It Might Take a Little Time

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This dreary party was not Nick’s style. All of his conservative friends and co-workers giving themselves an excuse to act up and out of character with the aid of Jack Daniels and few attractive women; both bought with their business accounts.

Nick stood alone with a drink in his hand, looking around his friend’s modern penthouse condo. All of his friends are making jackasses of themselves as they attempt to dance with the hired girls. Being paid for their company, they make them feel like Ricky Martin has nothing compared to them, and they dance along. That’s why they get paid. There are a few girls that were not hired and came just for the party, to unwind after a rough week. These girls rolled their eyes at the men dancing.

Taking a sip of the drink, he loosens the tie around his neck and made way for the lounge. He needed a smoke, and didn’t want to get too trashed; he had an appointment tomorrow morning he could not miss. His uptight friend only allowed smoking in one room, so for a cigarette, he must pull himself from all the excitement. ‘What a shame.’ he said to himself.

The lounge was small with a few couches and chairs. A stereo played some smooth jazz and the lights were dim to give a relaxing feel to the room. George, his co-worker, sat with a girl Nick never saw before on one of the couches. She had her hand on his thigh and giggled obnoxiously. ‘Must be hired, George isn’t funny. Ever.’ He sat a few feet away on a chair just as they began kissing.

He lit a cigarette and looked to his left at the ashtray and saw sitting on the other side of the table was another woman. She looked over at him and then turned away. Either uninterested or playing hard to get. She kept her head turned but averted her eyes to his stare and his smile. He looked her up and down, for she was beautiful. He didn’t know if she was a paid object or not, but at this point he didn’t really care. She was wearing a red dress that held her body so tight it looked like skin. The dress was short and stopped high enough to give a glimpse of her black underwear when she crossed her legs. When he looked down at her legs, he dropped his jaw. The most amazing legs he has ever seen were right in front of him. She wore a pair of tight black boots that clung to her calf and under right under the knee. Now, Nick wasn’t a ‘leg man’; he goes immediately for a woman’s face or hands, but her legs were something else. She knew it as well, because she smirked at his open mouth, knocking Nick back to reality. He cleared his throat then took another drag of his cigarette, looking out the window to his right.

George and the woman stood up and left closing the door behind them. He looked back at her as she tossed her medium brown hair and leaned over to put out her cigarette. She took a sip of her drink and let the ice clink back into the empty glass. She stood up and walked to the table next to the door, which had bottles of liquor standing half empty. Filling her glass, she bent slightly and rubbed her calves together making his mouth water at the sight of them. He wanted them, and with the few drinks in him already, he was convinced he could have them.

He probably could have her. Nick was attractive and took care of himself. He could have a number of women. His problem was that he was picky. Right now, his standards were all fulfilled in this woman, and plus some. He was going to have her. She sat back down and leaned over to Antalya Escort him.

“You don’t say much, do you?” she said with a slight giggle.

He smirked and said, “Not really. I prefer action to drama.”

She laughed and said, “Really, well, you must have a pretty exciting lifestyle. Quiet, but exciting.”

“I guess you could say I am exciting. But it depends on what sense you mean.”

Her eyebrows went up and said, “Well, I’m not exactly sure what sense, but maybe you could let me know how exciting you really are.”

He stood up and walked over to her. Her legs crossed again in front of him and he leaned over her, putting one hand on the back of her chair, bringing his face close to hers.

“I can let you know whatever you want, sweets. But as I’ve said, I prefer action to drama.”

She held his tie in her hand and pulled him down to her, licking his lips before kissing them gently. He slipped his eager tongue into her mouth and tasted her vodka kiss. He dropped to his knees in his drunken state and his hands rested on the tops of her thighs.

She sat up and arched her back as Nick trailed his lips to her chest. Kissing her bare sternum, he pulled the thin straps off of her shoulders. She stopped him, confusing his senses.

“Lock the door,” she requested, breathing heavily. “Lock the door before someone comes in.”

Well, she obviously wasn’t a prostitute because all the girls they hire would insist on keeping the door open in the hopes of someone else coming in. He smiled and lifted his body towards the door. He locked the knob and loosened his tie all the way, lifting it over his head and tossing it aside. He kneeled back down between the woman’s glorious legs as she opened them for him. She smiled and opened her mouth slightly at the suspense of his moves. The liquor kicked into his system even more now and he wants this woman so bad he can’t stand it.

She ran her fingers through his hair before taking a handful of it and pulling his face towards her, kissing him hard on the mouth already tingling from her kiss, or the whiskey? She tasted so good. His arms that were resting on the chair wrapped around her body and pressed her tight against him. He moved his hands all over, exploring, venturing, finding and seeking.

He didn’t know her, didn’t know where she came from, or where she was going. Didn’t know her father or her third grade teacher, but she was irresistible at that moment. He wanted and craved and inside, it felt right. He took and desired, and it felt okay. For the first time in a long time, he felt okay.

This fantasy that was nibbling on his bottom lip and pulling seductively at his belt loops gave him all the “okay” he needed as he ran his fingertips over the silk of her skin. She was delicious to taste her lips, and he wondered what she tasted like inside. He wanted to know. He broke the kiss and bit hard on her neck. When she only moaned in pleasure and gripped harder at his body, he knew she liked it as well. He kissed her skin and ran is teeth over her flesh as she cried out for whatever she was crying for, but he knew he was responsible. It was all him.

He took a retreat and running his fingers that trembled from anticipation on her legs and removed her calf high boots. She lay back with a sly smirk on her lips and he could smell the thoughts in her head. He knew the desires as he took her legs that enchanted him and spread Antalya Escort Bayan them wide to explore everything they offered.

He began at her ankle. Inching loser and closer with his lips, he trailed his needs and wishes over dampened skin and straining fabric. This siren in front of him started to breath heavier and quicker as she ran her fingers through her hair, pulling at the tresses of deep color that turned her cheeks a contrast of pale pink. Taking his lips on a journey of her skin, he skimmed over her knee and continued down her thigh while his lips curled in a Cheshire grin under his kiss. She hiked up her skirt, or what appeared to be, moved her underwear aside and revealed an awaiting passionflower, ripe and waiting, craving his taste.

His whiskey had the better of him and instead of taking his time and enjoying the meal, he went for dessert first like a greedy boy and plunged his tongue straight to her hole. She gasped for air and convulsed while his tongue bathed her cunt sending her coming and wanting more. Her legs spread wider and he still held her thighs for both convenience and pleasure as he began to explore each and every crevice of her wet skin. He wanted to know and remember this, for each lasting second was another reminder that it won’t last. And he wouldn’t see her after this. He knew, so why stop and regret when he can go and enjoy?

Trailing all over her body she was damp with sweat, sex and saliva before his lips reached hers again. A moan deep in her throat was a sign that he was making a good first impression, he thought with a smirk, and kissed deeper. Her lips were so soft, so warm and wanting. He could feel the passion on them at each gentle nibble.

She fumbled with his zipper as she pulled him towards her. Her legs were wrapped tight around his body now and pulling him closer to her. Nick knew she wanted him inside and he wanted to be inside her. She tasted so good, so warm, he wanted too feel what it was like to be one with her.

He pushed back. Too soon, he told himself, to soon. Savor it. Savor every drip this creature offers you, you need it. He looked into her eyes that glazed over with necessity and need. Her hair was sprawled everywhere, all over the back of the chair, and her body as if a whirlwind came in and tossed her hair in the right spot to make his mouth water. She knew it was a retreat, and to pull him back in, she stood up and brought him with her. Face to face they stand now at each other, pressing their bodies so close that in a silhouette, they are one willow branch, bending and swaying to the breeze. In front of the screen, his hands roam all over her skin removing her dress as she strips him of his cloth and sanity.

The naked pair tumbles to the rug that is warmed by the fire brewing next to them in the marble fireplace. Her dark hair was tangled all around him and he could smell her everywhere, intoxicating him over the booze. He coveted anything she could give him, even if he didn’t know her name. He would scream to the gods in triumph or plea if that were what it took, for sending this angel down to him to have this moment with.

Their bodies roll all over the floor and bump tables and books, knocking things over without a second thought. He searched for the core, the core of her desire. With his lips on her throat and his hands around her, he plunged deep inside her to find it. His erection was taking and searching everything Escort Antalya he wanted to know about her from the inside. That’s all he needed. And what he found was sweeter than the strongest sugarcane. She simply was desire. She was everything that made up the word. Her body, her face, her legs, her hair. He was lost.

Her legs that drawn him to her wrapped again around his body and he arched up to thrust deeper and deeper into her cavern. Her moans were filled, her fantasies rewarded and her desires met with his pumps in time with her movements. Sweat dripped from his brow and landed on her cheek, to trail down like a tear, that she greedily licked at with her tongue. The carpet under his palms burned slightly, but he took hold of anything, and all he could find was her. Her nails scraped down his back at the last second before her orgasm rippled through her body, as the scream drummed through his ears. He moved faster and faster holding her close and taking her deep until he pumped every last bit if his juices inside her.

The smells of the room remained in his memory forever. The cigar of his pal, the scent of her perfume, the musk of sex and the roaring fire by his side. When he collapsed on the floor beside her, she let out a dreamy sigh that told him she was pleased. When he is lonely, he’ll look back to this night and the smells of the room would be the strongest memory he has.

She whispered into his ear a sonnet of love and devotion, of fate and time before he drifted off to sleep.


He awoke with a ringing in his ears. That was what he noticed first. The ringing in his ears. He was lying on his back in the library of his friend’s place. Dragging his hands over his face, he realized that he was alone. She was gone. Where had his seductress gone? Where did those astonishing legs take her? The legs that went on forever and made his mind go blank with desire for another taste of them.

He looked around the room, and only saw the debris of lovemaking- scattered books, a broken glass, and an ashtray with a half-lit cigarette still burning with red lipstick on it. Sitting next to them was her black-laced underwear, ripped on the side.

‘This is it?’ he thought,’ This is all she left me?’

He took them in his hands and brought them to his face. ‘This is all I have left of her.’ He kissed them gingerly and shoved them in his pants pocket lying next to him.

He stood up, shaking the cricks out of his neck and skin, dressing himself before heading home. He expected it. He knew it from the start, but it still hurt for the reality to kick in. Oh well. Get over it. Besides, he had an appointment with a new client in…. shit! Twelve minutes!

He ran downstairs, stepping over bodies and making his way to his car. Checking himself in he mirror, he was glad that the restaurant the client requested was close. He was still fuzzy and his head still rang from everything the night before as he blew a stop sign.

“Come on, Nick, get it together!” he screamed at himself as he parked abruptly at the Tango Kreme lounge for brunch. He stepped to the curb, tossing his keys at a valet. Shoving his hand in his pocket, he fingered the lace as he cursed himself for the indulgence the day before. He was reckless. He was irresponsible. He was sick of himself, and as he was being led to the table, he was…. face to face with his Desire. She stood at the table with his boss and her attorney. Only this time, she was dressed in a peach silk suit and white pumps.

‘Is my mind playing tricks on me?’

She smiled at his baffled look and sent him a wink to assure him this would be no ordinary brunch.

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