Incest Tales Pt. 04: Challenge Accepted

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It has been a month since the night mom got fucked by grandpa and then by me. Since then, a lot had changed. Mom was super open to us now.

She usually slept with grandpa, and by sleeping meant regular fuck sessions between grandpa and mom. Sometimes, she would sleep with me as well. During this month, it was clear that mom had really high sexual desires and needs, and she was almost always horny.

After a month of regular sex, countless cream pies, endless deepthroats, constant humiliation and almost unending teasing mom had become used to all this and had in fact become a pro. Unlike before, her cunt was quite stretched now and her ass hole was relatively less tight. Her gag reflex significantly improved by all the throat fucks she received from both of us.

Mom had also developed a routine which she usually followed.

She would wake up at 5:45Am in the morning, usually with grandpa. After getting up from bed, mom would wake up grandpa with a morning blowjob where grandpa would cum inside mom’s mouth without notice. By this time, even mom knew grandpa liked cumming in her mouth and she was ok with the fact and would drink all the cum in. After that, they would go jogging. Grandpa selected gym dress for mom for the morning. By this time, we had quite a dresses few but grandpa usually picked the mini skirt and strapless bra. Initially mom used to be conscious, but now they used to go early in the morning that too to a park strangers came. In the park, there was a secluded spot where no one would come. Grandpa always made mom do exercises and stretches over there. Sometimes lunges, sometimes one leg rolls, leg lifts, planks, jumping jacks, cardio, jogging and many more to maintain her figure and to keep her fit. Grandpa had a bit knowledge about exercise and workouts, and he usually focused on mom’s legs and butt and its enhancement. In a month, the results were that mom was much fitter, and her thighs were much more toned.

During the weekends, when sometimes mom would take off from exercise because she was really tired by the night fuck, I would sometimes sneak in the room and look at the mess created in the room.

After the exercise, grandpa would take mom to a specific bench and make her cum in her skirts over there. Mom would squirt like hell, morning and rolling her eyes even in public. Grandpa had a technique which made mom lose control like that. In the morning, grandpa would usually edge mom. He made sure mom didn’t cum, which mom made super horny and wet until she came on the bench. Even though she wore skirt and panties, she would leak after cumming that hard. They always used the same bench, and it had become super sticky by mom’s extremely level of squirts daily.

After coming from exercise, and getting home mom would get ready for a shower. At this point, she didn’t mind walking around naked in home.

Not me, but grandpa usually roughly fucked mom. He mercilessly drilled mom’s cunt and ripped her ass. He throat fucked until she would almost faint. He would slap her hard, pull her hair and cum all over her. Mom liked the feeling, and she liked being submissive like that during sex.

After the shower, we had breakfast. We would talk about our day and finish eating breakfast. Mom would go to school after this with me.

Mom: Breakfast accha laga na sabko?

Me: haan ma

Grandpa: haan Shikha beti… jab tum ho toh accha hi lagega

Mom: Anish try karna aaj school mein mere sath kuch aisia waisa mat karna… tumhe pata hai I usually get horny by that

Grandpa: Pota kiska hai… hehe

Mom: Papaji aap bhi na…

The rest of the day would continue normally for grandpa and for us, except sometimes I would tease mom in school. However, open mom was at home she was really mindful of her image in public and especially at school. Nevertheless, I would still manage to grope her through her saree and sometimes even receive a quick blowjob at the back alley of school.

After coming from school at around 3pm, mom take a shower. She would walk around naked, or wear transparent lingeries and nighties. Grandpa would give mom a rough fuck in the room after which mom would sleep until 6pm. Just after waking up, grandpa would wake up mom by putting the vibrator in her pussy to control it whenever we wanted to. Until sleep, mom would squirm and even sometime scream by being edged innumerous times.

But one day grandpa came up with a plan

Grandpa: Beta yeh vibrator se Shikha pagal ho jati hai…

Me: To?

Grandpa: To aaj ise on hi nahi karte… dekhte hai kya hoga phir…

That whole day we didn’t turn on the vibrator, and it was evident mom seemed disappointed. That night, surprisingly, grandpa refused to fuck mom. Pissed mom, mom slept in her room. Next day she woke up late and grandpa was in the bahis şirketleri kitchen

Grandpa knew that mom was pissed off

Grandpa: Kya hua Shikha?

Mom: Kya hua? Kal pure din vibrator nahi on kiya or night me no sex!

Grandpa: To? Tum chahti thi main vibrator on karke tumhe din bar pareshan karoo?

Mom: Uhm…

Grandpa: Agar koi jawab nahi aaya to aaj bhi yhi karunga

Mom: Nahi! Haa! Mujhe pasand hai kaise aap meri chut mein vibrator fit karke use control karte ho… mujhe psand kaise mujhe aap edge karte ho aur kaise phir poori night mujhe tod kar jhadte ho! To problem kya hai?

Grandpa liked to hear from mom often that she wanted him to fuck her. Eventually, mom got a hang off it and accepted and answered every time grandpa asked such a question.

Grandpa: To ab kya chahti ho kya karoo?

Mom: Jo kal night nahi kiya…

Saying that mom dropped off her seminude see-through chiffon nightwear… going to close to grandpa. It seemed like grandpa was tempted to fuck mom… even he wanted to destroy mom with his bad boy.

Mom: Kya aap aisa nahi chahte?

Grandpa somehow controlled himself and told mom

Grandpa: Nahi!

The next few day went like that… which eventually turned into 2 weeks. Grandpa took away all mom’s toys. Mom was so much used to sex, that she craved it almost all the time. She missed slightest of the humiliations by grandpa. She had sex with me, but she clearly wasn’t satisfied alone by me and even I knew grandpa could only do that.

At night, mom would get herself licked by me for a very long periods of time

Mom: Ahhh beta haan vahi aache se aahhh aise hi… leep licking my sweet baby

Me: Chup! Chup! Chup! Chup!!

Mom: Ahhmhaaaa aaah I’m cumming….aaah

Me: ma grandpa ko kya ho gya… aajkal aap unke sath nahi sleep karti?

Mom: Patan nahi beta… mein pagal si ho gyi hoon ab… I’m like craving so much for some sex

After 20 days of no sex with grandpa, mom finally opened up to him

Mom: We need to discuss something! Mein pagal ho rahi hoon! Agar sex nahi karna tha to shuru kyo kiya? Mein addicted ho chuki hoon

Clearly grandpa was smirking lightly… it was almost as if he had something planned. And indeed he had

Grandpa: Mein tumhare sath vaise hi sex karna shuru kar doonga… lekin mujhe tum mein vo khas baat nahi dikhti

Mom was a bit taken back… she never expected grandpa to say that…

Mom: What?

Grandpa: Dekho baat yeh hai ki Mr. Bhatia ki bahu ekdum unki sare orders manti hai… aur ekdum acche se rahti hai… aur tum ho! Tum usse bahut zyada hot ho lekin mujhe kaise pata ki tum usse better ho?! Mr. Bhatia ki bahu to competition ke liye ready hai lekin mujhe nahi lagta tum ho!

Mom was hit hard by this revelation. Grandpa had clearly played his card really well. He used mom’s sexual needs and challenged her feminineness. It had clearly worked out and mom in mind was enraged. She couldn’t believe somebody was hotter and better than her. And grandpa would choose someone else, and not have sex with her.

In those circumstances mom thought the unthinkable

Mom: Uhm… mein competition ki liye tayar hoon!

Grandpa: Pakka! Mr. Bhatia ki bahu ko harana mushkil hai

Mom: Mein tayar hoon

Grandpa: Jaayo ready ho jayo… aur haanvo choti shorts pehna!

Mom got ready in 3 hours. She took a bath, got her facial and manicure done. She applied lotion to her body and trimmed off her pubic hair. She lubricated her pussy a bit, and got ready. Coming out, she wore a sexy ripped mini short with super-hot over the neck mini top. She looked like a sultry goddess in that outfit. After on, she applied some makeup and told grandpa she was ready to go…

Mom: Chale?

Grandpa: Abhi kaha? Pehle niche knees par betkar mujhe moon mein lo!

Mom: Lekin makeup?

Grandpa: Dekho Mr. Bhatia ki bahu aise behasti nahi!

Mom was burning in jealousy and obediently did what she was told. She took grandpa’s dick out of his pants and started slowly stroking it. She decided to give grandpa one of the best deepthroats. After some strokes, grandpa’s weapon was erect and ready to be sucked off. Mom teasingly licked off the tip of grandpa… after which she continued down until his dick ended. She repeated the motion for next 2 minutes, until grandpa’s dick was throbbing red. Moving on to his ball, mom licked them off passionately taking a feel of it. Grandpa undid mom’s hairs and started directing mom to suck off his cock. Mom slowly took his cock taking it almost in. By this time her gag reflex was pretty good, and she efficiently blowed up his cock in her throat. Each slap in mom’s throat, resulted in water trickling down her eyes ruining her makeup. After 10 mins of intense throat fucking, grandpa came deep bahis firmaları in mom’s throat. Mom coughed but grandpa kept her in that position. Mom controlled her gag and when grandpa pulled out her saliva with some of grandpa’s cum dropped down her neck ruining further her makeup.

Mom now looked like a complete fucking rag doll, with her makeup looking like a fucked up cheap slut.

Mom: Mein face wash karke aayi… Oh missed this so much papaji…

Grandpa: Kaha? Aise hi chalte hain… ab lag rahi ho na competition ke liye ready!

Mom obeyed grandpa’s orders. They went to Mr. Bhatia who lived nearby. Mr. Bhatia lived in the society as them, but in the very next building. He was almost as old as grandpa, and a good friend of grandpa. He lived with his sone, and his son’s wife in their 3-room apartment. It seemed like he had a crush on mom Amongst grandpa’s panty buyers from the past, Mr. Bhatia was one. In fact, it was Mr. Bhatia who insisted on this competition.

At entrance of Mr. Bhatia’s home

Grandpa: Bhatia… kaisa hai yaar… yeh dekho meri bahu… Shikha…

Mr. Bhatia: Acha hai… hello Shikha… Divya ready ho? Jaldi aao… vaise tum yeh competition har jaoge!

Grandpa : Majak to accha kar lete ho… vaise tumhe aisa kyo lagta hai?

Mr. Bhatia: Divya ko aane to do!

Divya, Mr. Bhatia’s daughter in law came. She looked like a sultry goddess. Alhtough, she was not as hot as mom but she used her assets to the fullest of her capabilities. She wore a salwar kurta (Indian dress) but was otherwise dressed like a slut. She was clearly not wearing a bra, and the salwar came down showing off her cleavage. She came to him within single order.

Mr. Bhatia: Accha Divya mujhe batao tumhare husband ka naam kya hai?

Divya: Uhm… konse wale… dikhawe wale… ya asli wale?

Mr. Bhatia: Hehe… jo tumhari zaroorat poori kar sake!

Divya: Vo to mere sath hi rahte hain… meri acchi se sari zaroorat poori karte hain… meri rani ka apne raja se khyal rakhte hai

They both exchanged laughter after that

Mr. Bhatia: Accha yeh batao tum din mein kitni bar kapde change karti ho?

Divya: Usually 2-3 times, lekin jab aap chahte hai… actually meri pajami hi itni gheeli rahti hai… pajami se pani tapakta rahta hai… tap,tap,tap!

Grandpa interjected the talk.

Grandpa: kapde to Shikha ko bhi bahut bar badalne padte hai…

Mr. Bhatia looked at mom… but then continued with Divya

Mr. Bhatia : Aisa kyu hota hai?

Divya: Meri choot mein 2 vibrators fit hai… meri ass mein 1 butt plug… then mere clit ke liye tongue toy clit attached hai. Kabhi double ended dildo bhi meri choot aur gand ke liye hai. Vibrators aur clit toy ka control aap ke pas hai aur vo kabhi bhi control ho sakta hai…

Grandpa was shocked by the straightness of Divya. She didn’t hesitate a second, but blurted out how her cunt and ass were controlled. Although, mom was trained with the vibrator a bit but not that many. It seemed to grandpa that Divya was a pro, and mom could lose the competition.

Mr. Bhatia continued

Mr. Bhatia: Accha Shikha yeh batato tumhara tum kitni bar ek din mein jhad chuki ho?

Mom was a bit startled by the question but she answered.

Mom: Uhm… 12 times… 3 in morning… 4 times in the afternoon… 2 times in evening… and 3 times during night

Grandpa seemed proud and hoped that mom beat Divya in this but just then

Mr. Bhatia: Aur Divya tum?

Divya: 17 times…

Mr. Bhatia laughed… almost mockingly at grandpa…

Mr. Bhatia: Accha ab Divya aur Shikha apna top hata lo…

Divya followed the orders immediately. She got rid of her salwar… exposing her luscious boobs. Surprisingly. She wore bdsm style lingerie, exposing her juicy tits. Her figure was perfect, and like mom, she was quite fit and athletic. But, her nipples were covered

Grandpa: Divya tumhare nipples covered hai… aisa kyo?

Divya: Oh… vo inhone mere nipples par nipple suction pump laga rakha hai… jo mere nipples ko chusta rahta hai…

And here mom was standing. She hesitated a bit but nevertheless removed her top, exposing her tender breasts with perfect brown hazel nipples.

Mr. Bhata: Not bad Shikha… ok ab is round mein competition mein 3 parts hai… 1st is size, then texture aur phir endurance. To size mein tum dono equal ho, ab texture.

Mr. Bhatia slowly took 1 tit of mom and Divya in each of his hands, and started slowly playing with them. He teased their tits. Both of them, moved slightly taking deep breaths

Mr. Bhatia: Shikha bahut acche… Divya tumhare boobs soft hai… lekin Shikha! Tumhare extremely soft aur perfect hai…itna accha texture… perfect!

Grandpa looked at mom, a rather assuring look.

Mr. Bhatia: Divya kaçak bahis siteleri apne nipple sucker hatao… agla endurance test hai

Divya removed her nipple sucker and Mr. Bhatia got a heavy nipple clamp in test…

Mom: Yeh? Uhm…

Mom was really nervous… she had only seen it been used in porn but not in real life…

Divya removed her nipple sucker… her nipples poked out. They lactated and were bright pink. Mom was surprised how Divya could even put such clamps on her sore nipples…

Divya proved mom wrong and immediately put the clamp on… she struggled a bit but put it on with ease. Mom was really surprised…

Mom then put on her clamp… she was in deep pain… the clamp pinched her nipples hard… she squirmed a bit… trying to control

After 2-3 minutes mom’s nipples were on fire, she was burning and wanted ti take the clamps off. Whereas, Divya was comfortable with the clamps…

Mom: Ahm… mein clamps hata rahi hoon…

Saying that mom got rid of her clamps… her nipples had lactated a bit… but they were still really sensitive

Divya, on the other hand, was winner of this part and she removed her clamps after seeking permission from Mr. Bhatia.

Divya: Ab mere clamps hat gaye hai… aap please mere nipples twist kar do… please!

Mom was taken by Divya begging like that from Mr. Bhatia. Mom rarely begged like that in normal life.

Mr. Bhatia took her nipples and twisted them badly. Divya moaned heavily, trying to control herself finally gushing out milk.

Divya beat mom in this section but the round was a tie.

Mr. Bhatia: Next round hai Blowjob ka… to Divya tum mera chooso… aur Shikha tum Jagmohan ka

Divya immediately went down to her knees, taking Mr. Bhatia’s humongous 10 inch cock out and slowly massaging it with his hands. Mom was mesmerized by that. Grandpa took his 9 inch cock out, and looked at mom. Mom went down on her knees as well. At this point, mom wanted to beat Divya. They both took the cock in their mouths…

With their cocks in the mouth, both showed their excellent sucking techniques. While Divya perfectly rolled her tongue around Mr. Bhatia’s huge cock, mom showed her built up gag reflex.

Divya: Gwa! Gwa! Gwa! Gwa!

Mr. Bhatia: Aise hi… chalti raha!

Grandpa: Aise hi Shikha!

Mom continued deepthroating, the cock hitting at the back of her throat.

After around 15 mins, grandpa and Mr. Bhatia came deep in their throats. Mom tried her best to control, but coughed. However, she still managed to drink all of grandpa’s cum. However, Divya was a god. She didn’t cough and obediently drank all the cum. After finishing her drink, she kept her mouth open.

Mr. Bhatia: Band kar le mouth apna ab!

Grandpa was impressed by Divya’s obedience. Mom was jealous…

Mr. Bhatia: Bahut acche! Shikha tum bhi kaafi acchi ho moo dene mein… accha ab Jagmohan decide karega yeh round kon jeeta

Grandpa: Mein… uhm… dekho Shikha tumhara chatne ki technique bahut acchi thi lekin Divya tum winner ho… itni agyakari!

Divya: Thanks!

Mom couldn’t believe she lost the sucking round… her biggest skill was the oral skill.

Mr. Bhatia: Dekho mein nahi chahta Shikha aise baar baar har round hare… clearly Shikha ki beauty bahut hai lekin Divya ke skills ka javab nahi…

Grandpa: Sahi kah raha ha… to ab kya kare?

Mom and Divya both stood silently there waiting for grandpa and Mr. Bhatia on what to do

Mr. Bhatia: Clearly Shikha ko training ki zaroorat hai…

Grandpa: Yeh to hai

Mr. Bhatia: Mere hisab se 1 month ke liye tum mujhe Shikha de do… mein use train kar doonga… itne Jagmohan tum Divya le lo

Grandpa: Sahi mein… Bhatia Thank you bhai… theek hai

Mom: What?

Mr. Bhatia: Shikha tumhe abhi training ki bahut zaroorat hai… tumhi batao Jagmohan

Grandpa went to mom and whispered in her ears

Grandpa (whispers): Maan jao varna jo pichle 20 din mein haal hua tha… vo hi hoga

Mom was horrified… she almost took it as a threat… she could not even imagine how she managed these 20 days… no toys only fingers… she used almost every home object as her dildo. Her pussy was on fire these days.

Mom: Nahi please… aisa mat karo!

Grandpa : Vahi to meh kah raha hoo… mein kuch nahi karoonga

Mom was helpless. Seeing mom with her face, and no hope, Mr. Bhatia continued

Mr. Bhatia: Hum Divya aur Shikha ko 1 month ke liye exchange kar lete hai…

This statement hit mom like a bomb… there was no way she was accepting that

Mom: What? Mein aisa nahi kar sakti…Anish ka kya hoga aur!

Mom was interrupted by Divya

Divya: Jaisa aap theek samjhe… Sachin (Divya’s husband) to kaafi days tak town se bahar hi rahega… aur Shikha don’t worry mein Anish ka dhyan rakh lungi… akhir vo mere bete jaisa hi toh hai

Grandpa: Shikha?!

Mom had no option… she accepted

Mom: Ok! Lekin school?

Mr. Bhatia: Tum school ja sakti ho…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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