An Encounter With The Handyman

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Greg stood by the refrigerator drinking from his beer as his eyes traveled over the body of the man lying on the floor with his head under the kitchen sink.

At 29, Greg had lived in his apartment for a little over 5 years. It was common knowledge to the other tenants that the 6′, 160lb hunk that lived upstairs only allowed men in his bed.

Over the past 11 years, Greg had shared his bed with many different men. Some even different races, but none of the men he had shared his bed with interested him as much as the man who was fixing the sink.

Greg had met the new maintenance man 2 weeks ago when he put in a work order to get his kitchen sink fixed. He knew that Mitch was 26 and single but that was it. He had no idea if the man was straight or gay. He did know that Mitch liked to keep to himself.

When Greg first saw Mitch’s 5’11” frame and medium build, he had a hell of a hard time hiding the attraction in his eyes or his body. Add that to Mitch’s dirty blonde hair and ice blue eyes and Greg had walked out of the office with a huge hard on.

Now the man who had invaded his dreams for the past two weeks was actually in his apartment. Greg let his silver eyes run down over Mitch’s body. He wanted this man something fierce. He thought to himself as he watched Mitch move out from under the sink.

When Mitch smiled at him, he felt his heart melt. “Well, I think I fixed your leak. Any other plumbing problems you need fixed?” Mitch asked running his eyes lazily over Greg’s body.

Greg’s mind raced as he tried to think of some other problem that Mitch could fix. He never saw the other man stand up but he did notice when Mitch suddenly wrapped his hand around his jeans enclosed cock. Greg gasped as he looked into Mitch’s laughing eyes.

“What about this plumbing? It needs any work done on it?” Mitch asked gruffly as he let his fingers move lightly over Greg’s cock.

Greg closed his eyes as he felt Mitch move his hand over him. He suppressed a groan when Mitch suddenly squeezed his cock. “Well…Um…” he stammered.

Mitch smiled showing a row of perfect white teeth. “Maybe I should check it out, just to be sure.”

Greg’s eyes widened when Mitch dropped to his knees before him and opened his jeans. He moaned when he felt the other man’s hand reach inside and pull out his 8 inch cock. “Just what I suspected,” Mitch said looking up with a smile in his eyes. “We seem to have a leakage here.”

Greg lowered his eyes to his hard cock as Mitch pushed his jeans and underwear down over his hips. Mitch was right; his cock was leaking precum like crazy. When he felt Mitch wrap his hand around him, he couldn’t stop his hips from bucking forward.

Mitch chuckled as he slowly jacked Greg’s hard shaft. He lifted passion filled eyes to the other man’s. “Well I wouldn’t be doing my job if I left a customer less then satisfied.” Then before Greg could react, he took his cockhead into his mouth and sucked gently on it.

“Oh god,” Greg moaned leaning back against the wall as he closed his eyes.

“Mmmmmmm…” Mitch moaned around Greg’s cock as he moved his tongue lovingly over the flesh in his mouth while he bobbed his head up and down.

When Mitch grazed his cock with his teeth, while his hand cupped his balls, Greg let out a loud moan while he pushed forward with his hips. He buried more of his meat into Mitch’s mouth as he reached down and pulled Mitch tighter over him. “Oh, suck me…”

Mitch let Greg slowly fuck his face as he caressed the other man’s balls with his fingers. Finally he pulled his mouth away and heard Greg’s moan of dismay. Mitch smiled as he pulled himself to his feet and locked his mouth on Greg’s in a passionate kiss.

When his tongue probed for entrance, Greg opened willingly to him. Mitch’s tongue swept into the other man’s mouth as he ground his crotch against Greg’s cock. “Let’s go get comfortable.” Mitch said passionately against Greg’s lips. “I want this monster in my ass. You man enough for that?” He grabbed Greg’s cock squeezing it lightly.

Greg looked into Mitch’s eyes even as he bucked his hips against the other man’s hand. “Oh hell yea, I’m definitely man enough.” He smiled at Mitch, then taking the other mans hand, led him into his bedroom.

The two men kissed fervently as they undressed each other. When they were both gloriously naked, Greg dropped to his knees before Mitch and proceeded to return the favor of what Mitch had done to him in the kitchen.

“Oh yea…Your mouth feels so good.” Mitch groaned as he ran his fingers through Greg’s reddish blonde hair. He bucked his hips forward when he felt Greg slip his cock into his throat. “Fuck…Deep throat me man.” He begged thrusting hard against Greg’s sucking face.

Greg grabbed Mitch’s hips, holding him still as he bobbed his mouth up and down over Mitch’s cock. When it seemed that Mitch wasn’t going to try to strangle him again, he let one of his fingers move around until he found the opening to the other Demetevler Escort man’s ass.

“Oh yes…That’s my ass. It’s waiting for you honey.” Mitch moaned when he felt Greg tease his opening with his finger.

Greg sucked harder at Mitch’s cock, wetting the hard flesh with his saliva, while he shoved one of his fingers into his mouth beside the thrusting meat. He wet it with his saliva and Mitch’s precum then slid it back between the other man’s cheeks. He teased the hole a minute, and then when Mitch bucked backwards, he let his finger slip inside.

“Oh fuck…Yea…Finger my ass man.” Mitch cried resting his hands on Greg’s shoulders even as he moved his body back and forth. He pushed forward, burying his cock deep in Greg’s mouth, then pushed back so he could embed Greg’s finger deeper in his love hole.

Greg fingered Mitch’s ass roughly. His finger digging deeper into the hole each time he penetrated him, while his mouth was going to town on Mitch’s cock. His tongue was whipping all over the place as he moved hard up and down over the hard shaft.

“Fuck…Man…ugh… Eat me, I’m gonna cum…” Mitch screamed gripping the back of Greg’s head to keep him from pulling off of him.

Greg had no intention of releasing the sweet cock in his mouth. If Mitch’s cum tasted half as good as his precum, Greg knew he was going to be in heaven. He slammed his finger harder and faster in Mitch’s ass, making sure to hit the other man’s love button each time he slid inside. He also, locked his mouth tightly around the hard flesh thrusting in and out of his eager mouth.

“Take it baby…I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” Mitch screamed a second before he sent the first blast deep into Greg’s mouth.

Greg wasn’t surprised at the fact that Mitch was coming. It was the amount the younger man sent into his mouth that surprised him. The first jet in his mouth filled it almost completely.

He didn’t have time to really taste it; instead he swallowed as fast as he could as he felt the second shot slam into his mouth. He felt Mitch’s ass tightening around his finger and couldn’t wait to fill that hole with his throbbing cock.

When Mitch finally started slowing down the power of his shots, Greg, held some of his cum in his mouth so he could taste it. It tasted sweet and a bit salty. Greg smiled as he swallowed it.

Mitch was breathing hard, his breathes were coming out in ragged pants as his hands dug into Greg’s shoulders to keep himself on his feet. He felt Greg’s finger leave his hole while the other man cleaned his cum from his cock. When he finally felt his cock leave Greg’s hot mouth, he slowly opened his eyes. “Fuck man…That was fantastic.”

Greg pulled himself to his feet, then wrapping his arms tightly around Mitch’s body; he kissed the other man deeply. “You taste great sweetheart.” He sighed when they finally broke apart.

Mitch had his arms wrapped around Greg’s neck and he rested his head lightly against the other man’s chest. “No one has ever sucked me so good.” He said.

Greg just held him for a minute, ignoring the fact that his still hard cock was throbbing between them. It had been a while since he wanted to be with someone both in and out of the bedroom.

Finally Mitch lifted his head and smiled. “Come on, I still need that piece of hot flesh in my ass.” He kissed Greg quickly then moved onto his hands and knees in the middle of the bed.

He wiggled his butt at Greg as he looked at him over his shoulder. “Come on baby. Come impale my hot ass with your love flesh.”

Greg grinned as he pulled a condom and a bottle of lube out of his nightstand drawer. He climbed onto the bed behind Mitch. He spread Mitch’s cheeks open, but instead of sticking the lube bottle up Mitch’s hole, he drove his tongue inside.

“Fuck…” Mitch yelled as he felt Greg’s tongue penetrate him. “Yea…Tongue my ass baby. Make me ready for your hot cock.” He pressed his ass hard back against Greg’s thrusting tongue.

Greg was on his hands and knees, with his tongue thrusting wildly in and out of Mitch’s hole. Both men were moaning like crazy as Greg tongued the other man furiously.

Greg’s cock was throbbing like crazy and he knew he needed to be inside Mitch. Without pulling his tongue from Mitch’s body, he pulled open the condom, sliding it down his hard length. He rubbed his cock with the lube, and then pulled his tongue out of Mitch, replacing it with his cock.

Mitch whimpered in dismay when he felt Greg’s tongue leave his body. The whimper turned to a moan when he felt the other man start to penetrate his tight ass. “Yes…Fuck me…” He growled pushing back against Greg as Greg pushed into him. Between both men’s movements, it wasn’t long before Greg’s 8 inch cock was buried completely inside Mitch’s body.

“Oh god, you’re so tight.” Greg moaned as he felt Mitch’s body tightening around him.

Mitch grunted through clenched teeth as Otele gelen escort he waited for the pain of Greg’s entrance to abate. Finally he breathed easier as he pulled himself forward a bit over Greg’s cock. “Yea…You’re only the second man to be inside there.” He lowered his head as he continued to pull off of Greg’s cock.

When he felt just the head buried inside him, he slammed his hips back hard impaling himself on Greg’s hard flesh. “Fuck…” He moaned.

Greg moaned to, gripping Mitch’s hips lightly, he slowly started thrusting deep into the other man’s body. “Oh I love your hot ass.” He growled a couple minutes later at Mitch’s ass continued to cling to him.

Mitch was slamming his body back against Greg every time the other man drove into him. His own cock was hard and leaking and he knew that for the first time in his life, he was going to cum without touching himself.

“Oh fuck me.” He begged moving hard against Greg’s body. “It feels so good. Make me cum on your hard cock.”

Tightening his hands on Mitch’s moving hips, Greg drove hard and fast into the other man’s body. “Fuck…So hot.” He panted as he rode Mitch’s ass. “Cum baby, cum hard for me, I want to feel you tighten around me.” He growled.

“I’m so close. Fuck me.” Mitch cried digging his nails into the bedspread beneath him. His hips were flying back and forth as he fucked himself against Greg. “Oh fuck me. I’m cummmmiinnnngggg…” His cock started shooting madly against the comforter even as the words left his mouth.

“Oh god, I can’t hold it.” Greg screamed as he started shooting deep into the condom. He thrust hard into Mitch’s ass, burying himself completely as he emptied his load. Afterwards, he collapsed against Mitch’s sweat coated body, knocking the other man onto his stomach on the bed. “Man that was great.” Greg murmured kissing Mitch on the neck.

Mitch turned his head so he could meet Greg’s lips with his own. “That was better then great. That was fucking fantastic.”

Both men smiled at each other. Greg felt his cock slip from Mitch’s well fucked hole. He kissed Mitch one more time then got up to clean himself up.

He brought back a towel, so Mitch could clean up the mess he had made then the two men curled up together on the bed. When Mitch reached down and started playing with Greg’s cock, he smiled. “Mitch?” he asked uncertainly.

“Hm…?” Mitch asked as he slowly ran his hand up and down over Greg’s shaft. He smiled as he watched it grow.

Greg knew what he wanted to ask, but since he didn’t know Mitch very well, he wasn’t sure if the other man would answer. “What is it like to have a cock up your ass?”

Mitch has been rubbing Greg’s precum into his shaft, but looked up at the question. “It’s great. I mean it can hurt at first, especially if you haven’t done it much, but afterwards as you get going, it’s terrific.”

Greg nodded as he ran his hand up and down over Mitch’s bare back. He bucked up with his hips when the other man started stroking him. “Mmmmmmm…That feels good.”

Mitch smiled at him but didn’t answer; instead he kept his hand moving slowly over the other man’s hard shaft.

“Mitch?” Greg asked again.


“Would you fuck me up the ass?”

This time Mitch pulled his hand away as he searched Greg’s eyes. “You’ve never had a cock up there have you?”

Greg shook his head. “No, I never wanted to be on the bottom.” He ran his fingers through Mitch’s hair. “Until I met you.”

Mitch smiled tenderly. He knew how hard it had been for the older man to admit such a thing. Especially to someone he didn’t know very well. Mitch had wanted Greg since the first time he saw him and was hoping that maybe if he got him in bed, it might work into more then a one time deal. “I would love to if that is what you really want.”

Greg thought about it for a minute. He knew how big Mitch was; he had the man’s meat in his mouth for god’s sake. But his ass, that was something different. Mitch watched him as he thought about it. Finally he nodded. “Give it to me honey.”

Mitch smiled and kissed him softly before he moved away. “Okay, lift your legs up against your chest; I’m going to get you ready.”

Greg lifted his legs and spread them wide while Mitch moved down on his stomach until his face was even with the other man’s bum hole. There was a small spattering of hair covering the virgin hole and Mitch licked around it coating it in his saliva.

“Mmmmmmm…” Greg moaned closing his eyes as he held tightly to his legs. He felt Mitch’s tongue lick around his hole and tried to relax. When he felt the other man’s tongue press against him he forced his body to relax and sighed when he felt it slip inside him. “Oh yea, that feels good.”

Mitch slowly worked his tongue inside the other man, feeling the muscles tighten and loosen around him. When Greg was coated with his spit, he pulled his tongue out then slowly Balgat Escort worked a finger inside.

“Ugh…” Greg grunted as he felt the finger slowly slide inside him. There was a bit of pain, but mainly just a strange filling sensation.

Mitch was able to work his finger into the first knuckle but couldn’t go any further. Pulling away, he grabbed the bottle of lube where Greg had dropped it earlier and squirted a huge amount inside the virgin hole.

“Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh…” Greg moaned feeling the liquid coat his insides. This time when he felt Mitch’s finger slide into him there was no pain, just a feeling of fullness. When the other man hit something inside him, he jumped. “Oh fuck.”

Mitch chuckled. “That’s your love button baby.” he pressed against it again and felt Greg shiver.

Mitch worked at Greg’s ass for a couple of minutes. He worked one finger in until Greg seemed to accept it then pulled out, added more lube and slid two fingers inside. By the time he had 3 fingers moving easily inside the other man, he knew he was ready.

He pulled his hand out and wiped it on the towel, before he grabbed the condom that Greg handed him. He rolled it down his hard 7 inch shaft. Then he pulled Greg’s legs down and helped him to sit up. “What…?” Greg asked when Mitch laid down on his back beside him.

“I want you to ride me, that way you can take as much of me as you want.” He held his hand out to the other man.

Greg had a few guys ride him in the past but he always thought that missionary was the best position for the first time. He pressed his hands lightly against Mitch’s chest as he straddled his hips.

Mitch grabbed him lightly by the hips as Greg reached under him and lined up Mitch’s hard cock. He positioned him at his entrance then looked into the other man’s eyes. “Just take it slow baby.”

Greg nodded then slowly started to slide down. He felt Mitch start to slide into him and grunted as he was stretched. He held onto Mitch’s chest with his hands as he stopped. “It’s okay baby, just take as much as you can.” Mitch said softly stroking Greg’s hard shaft.

Greg closed his eyes as he forced himself down further. He felt the head pop into him and groaned. He didn’t feel much pain, but there was a definitely feeling of fullness inside him. Again he stopped to give himself a chance to get used to it.

Mitch closed his eyes as he forced himself to hold still. It had been a while since he had fucked a guy and the guy he was with was definitely not as tight as the ass surrounding him now. He wanted to slam Greg down over him but knew the other man needed to get used to him. He kept his hand moving in long, slow strokes as he felt Greg’s body move down over him.

“Yes, that’s it honey, take me inside you. Oh god, your ass feels so good.” he growled as he slid further inside the other man.

By the time Greg had half of him inside him, he definitely wanted more. His ass was tightening around Mitch’s shaft and his cock was pulsing and leaking like crazy. Gritting his teeth, he slammed his body down hard impaling himself completely. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH…” He screamed as pain shot through him.

“Easy baby, you shouldn’t have done that.” Mitch purred holding the other man over him.

Greg was breathing heavily through his nose as he held himself buried completely over the other man. “It felt good up till then.” he said with a forced laugh.

Mitch laughed; he had to admit that he loved how Greg felt around him. “Okay, slowly pull up honey.” He gripped Greg’s hips and helped him slide up over him. “That’s it, yea baby, just like that.”

He held onto Greg as he slowly got the other man into the rhythm. It didn’t take long before Greg was panting as he slid up and down over Mitch. “Oh fuck, yes, you feel so good inside me.” he growled moving faster over the man beneath him.

Mitch started sliding upwards so he met Greg when he slid down. “That’s it honey, oh yes, you feel so good. Ride me baby.” he moved one hand up to Greg’s nipple and teased it with his finger as he stroked the other mans hard shaft.

“Oh, Agh, so good.” Greg cried rising and falling faster as he felt his orgasm start to rise over him. “Fuck me baby, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum for me honey,” Mitch chanted stroking him faster as he slammed up into Greg forcefully.

“Oh, ugh, Agh, yes, almost there. Oh fuck, I’m cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggggg…” His first shot went over Mitch’s head while the rest hit the other man’s face and chest.

“Yes baby, cum for me, I’m cummmmmmiinnnnnnngggggg to…” Mitch cried as he felt Greg tighten around him. He buried himself to the hilt as he emptied his balls into the condom.

Not caring about the mess he had made, Greg leaned over and locked his mouth on Mitch’s as he felt the other man explode inside him.

When it was over, he rolled off and curled up next to the other man. “Mitch?” he asked sleepily.

“Hm…?” Mitch asked tying off the soiled latex.

“Thanks for fixing my plumbing.”

Mitch laughed. “No problem, anytime baby, anytime.”

When Mitch left a little while later, Greg looked at the piece of paper in his hand. It contained Mitch’s apartment number and phone number. As Greg closed the door, he knew that he would be calling Mitch anytime he needed his plumbing fixed.

The End

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