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My name is Sheida I work in an office and try to have a life, but some days at work are beyond stressful I came home early from a hard day at work down at the office and was really frustrated. The day hadn’t gone very well!

After a relaxing hot bubble bath, I slipped on a pair of panties and lay down with my favorite sex magazine.

My hands where soon rubbing my tits softly and I was staring to get some warm pleasurable waves flowing.

With the visual excitement of the hot pictures as I flipped the pages and my hand teasing my breasts it wasn’t long before the frustration of the day left my mind and my pleasures took over and I was rolling over to my back and ignoring the mag except in my daydreaming!

My hand slowly traced down to my panty-covered mound while my hand on my excited breast began to play a little rougher with my breasts. With that hand, squeezing my firm globes and my thumb and finger twisting and pinching my nipples they grew hard quick.

My hand on my mound pushed my panties aside and my fingers went right to my wet lips. It wasn’t long before two of my fingers were moving around inside my soft pussy and sending intense waves of pleasure through my body.

My fingers drove harder and deeper in my soft wet pussy and I was feeling damn good. It wasn’t long before I felt the familiar growing sensations deep down inside me and I began shivering as I tried to hold back my orgasm as long as I could.

When it finally took over and my cum came squirting out of me, I squirmed and bit my bottom lip with the waves of ecstasy.

The hot relaxing bubble bath and the quick orgasm was soothing, but now I was really horny and craving some hard dick!

But that was soon to change!

Andrew and Tommy unexpectedly walked in on me in the bed with only a pair of soaked panties on. “Well look at that”. Andrew said, They smiled at me and then at each other and began stripping their clothes off.

I knew right then and there that my evening was definitely going to be a lot better then my day had been!

The guy’s dicks were growing hard fast, They each reached down and began stroking their own dicks then each other’s making them harder.

I enjoy watching Andrew play around with Tommy, it always turns me on even more then any other sexual pleasures, except for a orgasmic explosion with 2 dicks cumming in me at the same time. Double penetration brought out those wild earth shattering orgasms for me ever since the first time they took me at the same time!

I watched them for about a minute and then kind of cleared my throat to remind them I was there too. I mean they walk in right as şişli escort I’m in the last throws of an orgasm and soaking my panties in front of them and their just leaving me laying there on the bed with a hungry pussy and cum thirsty mouth.

Well they broke up their little foreplay and giggled as they came over to the bed. Tommy came over to the side of the bed holding his hard dick by its base and held it for me. I went right down on it!

My mouth sucked in his fat long shaft and started moving my mouth along the shaft and stroked the entire length of his cock with my hand. Andrew began stimulating my tit; he squeezed, and tweaked my already excited nipples. He also slid a hand down and rubbed his palm along my wet panties and rubbed hard enough to send intense tingles over my wet lips.

Meanwhile I paid special attention to Tommy’s dick till it began to grow in my mouth. I knew he wasn’t far from shooting his load so I took his dick all the way down my mouth till his engorged head hit the back of my throat and this had him squirting cum in seconds. I swallowed all of it, not wanting to spill a drop of his beautiful man juice.

I rolled over and went to work on Andrew’s throbbing hard on. I knew just how to take care of his meat and started with running my wet tongue around the head and then sucking hard on just it for awhile till he grabbed the back of my head and slowly pushed his dick further in my mouth.

Tommy moved over my hip, stuck his face between my thighs, and went right to sucking the juices from my panties. He sucked them almost dry before he pulled them to the side and went after the more satisfying juices dripping from my soaked pussy. He sucked my clit then sucked my lips in between his lips and sucked on them as he teased them with his tongue. He was definitely turned on because he didn’t stay on my lips long before he slid his long tongue up inside my pussy and began stroking my insides with it. He was scooping up all my juices and then pulling them back to his mouth, and swallowing it. He slipped one finger over the tight ring of my asshole and massaged it as he ate me out.

Andrew came hard in my mouth pulling at my hair I licked his dick clean of all the warm cum left on his dick shaft as Tommy sent me into a thrilling orgasm from the attention he was giving my pussy and ass hole.

Andrew was still a bit hard when we all moved around on the bed into more positions to change some of the action around.

Andrew ended up on the bed on his back with Tommy playing with his dick. I ended up on the other side of Andrew giving him deep passionate kisses with both of their cum still on my lips.

Andrew çapa escort and I went into a battle with our tongues trying to out wrestle each others, while Tommy stroked Andrew’s dick back to a nice hard state and then began running his tongue up and down and around the long fleshy shaft.

Tommy was going crazy on Andrew’s hard dick; he was bobbing his head fast on Andrew thick shaft and didn’t look like he was going to give up on it for quite a while.

It was a couple of minutes and Andrew began moaning so hard that I could feel the vibrations of his moans running across my tongue in his mouth.

I was horny as hell when he started doing that and wanted some of the cum that was going to be spewing out of the tip of his huge excited dick.

I slipped down his body, kissing his hard nipples and running my wet tongue along his firm stomach till I got to Tommy’s face. Tommy pulled his mouth from Andrew’s dick and gave me a hard wet kiss as he continued to stroke his dick. Tommy and I started swapping sucking as Andrew got louder and louder above us with his groans.

Tommy and I both knew he wasn’t very far from erupting and we dropped our hungry mouths down to his dick. Tommy sucked on his dick head as I circled his shaft, teasing his bulging veins. I then worked my tongue down to his balls and began sucking his balls in turn. Tommy went back to mouth fucking Andrew until his dick began to swell.

When I saw his cock swell, I knew it was about to erupt with another huge load of his tasty cum. I started licking his shaft every time Tommy pulled his mouth to the top and back down on Andrew’s dick.

Andrew screamed “I’m cumming” and Tommy pulled his mouth off Andrew’s convulsing dick and opened his mouth waiting on the squirts of cum to shoot from the head of his cock. I moved my mouth down along side of Tommy’s just in time to catch the first shot of cum in my mouth kissing Tommy with Andrew’s cock cumming between our lips.

We kissed rubbing the cum around stroking and sucking Andrew back to his full length. By the time Tommy and I had Andrew’s dick real hard and ready for action, my pussy was craving cock. I turned spread my legs wide pulled my off and sat right down on Andrew’s long dick.

It felt so damn good I let out a couple of groans as it traveled up inside my soft inner flesh. I sat right there still with it shoved all the way up in me. I just wanted to feel the pleasures of being completely full!

Tommy squatted down in between Andrew’s legs and began sucking and fondling his full balls. When I started humping up and down on Andrew,s cock both of us were groaning in excitement as Tommy fındıkzade escort ran his tongue along the base of Andrew’s dick and across my pussy every time I bottomed out on the huge hard shaft I was riding.

I looked down and saw my pussy as it slipped up and down on Andrew’s dick and as Tommy worked his tongue along our wet sex. Tommy had moved his free hand down to his semi hard dick and was stroking it back to life at the same time.

We continued this fucking until Andrew began to really moan loud and I knew right away that he was getting to the point where he was starting to strain to hold back his load of cum. This and all the pleasures I was feeling with everything going on soon had me doing the same thing. I wanted the thrills to last as long as possible.

All of a sudden, I felt Andrew’s dick swell even bigger inside my burning pussy and felt the swell of cum rush of his shaft. He screamed as his shot of cum released deep inside me. This sent me over the edge and I dropped all the way down on to him and wiggled my ass against his lap as I went into another orgasm. Our cum was mixing inside of my pussy and it was a fantastic feeling.

We rested for a bit then Andrew reached over and opened the small drawer of the bedside table and pulled out lubricant. He then stroked his cock covering it with lube, leading me to the floor and then pushing me over so i was kneeling and lying on the bed. He placed the head of his cock into the puckered opening of my ass. A low moan escaped my lips as I pushed back on his cock. As I raised up and spread my legs so I could get my fingers down to my still cum dripping pussy and erect clit Tommy brought his hard cock twords my mouth. Andrew reached out and wrap a hand in my hair and guided Tommy’s cock into my mouth, stroking him as I sucked. Andrew leaned forward and joined me sucking Tommy’s cock slow and deep while he fucked my ass the same way. Andrew slid his cock all the way up my ass, I moaned feeling full. Then he picked me up and moved me forward over Tommy. Tommy’s cock was hard and I could see precum oozing out. He rubbed the head on my clit as my pussy dripped on to him. With Andrew in my ass I climbed on top of Tommy’s lap and slid down his dick. I gasped as their big hard cocks filled me. We where all beginning to moan, the boys fucking me slowly but hard. Soon they picked up pace too hard to hold back anymore. I quickly orgasmed around Tommy’s hard dick as it pounded up into my pussy. Tommy reached up and squeezed my breast while I squealed loudly and shook as Andrew kissed me deep. Me cumming was to much for them as they shot huge loads deep into me filling me the way i needed. I came again feeling their hot cum mixing in my pussy and filling my ass. I lay their well fucked having forgotten the stress of the day, shuddering while small orgasms moved through me as the boys cum dripped warmly from me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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