Fresh Out Ch. 02

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Neville awoke with a start. His head throbbed, as did his groin but despite his discomfort a slow smile crept across his face. He hadn’t been dreaming, he was free and spent most of the night before with Tyler rocking each other’s world. When they were both thoroughly spent and exhausted, he lay back and found tears in his eyes. Tyler wiped them and held him tight until he fell asleep. That Nina Simone song his grandmother sang when he was a child echoed in his mind as he slid out from beneath Tyler’s thick forearm. He lean down and gave the man a soft kiss on his forehead before he stumbled into the bathroom. It was a new dawn and a new day, and Neville felt damn good about it. He shut the door softly to make water, reveling in the simple privacy the cheap wood composite door provided, and quietly washed his hands all the while with a huge grin plastered across his chocolate brown face. He admired his body in the mirror, still naked, his hand caressing the places Tyler had kissed last night. When his fingers traced a string of dried cum he decided that another shower might be in order and laughed to himself. It felt like forever since he had been allowed to make such a simple decision for himself and it only made him smile harder.

With the water scorching against his skin, Neville took his time washing every ripple, luxuriating in the fresh smelling lather of the motel soap. Tyler had offered to grab him a bottle of body wash but the bar provided each room was good enough for now. His carnal needs satisfied at the moment Neville shook off the urge to stroke his heavy manhood. He doubted it would rise if he tried, instead delighted in the pleasure of plain old hot shower. Curiosity rose up as he washed the cleft of his ass. His finger grazed his hole he felt a familiar stirring in his balls. He’d never tried it but he had almost always been interested to know what it felt like to be full. He had been too afraid to even try, given his environment, but he would deny himself no longer. Just before he pushed the tip of his thick middle finger inside he thought maybe this could be something to share with someone special. He decided that at the moment Tyler was that someone. Funny how the thought of him got him going again, but in a purely sexual way. Neville understood his feelings to be mostly platonic with a shade of lust attached to it. He had no illusions of a happily ever after with Tyler, though the older man did offer his services for Neville’s exploratory purposes and the younger man planned to cash in on it.

Just as he was about to shut the water off, Neville heard a soft tap on the door then it opened. The same smile on his face, he turned to find a smirking Tyler with his hand massaging below his balls.

“Fucking hell Nev I ain’t been this sore in years,” he said as he stepped into the shower beneath the water. Neville liked how he didn’t ask for an invitation, nor did he seek any sort of affection though Neville didn’t stop his hand from cupping the still red ass cheek of the 40-something contractor. “I figure we share what’s left of the hot water so we can hit the road faster…”

“Hey bud its ok if you just want to check me out again,” he grumbled playfully as he himself stole glances at the furred torso and hard rounded belly that Tyler sported. “I mean that’s the least I can do with you being so generous last night. I’ll even wash your back.”

“Guess that’s that bit of jerk that Paris says shows up with you sometimes,” Tyler said with a laugh as he began to scrub his head under the water. Neville laughed as he began to soap Tyler’s back and chest, his hands lingering at the hollows of his hips. With just his fingertips he traced the indentation almost to Tyler’s sack causing the other man to shudder and moan softly. “And you accuse me of ulterior motives,” Tyler said with a chuckle as he turn to face Neville, he didn’t say anything but got down to his knees. Dark brown locked with gray as he kissed the trimmed bush at the base of Tyler’s thickness.

“I just want to show you how appreciative I am,” Neville said sincerely as he run his tongue up and down the length of his shaft all the while his hands massaged the backs Tyler’s thick legs. He nuzzled his nose under Tyler’s sack, that despite the four or five loads the middle-aged man let loose the night before were still rather tight to his body. Neville tried to get both the golf ball sized testicals into his wide mouth but found that he rather liked having them one at a time. He gave both a proper tongue bath before he let his tongue slip behind them and rotate around that tender spot between them and the heaven that was his asshole. Tyler tensed and grabbed the wall at that ministration, thrust his hips forward.

“Please,” he mumbled and Neville smiled. He liked that the other man was enjoying himself. He had performed oral sex on women and had always found it a chore, a necessary evil, but with Tyler he found himself moaning as well. His own manhood Ankara escort was stiff against his abdomen as he slowly engulfed the other man’s shaft.

They found him a quick study the night before, Neville took to deep throating like a fish to water. He barely gagged the first time he took Tyler to his base and now he could even work his throat around the dripping head of his cock. This morning he wanted to endure a little more use to his newly deflowered throat. He look up at Tyler as he bobbed up and down, pausing at the tip to flip his tongue against his pee slit. In a motion so sudden it nearly knocked Tyler off balance, Neville took both the man’s rough hands and put them on his head as he quickly swallowed him down to his base. An almost evil grin spread across Tyler’s face as he caught his meaning.

“Oh is that right big fella,” Tyler moaned as he adjusted his grip on the bald head before him and bent his knees a little for better leverage. “And here I thought you’d be a big bull top. Could my old radar be off after all these years? The way you got that ass of yours perked up and swaying side to side got me thinking I might be wrong.” The whole time he spoke, Tyler slowly worked his shaft in and out of those full lips, reveling in the softness and trying to counteract the effects of the strong suction behind them. The longer he went on the less he believed Neville’s inexperience. He wouldn’t call him a liar but there had to be something he wasn’t telling, because no one could be this good this fast. Ten strokes in Tyler lost the ability to think altogether, ceased his attempts to take it easy on the new throat and began to fuck his mouth with authority. He ignored the muffled gurgles and gags that Neville made as the man never pushed him away. It seemed to Tyler that Neville might like the rough stuff and the thought made him smile just before he realized how close he was to the edge. He tried to dislodge the hungry mouth from his cock as he felt his balls begin to boil but Neville was much stronger than him and held on tight, pulling him so that his head was against the shower wall. Again Tyler got his meaning and pounded away, each stroke becoming more erratic as he inched close to his crest.

“Mmmm big fella must be hungry,” he grunted as he grabbed the back of Neville’s thick neck and drove his cock to the back of his throat. “Well you better not waste a drop piggy ’cause here it comes!”

With a grunt of affirmation Neville closed his eyes and relaxed his throat to take it all as he was told. Tyler watched him from above marveling at how the bigger man could relinquish himself to his pleasures. He thought he might appreciate a taste and pulled himself back so just his tip remain behind those lips he lusted over. And appreciate it Neville did with a deep guttural moan he gabbled down the last of Tyler’s five shots , not losing a drop.

“Don’t swallow it all,” Tyler growled quickly as his hand went to Neville’s throat, pulled a little, and Neville stood. Tyler didn’t waste any time pressing the other man to the wall and driving his tongue into his mouth. With his other hand he situated Neville’s stiffness between his own thigh and it nestled nicely beneath his empty balls. Neville didn’t need an invitation to begin to thrust as they made out hard, his giant hands groping Tyler’s ass roughly as they passed his load back and forth. It wasn’t long before Neville lost his load, his cries muffled in Tyler’s mouth.

“Fuck that was awesome,” he whispered breathlessly, his voice a little harsh from the abuse his throat took but Neville could have cared less.

“I like an honest man,” Tyler said with a smirk as he dipped back under the water to finish washing himself. He was quick about it, by the time Neville recovered Tyler was already stepping out. “I’m gonna see about some breakfast and check out, meet you out front.” A grunt was all Neville could muster as he finished rinsing off.

Clean enough, Neville lumbered back into the room and tripped over a bag that had been right in front of the door. A little nylon gym bag that fell open when Neville kicked it, out came a tooth brush and tooth paste. He sat down on the bed and scooped the bag up into his lap. With the bag pulled all the way open, Neville dumped it out beside him. A card came out last with his name facing up at him, almost like it was intentional. He laughed before he even noted the hand writing, He flipped it over and ran his fingers over the ink drawing on the bottom of the envelope. A cartoon of him busting out of prison complete with striped jumpsuit and a cartoony bandit mask. He opened it carefully, not wanting to rip the drawing and slipped the note out.

To my little brother/cousin,

You know I’m not one for sentiments but I want you to know that I love you. I’m sorry I couldn’t make the trip but the little guy wouldn’t wait for you like the rest of us. I’m so proud of you for making the choice to step out from under Ankara escort bayan the Sinclair thumb and I promise to help you make that transition as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, me and the baby are stuck in the hospital for the next few days so I sent all your stuff to Tyler so you can get situated there. I hope you’re ok with that to by the way, we just figured it might be better for you for now. If not by all means come join the St. Germaines in our coming war against poop and spit up, I’m sure we could use your assistance. I can’t wait to see you.

With Love,


Oh yeah, I figured you might want to burn that outfit you went in with so I packed you this bag for a quick change.

With a smile he folded the note and slipped it back into the envelope. The gray boxer briefs almost made Neville cry as he pulled them on. They smelled of fabric softener, lavender he thought, and the soft cotton hugged his package just so. He hated the boxers the prison provided. Aside from the fact that they weren’t exclusively “his”, they were rough against his skin and provided no support. He was fairly certain the prison laundry system didn’t include detergent either since he often got shorts with stains of various origins. The sweat pants were gray too but he didn’t care, they weren’t orange or khaki, two colors he didn’t think he could ever wear again. There was a t-shirt and tank top too, the tank he put on the t-shirt he tucked into the back pocket of his sweats. Deodorant and lotion applied, Neville kicked the pile of his old clothes away from his boots and stepped into him. He started to grab them but stopped, he didn’t want anything of that old life so he left them where they lay. After shoving the rest of his care package back in the bag, Neville left the room truly a free man.


He was exhausted after all the riding, not sleepy but the high of freedom had worn off and now came the wariness. He let out a breath he felt like he’d been holding since they’d pulled away from the motel. Tyler looked over at him smiling but he didn’t say anything allowing him the pleasure of silence. Silence he knew Neville might need. They left the interstate to a connecting local route and took that to a long narrow country road. Tyler’s house was at the very end behind a ranch style wooden fence and a dirt driveway that might have been a mile long.

“Like your privacy huh?” Neville asked not really looking for an answer and Tyler laughed.

“It’s more the space than anything big fella,” he said as he pulled up in front of the garage. Tyler had done a little time himself, not as long as Neville but enough that closed spaces brought on an uneasiness akin to claustrophobia. “Plus I can walk around in nature au naturale if you know what I mean?” That brought the corners of Neville’s full lips up into a smile.

“Sounds good to me,” he said to Tyler as the two got out of his truck. Just as they got to the stairs the front door opened and three rather large muttish dogs came running out towards the older man. They pretty much ignored Neville as they rushed their owner, jumping up to put paws to his chest. As Tyler began his introductions Neville’s attention was stolen by an olive skinned shirtless man. He was tall, almost as tall as Neville but he wasn’t nearly as bulky. Somewhere between wiry and lean, his abdominal muscles were taught below his ribs and his pecks were flat but well defined. He must have been staring because Tyler cleared his throat with a smirk.

“I didn’t think you would be back so soon. I just started dinner. Won’t be done for at least an hour,” said the young man through supple pink lips framed in scruffy five o’clock shadow. He came down off the porch with his hand extended in greeting, those lips pulled into a sly grin. He had noticed Neville’s staring as well. “I’m Gianni and you must be Neville.”

“Mm hmm,” was all Neville could muster, his brain still working out a way to see through his low slung checkered chef pants. After a nudge from Tyler Neville took Gianni’s offered hand and shook it loosely. “Ummm… uh… yeah I’m Neville,” he said after a while.

With a laugh Tyler said, “Why don’t you go put a shirt on boy so the big fella can think straight?” They all laughed at that, even Neville. It seemed to snap him out of his ogling enough for them to make it into the house.

Gianni disappeared upstairs while Tyler gave a quick tour of the two story country style house. The porch wrapped all the way around to a wide back deck where a set of sliding glass doors led to a professional style kitchen complete with a double oven, 6 burner gas range, and grill/ flap top combo. Suspended above a center island was a metal pot rack. The island itself was shelved on all sides and contained every cooking gadget Neville had ever seen and some he couldn’t name. He could barely boil water himself but like any other man of his stature, Neville appreciated a good meal.

“It Escort Ankara smells like heaven in here,” he said feeling his stomach grumble under his T-shirt. He felt the back of a hand pat his rounded abs and smiled thinking it was Tyler but he looked up to find Gianni as he passed between the two men. He peeked into the top oven and Neville spied one of his favorites, rack of lamb.

“Shouldn’t be much longer,” he said before he turned to the stove. “You know it creeps me out when you watch me Ty.” With that he glanced over his shoulder and gave a wink at Neville that made him blush. Tyler chuckled and led Neville to the living room that looked like any other in a bachelor pad.

An oversized leather sectional dominated the room situated around a huge TV mounted above a fire place. On the walls on either side were countless movies and other electronic entertainment equipment. Off the living room was a dining room that Neville assumed got only minimal use given what little time Tyler took pointing it out. From there they went up the stairs to a loft area that seemed to act as a second living area. There were a couple of guitars on stands on one corner and a drum set. A love seat and an easy chair that looked way more comfortable than the sofa downstairs were arranged around a more modest TV set. After passing four other doors they came to the end of the hall.

“And this’ll be you for as long as you like. Me and Gianni got you a few things too…”

“So is he like… Are you and him… Did I…” Tyler looked at him confused at first, his light eyes squinted, head tilted to the side before he burst out laughing.

“Oh God no,” he said after he collected himself. “Came to me not too long after he was 16. Had a falling out with his family that resulted in a few cracked ribs and a broken nose, among other things. That was almost 10 years ago. We might have similar tastes but my interest in him is closer to paternal than anything else. I don’t think you’re ready for that kinda trouble anyway.” He chuckled and patted him on the shoulder. “Make yourself at home, get comfortable, relax and what not. I’m sure Gianni won’t let you miss dinner.” With a snort Tyler left Neville to his own devices. As he left, he started to close the door behind him but Neville grabbed the knob.

“Let’s say we leave that open a while,” he said in a rush and Tyler smiled.

Alone for the first time in years Neville really didn’t know what to do with himself. He had the feeling that if he thought to long about it he just might cry. So he decided not to, instead he set to putting his things away. He didn’t know how long he would be there but Neville felt more comfortable in this house than he ever had at the place he grew up. The king sized bed was immaculately made with more pillows than he thought he needed and when he touched the sheets he moaned they were so soft. There were two doors, one of which he assumed was the closet. He opened it anyway and found four 35 gallon storage containers stacked two high against the walls of the walk-in closet. This must have been the stuff that Paris sent and he couldn’t imagine what she might have packed into the dark blue bins. Tyler had told him to make himself at home so, Neville figured why not put his things away. He chuckled to himself at the flutters such a mundane task brought to the pit of his stomach.

How refolding boxers and rolling up socks could bring such joy was beyond him so he didn’t spend much time figuring it out. He just went with it, whistling and humming old R & B songs that his father played on Saturday mornings while he did yard work. Music his mother, well step-mother, called the “devil’s whispers”. He didn’t spend much time on them either, not wanting to dampen his good spirits, so he pushed on to the next bin and the next until he was on the last one that was filled with dressier clothes. Button-down shirts, slacks, and a sports jacket that had him shaking his head. He’d probably never wear it but Paris obviously wanted him to be prepared for anything his new life might take him. In search of hangers he left his room just in time to walk into Gianni, and this time it was him caught in a stutter.

“Hey…uh…I wa…ummm…dinner’s ready,” he said finally, his tongue at the corner of his mouth. Neville dipped his head a little to catch those light green eyes and smiled when they met his. He fought the urge to make his pecks jump as he was apt to do when he felt himself being appraised.

“Sure lemme just get a shirt on,” Neville said with a wink. That seemed to shake Gianni out of his stutter.

“Whatever dude,” He said as he headed back down the stairs. Neville smiled at his back, a moment too long as Gianni reached the landing he looked up and caught him. He made a face, one eyebrow raised with his head cocked to the side. “You know I meant tonight right?”

He was an ass and Neville liked that. As he dressed he came to the decision that trying to bed Gianni could make his home life more difficult than he would like so he swore to himself to keep their relationship as hands off as he could manage. He left his boots in the closet and went to join the other guys at the kitchen table.

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