Back in the Game

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This is a self-contained one-off story. It’s perhaps not as prolonged and hardcore as some might like, but I’m happy to finish a story with some of the action still to come and left to the reader’s imagination. Nor do I feel the need to fill in a detailed backstory as to how certain things came to pass – you may disagree of course. Feedback and votes always welcome.



There she was, striding her way through the terminal, waving and smiling at me. My daughter Lisa. It had been two long months since I’d last seen her. Now she was home for the Christmas holidays, three weeks of her all to myself.

Well, almost to myself. Walking alongside her was a smaller blonde girl. Her friend Tess.

“Can she come and stay with us, Daddy? She doesn’t get on with her parents and I’ve told her how great you are.”

I hadn’t been sure. But I supposed it was all part of her growing up now, I had to expect now to share her with others. Going off to college was the first step in that. Now she was bringing back a friend who would probably monopolise most of her time and I’d be on the periphery. But it seemed petty to be selfish about her, so I said of course she should bring Tess back with her.

They were leaving quite a trail behind them as they moved across the airport. Men stared at them, some women too. They were both so full of life and energy, and they were both, in different ways, stunning. Lisa was dark and curvy, not chubby, but rounded where a woman should be – full breasts and a curvy, firm backside. Tess, from what I could see, was smaller and leaner but still had an aura about her that oozed confidence and youthful sexuality.

I whistled slowly through my teeth. If nothing else, at least I’d have myself something to discreetly ogle for the next few weeks.

“Daddy!” she reached me and flung her arms around me. We hugged for a long moment and then she pulled away and turned to Tess.

“And this is Tess.”

I was just about to proffer a tentative handshake when Tess too leaned in and hugged me.

“I’ve heard so much about you,” she said in my ear. “Lisa says you’re the best man in the world.”

The best man in the world smiled at her, and tried not to think about her perky breasts that were rubbing agreeably against my shirt.

“Come on,” I said. “Let me take those bags.”


The drive home consisted mainly of Lisa pointing out local landmarks and teasing me about various shortcomings of mine for Tess’s benefit. Tess was very comfortable with us very quickly, even coming to my defence on occasion. I liked her.

There was an easy intimacy between her and my daughter that set off a slight alarm bell though. A few times I saw Tess pat her on the arm, and pull Lisa’s hair out of her eyes, and the way Lisa responded seemed… playful? Flirty? Loving? In that ballpark, anyway. And I wondered if maybe my daughter was actually a lesbian. If that was the case – and I was by no means certain – I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. If she was happy, I supposed that was fine. I just thought maybe the path to happiness would be that much harder for her.


“Sorry, what was that?”

“He’s going a bit deaf in his old age,” Lisa informed Tess.

“I am not. I was just thinking… deep thoughts,” I told her loftily.

“Yeah, right. So, I was asking you about your love life.”

“What? You were?”

“Come on Dad. Now that I’m gone, you could bring home a new woman every night.”

I was genuinely quite shocked at the idea.

“Well… I haven’t!”

“Why not?”

I made some vague, desperate gesture with my hands. “I’ve been too busy.”

“Huh.” It was remarkable how much scorn she could get into one syllable.

I decided to retaliate. “And what about your love life?”

“I can’t tell you about my love life, Dad, you’ll freak out.”

“So… you can ask me about mine, I can’t ask you about yours?”

“Spot on, Daddy-o.”

“Does that seem fair to you, Tess?” I asked, peering at her in the rear-view mirror.

“Sorry, Mr D, I have to be like Switzerland on this. Strictly neutral, you know?”

I sighed.

“Poor Daddy,” beamed Lisa. She reached over and kissed me on the cheek, a real smacker.

Then, to my surprise, Tess put her arms around me from behind and leaned forward and kissed the other cheek, equally enthusiastically.

“Whoah,” I said. “I’ll crash the car.”

“Yes,” said Lisa. “We need to get you home in one piece, Dad. We have plans for you. Big plans.”

Both girls giggled.


“No,” I said firmly.

“Oh come on Daddy, don’t be such an old… middle aged… fuddy duddy.”

“I am not a fuddy-duddy, whatever that is, I just am not prepared for you – her – to do that.”

“She’s really good, Dad.”

“I’m sure she is, but I’m not comfortable with it.”

“Come on Dad! I dare you.”

I wasn’t falling for that. “Nope. No. Absolutely not.”

Lisa changed tack.

“When was the last time you went on a date?”

“I… don’t exactly remember.”

“I do. It was fourteen months ago, Mersin Eskort

Dad, and it was with Kim’s mother, and it went really well and she super liked-you but you never called her back.”

Kim’s mother, I remembered, had given me a quite agreeable hand job in the car when I’d driven her home. I had hoped for a little more, but I hadn’t liked her enough to arrange a second date.

“How do you know all this?” I was more than a little appalled.

“Girls talk, Daddy.”

“Yeah… well, they should mind their own business.”

“We need to get you back out on the scene, Daddy. Back in the game.”

“We really don’t.”

“You just need a bit of sprucing up. You’re out of practice, you need a new wardrobe, and there are a few basic… presentational things we need to take care of.”

“Are you hearing my side of the conversation at all? No. Not going to happen.”

“So, Tess, who is FANTASTIC at this sort of thing, is going to give you a haircut, a wax and a massage.”

“I can sort all that out myself,” I said.

“But she’s here, and she’s great, and it’ll be fun!”

“I have never,” I said. “Had a haircut that I considered to be fun.”

“Well, it’s about time they were.”

She looked plaintively at me. It was her puppy dog look, quite ridiculously over the top with her big eyes and pleading face.

“That face doesn’t work,” I said. “You think it does, but it doesn’t.”

“It totally does,” she said, still gazing mournfully at me.

I sighed. “Just a haircut,” I said. “OK?”

She squeaked and gave me another one of those smacking kisses on the forehead. Then a tiny little peck on the lips. Unexpected, slightly naughty, and sweet.

“Good boy,” she said.


I was expecting Tess to just trim me at the kitchen table, but I should have known better than that.

“I want to do a wet cut,” she said, examining me critically. “Your hair’s quite curly, it’ll be easier wet.”

“Can’t you just damp it down,” I asked hopefully. “Get a glass of water, or something?”

Tess tutted dismissively. Lisa, who was sitting across the room flicking through a magazine, looked up.

“Use the shower in his bathroom,” she said.

So now I was leading Tess upstairs, through my bedroom (I was glad I’d made the bed and put my laundry away) and into my bathroom. I gestured vaguely towards the shower.

“Um,” I said. I had no idea how this would work.

“OK,” said Tess. “Best if we take off your shirt. Then stick your head under the shower for me, get yourself really wet, and then rub this in for me.”

She showed me a bottle. It was some kind of conditioner, I think.

I considered protesting, but she was so matter of fact and expectant that I just went with it. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off. Then I got my hair wet under the shower like she said and rubbed in her conditioner or whatever it was, and then rinsed that off too. It was a bit awkward, leaning forward to do it all without getting my trousers wet, and I wasn’t entirely successful.

I emerged, blinking, and Tess was waiting for me with a towel. I was expecting her to hand it to me but she rubbed my hair vigorously with it instead, then dried off my upper body. I felt very self-conscious as she did this. I’m not in bad shape for my age, I think, but I was sure I couldn’t measure up to a typical college boy.

“Hmm,” she said. “Do you need to change your trousers? They’re a bit wet.”

“No,” I said. “I’m good. I’ll just put my shirt back on.”

She shook her head. “Leave it off. It’ll be easier to cut your hair if there’s no collar in the way.”

“I could probably find a t shirt or something…”

“Come on, back downstairs, or she’ll think you’re molesting me.” She winked at me, and I couldn’t help smiling back.

Feeling something of an idiot, I trooped back downstairs behind Tess.

Lisa whistled when she saw me. “Hubba hubba! Check out the pecs on Daddy-o!”

“Please never use the phrase Hubba hubba in front of me again,” I said.

Lisa sighed, waved a dismissive hand, and returned to her magazine.

Tess sat me down at the table and snipped away at my hair. She was in a very tight, short crop top and denim shorts and I was very aware of her as she moved around me. Apart from the agreeable interlude with Kim’s mother, I hadn’t had an attractive female that close to me for a long time – perhaps years – and Tess was, no question, a very attractive girl.

She was also a very good hairdresser. I have to say, I liked what she did. Nothing too radical, but I was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the mirror.

“Hey, that’s really pretty good.”

She smiled at me. “Thank you! I love cutting men’s hair. And yours is really nice.”

“So,” said Lisa, from behind her magazine. “Let her do your back, Dad. You’ve already got your shirt off.”

“Yes!” said Tess brightly. “I’d love to do your back. It looks like you haven’t been waxed in a while.”

Probably about ten years, I thought, and I was kind of hoping I’d never do it again.

But Tess’s enthusiasm – and, I’ll admit, her Mersin Escort Bayan beauty and sheer sexiness – spurred me along. If she wanted to practice her beautician skills on me, who was I to stand in her way?

“OK then,” I said grudgingly.

Tess clapped her hands. “Great!”

She turned to Lisa. “Where’s the best place to do it? You don’t have a massage table lying around, I suppose?”

She shook her head. “His bed, probably. Plenty of towels in the closet on the landing.”

Well, now, hold on a minute, I was thinking. My bedroom… my bed?

And of course I tamely followed her upstairs again, showed her where the towels were, and then gingerly followed her into my bedroom.

She looked me up and down appraisingly. “Probably best if you just lie there in your boxers, OK? I’ll want to put some cream on your back after, and I don’t want to stain them. I’ll put a towel over you as well, so you’ll be covered up, I promise you, OK?”

I think I made a faintly acquiescent noise. Thirty seconds later I was lying on my bed, face down on a towel, just in my boxers with another towel covering my mid-section.

Tess was digging through a bag she’d produced from somewhere.

“Here we go…I think I’ll probably need at least… ten or so.”

I heard some tearing of paper and a faint humming noise from her as she got things ready. Then I felt a pressure on my upper shoulder as she applied the first strip.

“You know this is going to sting, right?”

A bit late if I didn’t. I nodded.

“Here we go!”


A small inferno erupted on my shoulder. I’d like to say I didn’t whimper. I couldn’t swear to it though.

“So, you’ve started then?” Lisa had come into the room. “I should have told you he has quite a low pain threshold.”

“I do not! Buzz off and read your magazine.” I was quite disgruntled at having my daughter there as an audience.

“No way! This is going to be fun. My best friend making my Dad scream… What every little girl dreams of.”

That sounded a bit strange to me, but I couldn’t think of what to say in reply, so I said nothing.

Another strip, another split second of horrid anticipation, another eruption across my back.


“Oh, man up Daddy! It’s worse for girls. When Tess does my… private parts I swear they can hear me fifteen miles away.”

“He’s doing very well,” said Tess, loyally.

“That’s right,” I said. I was distracted more than a little by the thought of Tess waxing my daughter’s bikini line. It gave me a strange feeling that I pushed hurriedly away.

Tess worked away across my back. It seemed endless. Strip on, brace yourself, strip off, yelp, continue.

When she reached my lower back Tess called over to Lisa. “Make yourself useful. Come and start with the lotion on his shoulders.”

I heard more rummaging in the bag, then the scent of a lotion. Lisa began to rub it into my shoulders, gently at first, then firmer.

“Poor Daddy,” she said. “Having two young girls working away at you like this.”

“You’re a pair of evil torturers,” I said. “And there’s no way I’m buying you dinner now.”

“Oh, don’t sulk Daddy. We just want what’s best for you. You’re going to be a new man after this. The girls are going to crazy for you, aren’t they Tess?”

“Absolutely,” agreed Tess. “He’s a fine specimen. Very good shape. I would definitely swipe right on him.”

Swipe right? Did that mean what I think it did?

“Mmm,” said Lisa. “Hear that Dad? You’ve got another fan.”

Her hands felt wonderful. Even as Tess continued with her sadistic works, the feeling of being gently massaged by her soft hands with that soothing lotion was really relaxing and soothing. Well, mostly relaxing. I was aware of a slight disturbance in my groin area. Having Tess in such close proximity, I thought. Just a half-erection, completely normal, to be expected and no danger of it being spotted while I stay face down like this.

“All done!” announced Tess brightly. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“Absolutely not,” I agreed. “I will totally get you to do that again in, say, twenty or thirty years.”

“Poor Mr D,” she said. “So I’m guessing you don’t want me to do your chest?”

“I don’t,” I agreed. Not least because there was no way I was turning over any time soon.

“Pass the lotion,” said Tess. “I’ll massage his legs.”

Oh fuckity fuck fuck, I thought. I am often quite articulate at such moments.

She started on my feet, which was erotic enough in itself, rubbing lotion between my toes and working it into my skin. Then she started working her way up my legs. I’ve never thought of my calves as being particularly sensitive or erogenous, but the way she massaged and rubbed them made me reconsider. And all the while my daughter was gently rubbing away on my back, making her way lower and lower.

Then Tess’s hands were at my knees. “Spread your legs a little for me,” she said softly. Lisa giggled.

“Just leave that right there,” I said. “We’re above such childish smutty comments, I hope.”

Tess giggled too. Clearly Mersin Escort we weren’t.

I moved my legs slightly and Tess continued her journey up. Above the knee on my inner thigh now. She reached the edge of my boxer shorts and rolled them up slightly so she should reach the upper parts of my thighs. My erection was deeply uncomfortable now, and I was dreading what I thought would probably come next.

“Can you roll over for me? I want to do the front of your legs.”

“I think that’s enough,” I said. “If we want to make our reservation we should probably get going.”

Reluctantly, both pairs of hands stopped what they were doing.

“Go on,” I said. “Go and get ready.”

I think Lisa may have snickered a little, but thankfully, they left. I carefully lifted myself off the table. My cock felt like a solid stick of wood – one of those erections you can’t ever imagine disappearing.

Well, I thought, that was pretty damn strange.

But… sexy as hell too.


Dinner was fun. The girls wore matching short black dresses and they looked sensational. The waiter could hardly believe I was the lucky man in the middle of them. The girls decided they would pretend I was their sugar daddy – all part of my “training”, they claimed – and there was much over the top sighing and coo-ing and exaggerated stroking of my arms. When Tess did that it felt wonderful and exciting. When Lisa did that, it felt disturbing – but exciting as well. It had clearly been too long, I thought.

Lisa also announced that she would drive us back so I was free to have some wine. I got pleasantly buzzed and Tess matched me drink for drink. There seemed to be some strange signalling going on between them that I couldn’t quite pick up on. A joke I wasn’t sharing. But if they were lovers, perhaps that was to be expected.

After a liqueur for dessert we got in the car and Lisa drove us home. She made a big deal about being our chauffeur and ostentatiously opened the rear door for Tess and I to slide in together. Tess said she was a bit chilly and snuggled up next to me. She was being very flirty and I was worried that Lisa would object – but she seemed to find it all very amusing. So I put my arm around Tess and decided to make the most of it. Not often I got the chance to cuddle up with an attractive eighteen-year-old. I was quite careful not to do any more than that – though the temptation to gently stroke a leg or an arm or to give off more obvious signals of interest was almost overwhelming. I contented myself with stealing glances of her delicious cleavage.

Once home, I offered coffee but the girls said they were ready for bed. I was gratified when Tess gave me a lingering hug and then a kiss on the lips. I had to move away from her slightly to avoid her pressing against my erection. Then Lisa came in for a hug as well, and that was even more awkward. I was relieved and disappointed in equal measure as I watched them climb the stairs. I tried not to think about the two of them undressing above me. Perhaps getting into bed together. Running their hands over each other. Tess sliding down my daughter’s body to shower gentle kisses on her pussy. Her hands playing with my daughter’s breasts.

God, Lisa was probably right. I really needed to get laid.

I made myself a coffee and tried to watch a film on TV but I was to unsettled and horny. What I needed to do was go to my room and jerk off and then try and sleep. The fate of middle-aged men around the world, I thought sadly.

Feeling rather gloomy and frustrated I made my way up the stairs and headed towards my room.

As I went past it Lisa’s door opened. Tess appeared in a thin dressing gown, almost transparent in the light coming from the room behind her. I could see every curve of her body, and she looked amazing.

“Mr D,” she whispered. “I forgot – your back must be itching like anything after the waxing. I’m going to put some more lotion on for you.”

To be honest it wasn’t itching that much but something about the booze, my mood and the sight of her standing there made me desperate to spend some extra time with her.

“Er… that’d be great,” I said.

She smiled and said she’d be with me in two minutes. I should go and get ready. Just lie on the bed like I had earlier.

I continued onto my room and stripped off to my boxers. I hastily grabbed a towel and wrapped it around myself. Then I lay face down on the bed and waited. The room span ever so slightly but I was a long way from being really drunk.

She seemed to take an age. Then I heard her walking along the corridor, gentle steps on the carpet. I smelt her perfume, I’d noticed it earlier and now it was an instant aphrodisiac. My cock twitched agreeably underneath me.

Easy boy, I thought. She’s going to rub some lotion in, then she’s going back to your daughter’s room, then we can jerk off. I knew my fantasy girl that night would be Tess.

“All set? That’s perfect,” she said softly. “It’s a bit cold, but I’ll warm you up.”

She splashed some lotion onto her hands and then began rubbing it into my shoulders. The first touch was cold enough to make me gasp but it was also extremely erotic. I gave myself over to enjoying the feeling of her hands on me. It would probably be twenty or thirty seconds, perhaps a minute at most, and I meant to savour every second.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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