From Stacy

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Anal Fucking

From Stacy… A Lesson in Art

I have always been a very artistic person. Over the last few years though I had found less & less time to paint. An idea occurred to me though last year when my family was out of town for a weekend. I had dug out all the gear & decided to try my hand at some artwork. After trying but failing to come up with anything good for a few hours I realized that I needed some inspiration. It was then that the idea jumped into my head, …to find a live nude model. I had never used a model before, clothed or not, but being home alone brought out the worst in me. I wrote up a note that read…”Artist seeking slender nude female model for painting”. I added all the details (such as day, times, contact info, and money) and went down to the local university and posted it on the bulletin board of a girls’ dormitory. I went home & I waited.

Later that evening, I checked the email address that I had given to see if there were any replies. I had guessed that I would be out of luck considering the short timeframe I had given, but to my dismay I already had a response. I clicked on the message marked “”from Stacy“”. Inside was a pleasant message from a student who was more that happy to share herself with me. She said it was her 1st time even considering such a thing, but she felt it was something she needed to do to explore her own independence. I quickly grabbed my phone & gave her a ring. The nervous sounding girl asked me a few questions (more or less to be sure I wouldn’t be taking any photos) before she agreed to do it. We made arrangements to meet the following day.

The time had arrived and I waited eagerly until I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door and gazed on the incredible beauty standing before me. She was more than I could have possibly hoped for. “You’re Stacy?” I asked. “Yes, I’m glad to meet you”, she replied. I tried to act very professional as she entered, I didn’t want her to know that this was also my 1st time painting with a model. She looked so young that I asked her if she had some ID that I could see. I assured her that it was just part of the process to protect both our interests. She agreed and handed me her drivers license. Sure enough, this cute slip of a woman was 19. I thanked her and led her to a bedroom where my stuff was already set up. She confided that she was VERY nervous about doing this, I assured her that it would be very fun, liberating and even that some find it arousing.

Stacy sat down on the bed and slowly began to get undressed. She first pulled her top over her head exposing her breasts to me. I stood there staring in awe. “What’s wrong?” she asked as I was bahis firmaları unable to peel away my eyes from her. “Nothing” I said “I’m just in disbelief at how gorgeous you are.” She smiled, very pleased at my compliment. She then turned slightly around and slowly lowered her blue jeans. Once again as I sat watching her expose her amazing ass to me, I could not pull away my eyes from her. After she was in the nude, I had to start concentrating on the task at hand.

At first I had her lay down across the top of a dresser. I painted abstract figures based on her pose and used this as a warm up. Stacy still seemed very hesitant and uncomfortable. I told her that she could relax a bit since all was doing was warming up first and hadn’t started anything serious yet. After I had done a few practice runs, I told her I was ready to really get started. She asked to see the roughs that I had done. After she got a look at the raw outlines I had done she said “Wow, these are pretty cool”. I told her they weren’t anything special but she said she loved the energy that I used to make them. This seemed to help her relax some.

Stacy was laying out on the bed while waiting for me to get ready to pose her, that’s when my cat came into the room and changed the whole direction of the events at hand. Stacy grinned from ear to ear when she saw the kitty and gleefully stated that she loves cats. Stacy picked up the kitty and started to play with it. All her nervousness and inhibition seemed to disappear with the addition of the cat into the equation. It was as if we were all of the sudden old friends and almost like she had forgotten the fact that she wasn’t wearing anything. After a few minutes of letting her pet the cat & figured it was time to get back to work & put the cat in another room.

When I returned, Stacy was lying up by the end of the bed with that stunning smile on her face. She asked me how I wanted her to pose, I told her however she wanted to. She then got up on knees and turned her wonderful ass to me. She asked if this was alright. “Yeah, it’s great” I said, trying to undertone my delight at the girl’s pose in front of me. I was getting very excited staring at Stacy’s awesome body and it was beginning to become obvious. My cock was growing very stiff inside of my shorts and it was starting to show. I hoped that Stacy wouldn’t notice for fear she would get mad & leave. Boy was I wrong though. Next thing I knew Stacy had crept her hand up underneath and started rubbing herself right in front if me. She tilted her head back to face me a bit and said “You were right, this is very arousing”. I was shocked as she continued caressing her cunt while letting out small moans of joy. “How kaçak iddaa do you like my pose now” she asked? I just stood there watching the spectacle before me, unsure how to progress. “If you don’t like it” she said “You could always come over here and re-position me how you’d like” she continued. I could still barely believe this was happening.

I sure didn’t need a second invitation. I quickly went over and sat next to her. “I guess you really do like my pose” she said while motioning at the bulge that was pressing against my shorts. “Sorry,” I said “I have no self control”. “No, I’m glad you like what you see” she retorted while feeling my cock through the material covering it. I followed up by asking “How could I not, You are absolutely unbelievable.

I stood up & returned back to the roll of artist and began giving her posing instructions. I told her to get back into the position she had been in before. She returned to her stance on her knees again. I asked her to face he ass towards me again and she complied. I next commanded that she scoot herself away from the middle of the bed and back to the edge near where I stood. She turned back her head and gave me a look pretending that she didn’t understand. “How do you mean?” she asked “maybe you had better move me around yourself” she continued. I reached up and extended my hands around her legs and pulled her towards me. After she was where I wanted, I held her ass tightly against my hard-on and swayed her hips against it from side to side. She reached back underneath herself again and rubbed her pussy lips. Being tight up against her like I was, I could feel her hand graze my pubic area as she pleasured herself. I was like a kid in a candy store, moving my hands all over her body, up her back, through her hair, back to her ass, around to her breasts and those wonderful nipples. Finally I reached under where her hand was and helped her caress her sweet cunt lips. After a short time of this I moved back a little and began rubbing her clit from behind. Slowly I slid my finger into her wet, waiting hole for the first time. She felt so hot!

She yelped out a cry of pleasure as I fingered her. With my other hand I started undressing myself. I pulled off my shorts, letting my throbbing cock free from it’s captivity. I stopped fingering her long enough to pull my shirt over my head and then gave her a surprise when I returned to her. I dug my tongue deep into her wet hole and licked & sucked her into her first orgasm. As she came down from her ecstasy I licked her up and down from her clit all the way to her sweet little asshole. Then, unable to resist temptation any longer, I stood back up and moved kaçak bahis in behind her. She reached back for me and spread her cheeks wide to accommodate the coming present. I slid my erect cock into her waiting pussy with one fast action. She was so wet & aroused that it took no effort at all. I grabbed onto her ass cheeks and started to pound in and out of her pleasure hole with increasing force. We both moaned aloud as we were satisfying our primal needs. As I fucked her harder I grabbed even more tight onto her hot little ass, pulling her back onto my cock strongly with every pull. While doing that I pushed the tip of my thumb firmly against her tight little anus as well. She must have like that because she responded by pushing her ass back even harder against me until the thumb had slightly entered her inviting ass. She cried out in pleasure to this action and again pushed back even harder. I pulled the tip of my thumb from her ass and replaced it with my finger. She cried out “YES, Oh God Yes!!!”. I drove the finger deep into her ass as I continued to fuck her pussy from behind. I increased the pace, essentially fucking her ass with my finger. She suddenly started shaking wildly as she entered her second orgasm.

Totally wiped out, Stacy collapsed onto her belly. I removed my finger from her ass and pulled out my cock. She rolled over onto her back and I moved in between each side of her dangling legs. She tossed them up onto my shoulders and I pulled her limp body up so that I was face to face with her cunt. I pulled her tight & sucked on her clitoris as she wrapped her legs around my head. After a few minutes of this I had to let her down. She released her legs but kept them on my shoulders as I leaned in over her and sucked her nipples into my hungry mouth. She reached about me and grabbed my hard, raging cock. She guided it back into her waiting pussy. I savagely fucked her with all the energy I had remaining. Finally I could take it no more. I pulled out and sprayed my cum all over her precious body. I collapsed next to her on the bed and watched as she rubbed my seed all over herself with a smile.

“What about the painting?” she asked. “I’m sorry” I replied, “I don’t think I can do it now after that.” “No problem”, she said. She asked me if she could have one of the warm-up pieces that I’d done. I said that she could and we both got up and got dressed. I gave her the painting and she gave we a long kiss goodbye in return.

We never saw each other again despite living in a small community. I figured she saw my family pictures in the house and knew I couldn’t get into a relationship. I did however get an email one day marked “”from Stacy“”. I opened it and inside she thanked me for helping expose her to the passion of art. She said that she had since moved to a large city and begun painting. She included a couple of pictures of her work. They were as amazing as she was.

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