April Showers

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The dark clouds began to form and the air grew heavy as I stepped off the streetcar, a spring thunderstorm was on its way. The wind gusted, lifting the skirt of the woman in front of me. Her perfect brown legs made time slow to a crawl as the wind push her skirt high enough to offer a hint of her purple lace panties. I looked up to the skies above and silently thanked them for the little joy it had brought. It had been a long winter and even a faint glimpse of hope was welcome these days.

The smell of lilac trees opening up to greet the coming rain sent me into a lighter state of being. The first heavy drops started hitting the pavement as I climbed my front steps, kicking up the dust and cooling the air. The rumble of thunder came from the distance.

Casting off my backpack on the couch, I opened up the windows to listen to the storm and stepped into the kitchen to put the kettle on, warming my hands above the stove. Flashes of lightning sparked across the kitchen and the drapes danced with every burst of wind.

A series of loud knocks came from the front door and it opened, there stood Sarah a good old friend pulling her bike into the front room.

“Hello,” she called out, “are you home?”

“In the kitchen making tea, do you want a cup too?”

“I would love one but make it big!”

She walked into the kitchen soaked top to bottom, her white cycling dress betrayed the colour of her body and her nipples stood out. The fabric fell tightly on her hips and down past her legs, where the goose pimples started to raise.

“I am freezing, do you have any towels? Your floor is soaking,” she said..

“Don’t worry about. go warm yourself up in the shower now or you’ll get a cold.”

“Thank you,” she said and her head bowed down “are you sure?”

“Yes go, warm yourself up, I’ll grab some clothes and put those in the dryer for you.”

“Thank you, I wasn’t prepared for the rain, and your place was so close by. I hope you don’t mind.”

‘”Never, come stay for dinner, I’ll whip up some penne arrabiata. Then we can throw in a movie or something.”

“That is the best offer I have had in months.” She slowly took off her boots and peeled off her socks, revealing skin white as milk. She turned and headed towards bahis siteleri the shower, leaving me to watch her from behind. The door closed, my heart sank and my head turned back to the stove. We had been friends for such a long time, so many good times and bad, yet still always friends. With a body and a mind like that, it was sometimes too much for a man to bear.

With the tea steeped and dinner almost ready, I had distracted myself enough with dinner preps that I had forgotten to bring her dry clothes.

“Do have a sweater or something for me?”

“Shit, give me a minute. My favourite old cable knit is at your service and here are my running pants. Trade you wet for dry?”

The bathroom door opened and her hand reached out to mine while the other loosely guarded her towel. My heart skipped a beat as we brushed skin and our eyes met. Maybe it was the hot shower but she blushed and then her head bowed again.

“I’ll grab the duvet for you and meet you in the living room, dinner is served.”

“Do you have any wine? I could use a glass, it has been such a shit show of a day.” She walked out into the kitchen drying her hair.

“Grab whatever you want from the wine rack.”

“Even the good stuff?”

“Knock yourself out, there is a good spicy Rioja that would go great with dinner.”


We made quick work of dinner on the couch and forgot about the movie entirely talking about her day, my day, the long hard solemn winter and of our mutual love of lilacs. As the conversation went on, she moved closer and closer until the smell of her body lifted came over me, making it impossible to think straight. Sensing my weakness, she laid her head on my shoulder, her hand lightly landed on my thigh.

“It has been a long time you know.”

“A long time since what? Since we have seen each other?”

“Since anybody has cooked me dinner or let me park my bike in their front room.”

Her hand moved up my thigh, her touch grew warmer and stronger. I pulled the duvet over my lap and we inched even closer together. Her light blue eyes looked up at mine and the final few inches that separated us disappeared until the soft heat of her lips touched mine. They softly whispered a thank you.

The first canlı bahis siteleri kiss was light, only a hint of her intentions but on the second I drew her lips onto mine to let her know that I wanted more. Her breath smelt of roses and her hand moved up to gently caress my face. I worked my hand under my old sweater and explored her soft back. Enjoying every inch, every valley, she sighed and moved her body upright as my fingers reached her shoulder blades.

“Is it okay?” she asked shyly.

I chose not to say a word and instead ran my fingers through her hair, once again bringing her lips close and her body closer. Her hand moved back down from my face to my shirt and began lifting it. I followed her lead and lifted the cable knit sweater. Our bodies melted together, her skin cold at first warmed up quickly as her breasts pressed into my chest. My heart beat faster and hers began to move in sync. I pulled my hands down to her hips and gently grabbed her butt. She sighed deeply and let her head fall back to expose her neck and chest. My lips obliged.

There is no greater joy than a new body to explore and this one I was going to enjoy every minute detail of. When I reached her erect pink nipples, she greeted me with another sigh. Her hands could only lightly hold me now, her body gave way and I let her fall to the couch.

Working my way to the bottom edge of her breasts, the scent of lilac came over us and her body once again began to erupt in goose bumps. The first time I came close to her sex, she jumped and let out a small yelp. It had been a long time.

For a moment I thought she whispered no, but on the second approach I let my lips trace their way along the valley where her legs met her hips, I blew warm air on her skin and she exhaled. Every time I teased her vulva, she jumped a little. My hands once again caressed her back and she arched to escape them, lifting her body away but bringing my lips closer to her sex. I darted my tongue in and out of her in concert with her sounds and letting her rocking hips to try and catch me. With every pulse she pressed harder, until I let my tongue run inside of her up the length of her sex. Her scent filling my nose with such pleasures, it called me closer.

She moaned with canlı bahis delight as we repeated the dance several times and then gestured for me to kiss her on the lips. Her blue eyes reached straight into mine, telling me it was time. We exchanged tastes, her tongue explored my mouth and her legs slowly positioned themselves around my hips.

We lifted each other off the couch for a moment to let our pants fall away and she pushed me back onto the couch. Running her hair and lips across my chest, she cast off the duvet and moved on top. Slowly pushing me in, her hips opened up until our bodies became one. We kissed for a few moments more and then she let her long blonde hair caress my face as she navigated my neck. She lifted her head up and looked me in the eyes and smiled. Her hips began to take me deeper, her body began to sweat and she increased the pace. I grabbed her behind and pressed her deeper until her pupils flared, her animal side was coming out and she took me even faster.

The smell of her body in full heat triggered something in me too and I swung myself on top of her. Her wild blue eyes glared at me, she must have been close. We began to pulse faster and faster, her fingers dug into my back and I tried to hold on. This time she moved her fingers onto my butt and pulled me closer, her nails like fire as they pressed in. There was no escaping it, I was coming, the first grunt came out and she groaned, her sex clenched tight around me. It was the final clasp and I let myself go inside of her as she began to convulse and groan louder until she finished just a few seconds after me. Then her head turned away, exposing her neck. I indulged as her eyes closed and her hands loosened their grip.

We embraced tightly and her fingers slowly began to loosen their grip until we fell asleep on the couch intertwined under the duvet that I had pulled up over us, covering everything but her gorgeous long legs. I dozed off still letting my hand explore, her body still making little jumps as each wave of her orgasm subsided.

The rain had stopped and a shaft of light warmed us as we slept, our bodies perfectly wrapped together into one form. From time to time she turned her neck to give me a kiss from those sweet soft pink lips.

“Feel like a movie?”

“No I don’t want to have to move from here to start up the tv.”

She kissed me again and reached back, bringing my body closer to hers.”Perhaps,” she whispered, “we could start something else.”

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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