Desperate Times Ch. 03

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Lucy sat at the dinner table, shooting the occasional secret smile at her brother Rob as their mother fussed around the kitchen, putting dish after dish of food onto the table. Peter was due home any minute now after his long cross-country trip to visit his girlfriend, and their mom had prepared all his favorites.

“Rob, you’re in a good mood today,” their dad remarked when Rob was unable to keep a grin off his face. Lucy nudged his foot under the table, and Rob pressed his leg against his sister’s.

“I guess I’m just really excited to see Peter,” Rob replied, and Lucy almost laughed.

“Hey, I’m home!” Peter announced from the front of the house. Lucy’s heart kicked up as she heard him drop his duffle bag and walk into the kitchen.

“Welcome home, honey!” Their mother hustled over to hug Peter. He’d only been gone a few weeks, but she acted like he’d been away for a year.

“Hey, Mom,” Peter said with a grin. When she released him, he went to hug his Dad.

“Luce,” he said, walking over to his sister and kissing her on the forehead.

“Good to have you back,” she said, her cheeks slightly flushed.

“Hey, man,” Peter said, clapping Rob on the shoulder.

Rob gave him a similar manly slap on the back. “Nice to see you, Pete.”

Rob’s smile was genuine, but Lucy could see the concern in his eyes. He, too, must’ve been wondering how Peter’s return would affect his and Lucy’s relationship.

After the shower incident, Lucy and Rob had been sneaking into each other’s rooms almost every night. Sometimes they would just hold each other and kiss. Other times, hands would start to wander south. And sometimes, they would quickly and quietly fuck under the covers. The pleasure and intimacy was so nice, Lucy wouldn’t even allow herself to think deeper about the situation. She and her brother were helping each other get through a tough time, like family is supposed to do – that’s all.


“So, Peter, how’s Cara?”

Peter spent the majority of the dinner telling his family all about his girlfriend and how great the trip was. It was time they really needed together, Peter said. They were stronger than ever. Lucy was relieved to hear this, and she could tell Rob was, too. Clearly, Rob had no interest in sharing his sister again.

The three siblings all conversed normally, not a hint of awkwardness Lucy had been expecting with Peter. Why had she been so worried? He was still the same easy-going, sweet brother she’d known her whole life.

So when Lucy went up to her room later to relax, she wasn’t alarmed when Peter knocked on her door.

“Hey,” she said, putting her book down. “You look tired.”

“I’m beat,” Peter said with a dramatic exhale, coming into the room and perching himself on Lucy’s bed. “Between the driving and the time difference, I’m gonna sleep for three days.”

“Sounds nice,” Lucy replied. She paused before continuing. “So…things are good with Cara, then?”

“Yeah,” Peter replied with a nod. “Seeing each other and talking in person really helped. Well, that and the sex,” he added with a devilish grin.

Lucy rolled her eyes. “Yeah, I don’t need to hear about that.”

“She’d been just as horny as I was,” Peter said, his gaze casting downward. “We realized that as long as we’re so far apart, it’s not really realistic for us to be exclusive.”

Lucy’s heart rate increased. “Oh?”

“Yeah. We’re gonna keep things open for now,” Peter said. “Just until this shit is all over and we can be together again.”

Lucy nodded slowly. “I guess that makes sense.”

Peter nodded too. There was a moment of silence before he said, “So, did you and Rob fuck while I was gone?”

Lucy’s face instantly went tomato red. “Peter!”

“I’m going to take that as a yes,” he replied. “I knew something was up at dinner. I could sense it.”

“I…well, you know…” she mumbled, having no clue what to say.

He shrugged. “Hey, I’m not judging. Obviously, I’m in no position to.”

An awkward silence passed between them, and Peter got off the bed.

“Well, like I said, I’m exhausted. Night, Luce.”

Lucy opened her mouth to say goodnight, but before she could, Peter leaned in and gave her a big kiss on the mouth, his tongue tracing her bottom lip, teasing her.

And then he left, leaving Lucy sitting in bed, suddenly feeling unbearably, achingly hot.

Uh oh. It looked like Peter wasn’t quite done with her yet, and based on the fluttering between her legs, Lucy realized that maybe she wasn’t done with him yet, either.


The next few days passed without incident. Peter didn’t do anything romantic or sexual towards Lucy, and acted as if nothing had ever happened. He was back to being her perfect, favorite brother. It was nice. Lucy realized that despite her and Rob’s fun encounters, she really had missed Peter. She loved her brothers in different ways, and needed them both.

Rob and Lucy seemed to have an unspoken agreement not to try anything until things settled down. Neither knocked on the canlı bahis other’s door, and it had been a week since they’d last had sex. Lucy was getting antsy, so she knew Rob must be going out of his mind.

Rob seemed to be dealing with his frustration by hitting the gym a lot, which had begun to reopen at limited capacity. He liked to go late, when fewer people were there. And one night when he was there, Lucy was bored out of her mind. Her parents had gone to bed a while ago, so when she wandered downstairs, she found only Peter on the couch.

“I’m bored,” she said with a sigh.

“Same,” he replied, flicking off the tv.

“Wanna go in the pool?” Lucy asked, her breath catching a little as she realized this is the first time she and Peter would be totally alone – and half-naked, nonetheless. But she found herself drawn to pushing the boundaries, to see how much restraint Peter had, to see if he would try anything or not.

Peter stared at her for a minute before smiling and shrugging. “Sure. Let me get my suit on.”

The siblings went upstairs to change and when Lucy made it outside, Peter was already waiting for her, wearing nothing but his swim trunks. She stared, slack-jawed, at his toned chest and abdomen. Last time they hooked up, she hadn’t gotten a good look since they’d already been lying down in bed. Now, though…

“Cute bikini,” Peter said with a sly grin, gesturing towards Lucy’s tiny purple swimsuit, her breasts straining against the top, her ass hanging out of the bottoms. She’d picked it intentionally for Peter. ‘Cute’ wasn’t the word anyone would use to describe it, and Lucy knew Peter was playing with her. She saw the hunger in his blue eyes as he took in her curvy body.

Without another word, Peter stepped into the pool, wading slowly towards the deep end. Lucy took a deep breath and followed him, flinching slightly in the chilly water.

“So…” Lucy said once she was in all the way. She treaded water gently, a few feet from Peter. “Did you tell Cara…”

“…that I fucked my sister?” He suggested, cocking his eyebrow.

“That you were unfaithful,” Lucy clarified.

He paused before replying, “I did. I told her there was another girl, but it couldn’t ever go anywhere.”

“Right,” Lucy said softly. It acted as a harsh reminder that none of this could last for very long.

“She was upset, but she admitted she’d had a random hookup at some point, too.”

Peter’s words stung unexpectedly. “A random hookup,” Lucy repeated. “Is that what I was?”

Peter’s face fell and he ran a hand through his wet hair. “Shit, Luce, I didn’t mean it like that. You know I love you.”

“How do you love me, though?” She pressed, unable to make eye contact.

“I…I’m really not sure,” Peter admitted, swimming closer to her. “I love you like a sister. I want to protect you. I think you’re beautiful. I liked…”

“Fucking me?” Lucy suggested.

“Being that close to you,” Peter clarified. “You know me better than anyone. I’ve never felt that kind of connection with someone else.”

Lucy nodded. “I know exactly what you mean.” She swam a little closer until she was treading water right in front of her brother.

“You liked being with Rob better than me, didn’t you?” He asked, his voice a whisper.

Lucy had been so sure of that a week ago, but now, talking with Peter so candidly like this, she wasn’t positive anymore. She definitely liked Rob’s cock better, but she and Peter had a bond that Rob would never come close to.

“I…” No words came. Peter put his hands on Lucy’s waist and pulled her against him.

“It’s okay,” he murmured. Lucy nodded and threw her arms around Peter’s neck.

“This is all so confusing,” she said, her lips brushing his shoulder as she spoke.

Peter chuckled quietly. “You’re telling me. It threw me for such a loop that I bolted across the country.”

Lucy laughed at that, too.

“During that drive I had a lot of time to think,” Peter said. “And as fucking good as it felt, I realized that sex with you wasn’t just about pleasure.” His hand started to move up and down her back, stroking her comfortingly. Lucy continued to cling to her brother.

“Right,” she agreed. “We’re just so close. We care about each other so much, that we helped each other in the way we needed.”

“Yes,” Peter whispered, his lips against her neck now. He started to kiss her, and Lucy’s eyes fluttered shut as her brother sucked on her throat. She let out an involuntary moan, and she could feel Peter’s growing erection pressing against her thigh under the water.

“Do you think we could keep helping each other out?” Peter asked, his hands sliding down to cup Lucy’s ass. She wrapped her legs around Peter’s waist to hang on. “Or, do you just want that with Rob?”

When Lucy thought about it, she realized how absurd it would be to open her legs for one brother and not the other, when she loved them both. Peter’s request was so reasonable – it made so much sense. When it came down to it, she wanted him, too.

“I bahis siteleri want it with both of you,” Lucy finally responded, pressing her face into Peter’s neck. “Is that okay?”

“Of course it is,” Peter replied softly, kissing her temple in a very brotherly way. He began to wade back to the shallow end, his hands still squeezing Lucy’s ass. Peter backed her against the side of the pool and kissed her deeply, his tongue pushing past her lips. Lucy moaned into his mouth and twisted her tongue with her brother’s, running her hands across his hard chest. Peter began to buck his hips against Lucy’s, and she could feel him getting bigger by the second. Lucy was getting rather wet herself at the thought of how easy it would be for her brother to tug down her bikini bottoms and push inside her.

Peter’s hands traveled up Lucy’s torso and he reached under her top, squeezing her substantial tit. Lucy moved her hand down Peter’s hard abs and into his swim trunks, wrapping her hand around his shaft. She worried he’d feel small compared to Rob, but he didn’t. Rob was so big it was sometimes painful, but Peter’s size was just right.

“God,” Peter moaned, tearing his lips away from Lucy’s as she stroked him. “I love how your hand feels around me.”

“Well, you’ve got a really nice dick,” Lucy replied with a smirk as she pumped him. She ran her thumb across his head and Peter moaned again. “I still can’t believe I let you fuck my ass.”

“I can’t, either,” Peter replied, his fingers tweaking her hard nipple. “Cara’s never let me do that.”

“Well, anything for family, right?” Lucy asked. Peter laughed and kissed her hard again before suddenly releasing her tits and taking a step back from her. Lucy gave him a confused look, but Peter quickly spun her around. Lucy leaned against the edge of the concrete as Peter yanked down her bikini bottom and fished his dick out of his trunks. He rubbed his hardness up and down her round ass, and Lucy wiggled her hips in anticipation. She arched her back, sticking her butt out more so Peter would get the message.

He did. Without further ado, he positioned his tip at her entrance, and thrust up into his little sister.

“Ohhhh,” Lucy moaned, throwing her head back as Peter started to slowly fuck her. He grunted as he pumped into his sister, wrapping his arms tightly around her torso to hold her against him. One hand traveled upwards to grab onto her tit. Lucy’s forearms scraped across the concrete with every thrust, but she didn’t care. She closed her eyes and got lost in the feeling of Peter’s dick pounding into her.

“Fuck, Luce, you feel just as good as last time,” he growled into her ear, increasing his pace. Lucy leaned forward, resting her head onto her forearms, letting her brother take total control. She felt her orgasm building, and just when she thought she would come…

“Oh. Hey, Rob.”

Lucy’s eyes snapped open and she looked up to see her other brother standing on the patio in his gym clothes, staring at them. She tried to discern how he felt about catching them in the act, but his face was unreadable. Lucy opened her mouth to say something, but Peter’s hand suddenly found her clit, and all that came out was a loud moan as he simultaneously fingered her and rammed into her. Her eyes shut again as the orgasm overtook her.

“Mmmmm,” Peter grunted as he felt Lucy’s walls pulsing around him. He gripped her hips harder and drove into her with all his might. Recovering from her orgasm, Lucy looked up at Rob guiltily. She had no clue what to say to him. Sorry? It’s not like she cheated on him.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” Peter told Rob, his voice tight. Lucy could sense he was close. “Join us. Luce said she wants to keep fucking both of us.”

Rob finally made eye contact with Lucy. “Is that true?”

“Yeah,” she panted out, Peter’s dick somehow reaching even deeper inside of her.

Rob didn’t respond at first, and Lucy was sure he was upset…until he reached down and peeled off his sweaty t-shirt. Rob pulled down his gym shorts, and Lucy saw he was getting aroused at the sight of her and Peter going at it. Rob continued to strip, and once he was naked, he hopped into the pool. Lucy wasn’t sure what he was planning on doing, until Rob suddenly yanked Peter off of her. He made a yelp as he stumbled backwards, his dick sliding out of his sister. Rob wasted no time in positioning himself behind Lucy and thrusting into her. Rob’s muscles bulged and he still smelled like sweat from the gym. Lucy suddenly felt like they were wild animals, two alpha males fighting to mate with the one female.

“Damn, Rob,” Peter grumbled as he regained his balance. He gave Rob a shove. “You’re still not great with sharing, huh?”

“If you want to fight over her pussy, we can,” Rob commented as he slammed into Lucy. She whimpered softly as her pussy was now getting stuffed with an even bigger dick. “But we both know I’m bigger than you. In more ways than one.”

The remark clearly bothered Peter and he arched an eyebrow, but bahis şirketleri said nothing more to his brother. Instead, Peter pushed himself out of the water, sitting on the edge of the pool, his legs spread wide apart. He edged over and grabbed Lucy’s head, pulling her closer to his hard dick. She opened wide, wanting to please both of them so they’d stop bickering.

Lucy took Peter into her mouth, tasting herself on him as she bobbed up and down, sucking like a pro. Peter groaned and wound his fingers into her wet hair, while Rob continued to thrust hard into her. The movements propelled her forward, forcing Peter deeper down her throat.

“Uulkkk,” Lucy gagged loudly, once again skewered by her brothers and completely at their mercy. She reached out and grabbed Peter’s balls, squeezing gently as her throat got fucked. She was slobbering all over his dick, saliva dripping from her lips onto the concrete.

“Jesus, Luce,” Peter moaned as she played with his balls. “I’m gonna cum.”

Lucy braced herself for her brother to shoot his load down her throat, but at the last minute, he pulled her head off his shaft. Peter gave himself a few frantic tugs and then he came, ropes of cum shooting across Lucy’s face. Surprised, she gasped, and a few drops landed on her full lips while the rest splattered across her eye and cheek.

“Uhh, uhh, uhh,” Rob grunted loudly into Lucy’s ear, his grip on her body vice-like as he frantically fucked her. And as Lucy got pounded by one brother while wearing the cum of the other, she felt another orgasm building deep inside her. After a few more thrusts from Rob, a second wave of pleasure washed over her and she cried out.

“FUCK,” Rob yelled, and he shot his load deep inside his sister, his thrusts short and quick as he came.

Eventually, his movements slowed, and the three of them stayed there in silence, all catching their breath.

Slowly, Rob pulled out of Lucy and turned her limp body around so she faced him.

“Shit,” he said as he took in her cum-smeared face. “She looks so good like this, Pete.”

“I know,” he agreed, the tension from their little argument suddenly gone. “I’m getting hard again just looking at her.”

Lucy resisted the urge to wipe the spunk off her face, wanting to maintain the peace between her brothers.

“Why don’t you come on me next, Rob?” Lucy suggested. She moved her hands up to the ties on her bikini top and pulled at the strings. “Maybe on my tits?”

Peter let out a low whistle.

“Yes, we’re doing that,” Rob said quickly, peeling the top off Lucy completely.

“Okay, but how…” Lucy’s trailed off when her brothers sprung into action, seemingly both on the same page. Peter reached down and lifted her out of the pool, laying her back gently on the concrete, her legs still dangling in the water. Rob moved to the steps, stroking himself back to his full hardness as he got out of the pool. Peter hopped back in and moved between Lucy’s legs, fingers probing at her sensitive pussy lips.

“Oooohh,” Lucy moaned, squirming under her brother’s touch.

“Just lie back and relax, Luce,” Peter murmured as he pushed two fingers inside her. She did as she was instructed, closing her eyes and getting comfortable. Lucy felt Rob come over and she peeked up at him, watching him kneel beside her as he kept pumping his shaft. She could feel Peter’s cum drying on her face.

Suddenly, Peter removed his fingers from her pussy and leaned forward, putting his mouth against Lucy’s hot entrance.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, twisting her hips as her brother’s tongue darted inside her. Lucy heard Rob grunting as he continued to jack off as she got eaten out. Rob suddenly leaned forward, rubbing the tip of his dick against Lucy’s closed lips, rubbing his pre-cum around. Lucy parted her lips and stuck out her tongue, and Rob moved his whole shaft across it. Once that was coated in saliva, Rob put his balls against Lucy’s mouth. She dutifully licked them.

“Fuck,” Rob breathed. “You’re incredible, Luce.”

All Lucy could do was moan against her brother’s balls as Peter’s tongue continued to tease her, while he used his face to press against her clit. She started bucking her hips against Peter’s face, and his fingers dug into her thighs as he kept eating her out.

Rob reached down and started grabbing at Lucy’s luscious tits with one hand, the other still pumping his huge dick. “I’m close,” he choked out.

Lucy nodded and pushed her tits together, making a more tantalizing target for Rob. Peter increased the pressure on her clit and was lapping at her pussy like a dog. Lucy knew she was going to come again, and after thrusting against her brother’s face a few more times, she did.

“UHHHhhhh Peter…” she cried out, contorting against him as she came. At the sight of his little sister coming, Rob let out a strangled grunt and came as well, aiming for Lucy’s perfect tits. Lucy watched as her brother’s load spurted all over them, a giant glob of cum landing right on her nipple. He kept furiously pumping himself until there was nothing left.

Exhausted, Lucy laid back on the concrete, her arms splayed out. She couldn’t believe she was buck naked outside, covered in both her brothers’ seed like a complete slut.

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