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Bbc Slut

It was quite late on a Friday night, and I was still in the office. While I had finally completed my work for the week and filed the last of the innumerable reports, I was just too mentally exhausted to try to drive home, which meant that I needed to go to the break room for coffee and allow it time to reinvigorate my mind.

Slowly, I trudged to the coffeemaker, waited, and trudged back to my small office. I figured I could at least enjoy the view of the city, so I turned off the lights, leaving the laptop as the lone source of illumination within those four walls.

After several sips, I sat in the chair, sighing wearily and looking off into the distance at the many vehicles on the elevated highway. Slowly, my attention drew closer to the office building, across the vast plethora of homes to a major street’s shops and restaurants and gas stations to yet more homes to the school immediately before the building. From there, my gaze shifted toward downtown.

…and my jaw dropped.

On the twelfth floor of an office building on Antalya Escort the opposite corner of the intersection far below, I saw an man leaning back in his chair while a naked woman knelt before him. I knew that such situations occurred in office buildings at night, but had never expected that I would see it happen. Whenever I had heard stories of these events taking place, the participants always took care to close the blinds first or to at least turn off the lights. In this case, however, the lights in the office were indeed on, and the blinds were indeed open. Since the building’s windows were not tinted and were not one-way mirrors, I had a wonderful view as the man lifted up from his chair just enough for the nude woman to remove his slacks; she had apparently already removed his shoes and possibly his socks before I had spotted them.

Curious as to what would happen in the office, I felt my mind coming to life. The coffee in my hand was practically forgotten as I watched the woman lean forward again and position the man’s erection so that her Antalya Escort Bayan head could dip forward and allow her to easily ingest him. The way his head suddenly tipped back with his lips parted, it was clear that he enjoyed what the woman was doing.

I took another sip of coffee, then purposely set it down on my desk. I was enthralled with the woman, with the vigor with which her head bobbed back and forth, with the fact that her hands were constantly touching him and were always in motion. While I had enjoyed some good fellatio in my time, I had never been blessed with having such a spirited woman pleasuring me orally, and it was clear that she thoroughly enjoyed having him in her mouth – it was almost as if she truly lived for such moments.

He was a lucky man indeed, and given the gentle way he caressed her cheeks and held her hair out of her way, he seemed to know exactly how lucky he was. I could just barely see his lips moving, and I wished I could hear what he was saying – almost certainly, he was praising her skills and Escort Antalya her performance and heightening her own enjoyment of the moment with his words.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I found my hand rubbing at the front of my slacks. I wished that she could have been servicing me instead.

And then, he seized the woman’s head, guiding her movements with greater speed, his head tipped back and his mouth wide open as he rocked into her open mouth, and then finally, they both were incredibly still as his orgasm rocketed through his length and was fired directly into her mouth. She clutched the man’s thighs as if she was a drowning swimmer clinging desperately to floating debris.

He sagged at last, his hands slipping from her hair and falling limp at his sides. They were both breathing hard, her respiration made all the more prominent by her heavy breasts as she sat back on her heels.

I watched a little longer, but just as I was about to turn back to my coffee, I noticed the woman finally stand. The man remained in his chair, but he reached into a drawer of the desk, which surprised me greatly in this situation.

…until I saw him retrieve a file and, without even looking at the contents, hand it to the woman.

And that was how the intrigue truly began.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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