva or I could give any answer.

“That’s okay,” Treena advised boldly, “we’re taking Liza home. It’s not too far out of our way, right Matt?”

Matt nodded eagerly as if he knew what was in store for him. He looked slyly at me, noticed my disappointment and winked. I shrugged back. I guess it would be good for the team.

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