Beautiful Texas

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“I think I hate Texas,” I muttered in annoyance as I ducked my head down low enough to see the signs out of the windshield of my car. I was lost in the middle of the Lone Star State, rolling my eyes as I thought of the history behind that nickname.

I could be at home right now, or if I have to be this far away from home, why couldn’t it at least be California, or Florida? Why am I here?

I asked myself these questions for the millionth time since landing in Austin yesterday.

Oh right, because two prestigious universities here have offered me extremely good opportunities to finish my undergraduate degree and be on a fast track for my doctorate.

I didn’t exactly expect my applications for transfer into these two universities to come back with anything but rejection, but since both of them had accepted the initial application and invited me to come see their campus before pursuing the application further, I decided to make the trip down and kill two birds with one plane, or something like that.

So there I found myself, a Canadian city boy from Montreal, driving through Texas from Austin, toward the home of Texas A&M, College Station.

It was already dark out, having landed in Austin around lunchtime and spending the better part of the afternoon being interviewed and inspecting the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, the other school to which I had applied. All I wanted by then was to get to where I was going, settle in, maybe grab a drink to unwind, and then hit the sack.

About a half hour more of driving along Texas roads I saw something indicating where I wanted to be. “Finally,” I breathed, as I took the next turn off and headed into the small city of College Station.

As I was driving through the town looking for a motel I could stay at, I drove past the campus of Texas A&M University. Certainly was hard to miss, seeing as how it seems to take up a decent chunk of the city. Then again, it was named College Station for a reason, I guessed.

I found some cheap inn and got myself situated. I dropped my stuff on the bed and went to take a quick shower, changed and headed back out. I had seen a pool hall across the street when I was pulling into the inn, so headed in that direction to get my much needed drink.

If I move here, I hope I don’t become an alcoholic, I thought to myself as I walked toward my destination.

I walked into the place and was greeted by loud, but not deafening music and conversation and a generally warm college-style atmosphere. That was pretty much the sort of place I frequented back home with my friends when we went out after classes or work, and I liked the place already. I got to the bar and ordered my drink, then turned to survey the place.

As I looked around the room, I noticed one girl in particular who was playing pool. She was, in a word, stunning. Everything from her shoulder length curly auburn hair to her deliciously curvy hips spelled gorgeousness, and I couldn’t help but stare at her as she leaned over to sink the eight ball, inadvertently giving me a glimpse of her voluptuous breasts. After sinking the ball and winning the game, she glanced up and caught me with my eyes on her.

I felt the scarlet rising on my neck and felt like a deer in the headlights. She smiled at me—was that amusement I saw in her smile? After a brief moment of eye contact, I tore my gaze away, as if hoping this would hide the fact that I had been staring.

I turned back toward the bar and my drink and took a generous sip of it. I don’t usually stare at girls, and I most certainly don’t get caught doing it. I felt a brush against my arm as I set my drink back down and I turned to look what caused the contact—it was the same girl I had just leered at.

She was leaning over the bar with her hands pressed against the edge so the bartended could hear her over the din of the music and half-shouted, “Two of whatever he’s having,” pointing in my direction.

She slid one of them toward me and lifted hers, raising her voice so I could hear, “To stolen glances!” I half grinned, half grimaced, still slightly embarrassed at having been caught staring at her cleavage, though she seemed to be taking it well. I figured it wasn’t a new thing, considering how generous her chest was. I looked into her eyes as I took a sip of my drink, and took a moment to appreciate how bright the green of her eyes was, even in the low light of the room.

After drinking hers, she leaned in closer to me so she didn’t have to shout as loud, “Most guys don’t look away, you know. They just keep staring. It’s refreshing to know someone around here has some semblance of decency.”

“Maybe that’s because I’m not from here. I’m from Canada, and I’m only here for the night,” I replied, smiling a bit, still vaguely surprised that she was sharing a drink with me. That sort of thing never happened to me—usually I asked to buy the girl a drink, and more often than not, she turned me down. Maybe it was the location.

“Well then, that probably casino oyna explains everything. I always heard that Canadians were excessively polite, but I hadn’t heard they were so cute,” she grinned her gorgeous smile at me when she noticed how red I was getting. I couldn’t believe how strong she was coming on, and I had a hard time figuring out what I should do.

So I played it honest.

“I have to say, you’re surprising the hell out of me and I have no idea what to do here,” I admitted, still feeling hot under the collar of my shirt; it was very hard to keep my eyes from wandering back down to her chest while she was standing this close. They were either the most spectacular pair of breasts I’d ever seen, or that was one hell of a bra doing the work. “And I don’t even know your name.”

The green-eyed girl leaned in close to me, her lips almost brushing against my ear as she whispered just loud enough for me to hear, “Darcy.” She drew the name out long and slow, letting me feel her warm breath tickle my sensitive ear, and I heard the gentle Texas drawl in her voice for the first time. She leaned back away from me a bit with a smirk, “And you can buy me another drink, for starters,” she laughed as she finished off the one she had, and I did the same.

I grinned back at her and stuck my hand out, “My name’s Chris,” she shook my hand with her much smaller one, and I couldn’t help but notice how amazingly soft her hand was. I half-wondered to myself how it would feel elsewhere. After ordering another round of drinks for us, we got to talking.

Darcy told me she was a local student, going to A&M in a nursing program, and I found out she was almost exactly my age. She was from Austin, too, and wasn’t exactly the type of person someone from where I was from thought of when you said Texan. I told her what I was doing in Texas, and she said she’d be happy to show me the ins and outs of campus life if I did end up going to A&M.

The conversation with her was easy flowing, and I was having a great time with her. After a few drinks, I had even stopped being so shy. Not that I’m an uggo or anything, but what can I say, hot girls don’t usually talk to me like this.

“Come on,” Darcy said over the music, and took my hand, tugging me away from the bar, “let’s play a game.”

She led me over to the pool table, giving me the first chance to look at her ass, and it definitely measured up to her other features. Perfectly curvy, matching the rest of her, it wasn’t too big but it was shaped like an upside down heart, hugged nicely by her snug-fitting jeans.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said as she began to rack up the balls, “let’s make the game interesting.” I grabbed a cue and moved close to hear her suggestion, “Whoever wins gets to ask the loser a personal question. It can be anything,” she flashed a somewhat mischievous grin and looked at me through the curls of her hair, revealing those bright green eyes before taking up her position at the opposite end of the table and making the break; she sunk two solids right away. I realized right then that I was so screwed.

It was obvious from the get go that Darcy was a much better player than I was. I managed to get in a few lucky shots, sinking most of my balls, but she had a much better, more fluid style of play. She didn’t have to try as hard to make her shots, it came much more naturally. Before long, she only had the eight ball left to sink and I was still down two balls. Despite losing, I definitely didn’t mind playing with her. The light banter between us was fun, and every time she leaned over to make a shot I stole another glance at her chest. I couldn’t help it; they were practically spilling out of her top. She probably caught me looking, but didn’t seem to care.

I was about to make my next shot, which was a tough one I would have to hit off a bank, when she came up behind me, and pressed herself into me, taking my arms and pushing them into a new position. “You’re too stiff. You have to relax more. Here,” she put her hand on the cue behind my hand and leaned against me more. I could feel her breasts pushing against my back and her breath tickling my neck as she looked over my shoulder. This definitely wasn’t helping me relax, and Darcy’s proximity to me was starting to make me feel warm under the collar again.

I took the shot, and to my surprise managed to sink the ball, despite the difficulty. I guess she did know what she was talking about after all. Of course, it was all for naught since I missed the next shot, and she immediately sunk the eight ball. Darcy stood there with a victorious smile on her face.

“I guess that means I owe you an answer, eh?” I smiled back at Darcy as we walked back to the bar.

“Oh my god, Canadians really do say ‘eh’!” Darcy giggled at me. “That’s adorable.”

I just smiled sheepishly as we got back to our seats. I ordered another round for us and turned to her. “All right, lay it on me. What do you want to know?”

“Hmm,” she looked up at the ceiling for a moment canlı casino then grinned mischievously, “Tell me, Chris, what is the absolute kinkiest thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom? And I want the dirty details.”

I blushed bright red at the question, and I think Darcy noticed because she giggled. “Um…” I began to reply, trying to figure out how to word this without seeming lame. “I haven’t really done anything kinky, just normal stuff, I guess. Sorry to disappoint, do you want to ask something else?”

“Huh, well how about his one. Have you ever kissed a strange girl before?” She stared at me intently as she waited for my answer. I was trying desperately to look away, knowing I was very red in the face by this point.

“I can’t say that I have…” I trailed off. I was looking anywhere but at Darcy when I said it, and didn’t notice when she stepped closer to me.

She suddenly took my hand in her own and put it around her waist, pulling herself even closer, leaning up and sliding her other hand behind my neck and tilted my face toward her own, pulling me down to her level. Her movements had forced me to look at her, and my eyes couldn’t help but lock directly onto her approaching lips. They were full and pouty and very pink, exactly the kind of lips any guy would kill to feel against his own.

With her eyes closed and her head tilted to one side, Darcy pulled me into her gently by my neck, letting those perfect lips find mine and I let out a startled gasp before closing my own eyes. Our lips parted naturally and fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and I could feel her warm, wet tongue press lightly against my mouth, trailing along my bottom lip slowly. I let both my hands fall to her hips and leaned into her more, just as she pulled away with a smile on her face and those deep emerald eyes of hers looking into my own.

“Wow,” I said dumbly, after taking a deep breath, looking back at her. The look on my face must have been priceless because she giggled, letting her hand on the back of my neck slip down to touch my lower back.

“Well, now you have” Darcy said, grinning up at me.

“That was…very nice,” I answered and gently pulled away from her, reaching out for my drink and finishing it, hoping the alcohol in it would settle my nerves a bit. This girl kept throwing me for a loop and I had no idea how to react to her.

She leaned over to me and presses her lips to my ear, whispering into it, “Let’s leave,” finishing the word with a soft nip to my earlobe, giving it a playful tug.


As soon as I closed the door behind me, Darcy took my hands in hers and pulled me over to the bed, laying down on it and tugging me on top of her so I was straddling her hips. One of her hands slid around my neck as she leaned up to kiss me again, this time more aggressively than at the bar, her tongue pushing into my mouth, forcing a soft moan out of me. I felt her warm tongue slide along my own, twisting against it sensually. She pulled away from me and leaned back on her elbows, tilting her head to the side to look at me through her long curls.

“Fuck,” I breathed softly, overcome by the intensity of the situation in which I found myself, “you’re gorgeous.”

She simply smiled at my compliment and then I finally took the initiative to lean my face down and kiss at the exposed part of her tilted neck. I breathed lightly against it before pressing my lips to her collarbone and slowly moving up the curve there. She gasped softly in response and let her fingers behind my neck slip into my hair a bit, playing with it there as I continued to tease her warm skin, moving upwards until I found the lobe of her ear and gently sucked it into my mouth.

This wasn’t my kind of thing. I had no idea what I was doing, I was just following instinct, but the small groan that escaped from Darcy’s lips as the earlobe slipped into mine was enough to tell me I was doing all right. I leaned up a bit and looked at her, noticing her eyes had fallen shut, and decided to lean in for a kiss. One of my hands rested beside her head, while the other reached up to cup her cheek as I moved in, my thumb stroking her barely flushed skin as my lips parted just a bit, smiling as they touched hers gently.

Darcy’s eyes opened just a bit, and I smiled again at the sight of her peeking at me through her long, dark lashes. She let out a low “mmm” noise before pulling my lips back down onto her gorgeous, full ones for another soft kiss. I parted opened my mouth slowly and let my tongue snake out to touch her. She let her lips part in response, and I slipped my tongue deeper into her mouth, moaning into it as I felt hers slide along mine slowly as her hands slipped down my back, stroking softly as she reached the spot just above where my pants were.

“God, you’re good,” I moaned out softly as our lips broke away.

“You’re not bad yourself,” Darcy said, smirking at me.

“I’m glad I get your seal of approval,” I laughed softly.

I let my mouth fall back kaçak casino down to the curve of her neck to kiss at it, leaving a soft trail of wet kisses along it, earning a muffled groan of pleasure in response, and feeling her fingers curl lightly against my lower back. As I trailed lower down the flushed skin, I could feel her hips arching up to meet and press against mine softly, squirming into me. I let out a soft groan, knowing she could feel how excited I was getting, and then gently bit down into her skin, eliciting a growl of her.

Darcy must have liked that, because as soon as my teeth sunk into her neck, she grabbed my hips and pulled them more firmly into hers, deliberately grinding her mound against my bulging crotch, making me moan through the bite in the process. Her hands suddenly changed tacts and gripped at the hem of my shirt, tugging it upwards to reveal my lower back. I gasped as she raked her fingernails against my newly exposed flesh, and broke my lips away from her skin abruptly, leaning up completely and looking at her.

With a deep, steeling breath, I reached down and grabbed my shirt, pulling it up over my head and tossed it over the edge of the bed while pushing my hips down into hers, looking down at her slightly apprehensively.

“This should even us out a bit,” Darcy said with a grin, and she leaned up, grabbing the hem of her own shirt, pulling it slowly across her belly, revealing the tantalizingly smooth flesh beneath inch by inch, teasing me as much as possible.

I let my hands fall to her sides, slowly dragging along the curves of her bare, exposed sides. She stopped pulling the shirt up as it bunched beneath her breasts, and bit her lip, grinning at me as I slowly explored the new parts of her body. I shimmied slowly down her body and leaned over to press my lips to her belly before stopping and looking up into her eyes.

“May I?” I asked politely, my long fingered hands gripping her small ribcage lightly.

Without a word, she bit her lip again and nodded, staring down at me. I lowered my head over Darcy’s abdomen and let the whiskers of my goatee brush softly against it, before planting my lips just above her navel. I opened my mouth slowly and pressed my tongue lightly to her skin, looking up at her to gauge her reaction.

Darcy’s back arched, and her hands tightened around the hem of her shirt in response to my tongue on her belly, and quickly pulled it up the rest of the way off her body and tossed it down onto the floor along with mine, revealing her perfectly rounded globes of flesh, encased within a demi-cup black lace bra.

My eyes widen a bit at the sight of her breasts from this angle, curving up from her abdomen like two rolling hills in the country side. As I stared at them, my teeth lightly bit down onto the flesh of her lower belly, just above the waistband of her pants, and I felt Darcy wriggle beneath me. With a soft grin and a kiss at her skin, I looked up into her eyes and asked, “Could you lean up a bit for me?”

“Why?” she asked with a playful smirk, but complied with my request regardless, and I knew that she knew exactly what I wanted. I didn’t disappoint her expectation and slid my hands around from her sides to her lower back, feeling the gorgeous curve there that lead down to her ass, then slowly trailed my fingertips up along her spine, feeling the gentle bumps of Darcy’s vertebrae along the centre of her back until I reached my destination with my right hand.

My fingers fiddled with the clasp holding together the strained bra strap for a moment before managing to unhook it, releasing the tension in the material so that the bra rested loosely on Darcy’s chest. With a satisfied grin, my hands returned to her sides and pushed her back down into the bed to lay flat. I returned my lips to her skin and began to kiss upward from her navel toward the valley of her breasts, my eyes still locked on her face.

With a bite into her bottom lip, Darcy leaned back into the bed and shrugged off her bra, tossing it over the side of the bed to reveal her large, firm breasts, capped with pert, aroused nipples. My face traveled up between the newly revealed mountains, gently letting my facial stubble glide against the inner sides of them.

With a bit of abruptness, I moved my lips to her right nipple and wraped them around it, eliciting a quick, soft gasp from her full lips, and causing her back to arch in pleasure, pressing more of herself into my face involuntarily. One of her hands reached down to slide around my neck, playing at the back of it in my hair, tugging me into her, encouraging my lips to give her more. I parted my mouth a bit, only to close it again, this time sinking my teeth lightly into her nipple and tugging at it softly as my hand slid up to cup her opposite breast firmly, squeezing it.

“Mmm, Chris…” Darcy moaned out, smiling down at me as I teased her further. With her hand on the back of my neck, she pulled my head up to be level with hers and kissed me firmly, biting at my lips lustfully, then pushed her tongue into my mouth with another moan. With my eyes closed, leaning into her mouth as we slowly made out, I felt Darcy’s hand grab mine, the one of still softly cupping and massaging her breast.

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