Hard To Sell Tile Bent Over

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As he slammed every inch of his hardness into me, it did not slip my notice the wedding band on the finger clamped around my throat…

I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself (as I usually do in remembering these lovely moments in my life). Let me start at the beginning.

Seems like it had been forever since I found some strange excitement in the middle of the night. Off “The List” nonetheless. But here I was, pulling into the parking lot of a flooring store, no other cars in sight and a light could be seen in the back area of the dark building. As I approached the glass doors, feeling like a soon-to-be slutty customer coming to see the goods, a middle aged while male opened the lock and held the door open for me.

Inside I could make out the quaint tile/floor store. A tv on one counter displayed a movie of one man’s mouth being thoroughly stuffed by another well-endowed man. The light I saw from outside was on a door, open and leading to the basement of the building.

Normally not one for small talk, I surprised myself by accepting the offer for a beer from my host. The light from the refrigerator lit up his face as he bent down. A decent looking guy, looked to be in shape, short brown hair, and wearing shorts and a white t-shirt. We chatted about his store, I learned he stayed overnight when he worked late and didn’t want to take the ferry home to the Vineyard. Me telling him how I was visiting and was dying to take some abuse that I’ve longed for.

Without warning, he put his beer down, dropped to his knees and began to undo casino oyna my shorts. My hard cock pressed against the soft fabric of my boxers and I felt his warm hands pull it through the opening. I love the feeling of a new, warm mouth on my cock for the very first time. Even more when I know ill be feeling his inside me not too long after.

I leaned back against a sample counter top, savoring not only the cold bubbly beer draining down my throat, but this enthusiastic mouth working me up and down, his spit slowly coating every inch of my balls. Groans escaped my mouth as I imagined this store the next morning. How shoppers would “ooo” and “ahh” over the marble counter top, not realizing the night before my bare ass had rested on it as their salesman devoured my engorged prick.

Knowing he could suck forever, I felt my desire to be on all fours grow wildly. Slowly I pushed his head back and looked at the eyes staring up at me.

“So that was amazing,” I said with my still nervous-to-be-bi laugh “but what I really want is to get fucked. Should I bend over the counter right here?”

I won’t lie when I say I was disappointed when he told me no. He stood and grabbed my free hand and led me to the lit stairway. We walked down to a cool concrete basement. Clearly used for the shop’s storage, I was surprised by the sight of a twin sized bed accompanied by a night stand and lamp. An area rug felt nice on my bare feet as I kicked off my sandals.

As he explained again why he had a bed, I quickly dropped my shorts and boxers, tossing my shirt on canlı casino the floor. I laid on the bed admiring him as he undressed. For his age he was in good shape. Smooth skin, firm chest, no belly, and a nice eager looking cock that I estimated to be around seven inches. Two steps forward put his cock in front of my lips. Slowly they opened and I could taste his saltiness as I lowered my mouth all the way to his trimmed patch of pubic hair.

Showing the same enthusiasm (and maybe more) I sucked and licked, jerked and stroked, and cupped his taught sack until I couldn’t take it anymore.

He prepared a bottle of lube and a condom on the nightstand. I rolled the rubber on him with more skill than some of my girlfriends ever had. Using my free hand I grabbed the black bottle and drrizzled the clear liquid over his protected dong. My slick fingers found their way to my almost-dry hole (I came prepared with lube too) and worked some of the slick goo into me.

Replacing the bottle, I got on my hands and knees and presented my awaiting hole to him. His strong grip on my hips pulled me back to him, feeling the firm tip of his cock press against me. He slid in quite easily (my hole being all too eager) and slowly gyrated back and forth. I was practically drooling as he pushed his entire length into me. I grabbed a handful of the cotton sheets and pushed backed to him. More like slammed into him actually.

At this point I stopped being proper and calm, I needed more than a gentle screw; I needed a rough fucking. I turned my head smiling as his kaçak casino dick pushed into me again.

‘Fuck me hard! Give me your cock!’ I panted. He didn’t need more encouragement. One hand gripping my thigh, tightly holding me in place, his other reached forward and clenched around my throat, slightly cutting off my breath.

As he slammed every inch of his hardness into me, it did not slip my notice the wedding band on the finger that was clamped around my throat. Ecstasy swirled through my body. My back arched, his strong hand choking me and his slick tool pistoning in and out of me. His hand gripped harder, making my eyes roll back, as I heard his grunts and groans reach an excited peak. The final clench came as he sledgehammered into me one last time. I could feel him pulsate and his thighs twitch against my rear.

He slowly released his dominating grip on my throat as I felt him go soft and slowly slide out of me. I fell forward, face slumping on the convenient fuck-room bed, my ass high in the air. I could feel the cool air on the lube still slick on my skin.

As with the rest of my encounters, I get up, legs shake, and I clean up in the bathroom. I stumble up the stairs, walk naked onto the showroom floor, picturing his customers of tomorrow. I wish I could’ve had a movie of this guy stuffing me on the counter to play for the customers. “See? These counters can stand up to even the roughest of sex! A good buy for sure.” I giggle to myself.

Clothes back on, I say thanks as if he did me a neighborly favor, and leave into the night. I smile as I sit down and am reminded of what just happened to my body. Looking in the rearview, I grow hard again looking at my neck; slight finger print marks followed by a dark line where a wedding ring should be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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