In Celebration of Redheads

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She was a woman he just couldn’t get out of his mind. Mark first saw Jeannie at a local charity talent show. She had a great voice and seemed to genuinely enjoy singing for the crowd. But it was her looks that sank their hooks into him.

First, he could tell that she cared about how she looked. Her red hair was nicely done, enough makeup to augment rather than overwhelm. She dressed in a way that flattered a body that didn’t need much flattering, tasteful clothing that hinted rather than screamed “sexy”.

After the show he made a point to seek her out to congratulate her on the performance. Her perfume was subtle but enticing. He’d always had a thing for redheads and as he shook her hand he knew he’d have to see if some time and effort with her would yield the results he was beginning to crave. A bit of conversation resulted in the exchange of email addresses and the dance had begun.

As they began their email correspondence, a light- hearted banter was found throughout as they began to know one another. As time passed they learned about each other’s families, jobs, likes, and dislikes. They would occasionally chat as well and it became apparent that beneath the classy exterior was a woman who had much more primal desires.

As a hobby he wrote erotic stories, sharing them with Internet friends after asking if they’d be interested in reading his efforts. When he asked Jeannie if she’d like to read what he’d written the response was an enthusiastic yes.

He started by sending stories that were at least a bit delicate in wording and situation. Her responses were encouraging and he sent tales that were a bit more earthy. Some of what he wrote was of actual encounters, some of things he’d like to have happen, others pure fantasy. She mentioned that she’d written a few of her own but they’d been lost to a computer crash. Mark suggested she try writing once again. She finally did write and it took his breath away. Her description of a liaison a few years back was simple, direct, and explicit. As he read he found himself wishing he’d been the lucky man to know her in that fashion.

He dreamt of being with her, of enjoying that perfume from close range and how it might mingle with the other scents of her body. Mark imagined how soft her skin must feel and wondered just how responsive she would be to a gentle but through exploration of her body.

He let her know of his thoughts and dreams and how they turned him on. czech sharking porno She responded in kind, making him aware that reading his stories left her in a state of excitement. It seemed only natural when he suggested that they look for an opportunity to consummate their sexual interest. Jeannie agreed that it was something she’d like to happen. Finally, it did.

Fate soon provided a weekend where spouses would be out of town and they’d have the time to let Internet passion become real. A hotel in a nearby town seemed discreet enough and the dream became reality.

They entered the hotel room and he embraced her from behind, arms round the waist, face nuzzling into her neck to inhale her perfume and plant a gentle kiss or two. She turned to face him and he was finally close to that red hair, blue eyes, and inviting lips that offered him both a coy smile and so much more.

Mark kissed Jeannie and the kiss told her this would be slow and deliberate. She sensed he was an experienced man who would take the time to do things in a way that slowly built toward extreme pleasure. Her instinct about him had been correct and now they could both reap the rewards.

Jeannie was both delighted and amazed as he continued to simply kiss, lips meeting and caressing, reminding her passion could be built in ways other than the obvious. Her mouth responded as she ran her tongue over his lips. Two could play at this game. He met her tongue with his, brushing oh so lightly at first, then with increasing passion. Moving his hand slowly, he reached up to barely graze the back of her neck, sending a shudder through her entire body.

Mark could feel her nipples harden even as he himself hardened further below. While gently kissing her face and neck he began to unbutton her blouse while she did the same to his shirt. The bra she wore was midnight blue, going perfectly with both hair and eyes. He brought her to him, her breasts crushing up against his hairy chest. His hands began to slowly roam over her, running up and down her back and slowly along her sides as he continued to explore her neck with his lips and tongue. Her head fell back, surrendering to the sensations.

He stepped back and removed his shoes, socks, jeans and boxer briefs, Jeannie smiled when she saw the effect she’d had on him and soon her footwear and jeans joined his on the floor. Clad in the dark blue bra and panties she was a beautiful czech streets porno sight to him. There was a spot on the panties even darker than the rest of the fabric that told him his attentions were having the desired effect. Coming close, Mark reached around to unclasp the bra, helping her draw it off. Her breasts were exactly what he’d dreamed they’d be. Her skin was pale and almost translucent while the pink nipples stood in stark contrast. He knelt in front of her and slowly pulled down the panties. Mark was expecting to find a tangle of red pubic hair but instead found she was smooth, a surprise she’d created earlier that day. He brought his face close to inhale her scent but resisted the urge to bury himself there. Mark led Jeannie over to the bed, turned down the sheets and had her lay face down. The kisses began anew, this time starting at the nape of the neck and working his way down her back. The skin of the natural redhead was proving to be a real turn on for Mark. It was so white and soft and he relished its taste. His mouth continued the tour of her body as her butt received a long series of kisses and licks. Jeannie involuntarily clenched her cheeks and squirmed from the attention. He softly chuckled and moved down to give the same to the backs of the thighs and calves. He planted a kiss on the sole of each foot and told her to roll over.

Jeannie thought Mark would now work his way back up her legs to the spot that desperately needed attention the most. Reflecting on the lovemaking later she realized she should have known that wouldn’t be the case. He moved up and started kissing her again, this time with more passion. Their tongues darted and stabbed amid the forceful kisses. He broke away and smiled as he again began his descent.

His mouth reached her breasts and there again he took his time. He could see the outline of blue veins through the pale skin and his tongue traced some of them. One hand moved on to one breast as his mouth found the nipple of the other. He alternated pressures, while the hand gave one nipple a firm twist he gently blew on the other. Next he would take the nipple in his mouth and suck hard while barely grazing the other with his fingertip. The contrast in sensations was driving her wild with pleasure. She didn’t know whether to be happy or sad when he moved lower still.

Her stomach relished the oral attention, especially when his tongue simulated the sex act with czech super models porno her belly button. He kissed and licked low on her belly before diverting to the side and down one thigh, then the other. She marveled at his patience. He attended to her body as if he had all the time in the world. The patience though was nearly at an end.

Mark could both see and smell the results of his handiwork and he could no longer resist the urge to taste. He started up the inner thighs, gently pushing her legs apart. It wasn’t as if she needed any encouragement. The cleanly shaven area was slick with her juices and she willingly spread in welcome.

His face drew close and he inhaled the aroma, which to him was such a turn on. She could feel him inhale and sensed his pleasure with her but he caught her by surprise when he gently blew on her lower lips. She could feel the drops as they flowed from her body and her silent plea was answered when his mouth finally made contact. She realized he’d gone back to where he started, tenderly kissing her. He was treated one set of lips like the other, genuine kisses and she did her best to let those lips respond. As before, the tongue grazed and lightly licked before becoming more aggressive.

He started with little sucks now, collecting her sweet juice as it appeared and doing his best to coax even more from her body. Her clit had long since popped out of its little hood and begged for attention that was eagerly given. He encouraged her erection by enclosing it in his lips and flicking with his tongue. Jeannie began to grind against Mark’s face as she began to lose all control. He pulled his face away knowing neither could wait to join.

Moving up her body, Mark placed the head of his cock against her dripping lips. Gazing straight into her eyes he began to enter but did so very slowly. She didn’t see how he could insert himself so deliberately; she could feel every millimeter of movement. After what seemed like an eternity of agonizing pleasure he was fully buried inside her, soaking himself with her juice. He withdrew almost at almost the same speed and started stroking slowly. Each stroke was a tiny bit faster and she was wild with the idea of it all. As he stroked faster, Mark was aware that he had very little self-control left. Each stroke brought each of them closer to release and when she sensed he was close Jeannie wrapped her legs around his waist and met him with each stroke. She felt herself going over the edge just as he threw back his head, groaned, and let loose inside her steaming wetness.

Mark withdrew and collapsed beside Jeannie who reached over and stroked his hair. Both were covered with sweat and sex. His instincts about her had been right and there was much more pleasure to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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