Cruise Steam Room Experience

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It was a rainy day on the cruise ship and after a romp with the wife, I decided to go to the sauna. I go up to the spa. Strip down to a towel and head back to the sauna. After a few minutes of relaxing another guy pops his head in and decides to join me. He goes and strips down and returns with a towel. After some small talk we realized that we had shared the steam room earlier that morning.

Out of the corner of my eye I can tell he is sporting an erection under his towel. It was pointing straight up toward the ceiling. He was touching himself through the towel. I started casually doing the same. I wondered if he might be thinking the same as I was thinking. I had never experienced anything like this before. With very little steam in the sauna there wasn’t much cover. He stands up from the bench and said he was going back to the steam room.

I said “I was just thinking the same thing.” I sat there for a minute so it didn’t look like we went together.

When I opened the door to the steam room, I was surprised to see another man in there as well. He sat naked only covering his cock with his towel. This edged both of us to be allot looser with our towels. After a few minutes the naked man stood up, wrapped himself and left.

At this point, my sauna friend removed casino oyna his towel and sat naked with a stanch erection. He was around 5″ or 6″ long with plenty of girth . I am a little over 7″ myself and pretty thick with an erection.We both had one foot up on the bench and were really starting to sweat. I remember sweat dripping from my fingertips as I rested my wrist on my knee. I notice that he is slipping in strokes quite often.

I open my towel and expose myself. He wets the tip of his fingers and transfers the saliva to his penis. Now he is actively stroking .

I told him that he didn’t have to hide it and if felt good, do it. He lowered his foot from the bench now giving me a full view. I lowered mine doing the same.

He ask if I was married and I told him I was.

I ask him the same question and he replied with the same answer.

I said “That doesn’t mean I don’t jack off.”

He said “Or more.” I said “Maybe.”

We sat stroking watching each other. He ask me “Need some help with that?”

I replied “Sure.” He slid closer and began stroking my cock and massaging my balls.He was mumbling something as he did but I couldn’t really hear him. Steam rooms can be quite noisy.

Then he ask me if he could taste it . I told him “Sure.”

He canlı casino laid down on the bench as I was leaning back in the corner and tells me to watch the door. He takes my cock in his mouth and starts to go to town while massaging my balls.

I am watching the door but enjoying the attention he is giving my dick. I am pretty sure this wasn’t his first time judging by skill level that he was demonstrating.

He encircled my cock around the base with his fingers. He twist the base swirling his tongue all over my penis. My cock was not fully erect as I had just had sex with my wife an hour earlier. It still felt awesome and allowed him to take the entire member in his mouth;

It is really starting to feel good when I see the down open! I tap him and sits up quickly and I drape my towel over my cock. Not sure if it was the thrill of almost getting caught , and by the way… and I have a feeling that we did or if it was the sweet blowjob, but my cock explodes as quick as I drape the towel over me. Remember I had just had sex with my wife not an hour earlier. I am not sure if he even knew I came.

At this point, we thought the guy was coming back but he never did. That is why I think he saw us. He actually draped his towel around him and went out to kaçak casino look.

When he returned he put his towel in front of him and starts to jack off quickly. His fat cock swells under his grip. I too am stroking mine even after cumming twice in an hour and a half!

I question now why I did not touch him or maybe take him in my mouth. I think I was just in awe of the moment…dazed even. It just all seemed so surreal. I am no stranger to anal play but only with Aneros or similar devices. I have experienced prostate orgasms therefore if I were gay, I would be the bottom. Since this new discovery, my curiosity has certainly been aroused.

By this point he is on his knees facing me furiously jerking his cock. His body is tense and his breathing is heavy. He whispers “I am going to cum!” as four or five ropes shoot from his swollen member into the towel!

He covers himself up, looks at me and said “Are you good?”

I nod yes. He wraps himself in his cum splattered towel and heads to the showers.

I sat there for a minute thinking what the fuck just happened. After a few, I head to showers as well . I meet him the hall and he tells me it’s all clear.

We shower, get dressed and leave. All of a sudden I realize we don’t even know each other’s name. I did not see him the rest of the cruise.

We returned from the cruise the next day. I jacked myself off seven times that afternoon and evening reliving the event. Three of which were when I was writing this…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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