Cathy – SexFest #25

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Cathy was cute, with an innocent girl-next-door face. She worked an I.T. firm and pretty much dressed the part, not nerdy, but like most I.T. folks she generally couldn’t be bothered to ‘pretty things up’ too much for days spent mostly in front of computer.

Very few people suspected the lusty thoughts that lurked beneath that open, smiling face. Nor did they have much of an idea of the built-for-sex body that hid beneath her everyday clothes. Though her breasts were large (and natural), for work, she actually shopped for bras that minimized their size. Call her crazy, but she liked it when guys looked in her eyes when they talked to her about work matters. By night, going out, that was a different story–but she’d worked out her daytime alter-ego pretty well.

Today she was extra casual. She’d donned on her most sensible bra and grabbed one of her husband Jeff’s shirts to throw over the top. Plain khaki pants, glasses, she was in a very geeked-out, non-sexy state. That wasn’t to say she wasn’t in the mood for sex.

It had been a long week and she’d barely seen Jeff. Her company was getting ready to roll out a new website for a medical client that next Monday. As usual, there just wasn’t enough time in the day. Her team had worked into the early hours of Friday night/Saturday morning, still hadn’t been finished, returned to work by ten A.M. Saturday and had been working straight through.

Cathy was in charge of the page design and content, Scott took care of anything backend or SQL related, and Brandon was their new flash wizard.

Cathy looked to the clock in frustration—10:35! She and Jeff had been making big plans for tonight, but the time just kept flying by. Jeff called it computer-time vs. real-time. If Cathy said she’d be an hour, it meant she’d probably take two or more. This had been extra true this week, much to her frustration.

Cathy grabbed her blackberry and went out to the hall to call home. She really hoped Jeff was still up. One ring. Two rings. Three. Shit, he might have drifted off waiting.

“Hello,” he said on the other end in his best I wasn’t asleep voice.

“Hi Sweetie, it’s going long as usual.”

“That’s what she said.”

“Stop,” she whispered.

“What, stop making bad jokes?”

“No, stop even mentioning sex. I so wanted to have SexFest Number 25.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’ll happen when it happens” said Jeff. “What time do you think you’ll be done?”

Cathy stuck her head into room. “Guys, how long?”

“About an hour for me.” said Scott, not even looking up from his screen.

“Same,” said Brandon, glancing up with his cute smile.

“Well let’s shoot for that, I turn into a pumpkin at midnight.”

They both muttered their agreement.

“Midnight-ish,” said Cathy.

“Computer-time or real-time?” asked Jeff.

“Real-time, I’m pretty sure. We’ve already burned through the computer-time.”

“Don’t worry about it;” said Jeff in his sweet way, “I’m guessing we’ll still be able to slip something in.”

“I said to stop!” admonished Cathy. “I love you.”

“Love you, too. Now get to work.”

Cathy slid back in front of her monitor, tweaking the last pieces of design. She was really as done as she could be until Brandon delivered the Flash elements. She found her mind drifting over their many Saturday adventures.

Saturdays had somehow turned into their ‘fun’ night. It had started with a tradition of Margaritas in the late afternoon which generally led to some sort of amorous adventures. Then, one night, about six months into their marriage, they’d had that first no-holds-barred crazy night. Cathy stared blankly at the screen, reminiscing back to that first historic occasion.


They’d had more than a few drinks when Jeff casually picked up the remote and pushed play. The screen came to life, and moaning came out of the speakers.

“Jeff?” said Cathy incredulously as she saw bodies writhing about on the screen.

Jeff blushed a deep red. “I just thought…you know, it might be fun.”

“Okay,” said Cathy tentatively. The part of her raised in a conservative house wanted to ask him to shut it off, but the wild child inside her was already intrigued and getting rapidly drawn in by the naked bodies on the screen.

That night had marked several firsts.

It was their first porn, an old Nikki Dial movie called Miss Twenty-first Century. Jeff had been too embarrassed to rent anything, so he’d driven to a video store a couple of suburbs over. Cathy laughed as he described agonizing about purchasing it, but finally doing so by grabbing this movie from the sale rack with cash, so the ‘porn cops’ couldn’t track down his real identity—if there were such a thing.

The plot, as far as she could gather, was a competition for the woman best at sex. The story progressed and she and Jeff watched in an uncomfortable silence as they got more and more horny. Finally, a scene came up with a blowjob competition between three couples, and that pushed casino siteleri Cathy over the edge. She joined the couples on screen, kneeling between Jeff’s legs and doing something she did very well. As she sucked hungrily on Jeff’s cock, she looked over to see a bottle of baby lotion that just ‘happened’ to be on the coffee table. Ripping off her top and bra, she seductively poured oil down her chest and worked it in.

It was time for another first. Although she’d certainly cradled his cock between her ample breasts many times before, this was the first time he titfucked her until he came. Cathy wrapped her slick tits around his shaft and worked him into a true frenzy. Loving the feel of his cock pressed between her waiting orbs, she couldn’t help but smile with joy as she heard his moans change. She also groaned with pleasure as the explosion came. The first gush went all the way up to her chin, followed by another and another. Volumes of cum poured downward and she stared seductively into Jeff’s eyes as she mixed the oil and cum together over her tits.

The baby oil proved useful an hour later when they used it for another first. She was on top of him on the bed, riding him for all he was worth when he slipped out the other way into the crack of her ass. Rather than put him right back in, she reached around and worked him between her cheeks. He paused as one thrust pushed right against the place they’d never gone before. No words were exchanged; Cathy simply grabbed the baby oil and squeezed an ample dose into her crack and over his cock. She positioned him there, and lowered herself slowly. At first, she opened slowly, but with the extra lubrication she found herself accepting him easily the rest of the way. Jeff went in a few inches and stopped. They looked at each other inquisitively.

“How does it feel?” he asked.

“Dirty,” she whispered. “But not awful.”

Beyond the physical pleasure, the emotional elements were intriguing. They were both immensely excited by the forbidden and taboo nature. Jeff worked his way into her, deeper and faster as the oil kept doing its job and her muscles kept relaxing. It ended with him shooting off inside her and Cathy thrilled at the deep heat of his cum filling her in this new place. They fell asleep draped across each other, Jeff’s juices still dripping out of her.

Somewhere between 3:00 and 4:00 that morning, the fun continued. Cathy was sleeping on her stomach and woke to find a surprisingly stiff cock (considering Jeff’s prior exertions) sliding into her. Waking slowly, she raised up onto her knees to accept the slow, methodical pounding Jeff was giving her. Everything about that sex was perfect, his hips slamming against her ass, her tits swaying pendulously beneath her. Even the way their breath came out in explosive gasps seemed tied into some sort ancient, sexual rhythm they’d found.

Cathy’s orgasm began and she moaned with joy, loving the feel of Jeff’s thrusts driving her into ecstasy. However, Jeff didn’t stop. He kept going in a machine-like fashion. The pleasure turned from joy to that almost ticklish, uncomfortable post-orgasm feeling. “Stop,” she gasped, her body shaking with overwhelming sensations.

“No,” Jeff grunted and he continued his inexorable thrusts. Thankful he’d ignored her cries of discomfort, a shocking wave of pleasure suddenly rolled through her body. She’d ‘thought’ she’d had orgasms before, but the tremors that rocked her body then proved she had only been reaching 5 on the Richter scale. That night she’d discovered 8 for more than half an hour as Jeff continued his slow jackhammer-like motions, driven on by her hypnotic cries.

They’d woken in the morning, and Jeff said, “That was quite a SexFest,” and the name had stuck.



had been almost as memorable. Jeff had made a trip to a local ‘toy store’ and come back with a very fun bag of surprises. There had been a ginormous silicon dildo that had proved more of a party trick than a pleasure. On the plus side, her first pocket rocket had also been put to use that night, which had been a constant companion ever since.

That evening, and in ones to follow, Jeff tried reproducing his unbelievable stamina from the first SexFest, but results proved elusive. It seemed there had been a magical chemistry in that first night, but finding that formula wasn’t easy. Not that Cathy ever complained, Jeff was amazing lover. It was more Jeff who kept hoping to drive her over the edge again in marathon fashion. They’d found other ways to multiply her with toys and tongue, and fingers. Now and again Jeff would last an extra, extra long time, but he kept hoping for more, for that unlimited reserve he’d found the first night.


3, or

4 (they all started to blend together); Jeff gave her the hugest surprise of her life.

“I think I’ve found a way.” he said as they started their evening.

“A way to what?” Cathy asked.

“To uh… push you there, you know. Like the first time.”

“Oh God Jeff, canlı casino would you stop thinking about that. You give me SO much pleasure.”

“But I can’t stop thinking about it.” Jeff said. “I can still hear the way you sounded that night. It’s the sound I want to find again, your voice was so different. Beyond that, I can sill see your face on the pillow, watching you from behind. Anyway, I’ve got a solution. Just wait.”

Things progressed as usual that evening. Porn – Duel Identity with Katsumi (Cathy remembered that). The video had soon found her on her knees giving Jeff a long slow, gagging blowjob. Cathy loved when Jeff took her that way, forcing his cock down her throat. There was something about being owned, being dominated (yet in a trusting fashion) that turned her on immensely. Jeff stopped her before he came, then turned her away.

“Get ready,” he whispered as he slid into her from behind. What happened next surprised her a bit. A blindfold slipped around from behind, and Jeff tied it gently, but firmly around her head.

“Keep this on,” he murmured in her ear.

He started with the same rhythm as that very first SexFest. Slow. Deliberate. Forceful. He did indeed last a long time. There was something about being blindfolded that excited Cathy immensely. In a way, it helped her concentrate on just the one thing. She closed her eyes beneath the blindfold and focused all of her mental reserves on Jeff and only Jeff. It was as though she could feel every pore on the skin of his gorgeous cock stimulating her slippery walls. Just as she neared her first climax, Jeff stopped and pulled out.

“No!” Cathy screamed. “Come back, sweetie. Come back.”

“I will,” Jeff said.

With that, she gratefully felt him sliding in again. Something was different though. He’d put on a condom? Cathy wondered briefly about that, but soon didn’t question it as his long, slow thrusts began again in earnest. Moments later she tipped over into her first orgasm. Still, Jeff kept pounding. The discomfort came again, but Cathy suffered through it, gathering sheets into her hands, biting down on the pillows in anticipation of the joy that she knew would follow. Slam, slam, slam he continued…and there it was.

“Ooohhhhheeehh,” she squealed as every part of her shuddered. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, baby.”

Slam, crash, pound. Cathy could only imagine that Jeff must have found some special type of condom that kept him hard, because he was going on a couple of hours of sex now. Not that she was complaining. She thought she might lose consciousness as the climaxes seemed to simply pile on top of each other, one beginning before the other one even ended.

Then something brought of her revelry, Jeff’s body shifted, slowing. She knew he was close and then heard him moan…

It wasn’t Jeff’s voice!

“Jeff?!” she whipped off the blindfold and turned to look. It was Craig, their neighbor from two doors down.

It’s curious how the mind can work at stunning speeds given the moment.

Jeff and Cathy had talked about taking on other partners but they’d never been sure. Would they be jealous? Wouldn’t they? What would it be like seeing them with someone else? Just the week before, after a few drinks, they’d played the ‘what if’ game. What if you could, who would you do it with, and it had to be someone you knew? Cathy had finally admitted that Craig would be her choice. He was cute, nice, and a very good friend of theirs. What’s more, he’d broken up with his girlfriend a few months before and admitted things had been very slow in the sex department. The Florence Nightingale in her wanted to care for certain conditions.

All of the above information flashed through Cathy’s mind in a split-second as she took in the situation. Obviously Jeff was okay with it, he’d been watching the whole thing happen from the bedside chair, but the more important fact at hand was that Craig was about to cum. She swirled around and ripped off the condom. Craig’s months of celibacy had certainly filled up his reservoir, and Cathy gasped as what seemed gallons of cum exploded across her face and down her gorgeous, waiting breasts. She looked to Jeff and was even more turned on as she saw the lust in his eyes, as she used her tongue to clean the last of Craig’s jism off of his cock.

Craig stepped back and Cathy lay back on the bed, gesturing to Jeff.

“Come here my love, now it’s your turn,” she said tenderly.

Jeff was rock hard from watching her. She sighed as he slipped inside and began to thrust deeply within her. The cum still coating her chest added an intoxicating lubricant to the mix that they both responded to.

“Are you alright with this?” she whispered into his ear.

“I’m more than alright.” he whispered back, while still moving. “That was amazing. You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I loved sharing you. I loved having the chance to be able to watch you from a distance. How are you with this?”

“Good,” she gasped as he pounded especially kaçak casino deep within her. “Did we find the noise again? That one you’ve been looking for since the first SexFest?”

“Oh yeah,” said Jeff. “We sure did.”

“Well get ready,” Cathy gasped, “because here it comes again.”

They discovered a couple of things that night. One, they enjoyed sharing with others. Two, it seemed if there was any everlast potion for Jeff, it was watching her do another guy. That night, Jeff lasted nearly half an hour of full-on thrusting. Once he was done Craig joined again, and once Craig was done Jeff was good for even one more. Cathy finished the evening riding Jeff cowgirl, sucking off Craig as he stood over her.

She woke that morning knowing her life had changed forever, and for the better.

“Good morning,” she whispered to Jeff as his eyes opened.

“Good morning,” he said, kissing her. “How do you feel?”

“Sore. Tired. Like I was used by two good-looking guys as their fuck-doll all night long.”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“Oh yeah. I think I make a good fuck-doll, don’t you?”

Jeff nodded.

“Just promise me something, Jeff.” she said.


“Promise we’ll always tell each other everything. We’ll always be there when we’re with someone else, and we’ll always wake up in the same bed together.”

“That’s a promise I can keep,” said Jeff, climbing on top of her to begin kissing her neck and working his way down.

“Well now, this is a good way to wake up.” said Cathy.


The ‘Fests’ had continued. There were no rules, really. Sometimes it was just the two of them. Sometimes another man was invited. For Jeff’s birthday, Cathy surprised him with Kerri, old friend of hers from high school. As mentioned, all of the SexFests sort of blurred together, but they did know that they’d had 24 so far. Frustrated at having to wait for SexFest

5, Cathy played the highlight reel inside her head…


“Cathy. Cathy! CATHY!”

Cathy was pulled away from her reminiscing by the sound of Scott’s insistent voice.

“What?” she asked, almost annoyed at having to come back to the real world.

“I said we’re done. We just need you to paste in those last two pieces of Flash that Brandon made and we’ll be ready to get out of here.”

“Oh, okay.” said Cathy, snapping back into work mode. Her job was actually very easy and wouldn’t take more than a couple of lines of code and a refresh or two. It was fairly mindless work, and she found her mind focusing on Scott who was sitting at her side now. She’d debated it a while but finally invited Scott over for SexFest

3 about a month before. She’d wondered why she’d waited so long. He was a lovely, attentive lover and she’d been frustrated they hadn’t had the chance to reconnect since then, but work had kept them too busy. She’d hoped they would have finished earlier that night so she could have him over again. Damn, she thought. Maybe next week.

“I’m going to hit the head,” said Scott. Be right back.

Cathy focused on her work. Nearly there. Click. Type. Paste, and…compile. She waited impatiently for the program to finish up as Scott arrived back.

“Alright boys,” she said. “All I’ve got to do is push this little F5 button to refresh the page and we’ll see if we can go home or not.”

“Go for it,” said Brandon. “It’ll work.”

“Don’t jinx it there, rookie.” she admonished him.

“Trust me. I’ve tried this thing every way ’til Sunday. It’ll work.”

She pushed the button and they watched with the page load beautifully. With a sense of satisfaction, they sat back and gazed at their handiwork.

“So,” said Cathy. “QA comes in tomorrow. Keep your blackberries handy, but if all goes well we – are – through.”

On ‘through’ she switched off her monitor and stood up.

“Now I’ve got a husband at home who has something I desperately need.”

“I bet he does,” said Scott.

“You have no idea.”

Cathy tossed her laptop into her bag and headed for the door.

“Goodnight boys.” she said, giving them that innocent smile which hid so much.

As she headed down the hallway, she heard odd noises. Listening closely, they seemed to be coming from the conference room. CliniSoft had an amazing, state-of-the-art conference facility. They’d invested in an eighty inch LCD screen for videoconferencing, as well as a Boze speaker system and chairs so comfortable you could almost sleep in them (in fact, some clients did). When things were slow, they would often sneak in over lunch to play movies for an experience better than what you could get at a theater.

It sounded like that was something someone was doing right now, but it wasn’t exactly a Hollywood Blockbuster that was playing. There, as big as or bigger than life, was Jessica Drake, one of Jeff and Cathy’s current favorites.

Cathy peaked in further and squealed with surprise to see Jeff sitting at the end of the conference table.

“Oh my god, what are you doing here?”

Jeff grinned as he pushed pause on the laptop that was running the video. “When I heard you say midnight, I emailed Scott to see if that was the case. He sent me the all-clear and just let me in.”

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