Can I Tie You Up?

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My boyfriend Mason was staring at me, his mouth gaping, his eyes as wide as I think I’ve ever seen them. “You… you want to… what?” he finally managed to stammer.

I bit my lip, not sure if I could repeat it. It had taken a lot of courage to share my fantasy the first time. I looked down, and twirled my auburn red hair around a finger. “I want to tie you up,” I repeated, firmly, but still not being able to look him in the eyes.

I’m sure this came as a shock to Mason. I had never expressed much interest in expanding our sex world beyond the vanilla. I mean, we got a little raunchy; we tried all sorts of positions, Mason was a big fan of road head, and attempted some costumes and role play here and there. I’m sure my request wasn’t the only thing that left him agape and veritably speechless.

My auburn hair was loose and curled, and it fell to my pale, freckled shoulders, that were left bare as I was wearing an off the shoulder, red mesh chemise. It hid nothing; my light pink nipples atop my generously DD cup breasts were hard and seeking attention; my rounded stomach pooched out slightly, but Mason never seemed to mind the extra pounds. A matching red g-string was curved over both of my generous hips, and if you looked behind me, my thick ass was on obvious display. My full lips were covered in a matching red, and my eyes were lined heavy with kohl. In short, I hope I looked like the seductress I was aiming for.

Mason looked me up and down, and a mischievous glint appeared in his eyes; “Okay, Lily, you can tie me up.” He paused, making sure I was paying attention. “But I get to tie you up next.”

I held his gaze as I pondered the offer; I wasn’t against the idea, of course, it had been an intriguing fantasy since I started reading and watching porn. It was a matter of trust, to me; and if Mason could trust me to tie him up, I could trust him enough if we switched roles.

“Deal,” I said. “But I want my turn now.” I gestured to myself, “I didn’t get all dressed up for nothing.” I waited until he nodded to that, before adding “And, there’s one more thing.”

Mason’s eyebrows shot up. “Ballsy tonight, are we, baby? Fine, what’s the next request?”

I stepped closer to him, leaned into him, and said against his lips “I want to film it.”

I could feel him shudder. Videoing us fucking had been one of the first requests Mason had asked when we started having sex, and I had always intended to give in. Once we were there. I hid a smile in his neck as I licked it and then bit, right where his neck met his shoulder, a sensitive spot of his.

“What has gotten into you?” Mason questioned, grabbing my arms and pulling me closer, to rub his already hardening bulge against me. “This is so unlike you.” He rushed to assure me, “That’s not a complaint, though. I am loving this experimentation.”

“We’ve been dating for almost 6 months now,” I explained. “This is the longest I’ve ever dated someone. I’ve wanted to try all of these things, it’s just a matter of trust for me. It always has been. You know that.”

My first few experiences with my first few “boyfriends,” if you can call them that, weren’t the best. They were never intentionally cruel, but there came a point where it was obvious that their ends meant more than mine did. And I could never fully trust them.

But Mason was different. He already cared so much more than any past guys ever did. He made sure I always came, for one; which shouldn’t be as rare as it is, but there you have it. And if I made the move to stop, even if he was close to finishing, he always respected my wishes. He never pushed; he asked once, maybe twice, and respected any answer I gave, whether it was yes, no, maybe.

So yeah. I was willing to try all that I had wanted with him, and might be talked into trying a few of his fantasies, too. Most of his fantasies were mine, too, anyways.

I led him to my bedroom, where I had already set up the restraints, one on each bedpost. The camera was also already ready to go, sitting on a tripod to the side of the bed so it wouldn’t just see our asses. I had checked angles as best as I could; I pushed the record button, and slowly swayed back to stand in front of my sexy boyfriend.

I started kissing Mason, sucking his tongue into my mouth, pressing mine into his. I moved my hands to the bottom of his t-shirt and pushed it up his body, high enough to where he had to finish the job of removing it. He threw it somewhere in the room and grabbed my face in both hands, dragging my mouth back to his. Immediately our tongues started tangling, and my hands went back to working on his clothes; this time, to push his sweatpants and boxers down his legs, setting his erection free for me to play with.

I gripped it, tightly, my thumb moving over the head of his cock as he groaned into my mouth. He stepped out of the clothes at his ankles, and moved to try to take off my outfit, but I stopped him.

“No,” I said breathlessly. “I want to wear it; I feel sexy in it.”

“You’re almanbahis sexy in everything, baby,” Mason mouthed into my ear. “But this is your show. I’ll let you run it.”

He stepped away from me and laid down on the bed, arms and legs spread, waiting for me to lock him into place.

I moved to the top post to his left, and secured his wrist. He tugged, testing the strength of the bonds, and, satisfied they’d hold him, he let his arm drop while I moved around the bed, fastening his legs next and then his other arm.

Then I looked over him, at the picture he made. His chest was broad and hairy, with a goody trail leading down to his thick cock; he wasn’t very long, but as thick as a beer can, and I loved feeling him stretch out my tight cunt. His long, lean legs were also quite hairy, and spread obscenely. I could see the taint below his ball sac, and his puckered asshole between them. That was another fantasy I wanted to try, if Mason was willing. I’d love to know how he’d take a toy into his asshole. Along with how I’d take a toy into my asshole, since I hadn’t done that yet, either.

“Are you just going to stare at me?” he asked, obviously getting a little shy at my lengthy perusal.

I moved my eyes to gaze into his, and smirked. “Well, it’s my prerogative to do so, isn’t it? You’re here at my mercy, after all. Which you did agree to.”

“Just remember,” he taunted. “Turnabout is fair play.”

I took that as the warning he intended it, and climbed onto the bed to straddle his waist, rubbing my wet slit against his cock; it had waned a little, with the time it had taken to restrain him and examine him. But I could feel him stiffen against me once more, and I smiled, leaning down to kiss him again.

Kissing was such an underrated act of foreplay and sex; even as much as people talked about loving it, I still didn’t believe it got the praise it deserved. It was exhilarating; the passion between two people as their mouths mimicked the action that their bodies wanted to. The gasping breaths, the groping and grinding.

I was lucky that Mason appreciated the art of making out just as much as I did; he never tried to make me move on to other parts of sex, he could make out with me as long as I wanted.

He nipped at my lips, pulled my lower lip between his and sucked; I moaned, then whimpered a little as he soothed the bites with his tongue. I gripped his head between my hands and slanted my mouth over his to send my tongue in for a deep and wet assault. I ate at his mouth, unable to get enough, and he allowed it. Reciprocated it. Loved it. We were both moaning by the time I withdrew, for us both to gasp in some air.

“I love what your mouth does to me,” he sighed, his arms twitching as he tried to reach for my face, to, I assume, brush his thumb over my bottom lip; it was one of his favorite things to do, and it was quickly becoming one of mine, too.

I grinned at him, loving the reminder of that power that I had over him. I moved my head to lick his ear, kiss his straining shoulder, and then shifted to scoot myself down his body just a tad, so I could kiss and lick my way across the top of his chest.

“You’re probably going to really love what my mouth is about to do to you, baby,” I promised. I swirled my tongue around one of his nipples; as most males, he couldn’t really feel any sensation when I did that, but I still enjoyed showing his nipples some treatment. It just seemed like good karma for my own nipples to get the attention they always seemed to desire.

Speaking of… I drifted back up his body and pulled out one of my breasts from the chemise; holding it in my hand, I tapped it on Mason’s lips, and he eagerly opened them to engulf as much of my tit into his mouth as he could. I cried out as he sucked hard, tonguing the nipple, swirling his tongue around it the same way I had just done to his. “Fuck yes,” I hissed, gripping the back of his head with my other hand, keeping it pressed to my breast. When he started to gently gnaw at my nipple, I started rhythmically grinding my wet pussy against his stomach.

He moved his mouth off one to say “I can feel how wet your cunt is getting, and I fucking love it. Let me make it wetter. Give me your other tit, baby.” And though I should remind him who was in charge here, with him tied up and whatnot, it hardly mattered when I wanted the exact same thing he did, so I presented my other breast to him and he lavished it with equal attention.

The sensations of his lips and tongue around my nipples were thrilling; and if I didn’t have such specific plans for this night, I’d shift myself down to start riding his cock immediately. I was wet enough, and I knew he was hard enough. I could feel his rigid cock against my ass, right in the crack; he was so hard his cock was standing up straight, and rubbing against my crack with every arch I made, rutting against his stomach still.

Reminding myself of my plans, though, I pulled my breast out of Mason’s mouth, and almanbahis giriş he dropped it with a wet plop, pouting at me. “More,” he pleaded, but I was already moving my way down his body, leaving my breasts out of the top of the chemise, kissing and biting and licking as I went, loving the feeling of my nipples dragging against his hairy chest. When I got to where my tits were right at his cock level, I wrapped them around his cock for just a little bit of teasing, and shimmied them.

“Fuck,” he hissed as his head shot up.

I grinned at his reaction, but finished the move down his body until my face was level with his dick. Now the teasing could begin.

I didn’t even put my mouth on it at first; I simply ran a finger up and down the length of his hard cock. I stroked a finger around the tip of his erection, thinking once again how much I loved the shape of his cock. The top was a perfect mushroom top; Mason had always been a copious precum leaker, and today was no different; there were a few drops running slowly down the head and I used a thumb to rub it into his skin, before sneaking a tongue out to lick at the head like a lollipop.

Mason grunted at the sensation, his legs strained under me as he arched his back, trying to get his cock closer to my mouth again. “Lily, please,” he whined, looking down at me blowing gently on his cock. “Suck me, baby,” he added on. “Suck that dick for me.”

I licked my lips, emphasizing the movement for him; his eyes tracked the whole movement, his body still tense, his cock still straining to make it back into my mouth. “I don’t think I’m ready for that yet, baby,” I responded, trying to sound as apologetic as I could. Then I stuck my tongue out and ran it up from the base of his dick right up to the tip, then twirled it around the head before running it back down to the base. I closed my lips and rubbed them against the sides of his cock, using my hand to move it around for me so I could reach all the sides.

I moved my lips to the top of his cock and sucked the head into my mouth, and sucked, hard. Mason groaned and arched off the bed again, trying to drive his cock farther into my mouth, but I wasn’t ready to start working fully on his cock yet, so I moved my lips off his tip to lavish his balls with attention. I mouthed at his scrotum, pulling on them gently with my lips, before licking them and then sucking one after the other into my mouth.

I heard Mason’s restraints tighten, and moved my head to stare into his eyes, smirking up at him a little bit. “Did you need something, baby?” I questioned.

“Yes,” he hissed, “your mouth on my cock, sucking it deep. Now.”

I obeyed his pretty demand; without any warning, I swallowed his cock as quickly and deeply as I could, gagging a little at the speed but loving it; and it was worth it, because of the noises Mason made in response to my actions. It was a combination of gasps, whimpers, and deep groans, and I could feel myself get wetter at how loud he got. I don’t know if every woman – or person who had sex with men – felt the same, but a man showing how much he enjoyed sexual pleasure with moans, groans, and shuddering breaths and the like, was a big aphrodisiac for me. Mason was probably the loudest guy I had ever been with, and it made things about a million times more enjoyable.

I held my head down with his cock in the back of my throat for a few seconds, clenching and unclenching my throat, until I needed to come back up for air; I pulled my mouth off, gasping, his cock now soaked with my drool, and I worked my hand up and down his erection, the wet sounds from that also turning me on more.

“You’re so hard, baby,” I pointed out to Mason, not waiting for his response before taking him back into my mouth. This time I bobbed my head up and down, sucking hard on the upstroke, and swirling my tongue as much as I could on the downstroke. The parts of his cock that I wasn’t reaching with my mouth, I had my hand stroking.

Every so often I took him deep into my throat again, making sure to keep his cock soaking wet.

I moved my mouth back up to the tip, sucking hard and popping it out of my mouth. I repeated that move a few times after hearing Mason groan harshly to that move before finally, he tried to pull his hips back, his cock out of my mouth.

He had reached his breaking point. He was ready to erupt cum at the next sensation if he lost his focus for just one moment. I knew with this being a new experience, he probably wouldn’t last as long as he could if he liked living out the fantasy. “If you want my cock in your pussy, baby, you need to get on and ride me, now,” Mason said urgently, his eyes roving over my body covered in mesh and lace. I bet he was glad I didn’t let him take it off now.

I didn’t want to draw it out much longer, either. For one, he lasted much longer than I had anticipated, so I got to tease for longer, and I was ready to explode myself. And for another, here’s where the third fantasy of the night was about to come almanbahis yeni giriş into play, if he was game for it. It had initially started out as my fantasy, but Mason had seemed as equally turned on by the thought, as well, which had made it an even hotter fantasy for the both of us; nothing better than discovering a mutual fantasy with a partner. It was something we had discussed in abstract, both of us agreeing that we were both willing to try it, even if we didn’t discuss it right before. We would know it was coming by this line that I was about to say, a script that we had both agreed on ahead of time.

“We don’t have any condoms, though, babe,” I warned, my pussy clenching in anticipation of his response.

Through the fog of his lust, the words finally seeped into his mind and he processed them; his eyes locked onto and bore into mine. “We… don’t?” he asked, his voice gone harsh.

I bit my lip, shaking my head at him. “No, we used up the last of them here last night.”

He closed his eyes and shuddered, and I knew he was definitely willing to add this kink onto our night of fun. Opened them again to look at me, and he said the magic words: “I guess you’ll just have to make sure to pull off me before I cum, then.” He licked his lips. “Don’t want to risk it.”

I heartily clambered up his body and locked my lips into his again, for another steamy makeout session. While my tongue was stroking his, my hand moved down his body to grip his cock, to position it right at my soaking wet entrance. He pulled his mouth away to plead with me. “Just… just go slow, Lily, please. I’m so close to cumming, gimme time to adjust.”

I pecked him on the lips. “Okay, baby,” I murmured, sympathizing, sitting up to get a better angle on working his cock inside me. “I’ll be gentle, don’t worry.”

Mason huffed out a laugh that was quickly turned into a sharp intake of breath as I eased my pussy down onto his ready-to-burst erection. He closed his eyes tightly, tried to take measured breaths, as I slowly sank all the way down on his cock. I sat there, still, trying not to clench my cunt; but it was so hard. Even not moving, his cock felt so good filling up my tight, wet, hot twat.

After what felt like ages, but was probably only a minute or two, Mason opened his eyes. They were glazed, but I’m sure mine were similar. He tried an experimental thrust, hitching his hips up ever so slightly to drive his cock a little bit deeper into me, and even that small motion was enough to make me cry out.

And that was enough for him. “Move,” he begged, gripping my hips and trying to move them for me. But I quickly took over, riding him; slowly at first, then picking up speed as I got closer to the edge. Because just as he had been ready to tip over that cliff, I had also been ready; teasing him had gotten me so close myself, it wasn’t going to take much sensation to hurl me over.

Mason realized it, too. He licked his thumb and then set it right on my clit and started rubbing.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I wailed, working myself faster on his cock, riding wildly. I slammed up and down on him, his thumb staying with my clit as I humped my hips, using his dick to make myself cum. “I’m so close, baby,” I moaned. “So fucking close.”

He moved his other hand from my hip to my breasts and started tugging on my nipples, alternating side and pressure of the pinches, and that was it. That was enough. My hands flew to grip his wrists to keep his hands where they were; one to my breast, and one against my clit. I started spasming around his cock, my hips jerking unrestrainedly, my head thrown back as I screamed “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” over and over again.

I was slowly coming down from my high, back to my senses, when I felt Mason trying to buck me off of him.

“I’m about to cum,” he had been saying. “Please, move, I’m about to cum, I don’t want to cum in you, it’s too much of a risk.”

I smirked, and leaned over him to whisper into his ear, “Should have thought about that before you let me tie you up, baby.” I bit his ear lobe. “Shoot your cum inside me, baby.” I continued to work my hips on him, riding him hard. “Give me your load.”

“Noooooooooooooo,” he moaned, dragging the syllable out into many. “Baby, please, I’m gonna -“

“Cum, yes, I know,” I interrupted. “I want you to shoot that cream inside my unprotected cunt. I want you to breed me, baby.”

“FUCK,” Mason bit out. “Fuck, Lily, that sounds so hot, you have no idea. But don’t, we can’t, you need to -” he was stammering, so I interrupted him again.

“I want you to erupt inside me, baby, I want you to fill me up with your jizz.” I humped my hips hard into him. “Breed me, Mason. Breed my cunt. Give me your seed. Gimme that yummy cream. Spurt that spunk into my needy, fertile, unprotected pussy.”

Mason’s back arched, he yelled loud and long, and I could feel it. I could feel him unloading inside me, blasting my cunt with his sperm. I almost came again at the thought, feeling spurt after spurt coating my walls. He continued to twitch against me as I kissed all over his face and neck, anywhere I could reach. His harsh breathing started to slowly even out, and eventually he began to kiss me where he could reach, too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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