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You have been away visiting your family and we have not seen each other in over a week. You are supposed to be home tonight and I am getting excited just thinking about being with you again. The house is all clean and everything is put in its place. I see you pull in the driveway and you seem to be in a hurry as you get out of the car. As soon as you get inside you tell me to follow you to the bathroom.

When we get into the bathroom you tell me to start the shower and get undressed. You are throwing your clothes on the floor as quick as you can get them off. We get into the shower as I try to ask you about your trip and all you will say is that you have not had an orgasm since you left. You wash yourself quickly and push me to the floor as the water rinses the soap away. Softly I kiss your pussy as you open your legs wider. You put your hands on my head and push me against your pussy. I slide my tongue over your clit and you moan softly then tell me to keep going. As my tongue rubs against your clit I slide my fingers inside you. Moving my fingers in and out of you I feel your clit getting harder as my tongue rubs against it. My fingers slide in and out over your G spot and I can feel the istanbul escort pressure building inside you. I put my lips around your clit and suck it as I rub inside you harder. My fingers move faster over your G spot as I suck harder on your clit. Your moans are becoming screams as you start shaking and your body tenses. You scream with pleasure as you spray our juices all over my face.

As you continue to tremble I stand and hold you up and we kiss passionately. You tell me that I have no idea how much you need that and we get out of the shower. We dry off and wrap the towels around us then go into the kitchen to make dinner. I get everything out to start cooking as you keep grabbing me and telling me that you need more. As I stand at the stove you pull my towel off of me and put your arms around me. You take my erection in your hand and slowly slide it up and down it. I ask you to stop and let me finish cooking. You laugh at me and continue to slide your hand up and down my erection as you get on your knees. As I try to move away from you your hand tightens around my erection and you pull me back to you. Putting your lips around avcılar escort my erection you gently suck it into your mouth. Not able to resist I grab your hair and begin to push my erection into your mouth as you suck it harder. My excitement builds as my erection is sliding in and out of your mouth. I begin to tremble as my passion builds. I erupt in a wonderful orgasm and almost collapse on the floor my knees are so weak.

As I get my strength back I pull you up and kiss you passionately. I as you if I can finally finish cooking and you laugh then tell me that you are a little hungry. I wrap my towel back around myself and finish cooking dinner. We sit at the table and you tell me about your visit with your family. Looking at you with the towel around you as we eat is getting me excited again. We finish eating and we put our dishes in the sink. Watching your butt wiggle as you carry dishes to the sink is making me crazy. You start to pick up another dish from the table when I pull your towel off of you. Placing my hand on your neck I push you down against the table. I place my erection against your pussy and slowly push it inside you. Holding you down against the şirinevler escort table I slide my erection in and out of you. Pushing into you harder your moans grow louder. The table is shaking as I push into you hard and you begin to tremble. Our excitement climbs higher as I keep you pinned against the table and push into you harder and harder. We start shaking and explode in a wonderful orgasm that rocks our bodies.

Letting you up we kiss passionately and we hold each other. We finish putting the dishes in the sink and go to take another shower. We get in the bathroom and get the water started. When we get in we begin to wash each other and gently touch as the hot water runs over us. My erection is raising again as you gently wash me. You put your arms around my neck and I lift you up as you wrap your legs around me. We kiss passionately as your breasts press against me. I feel your hard nipples pressing into my chest as I push my erection into you. As we kiss passionately I slide my erection in and out of you rubbing against your clit as I move around. Our passion and excitement are climbing higher as I push into you harder. Our bodies start to tremble and get weak from the pleasure. We explode in a beautiful orgasm with stars streaking through our minds.

Totally exhausted from our passion and pleasure we get out of the shower and dry each other off. We go get in bed and I slide up behind you. I put my arm over you and hold your breast and kiss the back of your neck as we slowly fall asleep

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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