Further Education

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There she sat again, taunting me. Her name was Katherine and she was that annoying teacher’s pet sent by God to make this dead end job my worse nightmare. Sharp as a pin, this girl was my biggest critic, annoyingly waving her hand to correct me on anal piss-ass details…it’s English not rocket science! Now why did I, Steven Anderson, even care what this snot-nose teenager thought? I’ll tell you why I the hell I cared…This girl was fucking hot. She was as tall as a woman should be, with a mature curvaceous figure and classic facial features. Amazing smile, plump red lips, and fair skin that contrasted well with her unruly golden brown hair. To be perfectly honest, the way her white oxford pulled and stretched over her full tits drove me crazy. One day she must have buttoned her shirt wrong and I got a full view of her round bouncing cleavage. She had amazing breasts, big but not overwhelming with a perfect natural curve. I almost came just looking at her; this girl could make my dick hard to no end. The way her green plaid skirt came down tastefully across her thick thighs would send any man with a dick over the edge. If she was everything a woman should be already at 18; she would be a bombshell at 25.

I don’t know how she figured out I was watching her, but the last few months of the school year she started teasing me. Legs crossed underneath her desk, her hand would caress her legs and thighs slowly upward until they disappeared in the darkness of her skirt. She never closed her eyes and never broke eye-contact with me, but I couldn’t help to look down to see her arm ever so slightly pumping back and forth. Oh my god, she isn’t…she isn’t? I looked back up to her face, unable to hide my shock. And what do you think this girl did, the straight “A” student all the teachers loved to death? Her full lips curled up into a sexy smirk and she flickered her eyes down oh so subtly as if offering me a look. “I shouldn’t do this,” I thought, but as my eyes trailed back under that desk I saw her legs spread open like a little Catholic school-girl slut she is. That whore wasn’t wearing underwear and was offering me the perfect view of her fingers slipping in and out of her glistening full pussy lips with framed with neatly trimmed tuffs of hair. Fucking Christ I could smell her scent. Her cunt smelled so casino oyna good it made my mouth water.

My mind began to wander to things I wanted to do to her. I wanted to eat her out—to make this child moan my name, cum on my face. I wanted to see those sweet pouty lips wrapped around the base of my dick, her beautiful green eyes looking up at me. I wanted to see my dick disappear into that sweet little ass of hers peeking out from under the perfectly pressed little skirt mommy took so much time to iron. I hate to think that I need this girl so badly but I did. I had no trouble getting could get pussy from women my age. They were throwing themselves at me but only this girl could make my cock throb so hard. I needed to defile the golden child, the one the faculty were talking about voting for valedictorian.

Breaking out of my thoughts, I realized that I had been silent for the past 5 minutes. 30 pairs of eyes stared back at me. “Get the fuck out” I growled, “Katherine, you stay after class” As my students filtered out, Katherine sat firmly in her desk. She was still fingering herself, almost refusing to recognize me, and I had just about enough of that.

“What do you think you are doing?” I asked after locking the doors to my classroom and closing the blinds. I saw a flicker of fear cross over her face but the smart kid snapped back politely, “What do you think Mr. Anderson?”

“No,” I purred, bring my voice to a throaty level. “What do you think you are doing without me?” I grabbed her arms and yanked her out of her seat; I pushed her over to my desk and bent her face down. I started frantically taking off my jeans and boxers while saying, “What do you think you are doing my little cumslut, getting off without my permission?” I had finally freed my erection and started rubbing it up against her pussy. Her fear started to dry her out, so I gently pulled her hair and head back towards me. I whispered softly in her ear, “Don’t deny me Katherine. It will hurt so much less if you give into your lust. You know you want it. You know you want to get fucked by a man, not some clueless teenage boy. You deserve more than the amateur fumblings in some car backseat. You deserve someone who can appreciate how glorious and sweet your pussy is. You wanted to get fucked by someone experienced enough canlı casino to get you off. You want to get fucked by your teacher.” I drawled out the last couple words and was rewarded with her juicy pussy getting wetter than it was before. All for me.

Positioned outside her, I purred “If you scream, I’ll fail you” as I slammed the length of my cock deep inside her wet walls. She was so fucking hot and so tight and obedient. She let out a gasp to stifle a moan, but she was quiet enough not to threaten my career and her reputation. As I kept pounding into her, I began to feel her walls relaxing. She was starting to enjoy this. “Oh your dirty cunt feels so good,” I moaned without thinking. I felt her tighten at this. So she likes the dirty talk? “You like that huh?” I grunted close to her ear. “You like hearing about the bitch whore you are.” I was rewarded with the moan of a woman. God how I loved her moan. It was so sexy, so animalistic. I moved my hand from pinning her arms down on the desk to grope her full breasts and then down to stroke her clit while I fucked her from behind. He body started to trembled underneath me and I was able to slip my finger into her pussy to stroke my dick with her juices. This slip of a girl was letting me do things I only dreamed I could do, I was denied to do it my other relationships. “You want me that bad don’t you. Your pussy wants anything it can get.” I forced myself to pull out of her because I didn’t want this moment to end to quickly. But how could I keep this little angel occupied?

I looked around until I spied exactly what I was looking for. I had always wanted to do this. I grabbed the water bottle sitting next to my briefcase on the side of the desk and kept it from her view as I struggled to pull the condom out of my briefcase and put it on the bottle with just one hand. Roughly I flipped her on her back and held her fast as I brought the bottle into view. Her eyes widened in fear as she tried to scamper back away from me. “Oh no, you don’t” I pulled her back down towards me and the edge of the desk. I positioned the neck at her entrance and made sure my mouth was drowning her cries as I pushed this unnatural object deep inside her and drove it quickly in and out of her. “You’ll like this I promise” I whispered as I sat back so I could get a full view kaçak casino of this amazing sight. The label kept disappearing into her glistening pussy, stretched wide for me. I looked up when I felt her body start to shiver in delight. Her mouth was lustily parted and oh so softly moaning because it felt so good. But the sight of those juices accumulating inside the bottle I had been drinking water out of minutes earlier were driving me crazy. I needed to taste her innocence. I removed the bottle and knelt in front of her. God she smelt so good. Her aroused pussy was so beautiful up close, engorged and a deep purple. I flicked my tongue out to see how she would respond to me eating her out. But as soon as I tasted her I couldn’t stop. I feed myself on those young lips and juicy clit, sucking and licking and biting. But I wanted more, I wanted to fucking devour her. I started tongue fucking my beautiful student and was quickly rewarded with her climax. I lapped up all her cum as I enjoyed feeling her muscles tighten and release on my tongue.

I stood up and prepared to enter her again. I slammed back into her pussy, laying down over her missionary style. Her perfect nipples had been neglected far too long. God, her tits looked even more incredible nude. Her nipples were a tad small for her 36 Cs, but oh so perky and oh so natural. I bit and teased each breast as I slammed into her at a painstakingly slow and even pace. I needed her to beg. I need to hear how much she wanted Mr. Anderson, her english teacher.

“Please sir,” she gasped as I bit down harder on her nipple. “Please.”

“Please what Ms. O’Hare?” I played innocent, smiling as I could taste the slight bitter from her hard perky nipples.

“Fuck me harder,” she moaned. Oh god, hearing that angelic mouth say those dirty words…it would have been a sin for me not to oblige the lady’s request. So that’s what I did. I fucked her as hard and deep and long as I could hold out.

“You are gonna make me cum so hard,” I managed to grunt out right as I felt the building up of my ejaculation. I don’t think I had ever released that much cum and I have had my fair share of sex partners. I think she climaxed too but I didn’t fucking care. I had fucked my student, she enjoyed it, and no one could take that away from me.

“So you don’t regret your actions,” I looked back up into the eyes of my priest.

“Regret…..Father Ralph, I don’t think you understand,” I said. “My only regret is that I didn’t fuck her in the ass when I had the chance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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