Beach Vacation Ch. 02

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I am used to waking up happy. At home I luxuriate in having a queen-sized bed to myself (after having succeeded in ejecting my loser boyfriend last year) and when I’m at my condo in Hawaii, I love waking to the sun streaming through sheer curtains and across my bare skin.

But this was a new kind of happiness: this time I was waking in the rosy glow of late afternoon light and I was not in my bed at all. I was wrapped in the strong bronzed arms of Alex, the gorgeous guy I’d met on my flight a couple of days ago. And judging from the long, hard rod against my ass, he was waking up happy too.

I don’t know how long we’d been asleep but the sweat from our last bout had evaporated. Not the wetness between my legs, however. That was still very clearly present, as he was quickly discovering. I slowly wiggled my ass against his crotch and felt his reaction. His right arm, wrapped around my waist, first loosened and then I felt his fingers very gently caress the lower curve of my breast. He avoided the nipple, just cupping the generous swell and lightly touching my very sensitive skin. I go wild with a little teasing and it wasn’t long before I was moaning and arching against him. Finally, I took his hand and put it directly on my tit, squeezing the soft flesh there.

His mouth found my neck and he began kissing and sucking the skin there, which is nearly as sensitive as that on my breasts. With one arm I reached back to force my fingers into his hair. With the other I reached down, first lubricating my fingers with my own juices, then gripping his cock and drawing it forward between my legs. I shimmied back and forth, letting his cock rub against my clit and slit. More and more slickness was appearing and after our colossal fucking earlier in the day, I didn’t need much warming up.

I rolled away from him, landing on my hands and knees and looking over my shoulder to give him a thoroughly lascivious invitation. He got the hint and reached immediately for the condoms in his bedside table. Rolling one on, he moved into position behind me and rubbed my slit, opening the lips there and teasing my clit. I was moaning with desire and swinging my ass in front of him.

He grabbed my hip with one hand and his cock with the other, taking aim. I gasped as he pushed casino oyna inside in one strong smooth thrust. Jesus, my g-spot was already fully awake and ready. I fell forward, my tits rubbing roughly against the sheets and my ass turned up toward him as I pushed back against his thrusts.

My “oh god, yes!” was followed by grunts as we synchronized our movements. I wanted a better angle and pushed up from my elbows to my hands. He rewarded me by reaching around to grab my breasts again, roughly this time. They were swaying and jiggling from the pounding he was giving me and I imagined what it would look like to someone watching. The whole thing would be pretty fucking hot, I decided.

He pulled fully out, eliciting a throaty complaint from me, but then simply lay back in his tanned glory and said, “I wanna watch you move, baby. Come get me.”

My kind of boy! I grinned at him and leaned forward, planting kisses on his feet and calves. As I progressed to his thighs I made sure that my tits were grazing his legs along the way. Usually, I’d stop along the way to suck his cock, but the condom was already in place so I kept on going, giving his lips a long wet kiss and rubbing my tits against his chest. Finally I straddled him, took his rod in my hand and lined my cunt up on top of it. I looked to be sure he was watching and s-l-o-w-l-y dropped down onto his dick. As I did, I had a hand on my tit, gripping it tightly. I growled “Fuck!” as I hit the bottom, full to the hilt with his rock-hard cock and already feeling the early signs of my eventual orgasm. God fucking damn this was hot. I was losing myself in the sensations, hands clutching at my hair and rubbing my own tits. His eyes never left me and when I reached down to finger my clit he groaned his approval.

I pulled back so that only the tip of his cock was inside me. I managed to get my feet under me; squatting over him I could squeeze my pussy tightly as I plunged down on him again. This time I sank so deeply that my own eyes rolled back in my head and we both groaned.

I knew I couldn’t hold this position long but was determined to get everything I could from it. I reached between us to circle his cock with my fingers. “Oh fuck yes, Jess!” he growled, “Goddamn, YES!” Using my cunt muscles canlı casino and fingers I massaged his cock as I rode him, feeling the juices cascade out of me.

Just as the complaints from my thighs were getting too loud to ignore he surprised me by gripping my hips and pulling me skyward. I came off of his cock with an audible pop. Grinning, he tossed me sideways and I landed sprawling on the bed. Now it was his turn to crawl up me, starting at my toes and kissing and licking his way up my calves and thighs.

He bypassed my crotch entirely, licking and nibbling up the outside of my hip, across my belly and up to my tits. This time he showed my nipples no mercy, sucking and lapping at them as his fingers tweaked them into stiff points. His fingers tangled in my hair, tugging at the scalp and tilting my head back. His mouth found my neck again as his hand finally snaked down my belly. I felt fingers inching through my pubic hair headed for my slit. I was pinned at the neck and the crotch, but that didn’t stop my back from arching off the mattress. His fingers teased me apart, doing a delicate dance around the clit and dipping into my pussy to feel the wetness there.

He slithered down the sheets to kneel between my legs. Gently extracting his fingers from me and giving me a searing glance, he bent over to tongue me. “Oh fuck!” burst from me and I felt him smile into my pussy.

His forefinger was tracing my slit, drawing forth my juices, and his mouth was clamped over my clitoris. It happens that my clit is super sensitive; direct contact with it can actually fry my circuits so that I can’t come at all. It usually takes me a long time to train a lover to work me, but it’s worth it for both of us: after watching one of my orgasms, an old lover said, “I’ve never seen anything like that!”

Alex seemed to get this intuitively; once or twice I’d wiggled a bit to shift away from too-intense pressure and he backed off just enough to let me come down and then he’d be back at it, more gently or just slightly off-center. I’d never met a man who learned this quickly.

He slipped a finger back inside me and aimed it right where it should be; up to that gently ridged territory just a few inches inside me. I convulsed and moaned, my breathing irregular. Then kaçak casino I felt another finger slide in beside the first and he started fingering me in earnest. He was working me from nearly every angle; one hand was wrapped around my breast, the other was fucking me in exactly the right way and his mouth was clamped to my clit. I was writhing on the bed, head tossing side to side. I tried to grab his head then realized my mistake; I didn’t want to limit his motion in any way whatsoever. I unclamped my fingers from his hair and finally found some words. “Don’t stop. Don’t. Fucking. Stop.”

I could feel the tingling in the soles of my feet that presages a massive orgasm. I was standing on the precipice, about to dive and then he did it; he growled into my pussy, “Take it baby, I want to watch you fly.”

I fell, breaking free and falling oh so hard from this cliff. “Yeeeeeessssssssssss! Oh god oh god oh god. YES! Oh fuck!” My body was wildly thrashing and he was hanging on for dear life, fingers deep inside me and eyes wild with pleasure. “Go baby, yes! Oh yeah. Oh yes yes yes!”

I was gasping, barely aware of where or who I was. Even for a girl whose orgasms tend to register on the Richter scale, this was outrageous. My legs were writhing, kicking among the sheets. He kept that hand inside me and just barely wiggling his fingers, milking every drop from my orgasm, his eyes wide and shining. I came in waves, my body wilding flailing then calming, then starting all over again.

I finally held up my hands in a gesture of surrender, “Baby. Oh my god.” He removed his slick fingers, gently stroking my pussy lips on withdrawal, and then ostentatiously raised them to his mouth and sucked them. I lay limp, a rag doll in a puddle of sweat and juices.

I was dimly aware that he’d disappeared but frankly had nothing left in me, my usual can-do attitude about trading orgasms left in tatters. Next I was aware, he was settling into bed beside me and offering me a tall glass of orange juice. I downed the glass in seconds, eliciting a smile from him. I murmured, “Oh baby, I’m sorry; I want to do you too but I’m totally spent.” His eyes crinkled, “I can see that Jess. And baby, I will gladly take a rain check. That was the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever seen. I’m just going to lie here and congratulate myself while you rest.” I grinned at him and burrowed into his chest, inhaling his musky scent and feeling his arms wrap around me as I drifted off to sleep.

…to be continued

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