Fun with Stephanie , Mark Ch. 01

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Mark: Aged 30 years, possesses godlike cosmic powers primarily used for getting his rocks off with willing women who enjoy a good fucking and love come. Capable of altering reality to his whims, yet mostly just goes about having sex and doing tricks with his cock to make things more entertaining.

Stephanie: Aged 27 years, gorgeous cumslut with large supple breasts, a toned ass, a playful demeanor, and a love for cocks. Especially ones that can go a while and fuck her really well before giving her their warm jizz. With greedy holes always craving more dick, Stephanie loves being the center of attention. She is a regular member at several sex clubs and visits often to let loose and enjoy herself while others enjoy her, too.

It is at one such club that she meets Mark and has the wildest night of her life.


Mark sat at the center of a couch as Stephanie crawled towards his erect tool. She reached out and began stroking the 8 inch shaft while licking and slurping at its head. Stephanie enjoyed sucking cock and really took her time, enjoying its growth as she sucked it a little deeper or longer. Using her tits to work the shaft, she bobbed her mouth up and down on Mark’s cock. The pleasure was so intense that Mark couldn’t hold back and said, “I’m gonna cum! Keep sucking me, yes, you feel so good!”

Stephanie maintained her pace and was rewarded with Mark’s come load in her mouth. She sucked greedily at the throbbing cock. Wanting every drop, she took it out of her mouth and licked at the head and slowly stroked him.

“Oh yeah… That was lovely. God, I love the feeling of a cock swelling up and shooting its creamy load. Just the feel of it in me and on me gets me so wet. Too bad you already came. I would’ve liked to feel that cock of yours in my pussy and ass.”

“What makes you think you won’t?” Mark replied. He snapped his fingers and there was a flash of light. Stephanie felt a pair of hands caressing her ass and turned to see Mark. She did a double take and looked confused.

“Don’t freak out, but I’m more than a little different from most people. I can twist reality to my will and make just about anything happen. You had said you’d enjoy more of my cock, so I’m merely trying to oblige. I can do just about anything I want, and I want to give you want you asked for. We’re both me and I would love to give you all the cock you want. Shall we continue?”

Stephanie paused to wrap her head around this new information, then smiled broadly. “Oh, fuck yes! This is going to be fun. Give me that cock in my pussy. I’m already so wet from sucking your dick. Show me what you can do, sweetie.”

Stephanie started sucking Mark’s cock with renewed vigor. Wanting it hard again she slurped deeply on his dick. Cradling his balls and moaning with pleasure as the one behind her slowly slipped his cock past her damp pussy lips and began to fuck her slowly. Back and forth they worked her with increasing tempo until she gasped and moaned as an orgasm took hold of her. The cock in her pussy slowed while she squeezed her pussy in pleasure, then he began to pound her hard and fast. The hard thrusts were more than she could take and she was overtaken by another orgasm. After several minutes of fucking Stephanie deeply, the cock behind her began to spasm and deposited a huge load of come in her pussy. It seeped out the sides of his cock as his thrusts slowed to a stop.

“Oh, god, that felt so good. Please tell me you can give me more. I need more cock to stuff in my slick holes. Please, please, give me more dicks to play with!” purred Stephanie.

Mark responded by snapping his fingers again to create another flash of light that filled the room.

Stephanie now found herself hanging from the ceiling in a series of straps and stirrups holding her up and spreading her legs wide. This made her come filled cunt easily accessible to the numerous men that stood around her. One of whom stepped up and slid his rigid member into her dripping pussy, sinking balls deep in a single thrust which sent rivulets of come down her thighs and ass cheeks.

Stephanie relaxed and began to enjoy the moment and the feeling of jizz seeping out her pussy as these fresh cocks filled her to her heart’s content. She came frequently and some men slowed down to let her shudder in orgasmic bliss as they flexed their cocks in her trembling pussy. Others sensed her approaching orgasm and would fuck her harder and deeper, making her scream in heightened pleasure.

One by one different cocks would fuck her with strong, deep, and fast thrusts until they were ready to finish and then dumped load after load of hot come deep in her pussy. Some pulled out and shot their gooey load on her crotch and belly. She loved the feeling of being slammed deeply and feeling the cocks swell up and shoot their seed inside her. Globs of spunk oozed out of her hole whenever a Maltepe Escort cock was pulled out and it gushed out around each fresh shaft that was pushed in her dripping snatch.

Some of the men gathered around her head to offer her their cocks to suck while her pussy was being fucked and filled. Stephanie wantonly worked over any dick she could get her mouth or hands on. Sucking and stroking different cocks until they came in her mouth, on her face, and across her torso. It was an endless stream of dick on both ends fucking her for all they and she was worth.

Her tits had become a popular target for the men she was stroking to shoot off and come was dripping down to her tight belly and off the sides of her heaving chest. As Stephanie was enjoying a particularly large load that was being fucked deep into her, she felt the cock that had just come slowly pull out and watched another man step up. The new man rubbed his dick all over her come drenched pussy and placed the head at her tight asshole.

Stephanie came out of a haze and spoke up, “Oh fuck yes. God, this is amazing. I’ve never felt so good. Please keep fucking me. Give me all the dick! What are you waiting for? Slide that cock in my ass and fuck me hard!”

She moaned before she took a cock in her mouth and sucked deeply. The man then slowly pushed his cock against her tight asshole until the head popped past her sphincter and he was able to push the rest in easily. All the loads dripping down from her well fucked pussy provided excellent lubrication for her ass to be nicely fucked.

The tool thrusting into her ass sent her over the edge and she opened her mouth to let the two cocks work her over. The dick in her mouth didn’t last long and fired a load right in her mouth. She swallowed the first spurt of come then pulled the cock head to her lips and let the rest of his load splatter over her face. Upon seeing this, the man fucking her ass began to really slam into her.

“Oh yes, fuck yes. Oh my god, your dick feels so good pounding my ass. Are you going to come in my ass? Please, I want to feel you swell up and dump your come deep in my tight little ass. Can you do that for me, can you please come in my ass?”

It didn’t take long for the man to explode inside her and fill her ass with a sizable load. When he pulled out, Stephanie could feel the semen flowing from her ass and pussy, and down her tits and face. She hung there in the air enjoying the feeling as her body shuddered in pleasure.

Stephanie could hear someone moving furniture behind her but couldn’t see what was being done. She quivered in anticipation realizing that there was more to come and that was exactly what she was hoping for. Her position shifted and she felt her body being lowered. She felt a cock at her ass cheeks and realized someone had moved a chair so her ass could be easily entered from below. Once the cock beneath her was balls deep in her ass, another man stepped up and placed the tip of his dick at her wet pussy.

“Please, fuck my pussy and my ass. I want to feel both of you inside me. Fuck me as hard as you can and fill my holes with your come. Treat me like the little fuck slut that I am!”

Without any hesitation, the man at her pussy sunk his cock in and Stephanie screamed out in pleasure. The men fucked her well, taking turns alternating deep thrusts in her pussy and ass. After just a few minutes, they began to thrust together and drive her insane with pleasure before exploding in her messy holes. Once these two dicks softened up and slipped out. Two more men stepped up, slid in, and fucked her hard until they came too. Filling her to the brim as splooge gushed out from her holes while they stroked her to orgasm.

Stephanie felt herself being flipped over so that she was facing the floor and saw another man sit down in the chair and lower her down onto him so that his dick sunk into her pussy as she straddled him. From this angle she was able to rock her body up and down on his hard cock and felt a dick against her lips so she opened her mouth to suck it as best she could. After a minute or two Stephanie slowed down and said to the men.

“Fuck, this feels so good. All that hard cock in my wet pussy, but my ass is still empty. Won’t somebody please fuck my ass too? I want to be fucked airtight. I want to feel as many cocks fucking and coming inside me as possible. Keep it coming boys! Treat me like a good come slut. I want you all to fuck me and come deep in my pussy, ass, and mouth!”

Stephanie then resumed sucking the cock at her head and grinding against the shaft in her pussy. Another man quickly stepped up to do as she had requested and began to work his dick in her sloppy asshole. Soon, the three men had her bouncing off all their poles and a few times they synchronized their thrusts so that all three of them were pulling back fully before thrusting balls deep inside her at the same time.

The three men went at Stephanie for İstanbul Escort a while before they each thrust as deep as they could go and shot gobs of come in all her holes. Stephanie tried to swallow all of the load in her mouth but it was too much and dribbled out down her chin. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt the dicks in her ass and pussy swell up and fill her with huge come shots. The cocks pulled in and out of her wet holes shooting more and more white sauce until it squirted out around their dicks. Eventually all three of them stepped away to let Stephanie bask in the afterglow and watched as come dripped out of her and down her body.

“More, I need more cock!” Stephanie moaned. “Please keep fucking me. I want you to keep fucking my come filled holes. My ass feels so much better when a dick is fucking me deeply and it’s even better when I’ve got a stiff cock deep in my pussy too!”

And so another man sat down in the chair and guided her pussy down on his firm rod and began thrusting in and out, forcing the come inside her out around his cock. Two dicks appeared before her face and she slurped them both in turn. Lapping at their balls when she worked each of the cocks all the way down her throat. The other she stroked hard and it shot come all over her tits.

“Oh, yes, come all over me. Yes, give me your come!” She said after taking the cock out of her mouth, “Please, go stick this dick in my ass. I need a good hard fucking and I want you to fill me up with that come.”

The man stepped to her ass and thrust in easily as come gushed out around his cock. The men in her pussy and ass found a good rhythm and Stephanie howled in orgasm.

“Oh, god, yes. Fuck my holes hard! Yes, fuck, shit, harder! Harder! FUCK YES! Oh shit, more give me more cocks to play with, please. I want more come.”

Three men stepped up at her head and she took turns sucking them off and stroking them quickly. After a few minutes, they all leaned back and erupted their come loads on her open mouth, face, and tits. After they had finished, she sucked each cock clean and began to push herself against the cocks in her pussy and ass until they too shot off come geysers that spewed out of her holes.

This continued for several more hours as Stephanie was put in different positions and fucked by as many cocks as she could handle in her pussy, ass, and mouth. Most of them came inside her but some would pull out at the last second to coat her with semen. Stephanie loved every second of it. All this cock and come was more than she ever expected to manage, but she was more than happy to try. Her ass and pussy were stretched out and would leak jizz whenever a cock wasn’t inside her.

“More cock. I need more cock!” she would say if ever empty too long. By the end of the night she lay on the floor as what felt like dozens of men fucked one of her messy holes or jacked off on her body as she was drilled. Load after thick load was shot across her chest, face, and tummy and she just moaned loudly to encourage them. Come was streaming out of her pussy and ass as the men fucked her in either hole until they surrendered their creamy spunk inside her.

“Yes, yes, yes. Give me all your come. I want to feel it fill me and splash across my body. Cover my tits and face! Fill my messy pussy with jizz! Load up my sloppy ass with more come! More, more, more! Oh, fuck yes!”

Stephanie found herself surrounded by dicks being stuffed inside her or stroked above her. She pleaded for more cock and come. Someone grabbed her and flipped her over to her hands and knees and she stuck her ass in the air, wanting a good deep fucking. Men lined up at her ass and took turns fucking her fiercely until they came hard. As each man pulled out of her ass after shooting their wad, the next man would wait a minute as the previous load drooled out from her asshole before filling her ass with dick again. This cycle continued for what felt like an hour until come was streaming out of Stephanie’s ass and all the way down her legs.

“Oh my god, that was amazing! Now, how about you boys do the exact same thing to my pussy. Please, I need you to fuck my pussy hard and fill me with all your come!”

Without delay, Stephanie found herself being lifted up and moved to lie down on a table and one man immediately rammed his cock in her pussy as deep as it would go. Stephanie yelped in pleasure and motioned the other men to surround her as she got her wet pussy stuffed. She grabbed two of the cocks that were hovering over her tits and started stroking them. She worked the cocks in her hands until they spewed their wads over her tits and she began to fondle her chest.

“Oh yeah. Cover me with your come boys! I want it all over my tits and in my pussy. Do you think you can do that for me? Come all over my tits until they are covered in come?”

Hearing this invitation drove the man in her pussy over the edge and he pulled out and came buckets Anadolu Yakası Escort of spunk that shot all the way up to her chin. Seeing the huge come load that was being dumped on Stephanie drove the rest of the men into a frenzy. One cock sunk itself into her oozing snatch and another drove its way down her throat while the rest jacked off above her.

One by one, the men stroking themselves began to fire off rocket blasts of creamy hot come that splattered against her chest and belly. Suddenly the man fucking her face pulled his dick out so the head was resting just past her lips and gave her his wet load. Stephanie sucked the cock deeply, swallowing every last drop of come. As soon as that man had stepped away, four throbbing cocks were presented to her and she opened her mouth wide before they all shot off in unison coating her mouth and face in a thick layer of semen.

Stephanie looked down and saw the man fucking her pussy pound away furiously and watched eight men step up on either side of her. They were stroking their cocks and rubbing them against her come covered body. Two dicks were rubbing against her taught stomach, another two were sliding their rods between the underside of her tits and her chest, two more were jacking it and rubbing their cockheads against the tops of her breasts, while the last two had Stephanie stroking their shafts and slurping at the tips.

After long minutes of this, Stephanie was rocked with her strongest orgasm of the evening and clenched her pussy around the dick impaling her. The man tensed up and fucked her as hard as he could for a few minutes before unloading gallons of spunk deep in her pussy. He continued stroking her at a medium pace as his cock erupted load after load of come. It was so much that the men surrounding Stephanie could see it gushing out of her pussy with each thrust. One by one the 8 cocks being rubbed against her blasted their loads all over her body. The two cocks at her face covered her with jizz and she licked her lips trying to get it all before cleaning each cock that was before her. The six men at her torso glazed Stephanie’s body with their wet loads. She rubbed her hands all over her and played with her come filled pussy a bit.

“Oh, fuck yes. I can’t tell you how much I loved that. The feeling of being fucked by dozens of cocks that all come in me and on me is amazing. Oh, god, I can’t believe how much there is. I felt it running down to my knees when you all fucked my ass and I just loved being fucked airtight! Oh god, that was so much come in my pussy and ass. Thank you.”

Someone snapped his fingers and after a flash of light, Stephanie found herself in a luxurious bath tub. Stephanie saw Mark at the other end of the large tub having a drink and a cigar. She put her arms up, laid back, sighed and closed her eyes.

Stephanie purred. “Fuck, I am such a cock loving cumslut. Please tell me I have more of that to look forward to, baby. I lost count of all the dick I took and loads that were dumped in me. The feeling of two dicks swelling up and filling my sloppy holes with come gets me so wet. I can’t wait for more of that!”

“Don’t worry, sweetie. We’re going to have all sorts of fun. I can give you as much cock and spunk as you want.” Mark replied.

“Yay! Ok then sweetie. How about you fuck my ass one more time right now then? I want to feel your nut sack slap against my dripping pussy before swelling up and shooting come deep in my ass. What do you say, want to fuck my ass hard one more time stud?” She said before standing up in the bathtub, turning around to bend over and spreading her ass cheeks to invite him to stick his cock in her ass. She had been fucked so much that come was still flowing out her sloppy ass and messy pussy, down her cheeks and thighs.

Mark caved after watching steady streams of come slide out of her ass and pussy and down her legs. He stood up and stepped over to place his cock head at her used asshole.

Getting what she wanted made Stephanie smile. “Oh yes, stick your big dick in my little slut asshole. I want to feel your come load deep inside me with all the others. Be sure to fuck me as hard as you can, I want to feel all that come streaming down my body. Come on, don’t just tease me with your cockhead! Fuck my ass! Fuck it now, please. Please, give me your cock. I need to feel it slam inside me and spill its messy load. Please, give it to me.”

Mark guided his tip to her quivering asshole and pushed it in slowly until his cock was about half way inside of her. He then set about fucking her at a measured pace working his way deeper and deeper with each thrust until he was slamming his entire tool in and out of her ass with his balls smacking her pussy with each thrust.

“Oh, yes, oh yes, oh fuck yeah! Yes, pound my ass with that hard dick, oh fuck yes! Ooh yeah, I can feel the come flowing out of my ass and pussy. God I just want more! Ooh yes”

After fucking Stephanie’s buttery asshole for a good while, Mark tensed up and sunk his cock as deep as it would go and shot a huge load of come in Stephanie’s willing ass. Once his orgasm subsided he pulled his cock back out and left the tip resting against her creamy asshole while the last few spurts shot out over her ass.

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