Gracious Grace

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Big Tits

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A quick introduction.

I was roommates with Grace for over three years. Her being a lesbian was a well known fact which made my family and my girlfriends very comfortable with the arrangement. Michelle, her girlfriend had recently come out which gave Grace a new found confidence and extreme fondness towards Michelle. They were both 29.

Grace and I would talk about anything and everything. Right from insignificant things like which shampoo works best for us to intimate things like what to do when I go down on a girl. I took her advice seriously as in my head, no one would know how to please a woman more than someone who gets to experience both, giving and receiving. Jumping ahead to that night now.

Grace and I were pissed drunk when we left the bar, but I suppose the long and painful cab ride back home had killed our buzz. Grace who had tripped not once or twice, but over ten times on our walk to the cab had walked up three flights of stairs without needing the sidebars. We might as well had been sober the entire time. Needless to say we started drinking again as soon as we got back in. It was a cheap red wine. The kind that doesn’t taste so bad, but gives you a buzz quicker than an absinthe shot. Michelle had a corporate job and unlike the norm, Fridays were the busiest for her. So she was still stuck at work. So obviously, we got drunk again.

Grace and I went through all the events that night. Being recently single, I was hitting on a few girls at the bar. Grace is too into Michelle to even look at another girl, but was busy fending off guys all night. Soon we started talking about their sex life. I did my best to hold a poker face while Grace innocently gave away intimate details about her and Michelle. Apparently they both loved to receive than to give, so they mostly ended up in a 69, but would try and explore various ways they could achieve it.

“Well, if Michelle is not in the mood someday, you know I love to give,” I said with a laugh, but meaning every word of it.She laughed too and said she will remember that.

“Grace, I mean it. You know I love to go down on a girl more than anything.”

“Ohkkk, way to make it awkward man. And don’t get me wrong. It’s a nice awkward. I’m actually picturing you down here.”

“Down where?” I asked jokingly.

Grace lifted her skirt slightly revealing her panty and touched a spot which I assume was above Maltepe Escort her clit, and before she could say “here”, the doorbell rang. The timing was almost out of a movie. I cursed whoever stood on the other side of it.

Grace opened the door to let Michelle in. She was dressed in a skirt suit, looking all proper with her hair tied up, even at 1am. She took off her jacket, let her hair down, and slumped down on the couch. Losing all the elegance she walked in with in that one second. She was Michelle again. Sloppy, carefree, real. We started drinking again and we might have finished a little less than 2 bottles by the time Michelle got us up to speed with her boring office stories.

Grace had taken off Michelle’s shoes and had started massaging her feet. It wasn’t long before she got on the couch and started kissing Michelle. It wasn’t the first time I had seen them making out, but this was probably the first time the two were too drunk to take things to the bedroom. Grace was now rubbing Michelle over her clear white panties which had formed a wet patch by now. I couldn’t believe this was happening in front of me. Grace jumped off Michelle pushing her down on the couch and got down on the carpet right in front of me blocking my view. I had to step aside to see what was going on. Grace was taking off Michelle’s panties now and trying to push her tight formal skirt up Michelle’s smooth thighs. Then she dove right in and started eating her out driving Michelle crazy. I couldn’t see Michelle’s pussy well as Grace was all over it. When Michelle came, Grace fell back onto the carpet trying to catch her breath, while Michelle did the same on the couch. She made no adjustments to her skirt and slowly dozed off. I took over a million mental pictures of Michelle’s pussy covered with her juice and Grace’s saliva. Grace looked spent but was obviously not sleepy as she was still turned on. She gave a half grunt half sigh when she saw that Michelle had dozed off.

“I guess that’s it for me too then. Good night.”

All I could manage to say before she went out of sight into her room was, “You know I love to give.”

She said good night again and slammed the door shut. This woke Michelle briefly and she pulled her skirt down a bit before she went back to sleep. It didn’t help much. I could still see a glistening wet hairless snatch at arms length. As I stared one last time before retiring to bed and taking matters into my own hands, Grace’s door opened slightly, but she didn’t come out. I called out her name and Anadolu Yakası Escort got no response. I knocked on her door and she asked me to come in. It was dark inside. She asked me to come in and close the door behind me.

“I can’t see a thing,” I said.

“Hold on.” She turned on the lights.

I saw Grace covered with a blanket from head to torso. All I could see of her were her legs forming an M. She had panties on, a clear blue, but her skirt was gone.

“No judgments, no talking about this, this never happened. Ok?” She said from under the blanket.

“Ok,” I agreed.

“Get down here.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. As soon as I placed my first knee on the bed the lights went out. I slowly found my way in the dark and grabbed the waistband of her panties and slid it down. My mouth was inching closer to her pussy via her thighs that I was kissing on the way. Before I made it down there, she threw the rest of the blanket over me.

“I’m in no hurry,” she warned me.

I was down there for at least thirty minutes and hadn’t flicked her clit more than maybe three or four times. I licked around her wetness, sucked her folds, French kissed her vertical lips, speared my tongue as far inside her as I could, and when I started giving her broad tongue strokes I felt her hands grabbing my hair pulling me slightly upwards. I knew it was time.

I worked her clit gently while my middle and ring fingers entered her. I gently started rubbing the area which I can only assume was her G-spot. Grace was moaning heavily by now. She grabbed my right hand, forcing it out of her and pulled it towards her and started licking my fingers. She got every last bit of her and asked me to give her more of that. I worked her spot again, making her ooze out more of her magic juice and when I felt my fingers to be dripping with more than I could carry, I deposited my fingers back in her mouth. This wasn’t the first time I’ve fed a girl her juice, but I noticed a difference. While all the girls sucked my fingers, Grace only licked the juice off. Before my mind could wander enough to associate that with Grace being a lesbian, I felt Grace’s stomach clenching. She grabbed my hair so hard it almost hurt. She threw her legs over me and tightened her grip. She had a nice and long orgasm after which she almost passed out, but was kind enough to stay awake for a bit.

“That was amazing.” She whispered.

“I told you I was good,” I said being a little cocky. Playfully, of course.

“So when İstanbul Escort I said, this never happened…”

“You don’t have to worry about it Grace. My mouth is sealed.”

“That’s just it. I mean, thank you for that, but I want you to unseal it when I ask you to.” She giggled.

“Oh my God, Grace, just say the word. You know I love doing this. You don’t know how many times I’ve thought about you and played with… you know.”

“You dirty pig! Wait, about me or about me and Michelle.”

“Well… Both?” I said hesitatingly.

We both laughed.

The lights were still out. Grace was obviously tired now and wanted to sleep.

“Once again, thanks man. I needed this. I owe you one.”

“First of all, I owe you a million for letting me do this. But if you feel that way, can I cash in on that now?”

“Hey, don’t get any ideas, I’m still into girls.” We both laughed.

“Not what I meant. You don’t have to do anything. You just go to sleep while I… well, just go off to sleep will you!”

“Ok, mister. Don’t dirty my sheets. Good night.”

“Good night.”

She obviously thought I was going to masturbate. Was she wrong! I waited for her to assume her sleeping position. Which after so long, I knew so well. She would lie on her stomach, her right knee and her face facing the right side, while she hugged a pillow. I have played with myself countless number of times, thinking about licking her ass while she slept in this position. I couldn’t believe that my dream was coming true today. It was still dark in the room, but I didn’t need any light to find my way anymore.

I went down and started kissing her ass cheeks. Having lived this moment (in my head) in many lonely sessions, I was in a hurry to get to it. I spread her cheeks and found her puckered spot. I gave it one broad lick which made Grace moan heavily and an “oh my god” escaped her lips. Then I circled around her rim, feeling each of her folds, with a little lick of her opening every now and then. I tongue fucked her ass a bit, but was mainly concentrating on licking her. This drove her crazy and she slow straightened her right leg and lifted herself a bit on her knees. This gave me better access and I made a wet mess of her ass with my tongue. She soon got down on all four and I started slurping around her pussy once again. I took turns licking her pussy and her ass. I felt her fingers working at her clit. I didn’t know if this was an insult or a compliment. Either way, we both continued doing what we were doing. I changed my pace to slow and broad upward strokes from the opening of her pussy to her ass, this is when she moaned the heaviest all night.

“Oh my god, that feels amazing!” She whispered, “Are you Michelle?” We both chuckled.

“No, that’s not me,” said a voice behind us and we both froze.

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