Alan is Seduced and Humiliated

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Just how stupid can a man be around a sexy sizzling lady with a mean streak! Alan did not know it yet, but Susan did, she enjoyed the game of seducing, teasing, humiliating, and leaving men in their hotel rooms for a maid or a manager to find.

The Seduction

It was a long week in the office for Alan and his weekend was going to be disturbed as the Friday office awayday concluded with a dinner that evening and overnight was in the Hotel. Alan is in his early thirties, in good shape (he does the gym most mornings before work) and he would return home to his live-in girlfriend tomorrow lunchtime and seek some chill time.

As Alan picked up his papers from the last conference session, he returned to his room to change from business attire to smart casual. Checking his phone, he quickly called Amy (his girlfriend) and after some small talk, signed off for the night. Alan then went down to the bar for some refreshment before dinner and, he expected, office talk with some of his colleagues. As he walked into the cosy sports bar it was very quiet with just a barman and one other guest sitting in a booth – a lady fiddling on her phone.

He was a bit suspicious he had the wrong place as he did not expect to be first to arrive so he walked up to the barman to ask if there were other bars in the Hotel that might be where the crowd was stationed.

“Hiya, is this the only mainstay bar in the hotel or are there others I should check out for my colleagues?” Alan asked

“You could try the terrace bar on the 1st floor – it tends to be the meeting place when organised dinners are arranged” the barman responded.

“Thank you” and Alan turned to leave. At this moment he looked over to where the lady with the phone was sitting, she was now looking up directly at him. She was stunning to look at – probably early twenties he figured. She had slightly oriental facial features with very long, jet back straight hair falling over her shoulders. She was wearing a red tight-fitting dress that emphasised her cleavage and was just long enough to cover but hint at the top of her black stockings on her thighs. Her eye makeup emphasised her big eyes and she broke into a gorgeous smile as she caught his eye.

Alan tried to look away and started to walk to the bar door to exit then he heard her speak.

“Might I have a couple of minutes of your time?” she asked – very clearly spoken and said in a calm voice.

Alan stopped walking and re-engaged eye contact “Is there something I might help you with?” he asked in response. He was now stationary halfway between the bar and the door and about 3m from where the lady was sitting. At this point the barman looked up from his mobile phone to observe.

“My telephone has died, the bar doesn’t have a compatible charger and I really need to send a quick SMS to my girlfriend to direct her here” she stated ” might you be able to aid a damsel in distress?”

Alan yielded and walked over to her booth “if you share me her number, I am sure I can help”. He draws out his mobile from his back pocket.

As he arrives at the booth the lady slides around to open a space beside her for Alan to take a seat and he sits down with his phone now glowing from start-up, recognising his face.

“So here is the thing” she says ” my phone is completely dead and my friends number is on the chip but I can’t open it up and don’t remember it – who remembers phone numbers these days!”

Alan looks into her eyes as he thinks around the problem for a few seconds, she is seriously attractive, she is wearing the most alluring perfume and now up close her perfectly displayed breasts are incredibly sexy. Alan is a little guilty in his mind for noticing and feels his groin twinge as his dick starts to respond.

“If it helps, I have a sim card push pin in my bag” she says “might it be possible to quickly change out our sims and then you will be able to locate my friends number and send the SMS”?

Alan thinks on this for a few moments and can see the logic “Yeah, that ought to work” he says.

“Great” she answers, and she picks up her pretty large handbag and starts to rummage inside to find the push pin. As she does this, she jokes “Now this is every bit as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack”!

Alan waits patiently as she moves her hands around inside the bag. She looks quite intense as she her fingers trace the bottom of her bag looking for the small piece of metal. After some 90 seconds she looks up “I promise you there is one in her somewhere” and she slides over a bit further in the booth forming a gap between them and she now starts to empty out some of the contents to allow a clearer search.

First out of the bag is a purse and a small make up bag, she places them on the seat between them. Next out is a pair of sexy yellow panties and a transparent plastic case inside which looks like a pair of handcuffs. She places these casually on the seat as well and these are followed by two neatly presented bundles canlı bahis of fine rope. At this stage there is a bit of a “Whoop” as she brings out her hand proudly holding the small metal push pin “Here it is, got it”! she says with great pride.

She hands it over to Alan whose mind is a bit blown by the contents of her bag and the casual confidence with which she has pulled out these items without saying a word about them. His mind was thinking all sorts of things and his dick was now truly awoken. As he picks up his phone, he locates the small hole into which the push pin fits, and the small sim tray pops up so he can now take out his own sim card. He carefully places it on the table and looks up at the lady now replacing the contents of her handbag to ask her permission to address her phone. She smiles back and says, “go ahead”.

Alan pops out her sim card and places it into his phone and closes the tray. After a few seconds, his phone acknowledges the sim card and a phone signal confirmation appears. At the same time, the wallpaper of his phone changes to a picture of the lady in front of him wearing a very sexy black dress standing on a staircase looking back and down at the photographer. Alan noticed just a little glint of her panties could be seen at the top of her legs, he also noticed they were yellow. At the bottom of the screen saver was the name Susan.

Now feeling quite hot and bothered (he wondered if his face were a little red) Alan handed over his phone so that she could look up her friends’ number and type up and send the necessary sms. Susan took the phone and went about the task with focus and quickly completed it. “Thank you so much, you are a life saver” she smiled deeply into his eyes as she handed back his phone.

Alan took back the phone and could not help but take in another good look at the wallpaper picture. Susan is a super sexy lady he thought. With that, he again sprung open the sim tray and switched back the sims. As he closed Susan’s phone, he handed it back with a smile and watched as his phone returned to normal orientation and signal.

Curiosity now started to set in a bit in Alan’s mind. Susan’s white wine glass on the table was empty and he asked, “so how long is it likely to be before your friend arrives?”

Susan places her bag now with phone inside to her far side and moves back closer to Alan as they were when he first sat down. “probably 30 – 40 minutes” she said “the reason my phone died is I have been waiting around a bit longer than normal and I read books on it so burned out the battery time. Means I can’t even read whilst I wait”

Alan knew he should get up and go join his colleagues at this point. But the last point Susan had said hit home so he could not help but offer to buy her another glass of wine and have a drink with her whilst she waited. Alan figured the dinner was an hour out yet so he could catch up with the crowd in good time before that and he was sick of all the people any way as he had been with them intently all day.

Looking up at the barman (the bar was still empty but for the two of them) he called across an order for the wine and a beer. The barman sprung to action and Alan turned to Susan. “I should introduce myself, I am Alan, a sales executive with a bank and have just spent the day with a lot of boring bankers to be followed by just as boring a dinner”.

Susan again looked deeply into his eyes as she responded “Hi Alan, I am Susan, I am a full-time student at the University, and I study Human Sciences. It’s good to meet a knight in shining armour”

Alan smiled “Hardly a knight, more a plain guy that knows how to put a sim card into a phone”

The two drinks arrive, and the barman adds a small bowl of nuts onto the table. They pick up their glasses, chink them together and both say, “cheers and good to meet you”.

“So, to use an old cheesy line – do you come here often” Alan starts the conversation. He cringes as the words come out thinking that was indeed cheesy.

“I like to meet up here once a month on a Friday night with my friend” Susan responded, “I live within walking distance and this bar is always quiet until after 7.00pm.”

Quickly glancing at his watch, Alan notes it is currently just after 6.00pm and responds “So, does this place actually become lively later on?”

Susan smiles and leans forward a little pushing her tight cleavage forward, just a little. She notices Alans eyes dart downwards for just a second. Her perfume is intoxicating, and she can see his mind is starting to react to her body. “Not too lively, but I like to get here early to grab this booth, it is always well serviced by the bar team and later on a live band set up in the far corner, we enjoy the performance”

“Wow, that sounds pretty good, perhaps after my boring dinner with my colleagues I might suggest coming here for a nightcap” he responded.

“Well, if you do, we will be right here till late” she smiles “so let me ask, if you have just spent a whole bahis siteleri boring day with your colleagues, why would you choose to spend your evening with them too?”

Alan looks up and she has what he perceives as a glint in her eye. He feels a bit confused – he is taken and not an available man (Amy his girlfriend is his soul mate) and this lady that oozes sex appeal is openly flirting a bit now he thinks. Susan flicks her long locks of hair and he notices the deep red lipstick that is transferring itself to her wine glass. As she breathes her breasts and cleavage move in the red dress and he notices as she moved on the seat her dress has risen up a bit more and he can now clearly notice the top band of her left stocking and can see a suspender clip attached to it. His groin again starts to flirt as his dick is now quite excited and semi hard inside his trousers, and the perfume is amazing.

” I know it sounds stupid, but it’s a work thing and as a business stream leader you have to set a good example” was the best reason he could come up with on the spot. ” Do you and your friend not have boyfriends to spend a Friday night with?” he asked.

Susan now leans well forward to place her glass on the table and collect some nuts into her hand. As she does this Alan clearly sees she is wearing a bra that is pushing up her succulent breasts and is yellow in colour matching the panties she brought out from her handbag earlier and the ones she is wearing on her wallpaper picture. If Alan were thinking it through, he would see a danger sign, but his semi hard dick in his trousers was getting harder by the moment and he was not thinking logically.

Susan responded “if I am honest with you, I find it difficult to find guys that attract me. I like a bit of experience in a guy so my pier group are too young, and those your age are usually spoken for” she popped in a few nuts and chewed and then moved forward again to retrieve her glass, which was now nearly empty again, as was his.

“Can I do a round with you” she asked, meaning another drink. Alan reacted instantly and waived at the barman with an indication for another round. “I must make a move after this one” he was quick to add. Susan gave him a disappointed and sad face look.

“You realise you are probably one of the most attractive ladies I have seen in a very long time, I am sure there are those in my genre that would love to hook up with you” Alan added

Susan smiled and again moved forward a bit, Alan could not stop himself looking to her cleavage.

She spoke softly and directly “tell me Alan, are you into a bit of adventurous sex from time to time”.

This was a bold move and Alan filled up with very mixed thoughts. His sex life with Amy was healthy but not adventurous. He had yearned some fetishes when he was Susan’s age, but never acted upon them and now considered 2 times a week to be a fair normal. He did not know how to answer the question.

“What do you mean by adventurous?” he asked

Susan gave that smile that said she was confident she could now hook Alan in.

“Well, how do you feel about female domination?” she asked.

Now Alan’s face was red, and he knew it, he thought a moment and Susan popped in a few more nuts and chewed – a provocative mouth movement and she did not let his stare move from her eyes. He decided to try to deflect the question.

“Is female domination something you like to participate in then?”

Susan giggled and responded “I will tell you that if you answer my question”

That did not work – he thought.

“Well… when I was about your age it did form one of my inner fantasies but nothing I followed through with. These days I think I have grown out of it”.

Susan smiled again “these inner thoughts don’t go away, they fade, but they don’t leave you”

He thinks a second and realises it is her turn to answer his question. He looks over with inquisitive eyes and she can read them clearly She responds “if I promised you that I could help fulfil your fantasy without having explosive sex with you or compromising your personal life later tonight, would you be game?”

Alan had to think about this. If there was no sex would it be cheating, and his dick was now rock hard – he was already yearning sex. Their drinks were also coming to an end and he glanced his watch – time to go for the dinner.

Alan knocked back the rest of his beer and started to rise from his seat and leaned close to her ear. It is time for me to go upstairs, but after the dinner I will come back here to see if you are still here and I am interested in your proposition. I will pick up the tab”

As he stood up Susan placed her hand in her bag and transferred her hand into his letting go of a soft package in his hand and says “If that is so then I want you to start the session right here right now!”

Alan looked down and guessed what was in his hand, the yellow panties.

She looked again into his eyes and quietly said “go now to the bahis şirketleri washroom and change out of your underwear into those, take a photo on your phone and come back, show me the picture and hand over your boxers and your fantasy will begin”

He smiles and again takes in her eyes and look as he makes up his mind to give it a go. He moves to the gent’s toilet, drops his trousers and boxers, and pulls up the soft see through material in yellow over what was already a hard cock. As the panties enveloped his now rigid erection, he took out his phone and took a close photograph of the panties over his dick and then pulled back his trousers.

Returning to the booth he had his boxers in his hand screwed up and as he arrived handed them over to Susan and showed her the photograph on his phone. She smiled widely as she studied the photograph and transfers his boxers into her handbag. She smiles contently and looks up and simply says – “see you later”.

Alan leaves for his dinner and his hardness in the panties is uppermost on his mind, he feels super sexed already. However, he had the frame of mind to immediately delete the photograph he just showed Susan from his phone and his Cloud library. He thought “better safe than sorry.”

The Tease

As Alan walks away from the bar and through the Hotel Lobby, he cannot help but notice another striking woman who is walking toward him. She is blonde with a perfectly formed haircut resting on her shoulders. Her make up is spectacular and she is wearing a yellow cocktail dress that is cut low at the front to display two curved and firm breasts that were held firm by the dress, it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. The dress hugged her toned body just over her hips then showed off her long legs in high heels shiny from the nylon of stockings or pantyhose.

As she drew closer and he walked toward the front of the lobby and the staircase to go up to his dinner it became apparent she was headed to the bar that he had just left. As they passed, he avoided any eye contact although her perfume trailed her body and was lovely. He thought he noticed just out the corner of his eye a small smile form on her face as they passed. He took a glance back as she walked toward the bar, her cocktail dress was backless and her bum tight and sexy as she walked in the heels.

He returned to the task of walking away and up to his fellow workers and the Dinner that awaited him. He could not, however, get Susan out of his mind and it struck him that perhaps the second gorgeous lady might be her friend. Too much sexiness to handle he figured, but his semi hard cock trapped inside the tightness of the yellow panties reminded him he probably had unfinished business.

Alan found his group of colleagues and grabbed a beer to run the last 15 minutes small talk before sitting to eat. He was allocated a seat on a table of 10 that represented his closest Team members. He felt that this was a stupid arrangement, he is with these guys every day of the week, they should have mixed us all up he thought.

The seating for dinner was met with a short welcome speech from the CEO who thanked everyone for a very successful Team building day and a small mention that some prizes for the afternoon exercises would be addressed after the main course. Dinner was served, small talk with his colleagues continued and the wine glasses were kept filled by the circulating waitresses.

After the starters course Alan felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He was not usually someone who would look into his phone during a meal, but as this was work time and everyone else on his table were keeping their eyes on their phones, he took it out and glanced. He was a little shocked – there was a message on WHATSAPP waiting but his phone had also reverted to the wallpaper photograph of Susan in her sexy pose on the stairwell and the glimpse of her yellow panties up her dress.

Oh, wow he thought, and quickly checked to see that the phone was not gaining any attention from the people sat to each side of him. He opened the message, which was from Susan, but he noticed that there was no contact number associated with the entry, just the name “Susan”. He quickly read the content:

“I trust my panties are closely looking after your hardness and in a few moments the wine waitress will fill your glass and drop a napkin onto your lap. Try not to show any reaction or you will draw attention to yourself. Keep a poker face. After 5 minutes you can establish what is wrapped inside the napkin and take a break to the washroom to add what is inside to your outfit – and take a new photo. I want to see it later.”

Alan’s sexual chemistry was going nuts. The yellow panties had a Tanga design that covered his cock and balls at the front but were more of a string pulling into his bum behind and as he became harder, the more tightness in his bum arose. This was starting to feel quite tight now.

He went back to the conversation on the table but was finding it difficult to stay focused on the topic to hand. At one point the only female member of the Team caught his eye and asked if all was well, she must have picked up his light sweat. Alan reassured her it was nothing.

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