Baby Boy

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Elliot’s Point of View

For as long as I can remember anxiety has ever been present in life and now at the age of twenty-three, I still struggled with it. Awkwardness and weirdness followed me daily, yet inclusivity made me happy. I was grateful for the few friends in my life. They were aware of my extreme shyness and have accepted me fully. They stopped trying to get me out of my comfort zone and respected my boundaries. The chances of being alone for the rest of my life because of my anxiety scared me. In Today’s way of living in the extreme who wanted to be with boring old me?

“Hey Elliot, please play something for us.” Chester, who was celebrating his birthday today, said pulling me out of my deep thoughts. I shook my head no. Sometimes I wished I could be so carefree and just do whatever I wanted without overthinking it.

“Pretty Please!” His girlfriend Emily begged me, and I blushed slightly. Boys shouldn’t be called pretty, but I liked the compliment even though I wasn’t comfortable receiving it.

Knowing Emily, I was sure she wouldn’t stop begging till she got what she wanted so I stood up from where I was sitting and walked over to the Piano. I contemplated carefully what to play for them. Vivaldi’s four seasons came to me and I decided to play “Spring” for them. They all shouted joyfully as I started playing. A smile formed on my face seeing them drunk and jolly. I could have played “Old McDonald had a farm” and I’m sure they would have still cheered. I smiled to myself again at their silliness.

There weren’t many people around for Chester’s 24th Birthday Party. It was a small intimate Soiree with all our friends. The food was good, and the drinks have been flowing all evening. Even I, the control freak of the group, was slowly losing my inhibitions. I kept playing for them until we heard the doorbell ring. ‘Who will be coming to the Party this late?’ I thought to myself while looking around and realizing that almost everyone in our clique was already here with us, and those who weren’t have excused themselves.

“Nate!” Chester slurred. Nathaniel is Chester’s older brother and only Sibling. Their Parents sadly cut him off for being troublesome and wasting their money causing him to move to a different city, so Chester barely saw him.

“Hey Ches!” Nate finally said. “Happy Birthday, Kido!” He added.

What caught my eye though was Nate’s companion. He was leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed at his chest, looking tall, dark and handsome! He was casually dressed in a pair of fitted black jeans, black Timberland boots and a white dress shirt with two buttons opened from the top and the sleeves rolled up to his elbow. The white shirt complimented his dark skin beautifully. My eyes wandered up his body to his face where our eyes met, and I drew in a sharp breath. He was staring right back at me so intensely that I felt my body heat up with little tingles forming in my stomach. Nothing could have hidden the embarrassment I felt being caught whiles I was undressing him with my eyes and I couldn’t look away… What a handsome man!

This might be the kind of reaction he got most of the time because he looked like a model though there was an air of toughness and danger that surrounded him and warned you not to get close to him. His jaw was defined and his cheekbones high. Full lips were perfectly curved into his face, the bottom lip kissed with just a hint of deep pink color. Transfixed on his lips, I watched as he slowly licked them whiles smiling deliberately at me. Dominance and confidence oozed out of him in waves towards me. Dammit! I had to get away from this predicament.

It finally dawned on me that I might be ogling at Nate’s Boyfriend. Instantly, I felt bad and guilty about having sexual thought about the mystery guy. What the hell was wrong with me? I was not the kind of guy to get this worked up. ‘What if he told Nate I was checking him out?’ The thought alone made me want to disappear from the party and die in shame.

Whiles they were all busy greeting and hugging Nate, I was able to sneak out of the room unnoticed through another door and my legs quickly carried me to the kitchen. There I could catch my breath from drooling over the body of another man. ‘What the hell was happening to me? Oh, I need a drink to calm down my nerves!’ I thought to myself and decided to get a wine glass from one of the kitchen cupboards which was hung up too high. I struggled to open it on my tippy toes with my 5’5 inches.

“Do you need help?” I heard a rich voice behind me.

My body reacted to the deep voice and I sensed it must be Mr. ‘tall, dark and handsome’. His voice alone made my body tingle. Why would my body react so wantonly to a stranger? This feeling was alien to me. Normally I was the shy, introverted, and polite guy.

“I’m trying to get a wine glass.” I replied without even daring to glance back at him.

He shouldn’t see the power he had over me. Hearing footsteps coming from behind Büyükesat Escort me alarmed me and all the blood run to my cock, making it stiff. I tried to move aside slightly to give him access to the cupboard, but he held me in place with one of his big hand at my slender waist. He was standing so close behind me that our bodies were touching intimately.

“You little slut! I caught you undressing me.” His sultry deep voice whispered softly in my ears, a chill run down my spine and my dick jolted. Being under his spell with his cologne filling my nostrils was intoxicating.

He took my earlobe in his mouth and lightly bit on it; an involuntary moan escaped my lips making me bend my upper body slightly forward. By doing so I pushed my ass further back to his crotch and felt his huge bulge. Anybody could have walked into the Kitchen and seen us, but I couldn’t bring myself to care or tell him to stop.

“Did my dirty boy like what he saw?” His wet stiff tongue started slowly ear-fucking me and I couldn’t form a coherent sentence other than nod affirmably. ‘Why was I allowing him to humiliate and talk to me in such a degrading manner? Was I one of those people who enjoyed dirty talking?’ I thought.

“That’s not how good boys are supposed to act!” He kept on whispering in my ear as he proceeded to lick around the shell my ear.

I was rendered incapable of thoughts and my knees buckled. His full, soft lips slowly moved down my neck and continued with the butterfly kisses. My semi erect cock leaked profusely in my briefs aching for his touch.

His hands held my waist firmly as he thrust forward, dry humping me and I was ready to risk it all for him, get naked and let him fuck the living daylight out of the me right there in the Kitchen till my tiny tight hole reddened and gaped wide open with his hot cum running out my asshole and down my legs. Damn, where did that come from? I must have a slut in me after all.

“I’m uuh-I’m a mmmhh I’m a good boy!” I choked out. What the actual fuck was wrong with me? Why was I playing along his dirty game? I wasn’t aware who he was, yet here I was participating in his naughty game. Shouldn’t I be telling him to stop?

“I’m sure you’re a very, very good boy!” He said and thrust forward again. This time a little firmer than the last one. Though we had cloths on, I was able to feel his big erect dick.

“See what you’ve done, Pretty Boy?” He questioned and thrust again. I responded by moaning a little louder deep in my throat. We were both breathing hard now, and my cock was painfully erect at its full 6 inches. I needed release.

“How are you going to make it up to me, Baby Boy?” He asked and I understood exactly what he wanted.

Was I going to let a stranger fuck me in my friend’s house whiles all my friends were present and could possibly hear me scream and moan? Shockingly, the thought did not repulse me! Oh My God! I was a slut! … a pathetic whore! What has this man unleased in me?

Before I could answer him, I heard someone coming to the Kitchen. He quickly took out the wine glass from the cupboard, placed it in front of me on the kitchen counter and then swiftly moved away from me, putting some distance between us. Not long after that Chester and Nate came to view.

“Ja, I’ve been looking for you! I wanted to introduce you to my little brother.” Nate said.

“I was trying to find something to drink” Tall, dark and handsome replied and Nate rolled his eyes at him.

“Jamal this is my little brother Chester.” Nate introduced. Jamal as I now knew his name was, walked over to them and stretched out his hand to Chester. They shook hands.

“I’ve heard so much about you Chester!” Jamal said with a broad smile on his face.

“Nice to meet you too although I must admit I haven’t heard anything about you. Are you two together?” Chester questioned and my interest was piqued.

My heart was galloping away in chest waiting for an answer. Both Nate and Jamal busted out laughing in unison.

“Just as blunt as your brother described you. No, we’re not together. Just friends from College” Jamal explained, and I sensed his gaze on me.

Was he purposely telling me this to reassure me? Nonetheless, I breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Well, Jamal is not gay, and I could never date a straight womanizer like him. He’s a hit and run and that’s not for me.” Nate jokingly said.

At least I hoped he was joking. Jamal just did things with me in the Kitchen that no straight man would do to another man. It wasn’t like I resembled a girl in anyway and I wasn’t wearing girly clothes either. ‘Was he a closeted case?’ I asked myself.

“You don’t have to disgrace me in front of your brother, asshole! At least give him a chance to get to know me!” Jamal protested and they continued to playfully insult each other.

Chester caught me trying to sneak out of the kitchen, feeling lightheaded from my Elvankent Escort sensual encounter with Jamal and wanting to be alone.

“Elli where are you going?” Chester asked.

“Nowhere” They all turned to me and shyness fell all over me. I couldn’t look anyone in the eyes, not after what I did with Jamal or better yet allowed him to do to me. Saying I was embarrassed would have been an understatement.

“Nate and Jamal, this is my best friend Elliot.” He introduced me. “You do remember him, right?” Chester asked his brother.

“Nice to meet you Jamal! Nate it’s always a delight to see you” I said avoiding looking at Jamal. The Willpower to do so was lacking on my part thus I looked at Nate instead. At least Nate was someone familiar unlike the stranger Jamal who wanted to fuck me.

“Wait, is that the Walton kid?” Nate questioned and I had to roll my eyes at him. He didn’t have to reveal my family name like that. I was my own Person.

“Yes, that’s him.” Chester confirmed.

“The ever so beautiful and eloquent little Elliot all grown up and still so pretty!” Nate complimented me. A small smile appeared on my lips, as I stared down at my shoes. I blush deeply like a schoolgirl. My blonde locks fell to my forehead covering my light blue eyes.

“And so damn cute!” The deep voice of Jamal added, forcing me to glance at his face and he winked at me. What kind of game was he playing with me? Nate just revealed that Jamal wasn’t gay so why was he acting like that?

“You’re making him uncomfortable” Chester tried to tell them to leave me alone.

“I know, I know! He couldn’t take a compliment even as a kid. Hmmm … what a shame!” Nate added. I chewed on my bottom lip to fight off my nervousness. All the while Jamal’s intense eyes was on me.

“Hey Elli, could you please show me the restroom?” Jamal surprised me with his question. Panic engulfed me and my hands trembled.

I feared what I might allow him to do to me when were alone again.

“Ehm … sure!” The hesitation could be heard in my voice.

“Take him upstairs, Elli” Chester suggested, and I nodded.

There was no denying that I was screwed. There was no one upstairs and from the way they were all talking and drinking downstairs they wouldn’t hear me moan or scream. Jamal followed behind me closely as we walked up the stairs. Though I was I freaking out internally, the slut in me wanted me to put on a show for him by swaying my hips from side to side whiles walking. The thought alone surprised me.

I took him to a spare room Chester has given me. It had an attached bathroom Jamal could use. As soon as we entered the spare room and the door was closed behind us, he pushed me against the door and was on me. My body started shaking uncontrollably. I was so damn nervous about what was about to happen.

“Hey, Hey Elli calm down.” He took a few steps back to put a distance between us.

“I didn’t mean to startle you” He was genuinely sorry and worried which in turn embarrassed me. How was he able to easily switch from being so dominant to sweet?

My action was that of a virgin teenager and I was neither of those things. I fiddled with my necklace and shifted from one foot to another. For once in my life I wanted to let all my inhibitions go and act naughty, but it seemed like I had no idea how to do that. All I wanted was to be able to seduce this sexy man before me without overthinking my every move and freaking out at the same time. Porn stars made it seem so easy!

“I’m sorry.” I confessed. That stupid, sexy smirk graced his handsome face again.

“Do you want me to stop?” He was serious and I shook my head no.

He walked back in front of me.

“I want to hear you say it, Baby Boy” He pressed on.

“Please don’t stop!” I said after calming down my nerves.

As he trapped me against the door again, I watched his luscious lips captivated. My heart was pounding so hard in my chest, I wouldn’t be surprised if he heard it. Without knowing what I was doing, I bit my bottom lip and watched him longingly. ‘Please Kiss me’ I chanted it over and over in my head, wishing it will compel him to kiss me because I was afraid to make the first move.

“Stop chewing on your lip!” He commanded me. “Or are you trying to seduce me?”

“Is it working?” I whispered softly and he chuckled. I had no idea where I was getting the courage from?

He cradled my face, his lips just mere inches away from mine. I closed my eyes, waiting for the moment of contact and when his lips finally touched mine, they were warm and soft. Twice, three times he kissed me tenderly. I leaned into him reveling in the feeling of his hand moving down to my waist to pull me close to him, his teeth biting into my lower lip.

At last he turned his face and nudged my nose softly with his before claiming my mouth and teasing my lips open with his tongue.

Slowly, torturously, Beşevler Escort his tongue slid against mine again and again, making me dizzy with desire. An involuntary sound -half mon, half whimper- betrayed how badly I desired him. After a few moments he pulled away. My eyes fluttered open and Jamal was watching me, the corner of his mouth turned up.

He swiftly picked me up as though I weighted nothing and laid me on the bed. I felt his lips pressed against mine again. Our kiss deepened, becoming increasingly passionate almost frantic as unrequired longing tore between us. It wasn’t long till I felt him rubbing his erection against mine and that transported me to cloud nine.

“We need to stop.” Jamal choked out and I knew he was fighting for control.

The pleasure I was receiving was too delicious to pass on therefore I continued the movement from underneath him when he stopped. A sexy moan tore out of him.

“I’m really trying here, Elli” I realized that he wanted to pull away, so I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, locking him to me.

“Jamal Please! … Make me cum. I’m almost there.” I pathetically begged him and my hips gyrating movement became frantic as I chased towards my own orgasm.

Jamal freed himself and proceeded to unbuckle my belt, zip and pull down my pants and briefs to my knee. My weeping, hard cock sprang and slapped on my belly. My precum has made it already slick. He stroked me twice and I nearly came like a preteen. My whole body was on fire. He could have fucked me dry and raw and I probably wouldn’t have cared. That’s how badly I needed him inside me.

Before I could register what was going on through the sexual fog clouding my brains, I realized that he has stopped stroking me and has pulled out his own dick. Jamal’s cock was dark, long and the thickness of it scared me, yet I wanted all of it in my mouth, choking me till my eyes water.

I wanted to trace my tongue along the veins on his dick and I knew that the curve would hit all the right spots inside me whiles I ride him hard till oblivion. Precum oozed out of my dick again at the thought whiles I watched him masturbate before my eyes. My anxiety disappeared, and I didn’t care about who could hear us. All I wanted was that thick 10 inches phallus forcing its way inside my tiny hole.

“Fuck Elli! You’re sexy!”

“I need you inside of me! … Please Jamal!” I have never been vocal in bed before.

He moved down my body and took my throbbing dick in his mouth. This came as a surprise with me thinking I was the one who would be sucking his big dick. What Jamal lacked in skills he made up with enthusiasm. He was slurping on my dick and making happy noises at the same time.

Everything was so wet and slippery in his warm mouth. He moved down and took both of my balls into his mouth, sucking on them and slightly pulling them away from my body and then releasing them with a pop. He did that repeatedly making me have an out of body experience. Jamal left my balls and took my knob into his mouth again, slobbering on it like my cum was the essence of life and he needed it to survive.

“Fuuuuuuck! I’m gonna cum!” I felt his wet finger circling the rim my hole and I knew not even wild horses could stop my orgasm that was upon me. Not knowing how he’ll react, I tried to push him off my dick, but he didn’t even budge. As soon as his wet finger entered me, I started shooting my hot cum down his throat. It seemed like I couldn’t stop myself from cuming over and over. He wasn’t grossed out by my cum, but rather treated it like sweet honey and that excited me even more. After a while he let my dick fall from him mouth.

“You taste amazing!” He licked his lips seductively at me and moved up my body almost sitting on my chest.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out for me baby” He was so turned on that he probably wasn’t aware of the endearment he as just used.

It made my stomach flutter that he called me baby. I obeyed his command, sticking my tongue out as far as I could. The stroking of his cock became faster and faster in a blur.

“Shit! Elli baby look at me with those sexy eyes!” He commanded and I immediately complied, wanting to help him cum too.

The moment our eyes clashed; I saw in his eyes pure, raw, primal lust. He looked devastatingly sexy with his eyes hooded and the noises he was making deep in his throat. I stretched me arms out and played with his hard nipples. He must have enjoyed that very much because the twisting and pulling on his nipples help set him off. He shot thick white ropes of cum on my tongue, my face and the headboard of the bed. It was everywhere.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” He fell beside me breathing heavily.

The room went quiet except for our heavy breathing. As time went on, my anxiety started to slowly kick in. I questioned whether I was sexy and naughty enough during our little encounter, my brains went wild suggesting things I should have said and done to make the experience better and unforgettable.

I couldn’t stop overthinking and my brains wouldn’t shut up. It was as if Jamal heard my thoughts and the debates in my mind because before I could sneak to the bathroom and hide from him, he turned on his side, pulling me to him, my back to his front and wrapped his arm around me lovingly.

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