Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 04

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[A note to readers: I know this story is taking a long time to get to the “good parts.” But we’re almost there, I promise.]


No weekend had ever felt as long to Jenny as that one did. She and April kept telling each other not to get their hopes up, that there was a lot of competition for the ten spots, that it didn’t really matter anyway. Deep down they knew they were kidding themselves. They wanted to be chosen, and if they weren’t it would be a major disappointment. And what if one was picked and not the other? How would they feel about that?

Saturday seemed to drag on forever, and Sunday was even worse. By early evening the girls were bouncing off the walls, so they decided to go to the movies. But they were restless and distracted and in the end didn’t even stay for the whole movie. Instead they bought a big bottle of red wine and went back to their room.

Though neither one said anything, both April and Jenny were hoping they would come home to find a note, or a card, or a message spraypainted on their door telling them they were in. But there was nothing, so April popped the wine open, put on some James Brown, and started dancing around the room. Although Jenny was very shy about her dancing, after a few minutes and a glass of wine the infectious music got her up and moving as well. She danced stiffly at first, but after a couple songs and Ankara bayan escort more wine she started to loosen up, moving her hips and dipping low to the floor.

April grinned at her roommate and moved closer. “Get on the Good Foot” was playing now, and she did a little bump and grind against Jenny, just to see what would happen. Jenny didn’t seem to mind; in truth, she was feeling as happy and free as she’d ever felt in her life, just taking it easy here with her beautiful roommate.

The next song was a slow one, and April grabbed Jenny and held her close. Jenny’s first thought was of the prom, and for a second she felt panicky. But this was so much nicer. April was soft, and sweet, and smelled good – nothing like her asshole prom date. April’s breasts were pressed against her own, and it felt wonderful. Next thing she knew April was kissing her.

For a moment the world dropped away and it was just the two of them, mouth to mouth, warm and wet and perfect. But then Jenny realized what was happening, all her years of programming kicked in, and she pulled away, averting her face. “I can’t,” she said, tears playing at the edges of her eyes. “It’s not right. I just can’t.”

“Jen, it’s OK,” said April softly, reaching out to touch Jenny’s shoulder.

“No,” said Jenny, shaking her head and edging toward the door while avoiding eye contact. “I…I’m Escort bayan Ankara going for a walk. I’ll be back later.”

“Wait,” said April, but it was too late. Jenny was out the door and gone.

She wandered aimlessly for miles, her mind a mass of conflicting emotions. What were these feelings she was having for her roommate? Was it love, or friendship, or some combination of the two? Was it just the need to feel close to someone, to have warmth and affection? If she’d been totally honest with herself, she would have acknowledged that there was an element of lust as well. But Jenny was a “good girl” and that meant denying any sexual feelings she had for another female, burying them deep inside where they could remain a shameful secret.

By the time she got back to the room April was asleep. Jenny crawled into bed and listened silently to the rhythm of her roommate’s breathing. She herself couldn’t sleep at all, so she let her mind wander as late night turned into early morning. The sun had just started to rise when she heard footsteps in the hall. Jenny looked up just in time to see something being slipped under the door.

She got out of bed and tiptoed over to the door. On the floor were two square envelopes, one with her name on it and one with April’s. She picked them up and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her and turning Bayan escort Ankara on the light. She examined the envelopes nervously. Good news or bad news? She was afraid to find out, but on the other hand, what was the point of stalling? Jenny carefully opened the envelope with her own name on it and slid out the card inside. Drawing a deep breath, she flipped it over to look at the front.

“Congratulations, Jenny!” it said. “You have been chosen to join the incoming freshman class of Alpha Beta Delta. Please join us for the initiation ceremony this Friday at 8 PM. Come prepared to spend the night.” A handwritten note underneath said “I can’t wait to see you there!” and was signed “K.”

Jenny exhaled loudly, feeling a sense of exaltation that was quickly replaced by anxiety as she considered April’s envelope. After a few minutes of indecision she decided to open that one too, and if it contained bad news, she would flush both envelopes down the toilet and pretend the whole thing had never happened. That would be the right thing to do, but it turned out not to be necessary. April’s card was identical to Jenny’s except for the name and the absence of a note. Jenny immediately ran out of the bathroom and shook her roommate awake, shouting “We made it! We made it!”

It took the groggy April a few seconds to understand what Jenny was talking about, but once she did, she leapt up out of bed and the two girls bear-hugged while spinning excitedly in a circle. The previous night’s incident was forgotten in a moment of pure joy, a moment that marked the beginning of an adventure that would change both of their lives.

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