Educating Laura Ch. 05

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Laura has been living and working on a summer campsite for ten weeks. Initial loneliness resulted in phone calls to her college neighbour Richie, who visited and unexpectedly offered sex. Laura got to know two other camp staff, Andy and Alison, who had worked together for a year, but have only just got together and agreed to live together — Ali recently broke up with their female boss. Last week, Richie manipulated Andy into joining him and Laura for a threesome.

It’s now the last night on site, with all other staff and children gone. Richie has pointed out to Ali that Laura is bisexual and seems to respond to dominance, which he doesn’t know anything about but has heard that Ali does. Andy has also recommended the idea to Ali. This being Britain, they’ve gone off to the pub while all thinking about this potential foursome.

Note: this chapter contains a fair bit of gentle, fully consensual, BDSM and also plenty of same-sex contact. If you only like vanilla heterosexuality please go read my stories ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘Homesick Halloween’, and ignore all of my others, and we’ll all be happier.


“Easy on the drink,” Ali warned the rest of us, ordering a diet Coke with her meal and accepting Pepsi.

I nodded. Apart from anything else, I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. Not that way.

Richie didn’t object, but Andy gave Ali a stern look. “Dinnae fash yersel’, hen. I won’t be having too many, but it’s for me I’m doing it, not because anyone’s telling me.”

Andy never took ‘telling’ well. Sam never seemed to learn that.

Luckily, Ali seemed to have the measure of him. “Not ordering you, babe. Merely a recommendation. Mostly aimed at them two.” She waved a thumb.

“Why? I asked. Richie stayed impassive, as usual.

“You’re younger, I don’t know you. And you don’t want anyone too plastered for getting… hands-on, right, love?”

I supposed so. I got the impression Andy would be focused on Ali — though if she were focussing on me — oh, dear! Perhaps it was as well I’d never see them again after tomorrow?

Nature called, so I went upstairs to the Ladies. Two wobbly cubicles. I emerged to wash my hands, when Ali walked in.

“Wait up. I’ll be out in a minute,” she said.

She washed her hands, then perched on the unit surrounding the wash basin, looking down to me.

“No-one else in here, right? Good. Tell me. What have you done before?”

In case I was doubting the intent of her question, she beckoned me forward, then pulled my face to hers — only a couple inches for me to reach up — and planted a firm kiss just to the side of my mouth, as if daring me to turn and put my mouth on hers.

I’ve always been up for a dare.

Her mouth was firmer than I’d expected, not at all tentative nor scared. When she wrapped her legs round me, I held her warm, feminine, body close.

We only snogged for a few seconds, well aware someone could come in at any minute. She pushed me away with an approving grin.

“Not your first, then?”


“How many?”

I shrugged. “Half a dozen if we’re talking kissing, if you mean getting seriously down and dirty, then, three? Well. Two. Two good ones. One quite a number of times…” Only once, for the other.

“And a bad one?” She was sympathetic.

“Not bad as such… Just not up for getting very dirty, it turned out. Sweet and nice kissing and cuddling, but not up for any…” I gestured getting a hand up between a girl’s legs.

Ali grinned, clearly totally approving of my desires. “I like you.”


“I want to do bad things to you.”

“Um… maybe good? What sort of things?” I asked in trepidation.

Ali jumped back down to the floor, still with her manic pleased smile. She tucked a wisp of my hair back behind my ear. “Lots. Depends what you’re up for. I mean, obviously, I want to see you naked and aroused and eventually screaming my name as you come…”

I tried to look as nonchalant as she was aiming for. “I could go along with that.”

“Fab.” That was sarcastic. “Richie and Andy would be watching, of course. Seeing you all shameless. Or joining in. Oh, the choices!”

She shook her head, mock-sadly. My face started to burn.

“Look at you, getting all red and embarrassed. So you should be. I bet you need teaching a lesson. See how red you can go. Oh! I bet your arse would go a beautiful red!” She lowered her voice, not that anyone had come in, just to enhance the conspiratorial mood. “Have you ever been spanked? As an adult, I mean? Or anything like that?”

My cheeks crimsoned.

“Oh! You have! Do tell…”

Such a seductive voice.

“A bit… One guy did a little, then Richie…”

I took a deep breath. How could I explain how Richie made me feel it was OK to have some of the deep dark desires I’d never told anyone about?

She encouraged me to keep talking.

“I mean, he tried a bit of spanking me, but said he’d need to research more before going any further.”

“He’s a horribly sensible chap.”

“Mm. kaçak iddaa But what he did do…” I took a deep breath. At least my face couldn’t go any redder. “He held me down. By my hair. Or by sitting on my legs. Made me put my hands down by my sides, keep them there…” What else had really got me hot? “Told me I was a good girl…”

“A good girl and a filthy slut, I hear! Andy was ever so impressed.”

I put my hands over my face, then tried rinsing with cold water.

“Submissive as well as a masochist. You are a treasure!” She put her arm round my shoulder, hugging. “Just as well I didn’t know earlier in the summer. The temptation, babes… We’d best get back. To get started! Do you know anything about sub-dom stuff?”

“I’ve read 19 and Cosmo and More! and some Forum. That’s it. Theoretical knowledge only, really. I mean, do I choose a safeword now?”

“If you want,” Ali dismissed the need. “I like ‘safeword’, myself. Communicating in plain English. Words like ‘no’ and ‘stop’ will be taken at face value. Seriously.”

She continued, “And I’ll be watching you. If you’re not a writhing gibbering mess under me, all gasping and unable to speak, I’m doing something wrong, babe.”

The image struck me forcefully. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than to be panting, coming, beneath her.

Ali went on, “So I’ll be watching closely, figuring if you’re OK. If you want to get into stuff where you really don’t want me to stop until … a much higher threshold is reached, we’ll need to get to know each other much better, babes. I’d need to know what your happy cry looks like, your ‘too much’ face, your nervous excited moan, and I’d need to recognise the noises you make when you get turned off…”

I must have looked confused at her last point. She continued, “Submission is all about your own associations, pet. You like being called a filthy slut, yeah?”

I was struck dumb for a moment, then made the smallest nod I could.

“Yeah. Girls usually do. Breaking out of all those chaste good-girls-don’t expectations. What about… ‘useless cunt’?”

I winced. “I don’t mind ‘cunt’, as in the body part.”

“Exactly. I mean, some people use it all friendly, like ‘pal’. Andy used to say “all right, cunt?” in the mornings, but had to train himself not to use the word down South, you can imagine how it went down… So you don’t want real insults. Self-worth needs to be nurtured, right love?”

“I guess.” She was right.

Ali mused, “It seems to be a male thing, wanting a domme to tell them they are a disgusting ugly worm, with a tiny penis. Whether true or not.”

I grimaced.

“Whereas you, babe, are gorgeous. I can’t wait to get you naked.”

She looked me up and down with such glee, I laughed.

“Only in private. Just you guys, right?”

“Sure. Just in the tent. Why?”

She’d caught my facial expression. I explained how Richie had helped me wash my hair in the field, then the rest of my body, while it turned out Andy had been watching.

“Mm. Lucky him and Andy! And you finally got Andy last week, I hear. Was he good?”

“Oh, yeah! Have you not found out for yourself, this afternoon, or, no, earlier?”

“Last weekend? We just talked, loads. Now? Played with each other a bit, shared his bed. We’ll fuck soon enough. Maybe even tonight, while you and Rich get it on.”

Two couples, one large tent. Why not?

“Or I might postpone the pleasure while Andy fucks you, just gazing at my marks on your sore arse…”

I tried not to think about that — I’d become even more of a gibbering mess. “What about you and Richie?”

“What about him? I mean, nah, I don’t think so. He can be my glamorous assistant, helping me hurt you and building up that anticipation…”

The door creaked open. “Come on, babes, let’s finish our drinks and wander home.”

I’d never considered that square white-canvas tent home, but as a place where I was completely accepted, a home, it featured in many of my future dreams.

The four of us left the pub, ambling along the road which became an unlit unsurfaced track. We put our head-torches on. It was a reflex reaction, by now.

It was also easier to speak of embarrassing stuff, in the dark.

Ali took my hand, pulling me ahead of the others. She hissed in my ear. “Tell me you want it, babes. Submit to me for the night. Obeying my perverted whims and dark filthy lusts…” She abandoned the gothic tone. “I’ll stop whenever you want. But I hope you’ll like it.”

“I hope so.”

“I want to make it good for you too,” she promised. “You liked fucking Rich and Andy, right?”


“Going down on women?”

“Well. Some women…”

“Mischievous brat. So need a spanking. No, not punishment. I don’t do punishment. I just discipline because I want to. I think a sore red arse would really suit you… Pretty… Might have to find some other objects to beat you with — where’s a long cane when you need one? Oh, don’t worry — just a little bit — not like old-fashioned school canings!” She shrugged. “Unless it turns kaçak bahis out you’re into that. Anyway. Add to the to-do list, you eating me out. You’ve got cute sensitive breasts, I hear.”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Does she ever!”

It was a chorus from the guys behind us, who had caught up again.

“Mm. I guess you won’t want to right now, so as soon as we’re in the big tent, I want you to get your top off.”

I swallowed. “OK.”

Ali smiled. “I don’t expect to be called Mistress or anything — unless you want to — but just remember to show a bit of respect, eh?”

Richie coughed, the hypocrite.

“Yes, ma’am?” I felt myself becoming aroused just saying it.

“That will do nicely. You’re doing good, babe. Right. What’s totally off-limits, so we don’t try going there?”

“Tickling.” It was my number one fear, if I let anyone tie me up.

“Got that, guys?” They grunted.

“OK. Asphyxiation?”


“Thought so. I’ll run through a list, what I can remember… Alphabetical, A… Anal?”

I couldn’t tell from her smile what answer she might hope for. Honesty was the only way.

“I’ve never had the chance… Only a finger.”

“Was hoping to have her that way once we had a bed,” Richie interrupted.

“His finger, was it? Cute. May have to show me. Um. Blow jobs?”

“What about them?”

“Do you do them?”

Andy and Richie laughed.

“I’ll take that as a yes. I think we can predict you’ll be doing more tonight, little slut-girl.”

I nodded again.


“Oh!” I gasped. It was involuntary.

“You like? You want to be tied up, restrained? Helpless, no escape?”

My throat was dry. Admitting it seemed impossible. I whispered, “Yes. Please.”

“Oh, good.”

“You don’t have any cuffs with you, do you?” Andy said.

“No. But there’s all the rope from the climbing kit, not to mention harnesses, karabiners… I can improvise, I’m sure.”

I exhaled, imagining how a climbing harness might be repurposed.

“Yeah, I think we can introduce you to bondage all right! I might do a shibari rope harness even — orange neon would look OK against your skin. Hm…the knots might be too big with the thick rope, though. We’ll see. And we’ve got belts. And clothes. More clothesline…”

“Don’t get too carried away with your fantasising, hen.” Andy had moved to her side and took her hand.

“You’re not very kinky, are you, love?”

Andy shrugged. “I’m happy watching any naked women. Bare ladies moaning and screaming, what’s not to like?”

“A bound naked lass, giving you a hands-free blow-job?” Ali queried.

“I could cope with that.” He gave me a wolfish grin.

I smiled, shyly. “I’ve not done one without my hands.”

“First time for everything,” Ali said briskly. “Right. There’s the field!”

“I’ll put some water on to heat,” Richie said.

“Wanting a cuppa already?” Andy was surprised.

“No. Just thinking some of us might want to wash — or be washed…”

My eyes closed and mouth opened at the idea of my being washed in preparation for… I didn’t know what.

“Exactly,” he said smugly.

“Go for it. Right. Laura. Oh, Laura, Laura, Laura… Hm. We’re going to need bedding,” Ali mused.

“On it,” Andy said.

“Laura. Are you ready to submit to me, for the night. Next couple hours, anyhow?”

“I… I think so? Ma’am.”

“Good! Good girl. Right. Well, your job is simple. Get naked and stand holding the crossbar up there. Actually, leave your knickers on. For now.”

Ali pointed to half-way along the steel pole that ran six feet above the ground, holding up one wall of the tent. She took my head-torch and hers and fastened them to each end of the opposite pole, illuminating the space. My hands would be in shadow, but the rest of my body would be well lit.

I swallowed, and sat down to remove my sandals. Then my T-shirt. Then my bra. Ali took them from me, gazing at my tits. She expected me to continue, so I did, shuffling out of my long shorts, passing them over to her.

“Thank you. Up you get, then.” A calm, brisk voice.

OK. I could do this. It occurred to me, I wanted to do this. I wasn’t going to examine that thought in any more detail. Ignoring the lads returning and Andy’s whistle of approval, I stepped to the middle of the tent’s back wall, and reached to hold the rail that ran above my head.

“Lovely. Stay there, holding that. Part your legs for me. That’s it. Now, stay still.”

Ali stood behind me and fondled my shoulders, thighs, abdomen and back. She brought her face closer and kissed my neck as she reached to take my breasts in her hands, jiggling them gently. I couldn’t kiss her back.

“Do you like them being hurt?”

It was a complicated question. She squeezed, experimentally.

“Yeah, she really gets off on squeezing and pinching her tits — but not twisting, not flicking over the nipples…”

I managed not to call out, ‘Thanks for that, Richie,’ but I thought it.

“Hey, you’ve got love-bites all along here! You dark horse!” illegal bahis Ali told me.

“Guilty,” Richie said.

“You don’t say. Right, if you two have laid out all the bed rolls and sleeping bags we have, see if there’s any other cushioning. Then I want a selection of rope, two harnesses, and anything that might be useful in disciplining our little slut here. Oh, Rich?”


“Get me half a dozen clothes pegs, would you?”

I wasn’t going to think about that before I had to, either.

I heard the boys leave again. The rush of cool night air entered the tent. My back prickled with the breeze. But Ali didn’t leave me alone. She held me tight, then resumed her possessive exploration with her warm hands, running up the insides of my thighs but leaving out the increasingly damp gusset of my pants. I’d let her do that as long as she wanted.

A gust of air again. “Thanks, lads. Hm. Interesting. Now, Laura, are you happy being my fun toy?”

“Mm-hm.” I really was.

“Good. But thing is, right, I like my girls with sore red backsides. Or boys. No, don’t worry, Andy, it’s not a requirement! Let’s have a look.”

She pulled down my black cotton briefs, but not all the way. They came to a halt halfway to my knees. I felt more exposed than pure nudity would have been.

“Nice arse,” Andy commented.

“You’re right. You’ve seen it before, you jammy git.” She grabbed the underside of my buttocks and squeezed. “Bet you liked how it looked when you fucked her, right?”

“Oh, aye!”

“And you’ve taken her from behind too?” Richie must have confirmed, as Ali went on, “It’s a lush arse, all right. But I bet she’d like being fucked even more once she’s been properly spanked!”

I breathed hard.

“Mm-hm, you. But first — turn around. I dropped my arms and rotated on the spot, looking at the ground, not at Andy or Richie. “Arms up again. And these gorgeous lush tits! Wish I’d seen them a couple months ago! Enough of that.”

She put thumb and two fingers to each nipple, and pulled them towards her.

I groaned. It was a bit painful, but so good. The sensation by some means made my pussy tremble, like nerves linked them and it together.

“Good girl. You do like that! Rich, a clothes-peg, please.” They were fairly useless plastic ones, not strong enough to hold much.

Somehow, the sensation in one breast got deeper. Richer. I looked down to see she’d put a clothes-peg’s jaws round the base of the nipple, below where her fingers had been pinching.

I whimpered. But I wasn’t complaining. It felt great. I studiously tried to ignore how kinky it made me, enjoying such a thing. The three of them watching were equally implicated, right?

“How’s that? More intense, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t say anything helpful. I managed to squeak out a small agreeing sound.

“Close your eyes if you’re ready for me to do the other one. Keep them closed.”

I closed my eyes and raised my face to the ceiling.

The throbbing increased in my other breast, to match. “Oh!”

My legs parted themselves further. It was an automatic response, like a switch. I was now desperate for my pussy to experience something. Anything.

“Aw, poppet. Don’t you look lovely? Now, Rich — rule of thumb, check she’s OK after a couple seconds, nothing’s looking like it might be damaged. How she’s squirming, look, that’s perfect. Isn’t it, babe? Then, maximum ten minutes, be on the safe side, right? Remember — it’s when you take them off and blood flow shoots back in, that’s when you really feel clamps! Or she will, rather.”

I vowed to give Richie a taste of his own medicine sometime. Or Ali.

A beep. “I’ve set a timer, on my watch.”

That was Richie. Obviously. Who let the bloody scientist near kink?

“OK. Laura babes, open your eyes. See what an effect you’re having on the boys already!”

I opened them, focused, and looked down at the lads lying on the floor, which was now carpeted in mats and sleeping bags. They were both leaning back on their rucksacks, each with flies open and a hand on their cock already.

Both were gazing at my naked body and at my red nipples poking through the clothes-pegs. They were loving looking at me. I felt powerful, attracting all of their attention. As well as more aroused than I had ever been.


“Yeah. I’m gonna play with you a bit.” Ali squeezed me all over, I swear, including grabbing parts of my breasts, which made the dull throbbing of my tits ramp up again.

“One moment.” She nipped out of the tent. Richie’s mouth opened slightly and he licked his lips. He wanted me. I recognised that tiny smile of his, now.

I liked that.

“Only me,” Ali called as she reappeared with a saucepan of warm water, producing a small face towel from her duffel bag. “You said she seemed to enjoy being washed — let’s see…”

I wondered when Andy had started telling Ali about me. Before or after we’d had our threesome? Maybe only after Richie had persuaded the two of them to get together?

Ali pulled my hair away from my face, and washed my face with the warm wet cloth. Given the drying effect of wind and woodsmoke, and being the end of a long, sweaty day, it felt good. Being cared for, in an odd way. I could get used to this.

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