Chivalry Rewarded

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Hi Guys

Well, I’ve dipped my toes as you might say, with Joan’s story, “Horny Holiday Fun” and Ethel’s tale, “Sauce for the Goose” I have left in, below the source of the stories, as I bring you the story Frankie told, this one is a bit longer than some and there promises to be a sequel to it so keep watching…

My name is Julie; a long time reader of Literotica, for the source of my posting, refer to my previous stories.

Mrs Thompson was one of the older ladies in our group, a little chubbie now, and walking with a stick, well at eighty nine I suppose that is to be expected. We meet her when we are in the midlands, and she does enjoy being with our little group we love her. We all head out to a restaurant or go to one of the other girl’s houses for a sleep over. “Mrs T” lives in a residential home now, and I am sure still has her moments. Last time we were together she surprised us all when after a few Sherries she told us about her, as she called it, “bit of hanky panky.” It occurred in either the late fifties or early sixties, I have called her story…

Chivalry Repaid.

It was hundreds of years ago, well, about fifty actually. I suppose I was about forty, my sons were away, one married, one had gone away to work, and the youngest was doing his national service, you know, when they got called to the military, and he was in the navy.

I was married quite young, nope, never regretted it. It wasn’t a bad marriage, very stale over the last few years before this happened, I guess in truth we didn’t have a great deal in common, but it was convenient, I was horney, of course I was, but I didn’t stray. You could say I suppose that I self satisfied if you get my meaning. Anyway, eventually I did stray , no one ever found out, I think the people, four of us were involved, were the only ones who actually knew (well, two may have guessed). They say confession is good for you so here goes.

It was as I remember, a Tuesday…

“Mrs T to you young Rodney.” Cheeky so and so.

“Alright Mrs. Tee!” he laughed as he went off down the stairs.

Rodney was one of the three or four young Chefs “living in” at the Imperial Hotel where I was working as a cleaner in the staff accommodation area. “Morning Frankie.” Was how he had greeted me. He was a presentable enough young lad age 18 first time away from home. But you know how it is, they all try it on… familiarity I mean. They were all young enough to be my sons, and I wasn’t keen on them calling me by my first name. Got have some respect for their elders, even just the cleaners. At this moment neither he nor I knew just what was in store for us.

My boss, Blodwyn, the Welsh Dragon I called her was always on my back. She was one of those holier than thou characters, innocent as sin, and chapel twice on Sundays. Blodwyn’s special friend was the Head Porter Tom Donohan, who had a room half way along the same corridor as the rest of the staff He was supposed to be the responsible manager. That was another story with not a lot to do with this one.

Blodwyn spent a large part of her time in Donohan’s room with the door virtually closed. If it was needed to speak to either of them, it was necessary to knock and wait, sometimes for several minutes before being admitted. They were “management” so no one thought anything of it.

Anyway, Donohan I felt, was a dirty bastard, every inch of the walls and ceiling of his room were covered with “pinups” of half naked women. Ok, most of the male living in staff was either horny or the other way inclined. Most were discrete about their interests. Us cleaners, there were three of us counting the dragon, knew that some of the older guys were into the whores, and many of the younger lads played with themselves, heck we even knew where they kept their stashes of dirty books. We even looked at them, “Tut Tutting,” when they weren’t around.

The day my bit of “hanky panky” started, was much like any other. Rodney had a couple of days off, and I had seen him go out for his morning newspaper, Blodwyn and Donohan were in his room, and the door was just slightly open, and I needed to speak to Blodwyn.

As I walked the corridor towards Donohan’s room, I saw Rodney return. I knocked Donohan’s door, quite gently I might add, and it swung open. Well I was shocked.

“Get out you stupid cow.” yelled Donohan.

There were no words from Blodwyn, she had a mouthful of Donohan’s “you know what” and he couldn’t get up because she was on top of him in the good old sixty nine. He was naked as the day he was born, she was knickerless her knees either side of his head which rested on her heels as he lapped at her pussy her saggy tits with stiffened nipples were hanging out of her very grey looking bra.

I rushed off down the corridor.

“Rod, Rod, Rod… I knocked his room door lightly, impatiently hoping he would hear and admit me.

“What’s the matter?”

“Quick, let me in.”

He did so.

“The bloody dragon is going to be after me in a few minutes.”

“What have you done?”

“Nothing, free spin but if she asks, say I am not here. Say anything, but don’t let her see me.”

I hid behind the wardrobe and Rodney, bless him, sat down with his paper. Sure enough, after about ten minutes Blodwyn was knocking the door. I don’t know if she had to finish what she was doing for Donohan before she could come after me, or what.

“Who’s there?” Rodney responded to the knocking.

“Just me.” Lilted Blodwyn, in her broad, melodic, Welsh accent.

He opened the door to her, “Yes, what can I do for you?”

“Is Mrs. T. here Rodney?”

“No, Mrs Davis.”

“Have you seen her?”

“Not since I saw her going out of the back door a few minutes ago.”

He lied so sweetly.

“The bloody woman.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, she’s been doing something she shouldn’t. It’s the sack for her.”

These were the days when sex was very private, and jobs were often balanced on one person’s whim. If you were a nuisance, or did something your boss didn’t like then you were out.

“What was it she did?”

“Nothing to worry you about.” She cursed, “I’ll sort it.”

I could hear all this going on and I was nervous. I needed the money the job brought in. Blodwyn went off muttering to herself.

I stepped nervously out from behind the wardrobe as Rodney closed the door, it was all I could do to stifle the giggle.

“Phew!” was all I could breathe.

“What have you been up to?” He wagged is forefinger at me.

In honesty, I can say I had never at that time been unfaithful, but girls, I am sure you must agree, comes a time, you get an itch, and it just has to be scratched, in that moment, with that young finger wagging at me my itch started. If it hadn’t been Rodney, it would have been no one, but he was so, sweet and innocent, I knew I was being lead into temptation, I felt powerless to resist my inclination to tease this young lad.

“You are stuck with me now until she goes home.” I ignored his question. “Any chance of some tea?”

“Sure, put the dead lock on the door when I go, we don’t want her using the pass key to check in here, take it off when you hear me call.”

All of the rooms were similarly furnished with a rickety old iron bed bedstead, table, dining chair, easy chair, bedside table, wardrobe and book case.

Alone now in Rodney’s room, I sat back in the easy chair and put my feet up on the dining chair. It wasn’t my fault I had seen them at it for God’s sake. If they didn’t want to get caught they should have closed the door. I was suddenly aware of a key in the lock and sprang silently to the door, pressing my ear to it I prepared to flick off the dead lock.

“Stupid door!” muttered the Welsh woman on the other side.

“What are you doing with my door Mrs. Davis?” I heard Rodney call along the corridor.

“I was going to give your room a quick clean since Mrs. T has hopped it.”

“And what was wrong with the key.”

“It doesn’t seem to work.”

“Mrs. T. did my room earlier.”

“We had better try your key, or get maintenance to deal with the lock.”

“I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with the lock.”

I of course was hiding behind the door.

“Hold my tray,” I could only imagine him handing it to Mrs. Davis.

As he inserted his key, I flicked off the dead lock, he turned the key and pushed the door open to be blocked by my bulk behind it.

“There, nothing wrong with the key. Thank you I’ll take the tray.” Rodney stepped into the room and back kicked the door closed.

Once again I had to stifle a giggle. No sooner than the door was closed I sat back down in the easy chair.

“Now then Mrs. Tee, are you going to tell me what this is all about?”

Again I ignored his question.

“I am just wondering how to pass the time until the Dragon goes home. That is a few hours.” The itch was beginning to bother me.

“Would you like to borrow my paper?” he offered.

“No, I think I’ll take a look at these.” I pulled a small selection of ‘girly’ magazines from under the cushion in the chair I was sitting on.

Rodney reddened then resumed a very detailed study of his newspaper sitting on the table. I had been having a ‘dry spell’ for a few years now, if you know what I mean, no S.E.X. The incident which had caused the present situation also had the effect of giving me a longing feeling. And I could see how I could resolve my situation. Heck, if I lost my job the next day, the opportunity may never present itself again.

“You must these magazines you seem to get at least one new one a week.”

Rodney mumbled an inaudible reply keeping his head buried in the newspaper.

“Put that paper down! I want to talk to you.”

He carefully folded the paper, very neatly and placed it on the table.

“That’s better. Now then, tell me about your girl friend.”

There was no answer.

“You have one?” I continued to flick through the magazines.

Still no bonus veren siteler answer.

“Have you actually seen a real woman in her underwear? Or naked? Come on, say something we have a lot of time to spend together.”


“No What.” God it was like pulling teeth.

“What you said, no I haven’t seen a woman in her underwear, or naked.”

“Well, now we know all your secrets. This morning, you helped me a lot, hiding me from the Dragon. I wouldn’t have trusted the other lads, but you I do trust.”

“Not enough to tell me what caused the problem though.”

“We can talk about that later. I came to you for help and you helped me, so I think I am going to help you.” I sat up in the chair.

“I am guessing that when you were messing about at school, you were always told ‘tits first’?”

“I wasn’t very good at girls, so I didn’t get to do things like that.”

I have to admit he was very shy.

“At least you heard that comment.”


“Oh God, you’re not a qu…. Not a thingy are you, you are not one of ‘those’?” “No, definitely not!” was the emphatic response.

“Now you have the opportunity to try. Come on, play with my tits.”

Rodney sat on the arm of the chair, and very tentatively started to rub his shaking hand over my tits outside my khaki twill overall. I wasn’t a very big girl, but after three kids my tits were adequate and just a bit saggy.

“You like?”

“Y…Y…Yes” he mumbled nervously.

“Wouldn’t you like to put your hand inside?” I knew I was getting quite sexed up, I also hoped I was going to get something from this young lad.

He didn’t answer, but eased his hand into the top of my overall.

“Are they worth a squeeze?”

I arched my back, thrusting them forward into his hands. He responded by squeezing them. I still had a cotton blouse and a sturdy bra before he would get to real honest to goodness silky smooth tit skin.

“When I said put you hand inside I meant on my skin.”

He undid two buttons on my blouse and put his hand in. I could feel him trembling, it was really making me juicy. He carefully avoided touching my tits stroking my chest above them.

“For goodness sake, have you really never titted up a girl before? Get your hands into my bra and give me a good feeling up. You do know that women enjoy it don’t you?”

He started to do as I asked.

“I can’t get my hand in, its too tight.”

“You have two choices. You can either undo my bra or you can push it up off them.”

As my tits fell free of the bra, I told him.

“Quick, keep hold of them I don’t want them to escape.”

My nipples popped up like chapel hat pegs. And he was just holding them.

“Lick them.”

Gingerly he did so. I pulled off my turban and shook out my hair. I was getting hotter. He was gaining confidence and was doing quite well licking and squeezing.

“M…m…m…nice and gentle mmmm. Now suck one.” he held one tit in his now less trembling hands, applied his mouth to the nipple and started to gently suckle it. I pulled one hand away and lead it to the other tit.

“Pinch this nipple. Squeeze and fondle this tit, we don’t want it to be neglected.” I urged him..

What can I say, he took instruction well, and as his thumb and forefinger pinched the nipple I had presented to him a crashing come rippled through me. In all my married life my old man had never caused one as good as that. Whether it was the circumstances, a young virgin boy, the sight of the Dragon sucking Tom Donohan’s dick, I don’t know, but I had never even given myself one like that when I diddled my own bits.

“Time to move on.” As I slowed from the come, I wanted more. “You have done ‘tits first’, so now you go down below. I bet you have a stalk to poke your eyes out now.”

We sat side by side on his bed, as I took his hand from my breast and placed it on my knee. This is where you start.

“What I think, is this. Let’s pretend I am your girlfriend, and you can start by kissing me. Then let your hand wander. See what happens.”

He was not an experienced kisser any more than he had any idea about S.E.X. His hard tight lips I had not felt for many years. It was like short sharp hard pecks on the cheek. I took his face in my hands and kissed him full on the lips. His lips were still hard and tight as I forced my mouth down over them and gradually pushed his mouth open. I kissed him like a true love.

Rodney’s hand meanwhile had started stroking my leg, I know, I know, you will all say how stupid I was, starting this without any planning but sometimes you just have to go with it when it happens. I was wearing, don’t laugh, my bloomers, you remember, well some of you will, those knee length knickers with elastic at the knee, they were over the top of ‘fully fashioned’ tan stockings, I only wore the bloomers at work. Thick satiny material, for the benefit of you younger ones, the same fabric that they used for your gym knickers, I didn’t let myself down totally deneme bonusu veren siteler as today I had on my favourites, nice peach coloured ones, and I had clean on every day.

Rodney’s hand was into the thigh climbing and I was enjoying it his hand sliding up my legs under my overall, outside those satiny knickers. I meanwhile, reached out and grasped his stiffy. As he stroked my thighs, I unbuttoned his fly and caught his dick. Not as big as some, but more than adequate, and hard, hard as a piece of steel as young boys are. He was making good progress. I started to get hot again, and I knew I was wet down there. I parted my thighs and allowed him to stroke between them up to the crotch of my knickers, through them he started to stroke my pussy. We broke off from kissing, for me to ask.

“Are you enjoying that?”

“Yes.” He gasped.

“Then how about you go back to my knee and slip your hand under the elastic and start again.”

With fumbling attempts he did his best, the elastic snapping back to sting my stocking clad leg twice before he got his hand in. No wonder that this type of knickers was called passion killers by some! Heck they were almost like a chastity belt protecting the modesty. Then… he was in, and caressing my nylon covered inner thighs.

“Oh yess…” I enjoyed that and as his hand stroked along my thigh I had another ‘come.’

We resumed our kissing and now I probed his mouth with my tongue. He was such a sweet boy his innocence I suppose made it the more stimulating, if not for him, certainly for me. The skirt of my overall and my matching peach petticoat was rucked up exposing my bloomers.

Rodney’s hand reached the top of my stocking and for the first time his hand touched my naked thigh tops beyond the stockings. I came yet again. I was almost fainting with the level of pleasure I was experiencing. What had I done in introducing this boy to this sexual adventure. Did I care? I did not.

Then his finger probed my slit. That first touch, I remember it and can feel it right now as I tell you of it. That first touch made me jump and start.

“Arrrg…Arrrg… oh…shit….”

Rodney was startled and withdrew his hand.

“Are you alright? Have I hurt you?”

In the midst of that come, I could not answer, I just shook my head. Very gently, and with my lips locked on his, my tongue probing his mouth he resumed his fingering of my pussy.

“Please Stop!” I broke off the kissing to beg him.

I needed to calm myself. Kindly, and immediately he withdrew from my pussy and from my knickers, to this very day, if I feel the snap of elastic, my mind is back to this occasion and wow…but even the act of his hand drawing back down along my stockinged legs was sexually stimulating. As my feeling subsided…

“I think, that you should undress…”

Rodney stepped out of his trousers and pants his circumcised dick sprang out standing straight up.

“…and I think its time you took my knickers off.”

He unbuttoned my overall and opened it, my tits were hanging from my half opened blouse with my pushed off bra hanging round my neck. I reached behind me and unhooked it and undid the rest of the buttons of my blouse.

Rodney pushed my petticoat out of the way. I lay back against his pillows and raised my hips whilst he grabbed the waist of my knickers and eagerly, roughly, dragged them down. The elastic at the knees meant that they turned inside out as he did so. Once past my knees they were gone and discarded onto the floor.

He lay alongside me and suckled on the nipple I offered. The other breast he fondled as he had previously, gently squeezing and flicking across the nipple. My breathing was a bit ragged as his hand moved from my breast to tenderly trace his way down my now rudely exposed nakedness to my thighs, which I parted willingly to invite his intrusion of my pussy.

“Ohhh…Yes…” The caressing of my beautiful boy was so highly charged that I was desperate.


His fingers eventually touched the hair of my pussy, I parted my thighs in invitation whereupon his fingers intruded in that part so sacred. For one so inexperienced, his fingers found places I didn’t know I had and I came vigorously stifling my screams of…

“Oh…Oh…fucking…Yeeees… Arrg…Arrg.” My teeth clenched and my head back.

Pushing his hand from my wet wanton pussy, I dragged him by that rock hard dick on top of me. He slipped between my now wide spread thighs as I guided him to my entrance. Once his knob had found that soft spot, a slight movement on both our parts embedded his full length in me.

“Now just relax,” we lay still for a few moments until the urge started his hips thrusting.

“Easy…Easy…no rush.”

Rodney was supporting his upper body on his hands. Our only point of contact was where our hairs met, his cock deep in me. How long this would last I don’t know, but I continued to try to instruct him. For his benefit of course, I am sure you don’t think I was enjoying all this do you!

“Now slowly pull your cock out of me till I tell you to stop.” Slowly he did so.

“God that feels so good.” His dick sliding out of me felt so wonderful I almost forgot.

“Stop!” his knob was just inside my puss. I clamped my muscles round him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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