Beauty and the Geek Ch. 08

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PART 1 – Prom


Jack Andrews heard the doorbell to his spacious two-floor condo go off. “Miley!” he called, “Charlie’s here…”

“Daddy! Can’t you get it?” came Miley’s voice from upstairs. “I have to make an entrance!”

Jack chuckled and moved to the door.

Charlie was waiting on the other side, dressed impeccably in a black tuxedo. It hung perfectly from his tall slender frame and featured a red bow tie and cummerbund; the jacket accented his wide shoulders. His shock of brown hair stood up in a stylish mess, held in place by glistening mousse. Charlie had a bouquet of roses in one hand, and a plastic box with a corsage in the other.

“Well, well, well, look at you Charlie.” Jack greeted. “Looking sharp buddy.”

Charlie smiled. “Thanks Mr. Andrews.”

“Come on in.” Jack welcomed, “Miley’s still getting ready. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Oh, no thank you sir.” Charlie stepped in. “There’s champagne down in the limo. Um, non-alcoholic, of course.”

Jack chuckled, “I haven’t seen you since we went out to dinner the other week, have you been working on that comic book of yours?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded, “My friend Brian and I have been working on it every day.”

“That’s great.” Charlie said. “I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with…”

“No comic book talk tonight, dad. Charlie promised…” Both men turned towards Miley’s voice as she slowly stepped down the spiral staircase.

It was a slinky affair, Miley’s dress. Red and silky, with a draping skirt that fell to a puddle at her feet; the slit on one side displayed a tan expanse of bare leg every time Miley took a step. The dress was cut low on both sides, displaying the entirety of her back, while the bust pushed her breasts up and displayed the top half of her cleavage. High silver heels and a sparking silver necklace shined like the hint of glitter that framed her fully made-up face.

Between the dress, and the way Miley had her dark curly tendrils gathered up atop her head, Charlie thought she looked like a movie star ready to walk the red carpet. “Wow… Miley you look amazing.”

Miley smiled as she reached the bottom of the stairs. “Thank you sweetie. You look great too, you’re so handsome…!”

“You look gorgeous honey.” Jack leaned in and kissed his daughters forehead, a proud expression on his face.

“Thanks daddy.” Miley beamed at her father.

“These are for you.” Charlie said, stepping forward with the roses.

Miley gathered them into her arms. “Oh Charlie, they’re /beautiful/… thank you!”

“And I got you a corsage.” Charlie added, “It goes on your wrist… I knew there wouldn’t be much room on your dress.”

“Will you hold these daddy?” Miley asked, passing her roses over. She held out her hand as Charlie removed the corsage, a white flower, and slipped the band around Miley’s wrist. She lifted a kiss to his cheek and whispered, “I love you.”

“Let me put these in the kitchen…” Jack said, “And then I’ll get my camera. I want to get a picture of you two before you go.”


“Oh my god this is so cool!” Miley exclaimed, trotting towards the large stretch limousine Charlie rented for the night. A well-dressed driver waited to open the door for her.

“I know, isn’t it great?” Charlie climbed in after Miley once he handed the driver Miley’s overnight bag.

“We’re going to have so much fun tonight.” Miley was beaming, checking out the interior of the limo, which included a bar, TV screen, and a moon roof. “I’m so happy, Charlie.”

The driver glanced back at the couple after walking around and entering the driver’s seat. “Where to kids?”

Charlie glanced at his watch, “Well, we don’t have to be to the Garden Room for another hour, could you just drive around downtown for a while before going there?”

“You got it.” the driver replied.

“And can you give us a little privacy?” Miley added with a smile, “I want to make out with my boyfriend…”

The driver chuckled as Charlie blushed, then raised the dividing window.

As soon as they were alone, Miley threw her arms around Charlie’s neck, “I missed you so much baby…”

Charlie laughed, “You just saw me this morning…”

“I know, and it was so awesome sleeping in your arms last night and waking up next to you.” Miley pressed a kiss to Charlie’s lips, “I can’t wait until we can do that every night.”

Charlie stared into Miley’s crystal blue eyes as he considered her words. He hadn’t thought a lot about his future with Miley, not specifics anyways, and here she was talking about the day they would be living together. It made him feel good that she was looking that far ahead and anticipating their future. Charlie liked the idea of a future with Miley.

“What?” Miley smiled at the way Charlie was looking at her.

“I love you.” Charlie stated simply.

“Yeah?” Miley beamed, “Well you’re going to love me even more after this limo ride…”

Charlie felt Miley’s hand between his legs, grabbing at his crotch. “Miley…!”

“What?” casino oyna she asked, innocent. “You don’t want a hand job from your beautiful girlfriend? Come on Charlie… you only go to prom once, don’t you want it to be memorable?”

“What about the driver?” Charlie worried.

“Like he’s never seen anyone having sex in the back of his limo before…” Miley fondled Charlie through his tuxedo pants, squeezing the length of his large penis.

“We’ll make a mess…” Charlie fretted.

“Don’t worry baby, just tell me before you cum and I’ll swallow it all down.” Miley continued to caress Charlie’s member, which was starting to thicken in his pants. “I promise I won’t miss a drop. Don’t you want to know that I’ll have a tummy full of your yummy goo while we’re dancing together tonight?”

“Jeezus, Miley…”

“You’re getting all hard… doesn’t your big cock wants to come out and see me?” Miley unfastened the button of Charlie’s pants.

Charlie didn’t resist.

“I just have to be careful of my nails…” Miley continued, working Charlie’s zipper down. “I got them done this morning. Aren’t they pretty?”

Charlie looked as Miley waggled her red-panted fingers, “They’re beautiful, just like every other inch of you.”

Miley beamed as she spread Charlie’s pants open, then reached into the seam of his boxers and took hold of his erection, drawing it out. “Mm, there’s my baby…” She leaned over and placed a soft kiss on the tip. “Charlie, I’ve been thinking. I want to make prom really special…”

“It’s already special.” Charlie said, running his fingertips against Miley’s bare back, above the hem of her dress line. “I’m with you.”

Miley smiled softly at him as she began to rub her painted fingernails against his penis, scratching and teasing his skin lightly until he was fully erect. “I mean really special. I’m not a virgin, you already own that part of me, but I’m not fully yours yet.”

Charlie gave her a confused look.

Miley gripped Charlie’s erection, squeezing it lovingly, then leaned in so her lips were at his ear. “I want to give you my ass.” she whispered.

Charlie’s eyes widened and his member jumped in Miley’s hand.

“I’ve taken your whole length into my womb…” Miley continued whispering, “And I’ve even gotten you all the way down my throat. But if I’m truly going to be your woman you need to claim my ass.”

“Miley… I… I…” Charlie stammered.

Miley kissed Charlie’s earlobe, “Will you fuck my butt tonight Charlie?”

“Y-yes.” Charlie breathed out.

“I can’t wait to feel you fill me up that way, Charlie… your big cock taking me in the last place I’m a virgin…”

Charlie issued a quiet groan at Miley’s dirty talk.

Miley licked her lips and began to stroke Charlie’s turgid length, “Then my body will belong to you fully. You’ll have claimed me; I’ll be your woman.” Her hand moved up and down his ten inches.

“It turns me on so much when you say things like that, Miley…”

“I know baby… you like to think of me as your possession, your plaything.” Miley started delicately jerking Charlie off between just two fingers, stimulating the ridge of his crown, so as not to damage her nails. “Do you like to think of my sexy body as your property, Charlie? Does that turn you on?”

Charlie nodded, “Yes…”

“Mmm… well after tonight it will be. I’ll belong to you, Charlie, after you claim my ass.”

“Oh shit…” Charlie moaned as Miley created an ‘O’ with two of her fingers and jacked just the head of his cock off, her circling fingers continually teasing his head.

“You’ll have claimed all of me.” Miley continued to whisper seductively. “You’ve already marked me with your seed, Charlie, in my tummy and in my womb… you’ve sprayed your scent all over my body… all that’s left is my ass. And tonight I am going to give it to you.”

“Oh fuck… Miley…” Charlie’s head laid back against the seat, his eyes lidding with pleasure.

“Tell me before you cum…” Miley reminded him, now jacking Charlie off with increased fervor. “I’d hate to get your mess all over this handsome tuxedo of yours. Do you want to shoot?”

“I’m close…” Charlie said with a raspy voice.

“I hope I can swallow it all, your cock always give me so much of its juice…”

Charlie’s entire body twitched, “Miley!”

Miley giggled at Charlie’s urgency, slowing her hand down. “Are you going to cum, baby?”

Charlie nodded quickly, feeling the impending orgasm boil over in his scrotum.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you…” Miley said, leaning over. “Just imagine your big cock is surrounded by my tight bottom, and how it will feel to blow your thick gooey load inside my ass.”

“Oh god!” Charlie exploded just as Miley got her lips around the head of his cock.

Miley jacked his length with a delicate grip, milking Charlie’s load into her mouth. Her throat worked swiftly as she swallowed it all down…


As an exquisite locale for banquet dining and festivities, the Garden Room was hard to beat. It catered to events like canlı casino proms and wedding receptions, featuring a large dining area and dance floor complete with a stage. The back wall was entirely made of glass, overlooking the garden that gave the place its namesake; gushing fountains, flowers, and trees made up the beautiful lawn, with cobbled pathways and romantic benches set amidst string lights and candle-lit lamps.

As soon as Charlie and Miley got their picture taken together at the entrance, they entered the banquet area.

“Stacy!” Miley squealed upon spotting her best friend, who was standing next to her date Adrian.

“Oh my god Miley you look gorgeous!” Stacy exclaimed as the two girls embraced.

“So do you!” Miley said, examining Stacy’s elegant blue dress. Her generous curves looked outstanding in the clingy garment.

Adrian Miller grinned at the girls, then nodded “Hey Charlie.” He held out his hand.

Charlie hesitantly shook Adrian’s hand, “Hey there.” Adrian was in the popular crowd, and Charlie felt a bit nervous despite himself, even though Adrian had never picked on him in the past.

“Charlie you look /amazing/.” Stacy said, lifting a kiss to his cheek. “Almost as yummy as Adrian.”

“Oh, heh…” Charlie’s cheeks colored a little. “Thanks. I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for you.”

Stacy claimed Adrian’s hand again. “I gave Charlie some dance lessons.” she informed her date proudly.

“Smart thinking, White.” Adrian winked. “I wish I would have thought of that; I asked my mom…”

Charlie grinned at that, Adrian’s charm putting him at ease.

“So where are we sitting?” Miley wondered, looking amidst the many round cloth-covered tables.

“Anywhere we like, I guess.” Adrian replied.

“Do you guys mind if Brian and Cassie sit with us?” Charlie asked, looking around the crowd of students for his friend.

“Of course not.” Stacy said, moving alongside Adrian towards a table.

The boys pulled chairs out politely for the girls as the foursome claimed a table.

“There’s bread out… thank god, I’m starving.” Stacy took a piece from a basket waiting on the table. “You want some Miley?”

“Oh, no thanks.” Miley replied. “I, um… had an appetizer in the limo.”

Charlie coughed and reached for his water. He saw Brian and Cassie over the rim of his glass as he took a drink, and lifted a wave so they would see him and come join the table.

“Look at Brian!” Stacy said, “He looks so cute in a tux.”

“Totally, and Cassie looks adorable in that pink dress.” Miley added.

“Adrian, you know Brian, right?” Charlie asked as Brian and his date reached the table. “And Cassie?”

“Sure.” Adrian replied, “You two look great.”

“Hi everyone.” the redheaded Cassie smiled to the table as she and Brian joined them.

Charlie watched as his friends greeted one another and began talking. He looked around at all the other students as well, noticing that for the first time in his high school career no one was calling him and Brian a ‘geek’ or a ‘dork’. It was like prom was a right of passage into adulthood, and everyone was above the pettiness of high school cliques. But of course, the night was still young…


“…had such a great time.” Cassie was saying to the table after the meal was served and everyone was eating. She was describing her and Brian’s first date. “Brian was such a gentleman. He bought me flowers and introduced himself to my father, and asked his permission to take me out. It was really sweet.”

“Brian! I didn’t know you were so old-fashioned.” Stacy teased the blushing Brian.

“Well they say the path to a woman’s heart is through her father.” Adrian claimed with a grin.

“Well, I figured if that failed there’s always money and jewelry.” Brian joked.

Charlie laughed with the others as he got up from the table. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to go to the restroom.”

“Don’t be long, okay baby?” Miley urged. “I think the principle is going to announce the prom king and queen soon…”

“I’ll be right back.” Charlie promised.

Charlie meandered through the dining area and out into a long hall, looking for the restrooms. He saw a sign at the far end and started that way, but a voice calling his name gave him pause.

“Charlie… hey Charlie wait up…”

“Darla?” Charlie turned.

Darla was wearing a white gown that barely contained her sizable cleavage and clung tightly to the rest of her body. “Hey Charlie.”

“What’s up?” Charlie wondered.

“Nothing.” Darla smiled brightly, “I just wanted to say hi, and tell you how handsome you look. Nice tux, fits you perfect.”

“Oh, um, thanks Darla. You look really nice too.”

“Thank you. You’re always such a sweetie. So listen…” Darla started, pushing a hand through her blonde hair. “I was wondering if you’d dance with me later?”

“Oh, um…” Charlie remembered Miley’s reaction just a couple of weeks prior when she saw he and Darla talking in the school hallway. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I’m here with kaçak casino Miley and…”

“Oh come on Charlie, please?” Darla took Charlie’s hand and stepped closer to him. “Just one dance?”

Charlie backed up as Darla kept moving closer until his back hit the hallway wall, “Well, maybe… I just don’t want to make Miley mad, and…”

“It would be really nice if we could dance…” Darla said, “I really like you Charlie, you’re so cute and you look so handsome tonight…”

Charlie was taken completely by surprise as Darla suddenly pressed herself against him, sandwiching Charlie against the wall. She grabbed his hands and pulled them around her hips to her ass, then lifted her lips to his.

“Charlie?!?” came a shocked voice from down the hall.

Charlie turned to see Miley, quickly disengaging himself from Darla. He literally had to push her away from himself. “Miley…!”

“How could you Charlie!?!” Miley yelled, her expression a mixture of anger and betrayal.

“Miley, no, it’s not what it looks like…”

“It looked like you had your hands all over that bitch’s ass!” Miley scolded.

Darla tried to contain her smile and did her best to look innocent.

“Miley, she kissed me, I didn’t…” Charlie tried to explain.

“Go to hell Charlie!” Miley practically spat, mascara running down her cheeks. She turned and stalked back to the dining area.

“Miley wait!” Charlie started, then turned back to Darla, “Why did you do that?”

Darla shrugged, looking pleased with herself. “That little cunt had it coming. She thinks she’s so much better than me.”

“Stay away from her, okay?” Charlie glared, “And stay away from me!”

Darla snorted, “Whatever. After you two break up, give me a call. You never know, we might have some fun together Charlie.”

Charlie just shook his head, then chased after Miley.


Stacy was at the punch bar with Brian, the two of them getting drinks, when she saw Miley approach with tears streaming down her face. “Miley…?”

“Stacy…” Miley sobbed, “It’s Charlie…”

“What is it?” Stacy urged, concerned, “Miley what happened?”

“I just caught him with Darla.” Miley sniffed, wiping a hand across her cheek. “They were making out and…”

“Dude, no way…” Brian said.

“Charlie and Darla?” Stacy asked, surprised. “Miley, that’s not even possible. Charlie adores you, he would never…”

“I saw them!” Miley exclaimed, “His hands were all over that slut’s ass…”

“It’s got to be a mistake.” Stacy said. “You know how Darla operates, Miley. Charlie would never cheat on you.”

“You think so?” Miley sniffled, suddenly doubting herself.

“Man, Charlie and Darla… who would have thought?” Brian contemplated.

“Brian!” Stacy scolded, then turned back to Miley. “Honey, Charlie was just with us five minutes ago, why would he suddenly get up and go start making out with Darla? It doesn’t make any sense. You know how your temper overrules your common sense. Remember when you thought Charlie was sleeping with me?”

“Maybe you’re right…” Miley started, then was interrupted by the principle as he stepped onto the dance floor stage with a microphone.


Charlie ran into the dining area, but his fellow classmates were standing and milling all over. He looked everywhere but couldn’t see much through the sea of people; Miley wasn’t visible anywhere amidst the crowd.

Then he heard the principle take the stage.

“Welcome everyone, to your senior prom.” The principle said. “Before we start the dance, it’s time to announce this year’s royalty and crown our prom king and queen!”

Charlie continued to scan the crowd, ignoring the principle, hoping to spot Miley or even Stacy. He didn’t know what he would say to make Miley understand, but he had to try. He wasn’t about to let Darla ruin Miley’s night.

Opening the envelope, the Principle announced “This year’s prom king is… Adrian Miller!”

Charlie saw Adrian as he started towards the stage amidst cheers and applause. Charlie spotted Cassie nearby Adrian, but none of his other friends and no hint of Miley.

“And your prom queen is… Millicent Andrews!”


Miley was stunned as the principle called her name, blinking in confusion and shock.

“Oh my god!” Stacy squealed excitedly, “Oh my god, you’re the prom queen!”

“No…” Miley whispered, panicking. “No… I can’t go up there. Stace, I’m a wreck!”

“Brian!” Stacy snapped, “Give me your hanky.”

“My what?” Brian asked, dumbfounded.

“Your hanky!” Stacy hissed. “It’s right there in your jacket pocket!”

“Huh?” Brian looked down at his chest and saw the hanky sticking out of his breast pocket, “Oh, right.”

Stacy took the hanky and dabbed at Miley’s cheeks, “Pull it together Miley, you’ve got to get up there. You’re the queen!”

“Stace, I can’t… I have to find Charlie…” Miley looked around franticly, hoping to spot Charlie. After getting over the shock of seeing him with Darla, she knew Stacy was right. Miley recalled how Charlie was against the wall, and how Darla was pushing herself on him…

Stacy wiped the mascara off Miley’s face. “Miley! Snap out of it girl. Now get up there, we’ll find Charlie, okay? Everything will work out.”

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