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Lying on my bed, my body is tight with anticipation. With crisp, fresh sheets below me, wearing only a smile, I await him. Naked and proud he approaches. My eyes shine with desire as climbs on to the bed and kneels beside me. With a glance he devours me. With a smile he lowers his face to mine.

Our lips touch, passion ignites. My hands explore his firm body. He caresses my face tenderly as his tongue explores my mouth.

His lips move. Kissing my face, my hair, my ears, travelling lightly, like a butterfly floating from flower to flower. His strong hands glide over my skin as he begins to move down.

I begin to moan softly. As he gently nibbles my neck and shoulders I squirm with pleasure beneath him, digging my fingers into his back.

I put my hands on his shoulders, pushing him down further. The flames of my passion are fanned higher as his tongue traces the outline of my breasts.

A fine layer of saliva coats my soft globes. “Yesss…,” I murmur softly as his hands glide over the wet skin. I sigh as his hands squeeze and push my breasts together, his tongue flicking over my nipples, alternating back and forth, over and over, driving me wild. First one, then the other are sucked expertly into his mouth. A thumb and finger delicately tease one while his teeth bite softly down on the other. In heaven, I lose all sense of time as my breasts take all the attention of his hands and mouth.

After what seems like an age he starts to move downwards again. He kisses my stomach. As his final destination approaches my body responds his touch. I stretch out, my legs open, I feel his hand run lightly up the inside of my legs, approaching but never quite touching its goal. His tongue replaces his hand. As it glides up the inside of my thigh I feel his warm breath against my moist lower lips as his mouth approaches. I shudder with anticipation as I wait to feel his tongue run along my slit.

And then suddenly he’s gone, his tongue snakes away only to approach bursa escort again, this time up the other thigh. Again and again he draws close then retreats. The frustration is unbearable. I hear myself pleading with him not to tease me, begging him to quench my fire with his tongue.

Suddenly I moan, my body shudders. With out any warning his tongue flicks lightly over my clit sending bolts of pleasure through my highly charged body. My lips part as his tongue pushes between them. He caresses my most sensitive flesh with broad strokes of his tongue. He laps at my opening, tasting the juices that flow so freely from within.

His head pushes forward forcing his tongue inside me. My pussy contracts, trying to grip as he darts his tongue in and out of me.

Absently, I play with my breasts as his mouth fucks me. As my hands brush over my nipples I feel the first stirrings of my climax approach. The sensations from below begin to take over and I surrender myself to them. I shudder as he sucks my lips into his mouth. I moan with pleasure as he gently nibbles them with his teeth. My back arches as his lips fasten on my clit, sucking as his tongue flicks its tip. As he licks he inserts one then two fingers into me. I feel him twist them around inside me. His fingers stroke in and out as he licks and sucks my clit. A third finger teases my other entrance. I try to relax as I feel it push its way past the opening into my arse.

It’s all too much for me. His fingers in my pussy and my arse, his tongue on my clit, my own hands on my breasts with my fingers teasing my nipples push me over the edge. My pussy contracts sending shivers of pleasure through my womb. My body flails wildly, my hips buck off the mattress forcing my clit harder against his mouth. My climax washes over me. I come, moaning and crying out his name. His tongue is relentless. Each stroke against my clit sends another wave of pleasure crashing over me. My eyes are closed. My body writhes from side to side bursa escort bayan at his merest touch. The intensity of my orgasm overwhelms me. With an extreme effort of will I reach down and push him away.

I sense him move up beside me. He holds me in his strong arms as my body continues to shake. He kisses me. I can taste myself on his lips. Slowly, control returns to my limbs, my body becomes my own again.

I reach down. Absently I begin to stroke his cock. As I touch him he sighs. Softly, I whisper, “I’ll have to do something about this.” He smiles at me, his eyes appealing. I know exactly what he wants.

Wasting no time I move down his body, positioning myself between his legs. I wrap the fingers of one hand around his cock and my hand begins to move slowly up and down. I lean forward and flick my tongue over the crown. I uncurl my fingers and run my tongue up the underside of his cock, licking my way from his balls to his tip.

He emits a series of soft moans as my tongue licks up and down then swirls around the head. Reflexively, he brings his knees up. I move down between them. His cock slides between my breasts as I move my body up and down. My nipples graze against the insides of his thighs as his cock slips easily along the length of my cleavage. I push my breasts together, wrapping them round his cock. His hips rock as he fucks my tits. At the top of each thrust I flick my tongue over tip of his cock, tasting the salty excrescence that’s beginning to leak out.

Hungrily, I open my mouth. Holding him in place with one hand I lower my head. He gasps as the crown slides between my lips. I swirl my tongue around it then begin to move my lips down. I glance up and catch him watching. I know how much he loves to watch his cock disappear into my mouth. I cup his balls and gently squeeze as my mouth travels up and down his shaft.

My head moves up and down. His cock slides in and out of my mouth. At the top of each stroke I swirl my tongue around escort bursa the head then flick across the slit. Then, sucking hard, my lip slide down his shaft, taking as much of his cock as possible into my mouth. Wrapping my fingers around the remaining inches I move my hand in time with my mouth. Still cupping his balls with my free hand my mouth and other hand slide up and down in tandem. I know that, to him, it feels like the whole length of his cock is disappearing into my mouth.

His breathing deepens. He moans as my mouth glides up and down his shaft. I vary the pace. First slow and gentle than hard an fast then slow again. All the time I cup and squeeze his balls, pressing my middle finger into the sensitive spot between his balls and arse hole.

His hips begin to buck. He holds my head as he fucks my mouth, thrusting his cock into my eager mouth. He’s getting close, I can feel his cock begin to twitch. I push him down then slide my lips up until only the very tip of his swollen member is in my mouth. I grip his shaft between my thumb and forefinger and begin rub up and down. As his moans become more desperate I slowly insert a finger into his arse. This, combined with the pumping of my hand sends him over the edge.

With my lips securely wrapped around the head of his cock I let my mouth relax. I tilt my head back and our eyes meet as I give his balls one final, gentle squeeze. His balls seem to contract as, with a growl of sheer animal lust, he lets go.

His cock erupts. Jet after jet of hot, sticky cum surge into my mouth. I swallow it down quickly, savouring the sensations as it trickles down my throat. As his climax subsides, I let the last of his stream pool in my mouth. His cock slips from between my lips. A small trace of cum dribbles down my chin. Looking him in the eye I smile and make a show of savouring the cum in my mouth before greedily swallowing it down. I wipe my chin, lick my fingers before sucking the last few drops from his rapidly diminishing cock.

Afterwards we hold each other close lost in our own post-orgasmic sensations. The taste of his cum in my mouth has left me hungry for more. The fire of my passion still smoulders. The night is still young.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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