Fantasy of Being Slave to Stranger

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Story from my slave point of view – My wife and I have been married for 20 years. We have a very beautiful daughter of 18 years of age.

I am 45 working as a very high-level manager in a corporate firm and my wife is a principal in a school. We are a very high-class family and live in a good bungalow on the outskirts of the city. My wife and I have had a very happy and kinky marriage, often having been involved with guys, girls, and other couples.

This is the story of one of our most recent encounters. How that turned our lives completely into that of humiliation and degradation. I am a slightly chubby guy, hairless, big butt. My wife is a slim woman with big ass and tits. We both have clean-shaven pubes.

Our daughter was out for a week and we decided to find a young guy to play out some of our fantasies. We had always kept it a secret from our daughter how kinky we were and preferred it that way.

We gave an ad and soon an 18-year-old guy responded. He was lean, well built, and had a huge dick. Very thick, 9-inch veiny cock. Compared to that I had a 4-inch dick. He told us he was very dominating, abusive, and enjoyed humiliating older couples. We had never tried this but the idea turned us on.

From the get-go, we knew he would be very dominant with me and target me as his main slave while he made my wife his slut. We were on board with that, though quite nervous. But the numerous pics he had sent us of his dick had us both drooling.

I shared my number with him as per his orders. He told me how to be ready for him when he came. He wanted my wife out of the house when he came. He wanted her to be back only after he had been at our house for about 15-20 minutes.

So my wife dressed up in a nice short dress flaunting her well-toned legs. She went out for some fun with her lady friends while I started getting ready. He told me not to tell my wife how I was supposed to be ready for him and what he will do by the time she arrived. We decided to give her a very kinky surprise.

I went to our bedroom and started getting ready. I took a nice shower and cleaned my ass properly. Then went to the dresser. Put on eye makeup, lipstick, blush, nail paint. Then proceeded to wear her jewelry. He wanted me to put on her wedding necklace(mangalsutra), bangles, anklets, necklaces, waist-chain, earrings.

Then I wore a panty, and bra, and proceeded to wear high pencil heels. Panty, bra, and heels all bright red. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe that I was a guy. I looked like a slutty bride ready for her first night. That’s how he wanted me to look. I was ready.

Now to go and take my place for him as he had ordered. I went out of the house and waited at the gate. Our house was the only one in the area and barely any vehicles passed the route at this time of the night. Yet I was very afraid of getting caught and was sweating, and trembling with fear.

A bike came after 5 minutes. I hid behind the pillar of the gate. The bike stopped and he honked 3 times. 2 short and one long. That was my cue to come into view. This is it I thought. No turning back now. I went to the gate and opened it. I very reluctantly walked out, trying to keep my balance in the heels.

He looked at me, head to toe. Then he removed his helmet. He was a good looking guy. This was the first time I was seeing his face. He hasn’t shared his face pics with us before. He motioned with his finger for me to turn around. I knew what I was supposed to do after turning around.

I bent over and placed my hands on my knees and arched my back presenting my ass to him. He spanked me a few times hard. The sound echoed across the street in the quiet evening. Then he pulled my panty down and slipped a butt plug-in from his bag, and replaced my panty.

A moan escaped my mouth and he laughed saying tonight will be fun. Then I walked ahead of him and led him in. He parked his bike near the door of the house and followed me in. As per his order, the door to our house was wide open. The large sofa is directly in front of the door. He went and sat on it.

As soon as Bayan Escort Antep I got in the house, I got on my fours and crawled to him. Without wasting any time I pulled his pants down and got his huge cock out. But before I could start sucking he asked me to stop. He took his bag and removed a cock cage from it. He ordered me to wear it.

I was surprised as he hasn’t mentioned it before. He told me that as long as he is there, I won’t have a cock. He will call my ass like a pussy as I was anyway dressed like a slut. I looked down in shame and he laughed hard. I put the cock cage on and handed him the keys.

Then for the next 10 minutes, I gagged, choked and slobbered all over his cock. He fucked my throat hard forcing me to take it as deep as I could. But could barely take the first 5 inches. He told me I would be deep throating him before the sun rose the next morning. I believed him.

He then told me to take my panty off and pull the butt plug out. I pulled it out fast and it made a pop sound. He seemed pleased by that. He turned me around and spit on my asshole and rimmed me for a few minutes. I was moaning uncontrollably. I was looking at the door nervously as it was wide open.

I was also afraid of how my wife would react when she walked in. This wasn’t something we had done before and she had never seen me like this. He then lowered me on his cock. After some efforts, a little crying, and lots of moaning, his cock was in my pussy. He made me sit like that for a while.

I could feel it deep in my ass as if it was poking my stomach from inside. It felt very weird but at the same time very arousing. It hurt my cock a lot as it was caged and I couldn’t get hard. I was sobbing slightly from the pain which seemed to please him more.

His cock was also pushing on my prostate from inside which meant I would orgasm with his cock inside soon. He released his grip from my hips and ordered me to slide up and down, from tip to base and back. I did. Slowly I started increasing the speed and was soon bouncing on his cock like a whore.

He held my hair and pulled, my back was arched. The more I bounced, the more his cock rubbed against my prostate, and the closer I got to an orgasm. Soon the time came. I bit my lip, let out a long and loud moan. My eyes rolled up, my body shook wildly and my legs buckled.

I sat on his cock which went in all the way. Cum leaked out of my cock cage, my hands gripped his thighs hard. My eyes were shut tight as waves of ecstasy took over my body. I knew I had submitted to him entirely and was his slave now. I opened my eyes.

A wave of shock, fear, and humiliation washed over me. My wife was standing in the door with an expression of shock and surprise. That wasn’t too bad as this kink was something we had discussed. What was shocking was that she wasn’t alone. She had a friend along. Her best friend.

Apparently the guy had told her to bring her friend along without me knowing. Even my wife had no idea what they would be walking into. What made this whole thing worse was that her friend was my junior at the company. She had no idea about us having such perversions.

She was 15 years younger than us, a beautiful woman with a nice figure. She stood there, mouth open staring wide-eyed. I had no idea how to react. I was still panting hard and recovering from the orgasm.

They both had just walked in on me bouncing on a cock. Getting an orgasm from a faceless guy fucking me as he was behind me. My body covered his face. Finally, my junior, Archana spoke, “I knew you guys were wild and kinky, but could never imagine something like this.”

She had a grin on her face. My wife looked at her and gave a weak smile as she was quite nervous now too. Archana always looked up to us. We held a very high status in all the parties and common gatherings we went to. She was also a very good friend and mentor to our daughter. They were quite close.

The guy made me stand and turn around. He pulled me down to my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth. In the after orgasm daze, I gave zero resistance. When I went down, my wife was shocked further. The guy smiled at her and said, “Good evening, Priya ma’am, how are you?”

He turned out to be her old student Rajat, whose sister still studied at my wife’s school. He motioned her to come closer with his finger. In a state of shock and fear, Priya walked over to us. He said, “you were always so uptight and loved punishing children to keep them in line. So strict.”

He then told her to strip naked and get on her knees next to me. She did without saying a word, while Archana came and sat next to Rajat on the sofa surprised but also seemingly turned on by the whole show. We both knew what our place was now.

We willingly accepted being the whores to Rajat, and soon to Archana too. The door was still wide open as we started sharing his cock and Archana started smooching him. After about 15 minutes of getting throat fucked brutally by him, Priya and I looked at each other. We looked at the sluts we had become.

Eyes red and tears rolling down from gagging on his cock. Spit rolling down our chins mascara having been smeared below our eyes mixed with our tears. We looked like whores from the rough porn videos we would watch together. While we looked at our slutty submissive partner, Rajat stood up.

His huge spit covered cock glistening in front of us. We both were struggling to catch our breath. Archana got out of her dress. She was wearing sexy black lingerie underneath. She held Rajat’s cock and started stroking it. She then grabbed Priya’s head and pulled it back onto Rajat’s cock.

She said to her, “You should be kind to your students. Now nicely apologize to him for being so hard on him in school. Let your blowjob show how sorry you are.” She thrust her head hard onto his cock and held it as his cock drilled deep into her throat. Priya gagged hard and I thought she was about to puke.

She tried to free her head from Archana’s grasp with one hand and push Rajat’s cock out by pushing on his thigh with the other. Her efforts were in vain though as both were quite strong. I reluctantly tried to help her but got a hard slap from Rajat which stunned me.

He said, “I told you you will both be complete sluts. I am gonna degrade you and submit to you. Now, I don’t want your pussy empty. Put the plug back in and let me have my revenge for all the punishments in school.” I looked at my wife feeling sorry for her and crawled to the sofa to put the butt plug back in.

I sucked on the butt plug to lubricate it enough before I slid it back in my pussy. It went in easier this time as I had been fucked nicely by his huge cock moments before. I saw helplessly for the next 15 minutes as Rajat fucked my lovely wife’s mouth and Archana helped him destroy her face.

Priya’s face has turned red from all the choking. Archana kept slapping her too. The slaps weren’t gentle and I could see her handprints on Priya’s cheeks. I knew they wouldn’t go away for at least a couple of days. My cheeks were red and puffy with lots of marks.

Rajat had slapped me a lot when he was face fucking me. It weirdly turned me on to get slapped while sucking. As I looked on, I wondered how much of a submissive slut I was. How much it turned me on to experience the degradation of me and my wife.

My cock tried getting hard and it hurt a lot as the cage restricted it. I whimpered in pain. They all heard it and Rajat looked at me. He knew the thoughts going in my head. He laughed saying that he had found the perfect whores this time and he couldn’t believe his luck.

He fucked her throat harder and she gagged even more. Spit rolling down her chin making a pool below her. Rajat ordered me to kiss his feet. I bent down and started kissing his feet, my ass sticking up.

He asked Priya, “remember how you punished us by making us stand bent over holding our toes? Turn around and do that.” We knew what was about to come. As she did, he started rubbing his cock on her pussy. She moaned. He started pushing in slowly. She struggled to take him in and kept adjusting.

His cock was in her completely in some time. He held it there and looked at me and said, “This isn’t the first time she has taken a big cock in her pussy is it? No way your cock can help her pussy adjust to mine so fast.” I said, “Yes. She has. A few times.”

He laughed, “Good. She deserves a big cock. And you should always dress up this way when a guy with a big cock is fucking her. It is your duty as a sissy husband to show that you are a sissy slut. You’re there to pleasure them and take orders from them while a real man fucks her.”

I looked down in shame, and said, “Yes sir, I will.” He then pulled out a small device from his bag and pressed a button. A loud and long moan escaped my mouth. My knees buckled as the butt plug started vibrating in my pussy. Rajat and Archana laughed and he started fucking my wife hard.

She moaned hard, I moaned hard. In the next few minutes, we both came hard. He pulled out his cock and pushed her down on the floor. She fell next to me still shaking from the orgasm. We were facing each other on the floor with slutty submissive expressions.

We both kept shaking from the orgasms. We had never seen each other this helpless and submissive. Rajat sat back on the sofa. Archana pulled off her panties and sat on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. She ordered us to suck her toes while the only man in the room fucked her.

It was a stinging jab at my current state. We both got up weakly, still recovering from our orgasms. Priya started sucking on one foot, and I started with the other. Rajat held her hips and made her bounce on his cock. She cummed hard in some time, and he cummed in her pussy.

She ordered me to suck it out. Which I did. Then as ordered, Priya and I shared a sloppy smooch and swapped his cum between our mouths for long, before we both drank it. To our surprise, his cock was still rock hard. He said, “You both know how to be good hosts to your guests.”

At which both he and Archana laughed. He then said to me, “Show us your bedroom, I will show how a real man fucks his bitches there. From now on whenever I come, your bed is for me to fuck you both.” I started crawling in front of them as he held my wife’s hair and made her crawl behind him.

Archana walked next to him giggling. When we reached the door, he asked me to stop and spread my legs still in the doggy position. I knew what was about to happen. We had talked about this on the phone before. I was really scared. He whispered something to my wife to which she said she won’t do that to me.

He said, “if you want my cock, you will do it. And if I see you aren’t doing it properly then I will leave, you won’t get my cock.” My wife thought for a moment, then got up, walked to me and slapped my balls hard. I screamed hard and fell holding my balls. He ordered me to get back in position.

After a few moments, I weakly got back up. Then Archana came, and slapped my balls, hard. I screamed again and fell. I was begging to stop now, crying. But I was also turned on by it. He asked me to turn around and face them and get on my knees. I slowly did.

He asked my wife, “Did you know you were marrying such a sissy slut? Look at her, I don’t see a man, I see a Randi taking all forms of humiliation.” My wife said she had no idea I would be such a slut. She said she too doesn’t see her husband, just a slut.

Rajat asked her to sit next to me which she immediately did. He said, “Now before we go in and I make you mine completely, I am going to mark you and own you. Open your mouths.”

We looked at each other, we knew what he was about to do. We then turned to face him and opened our mouths. He let out a long stream of piss and started pissing on us right in front of our bedroom. He covered our face and pissed in our mouths too.

We held the piss in our mouths, afraid to spit it out without his order. What he said next shocked us. Whichever one of you wants my cock in her mouth and pussy again needs to drink the piss in her mouth to accept me as her master.

He knew he had complete control over us and we were mesmerized by his cock. We both closed our mouths and drank the piss accepting him as our master. There was no turning back anymore. He had marked us, inside and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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