Bisexual Muslim Men In Ottawa

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The old adage goes that the lady of the house always discovers everything that goes on in said house, sooner or later. I guess I should have remembered that. My name is Ahmed Suleiman and I’m a man of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m twenty eight years old, and recently completed my MBA at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. The life of a Somali immigrant in Canada is seldom easy, but with education and hard work, one can work wonders.

Three years ago I got married, mostly out of parental pressure. In the Muslim community, we marry early, and few of us can escape these traditions. My parents, Kader and Simane Suleiman basically told me that if I didn’t marry soon, the rest of our family would shun my ass. The last thing I wanted was to further alienate myself from my family, or the rest of the Somali community. What do I mean by that? Well, ahem, this isn’t easy for me to say so I’m just going to say it.

What could possibly be so hard to say? I am bisexual. I’ve known it ever since I can remember. I feel attracted to both women and men sexually. My family knows this. When I was in high school, my mom caught me making out with Ali, a young Arab guy who lived next door. In the Muslim community, it’s not okay to be gay, lesbian or bisexual. If people find out about you, depending on what country you’re in, it could mean your death warrant. My mom never told my dad about me, I guess that’s why I am still alive. Yet she always looked at me funny from that day forward.

In high school I dated girls, and I did have sex with a few young women, mostly white, while doing my undergrad in psychology at Carleton University. Once I graduated, my folks began pressuring me to get married. I was dating a white chick named Amber Connelly at the time, and since she was both white and a Christian, my folks definitely didn’t approve. Amber and I split, and a few weeks later, my parents introduced me to Laila Abdullah, the woman I was destined to marry. People think that in Islam, women are virtual prisoners and men hold all the power. The truth is that both sexes are trapped by our cultural and religious traditions, and there’s not much either can do about it.

I must say, when I first laid eyes on the young woman my family had in mind for me, I was stunned. Laila Abdullah was born in the City of Montreal, Quebec, to a Somali father and a French Canadian mother. The gal was almost six feet tall, curvy and light-skinned, with long black hair, caramel-hued skin and lime-green eyes. Due to her biracial heritage, Laila looked more Arab or Persian than black, even though her father was African. I found her lovely, and a tad bit intimidating. Laila was working for the Canadian Revenue Agency, and she had a business degree from McGill University, the top school in Canada. What did she want with little old me?

I’m six-foot-three, a bit chubby, dark-skinned and curly-haired. People say I look like Sean Kingston, only taller and darker. I’ve never been very athletic, and I am proud to say that I am a lifelong nerd. I love my comic books and video games. Although I was raised Muslim, I’ve never been what you’d consider very religious. When I was younger, I used to pray to Allah to banish my same-sex urges. Canada is a fairly liberal country, where same-sex marriage is legal, but Muslims like myself really live in another world. The rules of our faith and countries of origin dominate our lives.

I publicly dated several white girls while attending Carleton University, but I also had some fun with the fellas on the side. One such fella is Matthew Mendel, a young man I met during my third year of undergrad. Matthew is tall and stocky, bronze-skinned and dark-haired. His father Joseph Mendel is a Jewish guy of German descent and his mother Anna Martinez is half black and half white, originally from the Dominican Republic. When I first met Matthew I thought he was Moroccan or Persian since that’s how he looks, but he’s just multiethnic. Like me, he had a secular outlook on the world, and he was also a closet bisexual.

Matthew and I have hooked up many times, and we’ve maintained a sex-fueled, intense friendship over the years. When I told Matt I was getting married he was surprised. Even though Matt had a girlfriend of his own ( he’d been dating a Chinese chick named Wendy Chong for ages ) he was quite possessive of me. I told him that I had no choice, and he left in a huff. Dude actually defriended me on Facebook, stopped following me on Twitter and changed his cell phone number. Ouch. Bisexual male jealousy, ladies and gentlemen. It’s not a pretty thing.

Laila and I got hitched, in a lovely ceremony at a mosque in Ottawa’s east end. The first year of our marriage was fun. Something wonderful happens to a man when he gets married. People look at you in a different way, women especially. Now I know why so many ( straight ) married men cheat on their wives with other women. Once a guy gets a wedding ring, canlı bahis he becomes irresistible to women. With Laila on my arm, I found myself a changed man.

We were a couple of educated, successful and happily married Somali-Canadians. Not something you see every day. Lots of Somali men don’t do so well in Canadian society for a variety of reasons. They fall into drugs, or petty crime, and as a result, lots of Somali sisters, who go to school and have decent jobs, gripe about the shortage of worthwhile Somali men. Laila’s girlfriends Aisha and Fatima would fawn over me and tell her what a catch I was. A tall, good-looking, educated and successful Somali brother. I would smile politely while Laila and her girlfriends looked at me adoringly, though inside I was crumbling.

There’s only so long even the most dedicated pretender can keep up a false front, and I was no exception. In the eyes of society I was a respectable man. I got myself a job working for The Pythian Group, one of Ottawa’s largest corporations. It’s a barely above entry-level position in their acquisition department, but it’s oh so much better than nothing. Besides, seventy three thousand dollars a year after taxes is nothing to sneeze at if you’re a recent university graduate drowning in debt and a minority to boot.

I was doing alright, I guess. Laila and I lived in a nice three-bedroom apartment in the By Ward Market area. We were doing good. Our sex life was fun, too. Sometimes I would wake up to find Laila sucking my dick, and I loved that. My wife was kinky and quite fun in the bedroom. I love bending her big round butt over the kitchen counter while fucking her from behind. Laila comes off as classically beautiful, soft and sweet but she’s really into the tough stuff. You should hear that woman scream as I slam my dick into her cunt while spanking her big butt and pulling that long, lustrous dark hair of hers.

Yeah, my wife Laila and I have a passionate sex life. I delight in her sensuous ways and can’t get enough of her sexy body. Sometimes I would come home and, without a word, simply pick up my prim and proper, hijab-wearing pious Muslim wife and put her on the kitchen table. Then I would yank her skirt, pulled down her panties and give her sweet pussy a good licking. Laila likes having her pussy licked. What I really enjoy is what Laila tastes like first thing in the morning. Without soap or water to dilute her womanly purity. I like the sweet and borderline pungent smell of unwashed pussy, it’s wonderful on the tongue. Nothing like it, trust me.

As much fun as Laila and I have in and out of the bedroom, I still wanted something she didn’t have. Yet I didn’t want to cheat on her. What’s a brother to do? I turned to porn, of course. I found some porn sites that featured what I needed, what I craved. Sites like Thug Hunter, Ghetto Gaggers and CumBang were seemingly made for me. And I couldn’t get enough of them. Watching big-booty Black girls getting fucked in every hole or watching gay Black guys riding white dicks, it’s all okay with me. I get hard over it all.

I found myself remembering Matt and the hot sex we once shared. The stocky Jew has one hell of a BWC ( big white cock ) and knew how to use it. Dude would put me on my back, suck my big black dick and then slam his big dick up my ass. How I missed the feel of Matt’s big white cock up my black ass. I definitely missed sex with men, even though I absolutely loved Laila and the fun we have in our bed. My wife’s pussy is awesome and I love eating it, fucking it and sucking it. Yet I still have my other desires. So complicated, the life of a bisexual man, eh?

It’s often been said that our world is small. Imagine my surprise when one day, I ran into Matt at the Saint Laurent Mall while grabbing some Chinese food inside the food court with Laila. Talk about awkward. I introduced my wife to my old friend, actually my former boyfriend, and I did so with a straight face. I thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn’t. Matt and Laila became friends, and he shared with her that he recently came out as a bisexual man to his friends and family. Oh, and he’s got a son named Jaden with his ex-girlfriend Wendy Chong. How cool is that?

Much to my dismay, Laila and Matt took a real liking to each other, and Laila accused me of being homophobic due to my initial malaise. If she only knew. Having Matt back in my life definitely complicated things for me. I thought of all the good times we shared and the passionate sex we once had. Would Laila be so eager to invite Matt to our home if she knew that he once butt-fucked me in the stuck elevator inside the National Gallery during a power outage? I doubt it. Still, it was good seeing Matt again, especially when he introduced Laila and I to his son, Jaden.

Seeing Matt with his son Jaden made me wish Laila and I had brats of our own. Fatherhood is a wonderful thing, Matt said to me one afternoon, as we sipped tea with Laila in the living bahis siteleri room. I nodded at that. Someday soon, I said, and winked at Laila, who returned my smile. I’m going to hold you to that, Laila said, and I laughed nervously. Matt had given us the rundown of what happened since we’d last seen each other. He’d gone to the University of Toronto to study Law, and along the way, things fizzled out between Wendy Chong and him, but they had little Jaden together. Wendy apparently couldn’t handle Matt being a switch-hitter but she had his offspring. Fascinating.

I shudder to think of what Laila would do if she knew that Matt and I used to fuck. She’d leave me for sure, and I’d be the laughingstock of the Somali Canadian community. What would happen to me if my fellow Somalis found out I swung both ways? I’d be lucky to last a week. Laila is a fairly open-minded woman but at the end of the day, she’s still a Muslim, more so than me, and while she might be cool with having a gay buddy like Matt, she wouldn’t want a bisexual man as her husband. I’ve befriended a few other bisexual guys over the years. The same woman who is pro-gay marriage and super liberal won’t want to be in a relationship with a switch-hitter. Even if he is faithful to her. That’s women for you. They say they want honesty and then run off when you’re honest with them.

As confusing as things were lately, life still had a few surprises in store for me. Bored and frustrated, I joined a forum dedicated to male bisexuality, and the women who were into it. Discussions ranged from talks of threesomes, forced bi, cuckolding, and all kinds of fetishes I didn’t even know existed. I would log onto the computer at home when Laila was away, and search the forum for that which I craved. I wasn’t willing to cheat on Laila with Matt, though Matt often hinted that he’d love to resume our fun and games.

Thus, porn and the sexually charged threads of the BI MEN UNIVERSE forum became my only sexual outlets. One afternoon, I came home after a tough day at work, and my world changed. Laila had found my hidden cache of gay, bisexual and she-male porn along with my internet history, plus my online forum threads. In other words? I was busted. Why didn’t you just tell me? Laila said angrily, glaring at me with her hands on her hips. Damn, an angry woman is a scary thing, I thought. I’ve never cheated on you, I said, and I meant it. I took a deep breath, and continued. I didn’t think you’d understand my desires, I said.

Laila stood there, staring at me silently. Inwardly I groaned. No use prolonging this misery for either of us. I’m a bisexual man and she’s a pious Muslim woman. We can’t be together, even though I’ve been faithful to her. She could never understand what makes me what I am or why I do what I do. No sense explaining either. She just won’t get it. I’m Somali, I know these things. I understand if you want me to leave, I said, and turned toward the door. Like hell, Laila snapped, and caught my arm in a vise-like grip. I looked at her, this beautiful, at times odd woman that I married. I knew who and what you were when I married you, she said.

When those words left Laila’s lips, I stood there, frozen. If lightning had struck me I wouldn’t have been more shocked, seriously. You know about me? I said, looking into Laila’s eyes. My wife smiled and shook her head. You’re not the most discrete man on earth that’s for sure, Laila said, then gently kissed me on the lips. And you still want me? I said, incredulity filling my normally deep voice. Another nod, followed by a grin. I wish you’d been honest with me from the get go, she quipped. I took Laila’s face in my hands and kissed her. Let’s go to bed, she said, taking my hand.

Laila and I went to the bedroom, where it soon became evident that another surprise awaited me. Hello Ahmed, a very naked Matt said to me. I looked from him to my wife, stunned once more. Matt told me all about the two of you and I thought we’d surprise you, Laila said, a wicked gleam in her eyes. Wow, I said, looking from Laila to Matt, then back to her. Don’t just stand there get naked, Matt said, laughing. I looked at Laila, and noticed that she was already undressing. Well then, I said, smiling as I followed suit. Let’s get this show on the road…

What followed was one of the best experiences of my life, let me tell you. I joined Matt and Laila on the king-sized bed, then we got our freak on. I lay there as my gorgeous wife and my ex-boyfriend used me for their pleasure. Laila grabbed my dick and began sucking on it with gusto while I kissed Matt and stroked his cock. I hadn’t tasted dick in a while and definitely wanted to make up for lost time. Matt was happy to oblige. I grabbed his cock and balls and sucked on them while Laila went down on me.

Later, I spread Laila’s sexy thighs and gave her pussy a good licking while Matt eased his condom-covered cock into my well-lubricated asshole. I hadn’t had dick in my ass in a long bahis şirketleri time and welcomed the feel of Matt’s cock inside of me. Lick me good, Laila said, grabbing my head and grinding my face against her wet pussy. As you can see, the wife and the boyfriend kept this brother a busy man. Matt gripped my hips and slammed his dick into my ass, and it hurt oh so good. I need you inside of me, Laila said breathlessly, and I groaned before nodding. It’s hard to focus when you’ve got a big dick in your ass but one shouldn’t neglect one’s husbandly duties. I rubbed my hard dick against Laila’s pussy lips, then thrust into her. And just like that, we began fucking. Our three-way was well under way.

I buried my face between Laila’s firm, lovely boobs while ramming my hard dick into her tight, wet cunt. Meanwhile Matt had his dick buried so far up my ass that I couldn’t have farted even if I wanted to. Gimme that sweet ass, Matt said, smacking my bum for good measure as he drilled his cock into me. Meanwhile, Laila was urging me to fuck her harder. Give it to me sweetie, Laila pleaded as I fucked her. We went at it for a little while longer but soon the overstimulation proved to be too much for me. Having a tight pussy around my dick and a hard dick up my tight ass overwhelmed me. I shuddered as I came, then collapsed in Laila’s arms. I felt Matt pull out of me, then he asked me if I was alright.

Super, I said, nodding weakly. Laila looked at me, then at Matt as he rolled the used condom off his cock. May I? she said, looking at me. I shrugged. Why not? Grinning, Laila took Matt’s dick into her mouth. I lay nearby and watched as my wife sucked my ex-boyfriend’s dick. The same dick that was up my ass mere moments ago. And I got turned on. How weird is that? I’m one of a kind, I guess. Laila sucked Matt’s dick, then rolled a new condom on him before hopping on for a ride. Yup, my prim and proper Muslim wife climbed on top of a Jewish guy and gave him the pussy.

Grinning, Matt smacked Laila’s ass and thrust his hard dick into her cunt. Sweet pussy your wife got here, Matt said as he began fucking her. Shut up and fuck me, Laila said, and Matt did as he was told. And just like that, the two of them went at it. I watched them, jerking off as they did their thing. At some point Matt put Laila on all fours and rammed his dick into her cunt. My wife made such a ruckus that I felt the urge to tell her to shut up. I did the next best thing. I silenced Laila in the best way possible. I got up and rubbed my hard dick against her pretty face. Laila shot me an odd look, then took my dick into her mouth. Great idea, Matt said, winking at me. I smiled. You know what they say about great minds, right?

Matt had been slamming his dick into Laila’s cunt for a good while when I felt like trying something new. I want your ass, I told my wife, as she paused for a breather. Even a woman as sexually energized as Laila needed a moment or two after getting pounded by two sexy men like Matt and myself. Laila looked at me, hesitated, then nodded. Be gentle, she said. I nodded, then took the bottle of lubricant that Matt was handing me. As Laila got on all fours and stuck her big butt in the air, I spread her big butt cheeks wide open and applied lube against her anus. I’m ready for you, Laila said.

Grinning, I pressed my dick against my wife’s asshole and pushed inside. Laila groaned as my dick went into her ass. Sitting nearby, Matt winced. Go easy on her bro she’s new to this, he cautioned. I shot him a look and he fell silent. I put my hands on Laila’s wide hips and pushed my dick deep into her asshole. We’d been married a while and I’d never had anal sex with her. Truth be told, I had never given much thought to anal sex with a female. Now that I was finally trying it, I totally loved it. The feel of Laila’s hot, tight ass flesh around my dick, I loved it. Her ass gripped my dick real tight, and I fucked her with gusto.

Laila screamed her head off as I fucked her in the ass. Oh shit, she yelled, as I sank deep inside of her. I paused, and asked Laila if she was alright. I’m good, she said, and I resumed fucking her. We went at it like this for half an hour, and I actually came while inside her. Now that I know what regular anal sex feels like ( on the giving end ) I think I can really get into this. There was a bit of a mess as I pulled out of Laila’s ass. I got rid of the soiled condom before she could see it. Women don’t like to see the proof of their imperfections, I learned that a long time ago. That was fun, Laila said, smiling and I gently patted her bum.

Best sex I’ve had in a long time, Matt said, and I happily concurred. The three of us hit the showers, then got dressed. We should do this again sometime, Matt said, as he hugged Laila and I before wishing us goodnight. We’ll see, I said, looking at Laila. Hand in hand, my wife and I got back into our home. Tonight was definitely one of the most memorable nights of our lives, for many reasons. Still, we had much to discuss. And I have much to be thankful for. Not a lot of bisexual men are fortunate enough to find a woman as unique and open-minded as Laila, that’s for sure. I thank the Most High for His blessings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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