Heather , The Black Sins

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The seven bums sat around the blazing garbage can of fire across the street from Heather and LeAnn in the alley that was the world and life. Their dirty, beaten and depressed faces were illuminated in the glow of the fire. The bums attention laid heavily on the shining stars high above, their heads were cocked up and their eyes gleamed at the stars glued to the dark, peaceful sky.

Heather and LeAnn were waiting patiently on a bench by the bus stop talking about everything in particular; men, sex, work, money and the latest happenings around the world for undetailed moments when nothing else came to mind.

Heather was a small girl at five foot four inches tall and at least ninety pounds. She wore black pants that seemed to heavy for her frail body and a leather jacket over a white blouse. She was very well dressed for the weather. Heather was always prepared. Her golden blonde hair was hidden under a Yankee baseball cap. Heather is a splitting image of Mena Suvari and after renting American Beauty and other movies which Mena Suvari acted in she began to see the resemblance. Though Mena was a pretty woman, Heather never saw herself as a pretty woman.

LeAnn considered herself to be a beautiful lady and she, like Heather was dressed for the cold Chicago weather. Her long red hair was let free, not bounded by a stupid looking hat. The frost had turned her cheeks bright red but she was sure it made her face look more stunning, and she was very right. She looked like a beautiful snow angel on the bench to those who passed by in cars or trucks and they all gawked at her when the cars were stuck by traffic lights. LeAnn loved the attention she was getting, but felt her jealousy when some paid attention to her friend rather than her. LeAnn was a little thicker and a little taller then Heather. Her breasts were larger and she had more meat on her ass. LeAnn was known as Jealousy by her friends and family, she was one of the seven deadly sins and she was in charge of Heather and all that went on tonight. Heather was trying to get into their little group. The Blacks Sins were a secret group that selected certain woman from any college to join. Once selected the women lived on easy street, married rich men and were given money, homes and cars. LeAnn was twenty two years old and one of the most powerful in the group. Heather was outside hoping to get in.

Now LeAnn was staring at the bums through the traffic. Watching them very closely. Personally the dirty people appalled her. But today when she looked at these bums she saw a test. She saw young Heather’s fate. LeAnn remembered her own test, forced to seduce to cops after they pulled her over for speeding. She was forced to speed though, The Black Sins had made that way. When the cops pulled her over. She began flirting and seducing the cops slowly, knowing that if she failed she’d never be a member of The Black Sins. Eventually the two cops pulled her out of the car and took her into the bushes just off the street. There they fucked the life out of her virgin pussy and ass.

There she swallowed two loads of cum for the first time in her life. There she laid naked all night, the cops drove away and her car was taking back by The Black Sins. However, when the long night was over she was announced as a member. The bums would make a perfect test. Her eyes gleamed in their direction, but none knew of her gazing eyes, her twisted plan.

“Look at them dirty bastards,” LeAnn pointed out. “I wish we could get rid of every last one of them walking shit eaters.”

“I think you should just leave them alone,” Heather said. “They ain’t hurting anyone.”

“Come on now. They’re dirty, nasty, stinky and they are really annoying. Spare me a dollar. My wife and kids burned in a fire, perhaps you can spare me a dollar. Bullshit. Like anyone would marry one of them bags of stink. I’d tell them to go look for a fucking job.”

“Yeah they could do that, but I still say they should be left alone. Besides they might be sick or something.”

“Insane,” LeAnn muttered.

“I used to work in a soup kitchen when I went izmir escort to high school. Some talk to themselves, some seem a little crazy, but their pretty much normal people without any place to live.”

The subject was presumed dead when LeAnn didn’t respond afterwards. Together they waited for the bus that seemed destined never to arrive and watched the speeding cars and trucks pass by.

“Remember that movie we saw yesterday,” LeAnn suddenly said. Her eyes were now transfixed on the bums. “That fucken blonde chick got on her knees and sucked off those bank robbers, then the bank robbers blew there cum all over her slutty face.”

“You mean that women discriminating porno we watched with Jared and those other clowns. What about it?”

“If you love them bums so much maybe should walk across the street and suck all them off.” LeAnn finally turned to face Heather and happy to see Heather face looked appalled by the idea.

“Oh, shut the hell up,” Heather finally said when the instant shock wore off.

LeAnn was smiling wickedly now. She could feel her pussy beginning to tingle just thinking about it happening. Heather on her knees sucking off the bums one at a time. The bums cumming all over her face, the damn Yankee hat, her clothes, wow, it all was so great. What a plan. What a fucking test it would be.

“Seriously,” LeAnn said, just barely avoiding the trembling that ached in her body, “I’d like to see you on your knees blowing all them dirty guys, then see them shoot the bum cum all over your face and in your mouth. Do it.”

“No fucking way,” Heather said, sickened.

LeAnn face remained serious, but inside she was laughing. Her pussy was getting damp and so were her panties.

“You can be so sick sometimes,” Heather said. “I hate when you joke around like this.”

“Your eighteen years old sweetie and you’ve known me only three weeks. You don’t know when I’m jokin and when I’m not. And I am not. Now I like you and all but my business is The Black Sins, and it is my duty to give you a test. A couple year back I fucked a couple of police officers in the bushes, now it’s your turn to pass a test. I choose the bums. Now march across the street sweetie and suck them bums off for me.”

Heather was on the verge of tears now. This was not happening. How could it? LeAnn was her friend. They had been so close these passed three weeks, and now she was making her commit this unspeakable act. All for this gang or group, whatever it was.

“No,” Heather said. “I won’t.”

“You will if you plan on being a with The Black Sins. And if you want to make something of your life.” LeAnn pulled a piece a paper out of her coat pocket. “This is a letter that states your acceptance into the medical school of your choice. There are more like them. They can get you into law school, acting school or into any other school your mind would desire.” She reached back into her pocket. She brought out what looked like a bank book and opened it. “This is your bank book, my little Heather. You currently could have 45,000 dollars all for you, if you obey.”

Heather was stunned by all she has heard. She was staring at LeAnn unbelieving. “I don’t understand. What is this group?”

“Power for women. Dreams come true. A greatly organized group that makes sure women don’t get bumped and grinded by men. But to get in there is a small fee.” She pointed to the bums positioned around the garbage can and staring at the stars.

Heather took a long, deep breath before she got up. Once she took a couple steps forward LeAnn got up too. When the light turned red the two walked across the street and slowly advanced toward the bums.

“This is disgusting,” Heather moaned. “I usually like having sex with men I find attractive or I find deeply involved with the world.”

“Ever let a guy cum on your face,” LeAnn asked.

“Of course not.”

“Good, then you’ll truly experience a lot tonight with these bums.”

Heather felt her whole body shaking. She’d never been this afraid in her life. The bums alsancak escort were getting closer and closer. Unlike earlier, she did not want to defend them. They really were dirty, nasty and butt ugly. Already the aroma of liquor was filling the air.

“Hi guys,” LeAnn said. “This is my friend Heather and she wants to know if she can suck on you guys this night.”

The bums all traded glances at each other then at Heather. Some of their stares caused Heather’s body to break out in goosebumps. The seven bums were undressing her with their eyes and unlike much normal circumstances they would be allowed to do more then use their eyes on this night.

One of the unzipped his pants and pulled out his dirty cock. The bum was wearing a torn everything, his hair was muddy white and he resembled a dirty Santa Clause.

“Come by the fire,” the dirty Santa said. He was jerking his cock hard.

At first Heather could not move. She was frozen by the very disgusting sight of this dirty bum jerking off in front of her. She didn’t move until she felt LeAnn’s urging hands touch her hands. Finally she stepped forward. She could feel the soothing of the heat as it struck her face, but there was no more soothing other then the fire. She saw the bus across the street. It was leaving now. She so much wanted to be on that bus.

“Suck it,” LeAnn urged her.

Heather slowly got to her knees. The ground was covered with glass and rocks, but her pants did provide a good amount of protection. She took the cock in her hand and to her disgust it immediately began to ooze cum. She saw the cum slowly dribble down the shaft of the dick and onto her hands. But she knew what had to be done. She closed her eyes as tight as she could and took bum’s cum covered cock into her mouth. She licked all the cum of his shaft and the rest slowly find her tongue. She’d never tasted cum before and wasn’t surprised to find she kind of liked it. If only it belonged to much nicer man.

The dirty Santa took his cock and huddled down by the garbage can. Another bum stood in his place. He was dirtier then the last and a lot older. His cock was about five inches and he was rock hard. Without touching the cock she began sucking it in her mouth. The man smelled real bad. She could taste pre-cum and dirt in her mouth. She moved fasted, using her tongue all around his dirty cock feeling his dirty pubic hair brush against her little nose. The bum let out a soft moan and she knew he was about to cum.

“Your face,” LeAnn yelled from the sidelines.

Heather was on the verge of tears. She jerked the cock off in front of her face and without much of a warning the cum spewed all over her cheeks and nose. The bum was done quickly but her face felt heavier now.

The next bum came to her completely naked. His cock was nine inches. It bobbed in front of her face. The bum was surprisingly clean, but he did smell pretty bad. He removed the Yankee baseball cap from her head and put it on his own. Heather took his cock in both hands and sucked the four inches her mouth could cram in. These men hadn’t been touched like this in years and they came fast so this would be over soon, Heather kept telling herself. As if the third bum had been reading her mind, he pulled cock from her mouth and unleashed a long stream of cum that landed across her chin and up to her forehead. The tip of his cock moved closer to her chin and shot more cum on her face.

“Your doing great,” LeAnn said. “Guys, fuck her now.”

Heather turned around and looked at LeAnn. She was pleading to LeAnn without speaking. LeAnn smiled, “Becoming a member is hard work.”

Heather felt the greasy hands of two bums lifting her up and removing her pants and panties. Her bare pussy was freezing in the frozen air. The bums carried her to large metal garbage can. They placed on top on a lid. It was dark right here, she could barely see the faces of the men climbing on top to join her. There were two though. Four men were undressing, the naked one was jerking his cock back to life. Heather buca escort knew she was in serious trouble now.

One of the bums were lifting her up again. When she looked she was a bum laying on the lid, his huge cock pointed at her. No, she thought, yelled at herself. She was being forced to sit on the cock. She felt it slide in her pussy. The other bum was pushing her body to meet the bum fucking’s thrusts. Then she felt the other cock sliding near her asshole. She didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late. The other bum slid his cock straight up her ass and he was ramming it in and out hard and fast.

“Fuck her,” LeAnn screamed.

Five people walked passed the bums and Heather, staring, but for only a few seconds.

Heather felt the men were going to fuck her to death. Her body was too frail to have two men fuck her at the same time. But on and on they went.

The man fucking her pussy shot deep inside her. He had squeezed her arm so tight when he came that she felt blood. Only seconds later the other man was cumming all over the back of her leather jacket and all over her butt cheeks.

Two more bums climbed the garbage can. One turned her over and begun fucking her asshole doggie style. The cock was beginning to give her pleasure immediately after his thrusts went full speed. The other bum was wiggling his cock from side to side as Heather sucked it. Heather’s ass and legs were cold, the cum was freezing to her face, but she starting to feel better. The fucking her ass shot a load deep inside of her. The other man pulled out of her mouth and shot his cum wildly around her face.

“Awwww shit,” Heather cried out, “you fucking blew that shit in my eye.”

The cum shot had gotten her good. Her right eye was shut by cum. Out of her good eye she was the dirty Santa and two other bums climb to the lid. Looks like the bums wanted a second go at it. She suddenly exhausted. The dirty Santa lay down and she got on top of him. He fucked her ass while she looked away from him. The other two bums took turns fucking her sweet little face, enjoying the feel of her cold lips on their cocks. The bums shoved both cocks in her mouth at once and tried to double mouth fuck her. Heather was surprised the bums could pull it off, but her jaw hurt like hell. The dirty Santa began pumping loud after loud of cum deep in her ass. That was followed up by the other two bums cumming on her face and neck at the exact same time.

“Get her off the garbage can,” LeAnn shouted.

The bums listened. In the glare of the fire she could see Heather’s cum cover face, the cum that dripped from her pussy.

“Take off the rest of your clothes,” LeAnn said.

“I’m cold,” Heather yelled back.

“This is almost done. Just take off your clothes. Quickly.”

Heather took off the leather jacket, removed her blouse and took off her bra.

“The rest of you guys jacking off I want you to cum all over her naked body.”

The bums listened to her every word. Five bums gathered around Heather and unleashed cum that covered her titties, splashed her stomach, covered her face a little more and they even got cum in that golden hair of hers. Stream and streams of cum all for Heather.

For Heather it was more of a nightmare again. She was in the alley, cum covered and naked and wind was freezing her. She could taste the cum every time she licked her lips.

LeAnn walked toward Heather and looked down at her. She gathered Heather’s clothes and was about to give them to Heather when she changed her mind.

“This is going to be fun guys. Find your friends. Everyone you know. You have this slut all night.” She tossed Heather’s clothes in the burning trash can without saying a word to Heather. The men gathered around Heather. Now there were ten and she could see more coming down the alley. * One year later Heather was attending Harvard. She got in thanks to her connections, The Black Sins. She was walking with the new girl, a hopeful, and Heather was thinking about the forty eight bums who took turns with her, fucking and cumming all over her little body. She’d been covered in cum from head to toe by the end of the night. But the new girl would pay for that. Three hundred men were waiting for the new girl at her home. Three hundred men with eight cocks or bigger.

“Where are we going?” the new girl asked.

“To have some fun,” Heather said.

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