Finding Himself in Her Ch. 02

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Kara was woken by a stray sunbeam on her face and when she stretched languidly she felt a lithe and soft body next to her in bed. Jaime was laying on his belly with his face towards her, sleeping soundly with a serene look on his face. He really was very pretty, beautiful even, and if his eyebrows were plucked and his hair fixed no one would ever see a man when they looked at him. Kara had read a few stories on feminization on-line but never seriously entertained the idea before she saw Jaime moving in.

In the stories the men often became slaves to their mistresses, Kara didn’t want a slave though, she wanted someone who was completely submissive in the bedroom but had their own life with their own views, someone who was her equal in most ways, that she could love, not own. From what Jaime had told her he wasn’t very happy as himself and Kara hoped that with some gentle prodding and manipulation she could get him to realise that he would be much happier as a girl, well, a girl with a nice juicy cock.

Kara ran her fingers over Jaime’s chin and felt no stubble, she caressed down his neck and uncovered his shoulders and upper back. His shoulders were narrow and had that soft look female shoulders have and his arms were slender and his hands dainty. Kara propped herself up on her elbow to get a better view as she pulled the covers down to his lower thighs to get her first good look at his naked ass. She gasped as it came into view, it was as amazing as she had hoped, it was heart shaped and round and perky and juicy and there were even two beautiful dimples on his lower back. Jaime had a beautiful back and a very slender waist that made his perfect ass stand out even more. Kara loved butts and this was almost her dream ass, the only thing wrong was a light covering of hair in the crack and that would have to be removed.

Kara let her fingers draw light circles over his butt as she leaned down and kissed his eyelids gently. She kissed his cute little nose and then moved down to gently suck his lower lip into her mouth. Jaime’s eyes started fluttering and then opened wide in surprise as they met with hers and then he relaxed and started kissing her back.

Jaime slowly woke up from his blissful slumber to a gentle tickling of his back and ass. At first he thought they were the remnants of a dream but suddenly he felt lips gently touching his eyes, his nose and then his mouth and as he opened his eyes he was surprised to meet the big hazel eyes of the beautiful woman he had almost convinced himself was a dream. Jaime felt a surge of relief as he realised this was reality and relaxed into the kiss, keeping eye contact with those deep and soulful eyes. He noticed her fingers tracing lines across his butt and felt the air move over his back and thighs. Realising he was naked he suddenly felt a wave of embarrassment and broke the kiss as he desperately wanted to cover himself. Before he could get far Kara placed a hand between his shoulder blades and held him down gently as she spoke, “Please don’t be embarrassed, you have a beautiful and sexy body and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something to be proud of.”

She held his gaze and hoped her eyes conveyed how sincere she was.

“Do you really mean that?” Jaime asked, his voice filled with hope and uncertainty.

“Yes, I really mean it. You have perfect and smooth skin, a very pretty face with beautiful eyes and sexy, plump lips. A slender neck, wonderfully long and toned legs and a sexy stomach, not to mention an incredible ass and a very nice cock.” Kara tried to keep a serious face but couldn’t help smiling warmly as a lovely blush spread over her young lover’s face.

Jaime felt a tear of joy roll down his cheek and rolled over to hug Kara tightly with his face buried into her neck. Jaime shed a few more tears and then leaned up and whispered into her ear, “Thank you! That is the nicest, sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

Jaime rolled away after a while, onto his back, and Kara leaned over on her elbow once again and draped her leg over his. She studied his face and saw his tears, his happiness and how very pretty his big eyes were. They just laid there for several minutes and then Kara started their conversation again.

“Jaime, I noticed something about your voice. It seems to change pitch from time to time, why is that?”

“Umm, Well, when I hit puberty my voice didn’t change nearly as much as the rest of the boys so I started forcing myself to speak in a lower register to stand out less but sometimes it shines trough. I mean, I’m short and skinny and if I speak naturally I even sound like a girl so I had to do something to stand out less in school.”

“Cutie, you shouldn’t have to be anything your not and in fact I like your voice a lot better when it’s higher pitched, when you speak with your lower voice it sounds kind of strained in comparison.”

“OK, if you really like it I’ll try, but I’ve used that darker voice for so long it’s second nature now.” Jaime answered using his real voice. To his ears it sounded foreign but it definitely felt nice to relax his throat and if Kara liked Ataşehir Escort his real voice who was he to argue?

“I do like it. Now, I think we could both use a shower and my shower is big enough for the both of us.”

The pretty little brunette nodded with a smile and they got out of bed. Kara grabbed Jaime’s hand and led him to the bathroom where she turned on the big expensive shower she had built while with her last lover. It had plenty of room and several shower heads, a sturdy circle of bars along the walls at shoulder height and a fold down seat along one wall. She had it built with sex and comfort in mind. The walls were matte dark gray tile with a pattern of white tiles. Kara took the time waiting for the water to get hot to study Jaime some more and found that he really did have an incredibly feminine body, with the obvious exceptions being his flat chest, although his nipples were very pink and girly, and his cock, now standing at half mast.

Jaime gingerly stepped into the steaming shower, the water burned a bit at first but quickly became nice and relaxing. Kara pulled him into an embrace as the water ran in rivulets down their bodies, holding him tightly as he buried his face between her beautiful breasts. Jamie loved how incredibly soft yet strong her body felt against his and quickly got hard as a rock as his arms wrapped around her waist and he kissed her cleavage. He noticed that her entire body was completely hairless and sexily smooth and he briefly wondered how and why. Jaime felt instinctively that he shouldn’t take the initiative and although his dick ached to be touched he refrained and just enjoyed exploring Kara’s magnificent rack with his mouth as Kara’s hands explored his body. Kara seemed especially interested in his ass and Jaime was a bit confused by how erotic it felt, especially when her fingers explored his crack, he had never thought of his butt as sexual, only as something dirty and a source of embarrassment.

After enjoying Jaime’s ministrations and the soothing warmth of the shower for a few minutes Kara placed a finger under Jaime’s chin and tilted his head up for a kiss. It was as intense as the kisses they shared while she took his virginity the night before and Kara marveled once again at the length of Jaime’s tongue. She couldn’t get over how incredibly perfect Jaime’s tight ass felt in her hands, just the right balance between soft and firm with very soft skin and just the right amount of jiggle. Kara maneuvered Jaime so that his body was still in the flow of the water while his head was outside and started shampooing his thick, long auburn hair with a fruity smelling shampoo.

Jaime relaxed in Kara’s expert care and for the first time in a long while he liked his long hair. His mother always loved his thick long hair and Jaime liked it as well until high school when he started getting bullied and he wanted to cut it off to fit in more. Just as he decided to get rid of it his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he just couldn’t commit this little act of rebellion while his mother suffered and after her death he kept his hair as a tribute to her. Kara pulled him under the shower jets again and rinsed his hair and after a quick kiss leaned him out again, this time applying conditioner.

As the conditioner worked its magic Kara grabbed the vanilla scented liquid soap and started rubbing it into Jaime’s small body from head to toe, but skipping his crotch and ass. The soap was very mild and lotion like, unlike most soaps it didn’t sting when she washed her folds, it just felt soothing and slippery. Kara stood to Jaime’s side and filled her hands with more soap and with one hand she started rubbing the lotion-like soap over his ass and the other over his erect cock and down to his balls. She insinuated her hand into his crack and let her fingertips lightly tickle down the furrow until she found his tight pucker. Meanwhile her other hand worked up and down his thick staff with a rotating movement, occasionally stopping to work the head and tickle just below the pee-slit.

Jaime moaned and shuddered when she hit upon that sensitive spot and pushed back against the fingers tickling his pucker. He loved feeling the fingers at his backdoor, it was completely novel but very welcome. He had already decided that he would accept anything Kara did as she was much more experienced and he knew he had already fallen for her. As he moaned he remembered he should use his real, feminine voice and for some reason it added to the excitement of the moment. The feminine scents, Kara’s strong presence and the fingers playing with his rear opening all worked to further his feelings of submission and femininity. He remembered how good it felt when Kara played with his nipples last night and as he used one hand to hold on to Kara his other slid up over his belly to his hard buds. It felt just as good as last night and as Jaime got more excited he started handling the pink nubs harder, moaning and gasping just like a girl. Jaime could feel his cock twitch and his balls drawing up, and Kara must have felt it too as she started masturbating him Acıbadem Escort faster while she pressed her thumb in small circles around his sensitive asshole. Jaime gasped and squirted his pearly cum again and again in an orgasm much stronger than when he jerked of alone.

As Jaime came down from his high Kara embraced him tightly, taking the weight of his shaky legs. Kara was very happy with how he reacted to the light ass play and she felt wet and swollen with excitement. After Jaime started taking his own weight again Kara asked him to wash her and relaxed into his gentle touch. Her young lover followed her lead and started by washing her hair, massaging her scalp and teasing his fingers trough her long, straight hair. Jaime surprised her by not focusing on her breasts or nether regions, instead he used the lotion like soap to massage her back, her legs, her feet, her flat stomach and her shoulders and arms for several minutes. It felt like all her tensions flowed out of Kara’s muscles and she felt like she could enjoy his hands forever but she still felt the need deep in her center.

“Jaime, sweetie, I really love what your doing but could you please hurry up? I want to head back to bed and have you between my legs licking me with that wonderfully long tongue of yours.”

Jaime nodded his head and with a big smile started soaping Kara’s luscious tits. He loved the way her soft hairless skin felt beneath his hands and the contrast of his pale skin against her caramel and chocolate complexion. He rolled her stiff dark nipples between his thumbs and forefingers for a while before getting more soap to wash and massage her big, round, juicy, muscular ass. His fingers tentatively started exploring her butt crack, teasing their way from top to bottom, deeper and deeper until reaching her pucker.

As Jaime’s fingers played over the star-shaped creases Kara let out a deep moan and clenched her ass involuntarily as she pulled Jaime close. Kara moved her feet apart a bit and bent her knees and arched her back to give Jaime better access and show him she liked what he was doing. She kissed and nibbled along his neck and shoulders as he tentatively continued exploring her crack. When he didn’t go further she kissed her way up to his ear and wispered, “Push a finger inside baby, clean me out for later.” Jaime started working his finger inside as Kara pushed out and relaxed to ease the entrance. She moaned right into his ear as she sucked and nibbled his earlobe, getting a whimper in return.

Jaime was all the way hard again. He was incredibly turned on by Kara’s soft body sliding against his, his cock rubbing over her thigh as her big breasts slid over his chest. He was amazed at the warmth and tightness around his finger and he hoped he would get to put something a little bigger in there soon. Jaime let his other hand wonder around her hip to her hairless snatch to clean, explore and tease. He was really looking forward to trying cunnilingus, when he masturbated his favourite source of excitement was lesbian erotic stories and the occasional lesbian porn to fuel his imagination. He had always loved to read and the erotic stories he found turned him on incredibly with their explicit descriptions. For some reason he had a problem with straight porn, he found himself hating most of the male actors and got turned off by their bodies and how they behaved. He thought it had something to do with being bullied in the showers after gym class and other experiences growing up.

Kara felt herself getting wetter and wetter, an orgasm was building deep in her center. She wanted to prolong her pleasure so she gently grabbed hold of Jaime’s wrists and pulled them from her pleasure centers and stepped back into the jets of the shower to rinse off. After the soap left their bodies Kara turned off the shower and grabbed two towels. She started drying Jaime and then he did the same to her, then they brushed each others hair before they headed to the bedroom, kissing like teenagers all the way.

Kara sat down on the bed and scooted backwards to rest her head on the pillows as Jaime crawled on hands and knees after her, never breaking their kiss. Kara let Jaime suck her tongue for a while before she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed down. This broke the kiss and Jaime started kissing down her neck to her clavicle. Kara was amazed at how soft his lips were and how much it felt like kissing a girl, how much it felt a girl’s mouth on her large breasts. Kara continued pushing on Jaime’s shoulders as he kissed his way down her belly until his lips brushed her upper thigh. Kara put her finger under his chin to get him to lift his gaze from reverently studying her vagina to meet her eyes as she spoke, “Jaime, I want you to explore me with your tongue and learn what gives me pleasure by listening to my voice, by my facial expressions and by how my body moves. Get comfortable because I want you down there for a long while. Just start slowly and go with your instincts, and be careful with your teeth, OK Sweetie?”

Jaime nodded and laid down on his chest, his face just inches from the İstanbul Escort most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Thick, muscular and perfectly smooth caramel thighs framed darker, puffy outer lips and prominent inner lips and clit, standing out against the caramel in their chocolate color. The inner lips glistened and a rich and wonderful scent filled his nostrils as he breathed in deeply. Jaime was nervous as his mouth slowly descended, he was afraid that he wouldn’t like the taste, although if the scent was anything to go by he didn’t need to worry. He was also afraid he wouldn’t be able to please this goddess of a woman, but as he glanced up at her she smiled down with a warm, reassuring smile and melted away his insecurities. Kara put her right hand gently on his head while her left started playing with her breasts.

He ran his tongue lightly in the groove between her outer and inner lip, starting at the bottom of one pair and down between the other. The taste was even better than he hoped and he let out a moan as it filled his mouth, he knew he could get addicted to this. His stiff cock rested uncomfortably underneath him but instead of letting go of his beautiful lover’s thighs he spread his legs a bit and raised his hips. This position felt very subservient and heightened the excitement of servicing Kara even more. Jaime looked up at Kara between her heaving tits to see her eyes filled with lust and her mouth half open as she breathed shallowly and moaned silently.

After circling her inner lips for a while Jaime let his tongue work it’s way up the middle, first swirling around her opening, then parting her pink inner lips and lastly flutter over her clit, eliciting a loud moan from Kara and a sudden motion of her hips seeking more contact. Jaime backed away from her clitoris and instead started involving his lips as well. He sucked first one puffy and soft outer lip into his mouth where he ran his tongue back and forth along the length and then switched to the other. He sucked one juicy inner lip and folded his lips over his teeth to massage it as he sucked and licked. Kara moaned out loudly and bucked her flowing pussy towards his eager mouth. Jaime loved the way her body squirmed above him and how her beautiful face contorted when he found a new pleasure spot.

“Jaime, oohhh, my sweet little angel, mmmmhh, you’re a natural at this! OOOHHHH! Jesus Christ, you reached my g-spot with your, mmmhhhm, long tongue. No one has ever done that, Ohh cutie, don’t ever stop!”

Kara was amazed at how fast he learned, it was like he couldn’t get enough of her juices as he ate her with an unbridled passion burning in his eyes. He looked so damn sexy down there between her legs, and so much like a girl with his perfect ass arching up and his long silky hair framing his effeminate face as his mouth burrowed into her soaking cunt. His long thick tongue was doing amazing things inside her wet hole, the tip reached to that special spot deep inside and tickled it deliciously as the rest writhed around, touching everywhere.

Jaime found Kara’s juices to taste even better inside her tight sheath and pushed as deep as he could, desperate to lap up every last drop. He felt his heart soar at Kara’s praise and knew he would do just about anything to just be near her, to make her happy, to be allowed these juices again. He attacked her pussy with a renewed vigor as his hips humped back and forth to rub the head of his cock against the silk sheets. He alternated between writhing his tongue in her tunnel, sucking and licking her lips and fluttering his tongue over her pink pearl as he used his hand to pull back the hood. Kara’s hips went from slowly undulating to humping against his face as the hand tangled in his hair grabbed a firmer hold, in effect fucking herself with his tongue. Her other hand was roughly pinching and molesting her big tits as she moaned out, “OOOHH! Ohhh God, I’m so close to cumming. Mmmm, don’t you dare stop, I want to cum again and again on your wonderful tongue! Here it comes JAAIIIIMMMMEEEEEEEEE!”

Jaime’s mouth was suddenly filled with a thick liquid that tasted like heaven, it was like her pussy juice only so much stronger and more layered and Jaime moaned into her succulent pussy and came without touching himself. He felt like her love hole was going to pull his tongue from his mouth as the orgasmic contractions milked it. Jaime followed Kara’s instructions and continued eating her out with the same fervor trough her orgasm and into the next, and the next and the next until they both lost count.

When Kara started to come down from her last orgasm she pushed his head downwards as she pulled her knees towards her shoulders. Jaime took the hint and, after pulling back to take a look at her pretty pucker, he leaned in to kiss ass for the first time. He started by placing a few kisses on her cheeks and then traced the star-shaped creases one by one with the tip of his tongue. First it tasted of the juice that had run down from her leaking hole while he ate her out but soon it was replaced by an earthy flavor that he found very exciting, and it grew stronger as he started wriggling his tongue inside the slowly relaxing hole. There was something about rimming this incredible woman that made Jaime feel so subservient to her, so submissive, but strangely not humiliated, it just felt perfect, like he belonged, servicing her like this.

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