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I had a crush. We all do. This crush was like no other. The girl–a perfect ten.

Jet black hair that glistened in the sunlight. A captivating smile. Luscious tan skin with a pair of perfectly toned legs which were put on display in the summertime when she wore tight jean shorts.

If I could just spend some time with her… If she just knew how I felt about her… If… These thoughts whizzed through my head like cars on the freeway, but I never had the courage to talk to her. She never knew how I felt. All I could do was admire from afar. Until recently…

I happened to bump into her at the grocery store. I recognized her, and surprisingly, she recognized me too. We were in the same college class and we hadn’t seen each other for a long time. We spent some time catching up, shooting the breeze, and all the while, I was building up the courage to finally ask her out. A dinner. A movie. Anything. As we were saying goodbye, I finally just blurted out, “Hey how about dinner tonight?” With a surprised pause, and looking at me with a shy grin, she said she’d love to.

Phew. Wasn’t so hard after all.

She arrived later that night and I had cooked a perfect dinner with a chocolate dessert to top it off. She walked in the room in a black dress, which exposed enough to give casino oyna you a peek of reality, but covered enough to make your imagination run wild on what you were missing. The combination of her perfume, her velvet-smooth legs glistening as if she stepped out of a sauna, and her bright red lipstick accentuating her silky lips and flawless smile was enough to make any man fall to his knees. I simply stared, open-mouthed for half a minute before I said a barely understandable, “Hello, hey.” She just smiled.

I brought a couple glasses of wine to sip as we sat on the couch and caught up some more. Her voice was as soothing as warm honey tea. I just sat and admired. Her legs were crossed, and periodically she’d dangle her high heel off her foot and rub down her leg as she spoke providing an ultimate tease. She knew I was looking… and liking. It was almost time for dinner, and as I was describing the main course she put her hand on my upper thigh causing me to stop. “Let’s just skip to the dessert,” she said softly.

She looked directly into my eyes, piercing me with her bright blues, as she bit her bottom lip. She moved her hand up my thigh onto my chest, pressing me back against the couch as she climbed over me. “What do you say,” she asked. All I could do was nod, and whisper, “Sure.” canlı casino I moved my hands up her silky legs, which were softer to the touch than they looked. Our tongues began to flirt. She removed one of the shoulder straps of her dress, hinting me to do the other one. Still tonguing, she lowered her dress enough to expose her breasts.

I made my way down, kissing her neck, clavicle, chest, and finally started caressing her breasts first with my palms, then my tongue. She tossed her head back and let out a deep breath, and soft purr. Meanwhile, she began to undo my belt and zipper. She grabbed my head and leaned it back against the couch as she made her way down to my sweet spot.

She licked the tip while stroking it, causing me to breath heavy. It was an incredible feeling. She began to suck, moaning and thoroughly enjoying it. She took off the rest of her dress, exposing a bright pink pussy. She grabbed my head and motioned for me to go down on her. I licked and dug my tongue into her wet pussy, as she let out low moans grabbed the back of my head tighter each second. She made her way back on top of me on the couch and began riding me slowly. My hands worked up and down her perfect stomach, and soft tits. The sound of breathing and rubbing skin filled the quiet apartment.

I kaçak casino lightly pulled her hair back and slowly poured the remaining wine in my glass down her chest. The wine reflected the dim lights, and as it made her way down her body, it seemed as if she was glowing. I couldn’t help but admire her perfection as her chest rose and fell with each deep breath.

She got off me, and took me by the hand into the kitchen. She layed, spread out, on the kitchen table and motioned for me to come close. I grabbed the chocolate sauce that I had used for the dessert and trickled some over her chest and down her thighs. She layed back and smiled as I enjoyed my evening dessert. I wrapped her legs around me and picked her up. I held her up against the fridge and firmly slid my dick in and out of her, enjoying her long, tapering moans with each thrust.

I put her back down and bent her over the table. She let out a deep breath, and loud moans as I worked her from the back. Her back was glistening from the sweat, emphasizing her toned physique. I was closing in on a climax. I pulled out and she came to her knees, massaging my dick with her tongue. My eyes rolled back into my head as she sucked me into a tremendous orgasm. She quietly moaned as she swallowed my load and looked up at me smiling. I couldn’t help but smile myself. I was finally able to have my dream girl.

She looked into my eyes again, and with a soft kiss on the lips and a sly smile said, “Let me know the next time you go grocery shopping.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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