Chloe and the Rocker Ch. 02

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Excitement ran through Chloe’s body. A week ago she had been to her first metal concert and met the city of Ottawa’s hottest glam band. She had fallen in love with the gorgeous singer Adonis and earlier today she had sex with him. The 18 year old high school senior had lost her virginity to the rock star and she was glad. Now Chloe was getting ready for the show that night at the Babylon nightclub. It would be the second Ignatius show she attended that day. They had given a presentation on music theory at her school then a small performance. It was after that performance that Adonis invited her to his apartment, which led to them having sex. Hopefully she could go back tonight for round two.

Chloe had just showered and was still naked. She went through her clothes looking for something sexy to get her lover’s attention. The copper-haired girl slipped into a little pink thong, over which she pulled on tight spandex bicycle shorts. They barely covered her generously sized ass and exposed her long shapely legs. She knew she’d pay out in the cool night air but it could be worth it. If she scored, Adonis would keep her warm. Chloe didn’t mind him having sex with other girls; in fact the idea of a threesome turned her on. And she had requested to watch him fuck her best friend Tirzah, the band’s favourite groupie. The teen grabbed a low cut crop top that exposed the tops of her 34D breasts, as well as her tight midriff. Putting on a pair of strappy white heels, Chloe grabbed her purse and car keys.

It was warm inside the club. Chloe noticed several girls from the show last week. Mixed in with these were girls from Immaculata as well as many the teen had never seen before. No doubt the girls from her school had became enamoured with the band as she had. Pushing through the young but legal crowd(it was an 18+ show since the bar was serving drinks), the copper-haired beauty found her best friend. Tirzah was wearing a see-through silk top with a miniskirt. Her flaming red hair was in a straight weave and her lips matched her hair. Combined with her golden tanned skin, the girl was a knock-out.

“Tirzah, you’ll never guess what happened today!” Chloe exclaimed excitedly.

“Well spill it, girl. Don’t keep me hanging,” the redhead replied.

“Ignatius played my school and I had sex with Adonis!” Chloe said.

“You go, girl. So how’d you like it?” Tirzah asked.

“Well as you know it was my first time but it felt amazing! I also requested to watch him have sex with you,” Chloe answered.

“Oh really? Someone’s quickly becoming a horny little nymph,” Tirzah observed.

“Probably hung around you too much,” Chloe teased.

They bought some drinks at the bar while they waited. Chloe spotted Crystal, the band’s hot manager. She wore a tank top and tight pants with high heeled boots. The outfit was basic but on Crystal it looked hot. Chloe thought about her sexuality then. It had flared when she met Adonis a week ago and seemed to appeal to both him and girls. She didn’t care. If Adonis wanted her to have sex with girls she’d do it happily. No doubt Tirzah would do the same. Given the redhead’s nymph-like nature Chloe guessed she had slept with girls too. Whether or not it was to make Adonis happy Chloe didn’t know. Whatever though. She definitely wouldn’t mind having sex with Tirzah. They were best friends and would have great chemistry.

The stage lights flashed around the club before descending on the band. Adonis wore a sleeveless lace shirt with leather pants and knee-high leather boots. Black eyeliner encircled his eyes and his lips were pink. Make-up looked so good on him…to Chloe, anyway. In his gloved hands was his wireless mic. He waited while the guitarists and bassist grabbed their instruments and plugged into the amps. Tiago, the drummer, stood behind the drumkit with his arms raised. This simple action elicited a cheer from the nubile female crowd. Adonis flashed the audience a radiant smile and raised the mic.

“Welcome to our show. This is a two hour performance so let’s get rocked, Babylon!” the singer exclaimed. The opening riff kicked in, which Chloe recognized as the song Kiss of Death by Dokken. In her off time she listened to a lot of glam metal to better enjoy the band’s songs. Adonis showed a great vocal range by sounding like Don Dokken did on the album Back on the Attack. “A brief encounter like wind through the trees; it came so suddenly. But then it was gone like it never had been. How could I have ever seen? A lost heart will take your soul away. How could I have known, how could I have known? As she took me in her arms and brought me to an end with the kiss of death.”

During the song, the band kept the audience’s attention with a lot of motion. Even better, it didn’t interfere with their playing. Chloe thought bands that just stood still were boring. She was sure a lot of people agreed with that assessment. Kiss of Death ended and they picked up into the next song without a stop. Adonis prowled both ends of the stage, reaching out to briefly touch istanbul escort the hands of girls with their arms outstretched. During the solo Tirzah threw her bra onto the stage. Adonis grabbed it and hung it from the drumkit. He said something to Tiago, who smiled as he pounded away. Tirzah’s breasts were now visible through the sheer fabric of her top. Chloe knew her friend didn’t care; the redhead loved attention.

Tirzah dragged Chloe to the bar and ordered several shots. The bartender prepared the drinks and lined them on the counter.

“I don’t know if I should. I have to drive home, you know,” the copper-haired teen said.

“But we have to get crazy! That way we get pulled on stage. Then it gets real fun,” Tirzah insisted.

“I’m pretty sure we can get up there without that. Although maybe a couple won’t hurt,” Chloe observed.

Chloe downed two shots and Tirzah took the other five. They moved back to the stage after paying. Shockingly the two teens managed to push their way back to the front of the stage. Adonis picked up the five-string bass Chloe had seen at his apartment. He plugged it into the amp and tuned the settings. His mic was in the corner, assumedly off for now. The drums kicked in first and forty seconds later the others started playing. This instrumental fit with the band’s playing style. It was heavy and very melodic as well as technical(to an observer who would recognize this). The stage lights flashed over the crowd then settled over Ignatius before turning off. It was dark in the nightclub until a flood light shone through the bass drum.

Thus illuminated, the song was slower. It looked like a total mood setting, though Chloe couldn’t guess at the particular mood they were going for. After a minute of this the lights came back on. Adonis gestured for Tirzah to get on stage. The redhead willingly complied. Chloe watched her love interest give what she guessed were instructions. Tirzah dropped to her knees and leaned her head toward Adonis’ cock. She held that position as he played. If the bass weren’t in the way it would definitely look like a blowjob. As it was, it looked like a blowjob anyway. Adonis caressed Tirzah’s face and then she sat back on her heels, giving a happy sigh. As soon as the song ended, the singer pulled the bass off and switched the amp off. He grabbed the mic again.

“We need some help for the next one. So let’s see who joins the beautiful, talented Tirzah up here,” Adonis said. He pulled a couple of hot blondes on stage and gave them instructions. They stood at either end of the stage. A brunette soon followed, waiting by the drums. Finally Adonis pulled Chloe on stage. “You look great. Just stay with Tirzah; she’ll direct you,” the singer whispered. He gave her a small kiss which sent a tingle of excitement through her.

“Okay,” Chloe murmured. She removed her heels and put them in an inconspicuous corner. Tirzah had removed her shoes as well. The song started to play and the copper-haired teen noticed they were in the middle of the stage.

“Friday night and I need a fight; my motorcycle and a switchblade knife. Hand full of grease, my hair feels right. But what I need to make me tight are those girls, girls, girls. Long legs and burgundy lips…” Adonis sang.

Tirzah ran her hands along her friend’s bare hips. Chloe did the same and soon they were making out in front of everyone. Kissing Tirzah felt pleasant to Chloe. Actually, it was pretty much as good as kissing Adonis. After awhile the hot teens stood on either side of Adonis.

“Have you read the news in the Soho Tribune? You know, she did it to me. And then she broke my heart. I’m such a good good boy, I just need a new toy. Come on girl dance for me. I’ll keep you over-employed. Just tell me a story; you know the one I mean.”

As Adonis sang that verse, Chloe and Tirzah both ran a hand down his body. Both girls’ hands landed on the singer’s cock, which they rubbed through the leather pants. Outwardly the sexy singer kept his composure Both girls could feel him getting hard. The other girls on stage were dancing; the blondes near a guitarist and the brunette still by the drums. The brunette stripped off her top, exposing her bare breasts. Some of the drunk girls cheered at this for fun. Or maybe more. From Chloe’s perspective she couldn’t tell. After the cover of the Mötley Crüe classic Girls Girls Girls, Adonis took a bow with all five girls who “performed” with the band.

After the last half-hour of the show ended, Chloe was well enough to drive. Tirzah however had gotten pretty drunk. She was flirting with the band and some of the girls who saw the show. The copper-haired teen knew she should bring her friend to her house; it was closer and Tirzah could go home when she was sober. Chloe gently but firmly dragged the redhead out of the club. There was no point in staying. Adonis seemed to have left already or otherwise disappeared. Chloe still wanted to watch her rock star lover have sex with her friend but Tirzah was too drunk. Another time, hopefully. escort bayan She’d ask him at the next show. Or if she got to see him again.


Adonis was driving home with Crystal. He had his own car but normally rode in the van for gigs. Earlier he had left his car at home for the school performance and took his car since he was coming from home and not from rehearsal. As for Crystal, well the singer had several casual sex relationships. He had known her for seven years, which was as close to a real relationship as he had.

“Been awhile since we last did this,” Adonis observed.

“Mmhm,” the dark-haired young woman replied.

As soon as they reached the singer’s apartment, Crystal was instantly in an excited state. She stripped off his clothes and hers just after he locked the door. Kneeling down, Crystal began stroking Adonis’ cock. Her touch was sensual, soft and gentle. Even so, she moved her hand expertly. After getting his 8 inch cock nice and hard, Crystal’s hot wet tongue touched the head. She flicked her tongue over it rapidly then gave it a kiss. Still holding his cock, the young woman slowly licked its length. Her tongue travelled from base to head several times. Adonis caressed her face just like he had done on stage with Tirzah earlier. Crystal took the singer’s cock in her mouth and started sucking slowly.

Adonis’ current lover stroked his cock as she kept sucking. They both moaned softly. Eventually Crystal swallowed more of his cock and started bobbing her head as she sucked hungrily. She was moaning louder, taking her hand away and deepthroating Adonis’ cock. The young woman was able to take all 8 inches easily. With one hand she began playing with herself. While Crystal’s sucking was amazing, it was also sloppy and wet. She was also able to massage her lover’s cock with her tongue while it resided fully in her mouth. The woman was a very talented lover and band manager. After several minutes, Crystal pulled back to rapidly bob her head on the singer’s cock again.

Adonis put his hands on Crystal’s shoulders. He thrust his cock in her mouth and she squealed as she was fucked. She looked up at him with eager eyes and squirmed around, cumming. Crystal pulled her lover’s cock out of her mouth to catch her breath quickly.

“I wanna facial baby,” she demanded.

“Fine,” Adonis agreed.

She grabbed his cock again, stroking hard and fast. Leaning forward, the dark-haired woman resumed licking the head. Then she once again licked the shaft of his cock from base to head. Sensing her lover’s impending ejaculation, Crystal sat back on her heels, eyes closed. Adonis released his load, covering Crystal’s face and breasts in hot semen. She licked up the semen from the lower half of her face. What she could reach, anyway. Then she lifted a breast to her lips to lick more off. Repeating this with the other breast, she then padded away to the bathroom to rinse off. When she returned, Crystal jumped on Adonis, knocking him down. They kissed deeply and she smiled.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I watched you make Tirzah do that on stage,” she whispered.

“She’s pretty good at it too,” he reflected.

“I remember. We should include her in another threesome,” Crystal suggested.

“That would be nice. I think my next threesome will be Tirzah and Chloe though. Chloe wants to see me have sex with Tirzah and that may lead to Chloe joining after,” Adonis said.

“Maybe Chloe and I need some one on one time.”

“If she wants. I guess she would have sex with you,” the singer shrugged.

“Cool. Anyway, as long as we’re still together…”

Crystal kissed Adonis again before sitting up. She lowered her pussy onto his still hard cock and began riding it. It didn’t take long for her to get a rhythm going. The young woman pumped the singer’s cock inside of her. As she pumped harder her breasts started to bounce. Adonis held her hips firmly, watching his current lover work. Crystal looked beautiful riding him, which was probably an odd thought. The band manager was always beautiful though. She took more of his cock inside her, hands on his chest. Breathing heavily, Crystal became more intense. She bounced up and down as fast as she could. This went on for several minutes before the dark-haired beauty slowed down. Adonis knew it was for effect to prolong their orgasms, not because Crystal was tired.

Adonis matched his lover’s rhythm as he thrust along with her. Crystal moaned loudly. The singer let his hands wander over her body. He massaged her thighs, then moved up her ribs. She shivered as he ran his nails over her ribs. Then he massaged her breasts, squeezing them over and over. Crystal had Adonis’ cock fully in her pussy and began riding away. She screamed loudly as she came hard. Adonis ejaculated, shooting his semen deep into her pussy. Crystal then laid down on her lover’s body. They made out passionately for several minutes.

“That was fun,” Crystal purred.

“Yes it was. We should work out our schedules to do this more often,” escort istanbul Adonis said.

“Don’t you mean rescheduling our sex partners so you and I can be more regular?” she asked playfully

“Well there are the shows, rehearsals and the video shoot next week. The real work,” Adonis replied, lightly biting Crystal’s neck.

“Oh that. Yeah I guess that counts as work,” she laughed.


Everything involving Ignatius seemed to excite Chloe these days. She had received a message from the band page on Facebook. Adonis asked her to come to the video shoot because he wanted her in it. Tirzah would be in it too, which was a bonus for the copper-haired teen. The message also told her to dress however she wanted since she’d get to choose from a wardrobe selection for the video. Of course Chloe had the drudgery of high school before then. Fortunately the month of April was almost over. Then just two more months and she graduated. There was also prom in May. Chloe desperately wanted to ask Adonis to be her date. She had no idea if he’d say yes but she really hoped so.

The school week went by without much of anything. Through the Ignatius concerts Chloe had made new friends. Other girls who went to the shows were very jealous of her. She was seen as the favourite of Adonis and they called her a slut and other derogatory words. That was high school though, even if it was almost over. None of it bothered Chloe anyway. She adored the attention from the sexy singer. And she was totally willing to do anything for him. Anything at all. If it made her a slut, so what? Tirzah had a lot of fun with it and Chloe wanted in on that. Meeting Adonis changed many things for the teen. Now she was changing and she loved it.

On Saturday morning she drove to the location of the video. There was a sound truck parked nearby and several crew members. They were filming at a large house but there seemed to be a set up outside too. Adonis found her and handed her a cup of coffee. Chloe took a sip and followed the singer around.

“This all looks so professional,” she commented.

“Our record label has invested a lot in this. We’re on the cusp of major popularity. Our EP and first two albums have been bestsellers, the highest earning releases on the label. We also have a photoshoot for advertising, screen shots et cetera. If this video does well we’ll become the newest big act in the country. But if it fails, the label will lose a lot of money,” Adonis explained.

“Wow. I’m sorry, I never realized just how popular you were. I mean, the page has a lot of likes but…um,” Chloe paused.

“Don’t worry about it,” he replied, holding her hand. “I wanted you here because you’re special. To me. I may not be ready to commit to one serious relationship yet, but if I were I definitely would consider you. I admit I have the same feelings for Tirzah so it would be a choice.”

“Adonis, I-“Chloe began. She was interrupted by a crew member.

“All the band members are needed for make-up and wardrobe,” the man said.

“Alright. Chloe, we can take after if you wish,” the singer offered.


Sometime later, Chloe was in a dressing room alongside Tirzah. The copper-haired teen had told her friend about her conversation with Adonis. That was just before they were ushered in here. Both girls had their hair professionally styled. Their make-up was also applied for them. Looking in the mirror, Chloe thought they looked very hot. She hadn’t been given instructions for the video but she was ready to do anything. Her conversation with Adonis made her realize this was important to him. And so was she. The teen resolved to do whatever she could to make the video a success. She wasn’t sure how but she would try her best.

When Chloe and Tirzah left the dressing room, Adonis was by the sound truck. They guessed he was listening to how the song would sound in the video. It required different shots throughout the house so it was synced. The instruments were real but they wouldn’t be plugged in and the drums would barely be hit. Just like almost every video from the 80s. Still better than all the crappy modern pop music as far as Chloe was concerned. Her love interest was wearing a black headband(or possibly a bandana), a glittering robe, those trademark rock star leather pants and boots. She wanted to talk to him but was ushered off to wardrobe along with her bestie Tirzah.

“You know there’s a shower scene,” the redhead pointed out.

“Do we…have to be naked?” Chloe wondered aloud.

“Good question. It could easily make or break the video. And with both of us…well actually, it would go viral. We live in a really weird world where everyone is offended but sex still sells,” Tirzah explained.

“Enlightened wisdom from the mega-slut,” Chloe teased.

“I wouldn’t pay much attention to what I say. I only know about sex,” Tirzah said playfully.

The girls grabbed skimpy outfits to change out of easily for the nude scenes. Chloe wore spandex underwear and a silk top that barely covered her breasts. It was more of a bra, really. Tirzah grabbed a tight mini-skirt and a blouse that was very low cut. She glanced at her outfit and looked over Chloe’s. The redhead feigned a puzzled look.

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