First Time Oral

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In November 2011 my girlfriend Ellie was coming over to my house, as she got off the bus she got caught in a downpour.

She was soaking wet as she arrived, I took her into my bedroom and she stripped off and got straight into my bed.

Her clothes were in a pile on the floor so I said I’d take them and put them into the dryer. I’d wanted to taste her pussy for a while but too shy to approach the subject with her. We’d had a lot of sex by this time but never oral. Ellie’s panties were on top of the pile of clothes so I picked them up and sniffed them, I loved how they smelled so I licked the part where her pussy had been. I loved it and it made my cock go hard.

I got a clean towel and went back to Ellie in the bedroom. She was laid in bed and looked really beautiful sexy and comfortable. I asked her if she wanted me to dry her with the towel she turned on to her front and said yes. I pulled back the duvet and looked at her perfect body and realised how lucky I am to have her.

I gently stroked her back with the towel, she was almost dry but I carried on anyway.

I carried on down her bum legs and feet.

I put the towel on the bed and started kissing the back of her neck as I knew she loved it, I was stroking her back as I kissed her and she was making little sounds of appreciation. My hand reached her bum and she opened her legs slightly which allowed me access to her pussy. I touched her pussy gently and then parted her lips, I put a finger just inside her and felt her wetness, this wetness was certainly not from the rain. I fingered her for a few seconds escort izmit then took my finger out, it was soaked in her juices and I put it to my lips and licked it, the taste was incomparable to anything I’d ever tasted, so I put my whole finger into my mouth and sucked it all into my mouth. I could feel it on my tongue, and swirled it around my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it. I decided right there that I was going to lick her pussy today.

Ellie rolled onto her back and I started to kiss her neck again, I whispered in her ear that I’m going to kiss her all over. She just said mmmmmm! I took that as permission to eat her pussy. I carried on kissing her and paid a lot of attention to her boobs as I always do. I then carried on down to her belly and couldn’t wait to reach her pussy.

I moved my body between her legs and she spread them wide for me, my face had never been so close to a pussy. I kissed all around the pussy but couldn’t wait any longer, the time had come for me. I licked up and down the length of her pussy slightly parting her lips with my tongue, the taste was so much better than I’d ever imagined. Her wetness was dripping from her and I rubbed my nose mouth and chin all owner the wet area. I then used my fingers to part her lips wide, the beautiful pink inside and wetness was amazing. Once again I used my tongue and buried it deep inside her. I removed it and then saw her beautiful pearl like clit close up so started to lick it, she told me to be gentle with it, after about a minute she said I should move as she was about to cum. I said just do it, izmit darıca escort and she did, she cum all over my face, I wiped my face all over her pussy again and it felt great.

I started to lick inside again and gently rubbed her clit at the same time, this time she cum almost immediately. I licked and swallowed every drop of her cum possible. My whole face was soaked in her juices and I nervously moved towards her face to kiss her not knowing if she’d respond, I needn’t have worried I kissed her and she kissed me back exchanging tongues. Ellie then surprised me by firstly licking my lips then licking all her own juices from all over my face.

She admitted that she loves her own taste and often when she masturbates she licks her fingers after she’s cum.

My hand was on her upper thigh, it was wet with her cum, I started to touch her pussy again and Ellie moved her own hand to mine, she put her finger just inside her pussy and using the wetness started to slowly rub her clit with a circular motion. I put two fingers inside her and moved them in and out with the same intensity as she was using on her clit. As she sped up I did too until she eventually cum, I could feel her pussy pulsate on my fingers and the wetness increase. Ellie then took my hand and pulled it towards her face, she opened her mouth and put both my fingers in her mouth and sexily and slowly licked and sucked every drop of her beautiful juices off my fingers.

As she was doing this her other hand had moved between her legs, she then put two fingers in her pussy, I could izmit rus escort hear the sound of her fingers collecting her cum, she then took them out and showed them to me, they were absolutely soaked, she gently rubbed them onto my lips, then leaned forward and kissed me sharing the wonderful warm, tasty juice. Then she put both her fingers in my mouth allowing me to suck off all the rest of the juice. We’d had many memorable sexual experiences together but this was something else.

My cock had been rock hard throughout all this amazing time, Ellie pushed me back onto the bed and straddled my chest. I reached up and started playing with her boobs. She said “now it’s your turn”. She slid down my body until her pussy reached my cock, she easily slid it inside her and started to slowly ride up and down, the noise it made was confirmation of how wet she was, then she got off my cock and took hold of my cock, she started to lick off her juices, up and down the length of my shaft and then my balls. Then, for the first time ever she put my cock into her mouth, she sucked hard but it hurt a little so she eased off a bit just using her mouth up and down without sucking. She was stroking the base of my cock as she continued to gently move her head up and down, it was too much so I told her I was about to cum, she just carried on so I cum, I thought she hadn’t heard me but she had, and she almost purred as my cum shot into her mouth, Ellie let the cum drip from her mouth on to my cock, balls and my groin then stroked the mess up and down my cock until there wasn’t a drop left inside me, it was my first ever blow job but I knew there was now going to be plenty more in the future.

We had taken our sex life to the next level by introducing oral, I loved licking Ellie’s pussy, Ellie loved sucking my cock so there would be no hesitation in future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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