D. A. Dad

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Tammy and I had been out drinking and having no luck meeting guys. Sure, a few creeps came up and tried their lame pick up lines. And, occasionally some very handsome guy would hit on us but we could tell by the ring line on his finger that he was some married man just looking for action on the side. Tammy and I weren’t interested in being someone’s mistress.

We didn’t mind one night stands but not at the expense of some other woman. Anyway, things were not looking good but we were getting smashed. Before we knew it we were discussing how horny we were. I told Tammy I couldn’t believe that she, at least, had not found someone being as gorgeous as she was.

She was gorgeous, too. If there were any girl I would be willing to try a lesbian experience with it would be Tammy. Her boobs were at least 46dd’s and her ass was very large and firm with the cheeks making a perfect heart shape. Her long blonde hair went over half way down her back and she had cool blue eyes with large full lips on her 21 year old body. Of course, she thought that I was the one who deserved to have found a nice guy to take home.

I guess I am no dog as I am 5’5” and weigh 140 pounds just like Tammy. I do get whistles when I wear my more revealing clothing. My boobs are actually bigger than Tammy’s at 48DD; which I thought might actually be too big. My butt, on the other hand, is actually smaller by a bit than Tammy’s and, in contrast, I have deep brown eyes and long black hair which is all the way down my back.

So, you see, Tammy and I almost never had trouble finding a nice guy to go home with. After about three hours of downing drinks one after another we were getting pretty silly and giggly. I saw a hooker come in with a john and I leaned over to Tammy and whispered, “We could do that.”

“We could do what, Annie?” my friend asked in amazement.

“We could pretend to be hookers and get paid for sex.”

“What the fuck are you suggesting?”

“Well, only nerds and married men have hit on us, right, Tammy?”

“Right, but what the fuck has that got to do with anything?”

“Well, we both want to get fucked but want no strings attached with the assholes here. What better way to have no strings than a cash transaction, and the guy gets his fuck and we get our fuck plus some spending cash,” I said justified a crazy idea. A slight smile came to Tammy’s face and we began discussing all of the problems as we downed more drinks. Finally we came to the decision to try it, but decided to leave the bar and go to a street where the higher price hookers hung out. When we got there the other girls did not make us welcome and shoved us down the street out of the prime location.

We decided to make do. And, to our surprise with in five minutes two guys came up to us and asked our prices. After a minute of negotiating we took their money and they slapped handcuffs on us. They were undercover vice cops. So much for the life of a prostitute! The ride to the police station was silent, neither Tammy nor I knew what to say. They took us in and booked us which I never want to go through again. Then they put us in a room together and told us that the D.A. would be in to talk with us.

Through the window of the room I saw the back of a man in a suit as he walked over to a cop and got some paperwork which he didn’t even look at. The next thing I know the door opens and I find myself looking at my dad. Yes, I knew he was a D.A. but when you are downing Tequila Sunrises you tend to forget that little fact.

Besides, what are the chances in a big city that the D.A. assigned to my case would be my own dad? Apparently, the chances were better than I figured. His jaw dropped to the floor as he stammered around for a couple of minutes. When he got back his composure Tammy and I explained how it had basically been a dare and convinced him that we had never done this before and never would again. He told us to sit tight as he left the room.

We saw him talking to several other people presumably cops and a couple of other guys who probably were other D. A.’s. We saw them laughing and knew it was about these stupid 21 year old casino oyna girls who tried slutting. After what seemed an eternity in which everyone on earth had been told our story my dad finally came back to the little room and said, “Annie and Tammy, as a personal favor to me the charges will be dropped against you girls.”

“Thank you daddy,” I said running over to hug him. Tammy thanked him as well.

“You won’t think thank you after I finish with the two of you. I’m taking the rest of the evening off so I can take you LADIES home. Now, come on let’s go,” he said gruffly. We timidly followed him from the station with our eyes down so we didn’t have to look at anyone. All three of us sat in silence on the way to the apartment Tammy and I shared. When we got there dad had us sit on the couch and scowled as he opened up his briefcase and took out a video tape, you two idiots could have been seriously hurt or killed out there tonight. I want to deal with each of you one at a time. So, while I am making my point with one of you the other will watch this tape about the evils of prostitution. Do you understand?”

We shook our heads yes as dad walked over to the VCR and put the tape in. He motioned for Tammy to come with him and took her back to her bedroom. Just as the door shut the title of the movie appeared, it was “Emmanuelle.” I wondered if dad had brought the wrong tape but wasn’t about to interrupt his talk with Tammy. So, I sat back and enjoyed some good porn. About half way into the film I was getting thirsty so I got up to get a drink.

As I came back from the kitchen curiousity got the better of me and I walked to Tammy’s room and listened at the door. I couldn’t understand how my dad could talk to Tammy this long. But, as I listened it became clear, as I heard my dad growling at Tammy, “Bitch you like my cock up your mother fucking ass don’t you?!”

I heard his hand slap her ass as she answered, “Yes sir fuck this little bitch’s fucking asshole. Please sir, fill me with your cock, damn it.” I ran back to the living room not wanting to be caught but happy that Tammy was getting her fuck and wondering what was in store for me.

As I watched the rest of the movie I pondered the situation. I resigned myself to a very long talk after Tammy had all of the fun. After all, Dad could not fuck me I am his daughter. The longer I sat there the more I hoped my 6’2” 195 pound father with his salt and pepper hair and green eyes to go with his very muscular body would give to me what Tammy was getting; it was only fair.

My dad had great timing as they emerged from her room just as the last credit rolled. He put his finger over his lips for us to be quite as he went over to rewind the VCR. Other than her hair being a little mussed you couldn’t tell what Tammy had just been through. With the tape back at the beginning dad pressed play and signaled for me to come with him to my room. Nervously I followed him to my fate.

As soon as he closed the door he bellowed, “Annie you stupid bitch that was the dumbest thing you have ever done. Since you want to find out what it is like to be a whore I will show you damn bitch. You will be my whore.”

He took out his wallet and threw $100 on the nightstand. Marching across the room he grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me over to the bed and slammed me into it. He grabbed me by the ankle and pulled on me until my feet were dangling off the edge and reach down to my feet and yanked off my shoes I couldn’t explain it but I was getting very turned on by the whole situation. I didn’t know what turned me on the most the roughness, the fact that he had just fucked my best friend, or the incest we were about to commit. All I knew for sure was my pussy was soaking wet with my juices. Next, he grabbed the waist band of my skirt and ripped it off revealing my passionate purple silk panties as he growled, “Whore, sit up you damn fucking bitch.”

I obeyed his direction quickly. I found myself looking directly at his belt buckle. He grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head so that I was sitting in just bra and panties. Finding my hands he grabbed them and put them canlı casino on his belt and continued, “Now, bitch do what whores do! Suck my fucking cock cunt.”

His cock had made an enormous bulge in his pants. While I was excited about sucking it, it was also a bit intimidating I wasn’t sure I could handle the monster prick dad appeared to have. In a flash I got his belt and then his pants undone and shoved them down his legs. He quickly kicked them the rest of the way off. It was then I realized that he hadn’t put back on his shoes and socks after fucking Tammy. His dick was even bigger than it had appeared through his pants. I took his manhood in my hands and tenderly caressed it cooing, “Sir, you have a beautiful cock.”

“Shut up bitch, get busy sucking me you fucking slut.” The growl was gone from his voice as he appeared to be softening a little. Taking a deep breath I razed his rod to my mouth and stuck my tongue and swirled it around the head. I could taste Tammy’s cum on it causing a shiver in my pussy. Then I parted my lips and let the monster in. I reached around dad and jabbed a finger into his tiny asshole causing him to flinch. I swallowed hard as I let all nine inches invade my hungry mouth. Before long he was fucking my mouth hard and fast as he used my hair to pull my mouth over the length of his member. I was a woman on a mission so I stuck my finger deeper and sucked harder as my head was bobbing wildly. I wanted his cum and wanted it now. My wish was soon granted as suddenly flood after flood of his seed barreled into my throat.

He pushed my face away as I licked my lips Then he fell on top of me and kissed me passionately. It had been a long time since I had a kiss this passionate. Quickly he moved his mouth to my ear before working his way down my neck and shoulder. He slipped his hand under my back and unfastened my bra as he kissed down my upper chest. . I saw him grab for the strap between my boobs so I knew what he was going to do so I raised my hands in front of me so that with his one good yank the bra flew off and my dad’s lips found my breasts.

You would swear my dad was a starving man the way he proceeded to devour both orbs and suckle on my nipples. He was moving uncontrollable from one melon to the other. I couldn’t help myself and ground them in his face and yelled, “Daddy, Fuck yes, daddy suck your girl’s boobies, shit yes.”

A virtual river was flowing in my pussy now. Both of Dad’s hands were now hard on my boobs as he moved his mouth southerly stopping at my belly button. He swirled his tongue into my innate and licked and sucked there for a moment before moving along. Kissing down to the waist band of my panties he declared, “You smell fantastic, Now you little cunt bitch you are going to get what you were out there asking for!”

“Oh yes, daddy give it to me, my pussy want you daddy. My pussy is yours.” As I said this I raised my hips as dad ripped my panties off and threw them aside. He carefully spread my legs getting a good look at my cunt and moved a hand to my bush and opened my lips.

“Annie, it is fucking beautiful. I love your sexy hairy bush,” and with that he dove in and buried his face in my snatch. Boy, did he know how to eat cunt! His lips, teeth and tongue hit all of the right places as he gave my twat a wonderful workout. My pelvis was being tortured in the best way possible short of being fucked. Every time I didn’t think I could get any wetter another gush of my cream would come out for my father.

“Baby, please fuck me , oh daddy now fuck me now, I need your big cock inside of my slutty cunt now, FUCK ME please!”

“Will you be my whore, and no one else’s?”

“Oh FUCK YES DADDY; now please fuck your bad little girl?” Dad lifted his head from my twat with my cum still dripping from his chin. He laid down beside me and pulled me forcibly on top of him.

“You asked for it my little bitch whore, ride your daddy’s cock as I fuck the holy hell out of you.” His aim was true as he split my pussy open with one stroke of his massive tool. It hurt just a little at first as it had invaded so quickly but my cunt muscles adapted kaçak casino to his monster cock in short order. I decided to give him the ride of his life and rode him like a wildcat. My cunt walls contracted around his staff as tight as I could muster. He was slamming his pole into my gash as I frigged myself off. All the while his hands caressed my tits with an odd sort of tenderness. His eyes bulged wide open as if he couldn’t believe what was happening to him, he barely uttered, “oh fucking shit, oh Annie.”

“Come on daddy fuck your little girl. I want you’re cum in my hot steamy pussy. Oh god oh shit damn Fuck me.”

“Oh my baby slut Oh my gawd I’m cumming, you sweet little bitch.” I could feel shot after shot of his cum shoot into me. But, I wasn’t through with him yet as I continued to ride him. I didn’t stop until he was limp and fell out of my hole. I was exhausted as I collapsed on the bed beside him.

We rested a couple of minutes. Together we enjoyed the calm atmosphere that took over the room now that we had both been satisfied, or so I thought. Suddenly dad got up and walked to the hallway and called out, “Tammy, get your naked fucking ass back here to Annie’s room right now.”

I could hear Tammy coming down the hall at a jog and heard her stumble a time or two as she threw off an article of clothing. Dad met her at the door and ushered her over to the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and ordered her to clean my juices off of his flaccid cock. Tammy went down to her knees and buried her head in his crotch licking all over his balls, thighs and most of all his cock. Dad reached behind him and began squeezing my boobs as his cock tried to come back to life but had already had such a workout it only got about half hard.

Satisfied that Tammy had cleaned him thoroughly enough he stood up and helped her to her feet. Putting his arms around her they kissed passionately; then, turning to me he leaned down and gave me my own passionate kiss. Neither Tammy nor I were prepared for what he said next, “Tammy get your ass in that bed with Annie. I want to watch you two whores have sex with each other.”

At first, Tammy just stood there. Dad gave her a little shove and she fell on top of me. I must confess I loved the feel of our boobs being pushed together. It didn’t take long for our arms to wrap around one another and our tongues to passionately meet. I glanced up and dad was just taking it all in. Tammy and I were twisting and turning all over the bed. I never thought another woman’s tit could taste so good.

But, before long we were sixty-nining rolling all over the bed. We almost fell off twice. The taste of Tammy’s twat juice was the second best thing I had ever tasted, next to cum from a man’s prick. We explored one another for well over an hour. As we laid back we realized that dad was gone. He had left in the middle of us staging one of the most erotic lesbian coupling I could imagine. I couldn’t figure out how he could pull himself away but he explained later that he had to get home as his shift was over and my Mom would expect him and he didn’t want to have to explain his tardiness to her.

Tammy and I continued to explore our lesbian side over the next few days. But we are both very excited as dad called and said he wants to meet with each of us separately and then do a threesome in the next few days. I cannot wait to feel his big cock back in my cunt or maybe even in my asshole. Tammy said she loved the ass fucking and I must admit that I am jealous that dad didn’t ram my ass that night. I bet I get him in there next time. And, although Tammy and I both loved the treatment that dad had given us as his whores we decided to leave hooking to someone else; he had made his point that it could be dangerous on the streets.

Tammy just now came into the room after calling dad on his cell phone and they decided that on Thursday they would get together, Friday would be my turn, and on Saturday we would all three have fun together. I had always thought that having a District Attorney for a dad was a drag, but now I love it. I can’t wait until Friday night to stick my tongue way up his sweet little asshole and then vacuum all nine inches of that cock into my mouth. Oh my god I am so excited, “Tammy, get over here and eat my pussy. Yes, now please. Oh fuck, you eat me so good. Oh fucking shit, oh yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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