Beautiful Becca

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For my friend, Ashley

Friday night. Work sucked. It was hot enough to drain every bit of sweat and energy out of my body. I got home and all I wanted to do was shower. I was quick to peel out of my slacks and my polo shirt. There was a trail of boots, and socks, and boxer briefs, and pants, and my undershirt. The tell-tale sign of my exhaustion led from my front door to the bathroom. Normally a neat freak, I don’t leave clothing on the floor unless I’ve got tunnel vision for a cool shower after a hot day… or if Ashley and I are shedding clothes between the sofa and my bed.

Ashley. My God… Ashley. I met her online through the most basic of posts. No bullshit, no games, no emotional involvement. Just a raw fuck who was really open-minded, fun, polite, and wild. I can’t remember if the post contained, “Must be into kink,” but I assume it was inferred in being really, really open-minded.

Ashley was a woman of absolute beauty. Her hair was longer when we first met, but I remember the day she cut it into a stylish bob of sorts. I have no idea how to describe it other than tamely wild. It was the most fitting haircut for any woman I have ever known. It was intentionally messed, stylishly dangling or cutting into dark wisps that accented her skin. Best of all, it framed her gorgeous face and showed off her long, slender neck. I loved seeing her neck so exposed because anyone paying attention knew her tell… the sign she inadvertently shows when she gets excited. The muscles, tone but sweet, give only the slightest twitch. A less attentive man would miss it if he wasn’t paying attention, but I always paid attention.

Her beautiful neck led to her defined collar bones and glorious chest. Her shoulders and arms outlined the way her breasts seemed to heave more and more as she got hornier and hornier. Her stomach was soft and gave a perfect trail for kissing and licking your way to her warm center. I loved having her stand in front of me just so I could slowly pull her panties over her curvy hips, down her smooth and wonderful legs, and past her soft feet just so I could get on my knees in front of her.

Her scent is intoxicating, reminiscent of clean panties mixed with the sweetness of her juices. I have yet to find a pussy sweeter to lick and tease, finger and flick. Ashley… fuck me, she’s incredible. Yet, incredible doesn’t begin to sum her up.

Ashley wasn’t only the vision that French painters use in hazy paintings. She was tall and sleek. Where most women would refrain from wearing heels as to not be taller than their counterparts, she wore heels. Where most women would worry over the fit of their jeans, she wore anything just to prove that anything on her would look amazing. Above all of her physique and beauty, she carried herself with the sexiest confidence that her coyly bashful person could not hide. In short, if she wanted it… well, she was going to get it. I was just lucky that she wanted me.

The shower must have rejuvenated me. Before the water rushed over my aching body, all I wanted to do was lie out on the sofa and read until I was ready for bed. I must have been considering the notion with some fervor because I answered myself aloud. “Fuck that. It’s Friday.”

I got out of the shower and toweled off, groomed myself to go out. I trimmed my beard into a lengthy stubble, did all I could to make myself presentable, and reached for my phone. The phone was still steamed up, but it didn’t stop me from sending Ashley a text. Get ready. We are going out. Pick you up in an hour.

I didn’t get a response from Ashley. No “what should I wear”, “where are we going”, “I’ve got other plans.” She knew two things: No matter what her reply, I would have retorted with “I don’t give a fuck”; and she could wear nothing but a towel and a pair of heels anywhere we were going and she’d still be the belle of the ball.

An hour later, I was at her door. “Are you a mind reader?” I asked jokingly as I looked her over. Her hair was pinned up in the front to keep her bangs out of her face. The back was styled up wildly and I couldn’t wait to grab a fistful assuming I would be fucking her from behind later. Her upper body was loosely wrapped with a thin, flannel print shirt that tied tightly between her tits. The shirt encased her breasts in a way that created a perfect shelf of cleavage and skin. I nearly buried my face into her breasts at the door. Her long legs were covered with jeans that could have been painted on until they flared at the bottom to cover her boots. I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed her by the ass, tilted my hat back, and pulled her in tight for a long and deep kiss.

Her lips were so soft and sweet that I got lost for a moment as our tongues collided in passion. Then we broke our kiss and she finally said, “Well, you ain’t that hard to predict.” I could hear her faked twang and I knew that she was poking fun at my accent. I gave her my grin, my crooked grin that silently let her know kaçak iddaa I was out to either raise some hell or do something wild. “Let’s git,” I said making fun of her making fun of me. I gave her a playful slap on the ass and closed her door behind us.

We got to my truck and I opened the door for her. Let’s face it. Whether you are looking to hook up for the first time or you are fucking a girl sideways eight days a week, you better open the door for her. That, of course, made her smile as if it was something she wasn’t used to. I never could understand that. I imagine other guys falling over themselves to lie in a puddle of mud for her to cross, but she seemed to be amused by my willingness to open the car door for her.

Amused is one way to put it. Another way would be to admit that she rubbed my cock through my jeans all the way to the bar. Either way, I knew she appreciated the gesture and I was happy to oblige.

Finding parking was a pain in the ass. The lot was full, so I knew that the place was going to be packed. I’m usually not one for night clubs. I’m not a fan of bad DJs blaring worse music over a crowd of eighteen year olds. However, I am one for a honky tonk big enough to let two-steppers two step while everybody else does their best to keep from laughing while they butcher a line dance. On this particular Friday night, they had a live band that was keeping the place lit up.

“We are going to have fun tonight,” Ashley said with a wide grin. I could nearly see her devil horns poking through and I knew she was right.

We got to the door, I paid our cover charge, and we made our way to the bar. It was no problem getting our drinks, no long waits, no hassle of having to yell over a sea of people belly up on stools. We were off to a good start.

It wasn’t long at all before we mingled into a small crowd of people that looked to be our age. Birds of a feather seem to line dance together, so we sat our drinks on a nearby table. I tipped my hat to the ladies present because… well, why the fuck not? It was a small thank you for letting us take up a little bit of space on the table. They grinned and we did the same just before Ashley grabbed me by the hand and got me out on the dance floor.

Ashley might be wonderfully graceful at a lot of things, but two-stepping isn’t one of them. We chuckled and had a tremendous amount of fun as we fumbled over each other’s feet. Then, just to be a dick, I would wait for her to get it down only to turn backwards and reverse her steps. Once again, her feet were confused. However, she was beaming. Before long, we were both beaming and sweating. Back to the drinks.

Ice cold liquid rushed into us as we laughed and carried on in our own little world thinking that no one else was in the bar but her and me. Then that thought was interrupted. A young and beautiful woman tapped Ashley on the shoulder and leaned into her ear. The music was too loud for me to even try to eavesdrop, so I watched as Ashley’s head tilted back with a loud laugh. Then she held her hand out and said, “This is Jon.”

“Jon?” the young woman confirmed. I nodded my head and put my hand out to greet her. “Jon, I’m Becca,” she announced over the music, leaning in to make sure I got her name on the first try. “Becca… pleased to meet you.”

Becca’s hand was way too soft and dainty to be a regular in a honky tonk dive. Her nails were perfectly manicured and spoke loudly of administrative office work. I looked her over without any effort of concealing my actions. Becca. No doubt it was short for Rebecca and it fit her well. She looked like the living embodiment of the fabled farmer’s daughter. Her reddish blonde hair dangled in loose curls. Her face was narrow and smooth like that of a porcelain doll. Her green eyes pierced anyone in her gaze. She was just as tall as Ashley, sexy as hell, and had about the same look on her face that Ashley and I had when we walked in. She was out to raise some hell and was looking for some partners in crime.

“I was just commenting to your friend… well, she doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing out there does she?” Becca was cute in her accusation without being insulting. She spoke to Ashley as though they were best friends and Ashley seemed immediately comfortable with her. Ashley was laughing as Becca leaned against her and looked me over. “Do you mind if I take your cowboy for a spin?” Becca asked with an air of confidence that rivaled Ashley’s. “Please do,” Ashley offered me up with both hands out.

Becca grabbed me by the hand and got me to the dance floor. We seamlessly moved around the wooden floor and I felt her grip tighten on me as mine did her. My arm was wrapped around her slim waist, her hand rested into mine, and our chests pressed tight. I felt the softness of her large breasts pressing against my racing heart beat and I began to get turned on by the ways she moved her hips and legs. She put an extremely sexy spin on country style dancing kaçak bahis and I was drawn in.

The song ended and we went back to Ashley. Ashley’s smile spread even further than before and I got a glimpse of what trouble she wanted to get into.

“How are we on drinks?” I asked both of the ladies. They were, once again, hip-to-hip. Ashley was perched on a high bar stool. Becca’s hip butted against Ashley’s. Looking at them together, I nearly went into complete fantasy land before I realized that Becca’s hand landed on Ashley’s thigh. She was rubbing Ashley’s leg as if it was completely normal to do so. “Water,” they answered in unison.

I went to the bar and got us some bottles of water. Damn it was hot. When I returned, Ashley was standing up, face-to-face with Becca, and their fingers were interlocked. I stopped in my tracks for a moment waiting for them to kiss and I could feel my pants getting tighter. Then, they caught me staring at them. I approached, handed them their waters, and opened mine.

Ashley suddenly leaned into me as I was taking a drink. “I know we just got here, but Becca wants to come home with us.” She said it so matter-of-factly that I didn’t question how it was set up, what they had discussed in my absence, or when they wanted to go. I grabbed their half-full bottles of water out of their hands and threw the containers into a nearby trashcan. I grabbed both of them, one holding onto each of my hands and led them to the exit. They giggled at my less than subtle agreement to Becca coming home with us.

We got out to my truck and I opened both passenger doors at the same time. I let the ladies get in and closed the doors behind them. Ashley sat in front next to me. Becca sat directly behind her. I knew that I had to keep my excitement under control because the last thing I wanted was to get pulled over for speeding.

“So, Becca, where are you from,” I asked.

“Los Angeles,” she answered. Her voice was sweet by raspy from yelling in the bar.

“Bullshit. Where are you really from?” I coaxed.

She chuckled and admitted to being from Arizona. I knew that she was too sweet, forward, and country to be from Los Angeles originally.

Becca was not apparently impressed with my small talk. She was a lot like Ashley. She saw what she wanted and she went for it. Becca leaned forward and reached over the edges of Ashley’s seat. She ran her hands into the top of Ashley’s shirt and began to caress Ashley’s nipples through her sheer bra. “I’m really glad you guys had me along,” Becca said. The tone in her voice went from sweet to seductive instantly.

I glanced over to see Ashley shift in her seat. Becca continued to rub Ashley’s breasts as Ashley undid the button on her pants. Then she lowered her zipper and slipped her hand into her panties. I had to remind myself that I was driving and couldn’t enjoy Ashley rubbing her clit while Becca played with her tits. Then Becca whispered to Ashley, “Unzip his pants.” I pretended like I didn’t hear it, but adjusted in my seat so Ashley wouldn’t have any problem getting my pants open. Then Becca undid her seatbelt and moved forward. She ran her hand from my shoulder, over my chest, and down my stomach until she was at the waist band of my boxers. Then she slid her hand into my underwear and wrapped her daintily soft grip around my rock hard cock. She rubbed it for a second before it found its way out of the opening at the front of my boxers.

Becca seemed to take charge for a moment as her other hand found the back of Ashley’s hair. She grabbed a handful of Ashley’s hair, but softly nudged Ashley to suck my cock while I drove us to my house.

My house didn’t show up nearly quick enough. I was about to cum into Ashley’s throat as I stopped the truck and announced, “We’re here.” I was relieved. I sure as hell wasn’t ready to cum. I wanted to see what was going to happen next.

There was no gentleman’s gesture as we arrived. The girls climbed out of the truck quickly and made their way down the stairs to my front door. It was late and dark enough that I didn’t bother buttoning my jeans. I just tucked my hard on back into my boxers and pursued the ladies into the house.

I’ve had my share of threesomes. They usually start off with an awkward social pause, relieved with some drinks, and someone finally makes the first move to get things going. However, there was no awkward social pause. I closed the front door behind me, turned around, and saw Ashley pressing Becca hard against the wall in my entryway. I watched as Ashley pinned Becca’s hands above her head and their tongues danced back and forth gracefully. Then I moved in closer. I wanted in on the fun.

Ashley, without taking her mouth from Becca’s, reached over and unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my pounding chest. Each of the girls reached over and rubbed my chest until they found my nipples. They rubbed in tiny circles and pinched and played as I got more and more excited.

I illegal bahis finally interrupted their kiss. I moved in and locked my lips to Ashley’s. Her lips were so soft that they conflicted with how hard we kissed. She grabbed the back of my neck as I did hers. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes to find and kiss Becca that I saw she already had her mouth occupied with Ashley’s nipples. I felt my cock swell once again.

“Enough of this. Let’s go to the bed. I’ll give you the dime tour in the morning,” I said jokingly and slapped both girls on the ass simultaneously as Ashley led Becca to the bedroom.

I watched the girls tangle into a position of power. Ashley let herself lose as Becca pushed her onto the bed. I stood by for a moment as I watched Becca crawl on top of Ashley and start to work her way down. She kissed Ashley’s neck and nibbled her earlobe in a way that I thought only I knew how to do. Ashley squirmed and I grinned. Then Becca kissed her way down to Ashley’s open shirt and exposed breasts. It was wonderful to watch Becca’s full lips surround the dark skin of Ashley’s nipples before kissing and licking down Ashley’s stomach. Then Becca unzipped Ashley’s jeans, tore off her boots, and slid the denim down Ashley’s long legs. I was delighted to see that Ashley didn’t bother wearing panties.

Her pussy was swollen pink and begging to be licked. Becca was all too happy to dive into Ashley’s wet, hot center. I watched for a moment as Becca’s tongue ran long strokes over Ashley’s clit and pussy lips. Suddenly, Becca pressed her open mouth to Ashley’s pussy and pushed as much of her tongue as possible into Ashley’s sweet hole. I knew the taste, the heat, and edge of Ashley’s cum and I was a little jealous for a second. However, that thought evaded me immediately as I stripped out of my clothes and moved to the edge of the bed.

I crawled onto the bed until the head of my cock found Ashley’s lips once again. The room was automatically filled with the sounds of sucking and slurping, fingers going into wet pussy, and my uncontrollable moaning.

Becca looked up from between Ashley’s legs and said, “That is a beautiful cock.” She licked Ashley’s juices off of her lips as she said it and I knew that she wanted it in her mouth. I smiled down at Ashley and pulled my cock out of her mouth. Then I moved along Ashley’s naked body and straddled her hips as if to be in a reverse cowgirl position. I offered my cock to Becca’s lips and she took it. Inch-by-swollen-inch, she swallowed the entire length of my cock. I couldn’t resist grabbing to top of her hair and fucking her face for a moment.

I must have been getting carried away because Ashley slapped my ass and said, “I need you to fuck me… like now.” She was apparently so turned on that she needed to cum, and quick. So, I pulled my cock out of Becca’s mouth and gave her a slight shove on her shoulder to guide her down onto her back. Then I moved off of Ashley.

My hard on jaunted out like an extra appendage with every vein bulging and every bit of muscle throbbing. I moved out of the way as Becca peeled her shirt off. Then she laid back and waited. Her heels dug into the covers as if she knew I wanted her to keep them on.

Ashley, ever seeking what she wants, got on all fours between Becca’s legs. I didn’t bother waiting to see Becca’s pussy get consumed by Ashley’s waiting mouth. I simply moved behind Ashley and buried my cock into her pussy.

I shoved in to the hilt on the first thrust knowing that Ashley loved to be taken. I had my hands gripping tightly into Ashley’s ass, thrusting and pumping into her. I could feel her every twitch. Her pussy tightened and released around my cock. Her juices flowed over my most sensitive skin feeling as it always does, absolutely perfect.

I wasn’t paying much attention because I was so distracted, but I never saw Becca remove her panties or skirt. I looked down to the floor by the bed and saw a single strap of cloth and realized that her skirt unzipped all the way for ease of access. That, in itself was hot. It let me know that Becca went out simply to fuck. Ashley and I were pleased to make her night.

Then I saw Becca’s tiny thong had been ripped off and strewn aside. Apparently Ashley was out of simply ravish Becca’s pussy with her tongue.

Ashley moaned with a mouthful and my attention finally turned to the back of Ashley’s head. She was not making swirling motions or pressing forward with her tongue. Rather, her head was gliding up and down in long motions and I could hear the distinct sounds of sucking.

“Uh…” I stammered aloud.

Then Ashley pulled her face away from Becca and shifted to the side only enough for her to look back over her shoulder at me. I could see the smile on Ashley’s face and I knew that she was loving every second of this. Then I saw that Ashley’s hand was wrapped around a cock as big as mine. My astonishment passed long enough for me to catch eyes with Ashley and Becca, and I had no clue what to say.

“Oh my,” I blurted out and thrust into Ashley again. They realized I had no objections. How could I? I was rock hard and disappearing into Ashley’s cunt.

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