Joey Finds a New App Ch. 11

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Chapter 11

Joey sat down in homeroom as his classmates prepared for their day. He opened his app and started reviewing the profiles he had added on Friday and found a few surprises. He also figured it was safe to update them right away and not have to schedule them as most of the targets would be busy doing other things.

First off, Principal Jones. Profile says she’s married, measurements are not surprising; she is fit, healthy measurements for a 42-year-old. Most interesting to Joey, were the fetishes. She was a hot wife (which when Joey looked up flipped him out), dominatrix and femdom. Joey searched through the many fetishes and found one he thought might be interesting, Ephebophilia.

Next, Joey went to his biology teacher who had very curvy, feminine features and was surprised to see she not only did NOT have any fetishes but was also a virgin. He had to have her for sure, having already experienced taking his sister’s virginity. He wanted to be careful, so he set her inhibitions level down one to mildly conservative and added several features to her personality: flirty, friendly and touchy.

He checked out Mrs. Tyler’s profile who worked in the main office with him and Adam. She was 51, fat with big sagging tits and when she wore a skirt, he noticed her legs were showed cellulite and such. Often Joey imagined her fat ass naked with him fucking her from behind. He lowered her inhibitions and added the same Ephebophilia fetish as Principal Jones.

Coach Short was another animal altogether being a tall and muscular black man. Joey wanted to check out his profile, because he’s often heard him making sexual comments or innuendoes about some of the teachers. His profile was revealing to say the least. First off, he was very fit for his age and had a particularly large dick at ten and half inches long and 7 inches around. Under his fetish he only had ‘Bull’ listed which when Joey researched, he thought was remarkably interesting. He decided to hook him up with an extra inch and half, so he was right up there with Joey and gave him an elongated tongue even longer that his brother.

Last on Joey’s list was the school bully, Billy who had tortured he and his friends for years. He looked at his profile and was surprised to see he had a relatively average size dick and was still a virgin. Joey changed his dick to one inch, added the oral and anal capabilities of Adam and gave him erectile dysfunction as well as adding cuckold and sissy. That should put him in the right place soon enough.

The bell rang, so Joey headed off to his first class….

Joey went off to his first of five periods today. Today was English day and he normally spent the morning with stupid Billy in English class. Steve and Kevin were in the class too with him so it was normally tolerable, but today would be different as not only was Kevin and Steve different, but he had made changes to Billy as well. He walked in and sat next to Kevin and Steve in the back and Billy was two rows over in the last row. The class was normally uneventful as the teacher, Mr. Smitski was cool. He didn’t put up with bullying, so Billy was mostly shut down in this class and he often discussed cool topics or readings. Joey was reviewing his homework from last week when Steve reached over and tapped him on the arm.

“Yeah, what’s up?” Joey whispered to his friend.

“Did you get my text?” Steve whispered in reply.

Joey looked at his phone and saw a bunch of texts from Steve. He wasn’t sure why he didn’t get the notification, but this kind of thing happened with his service from time to time. He opened the thread, and the first text was about twenty minutes ago during homeroom.

“Thanks for this morning, Joey. It was nice.,” read the text.

“I’m a little freaked out about istanbul travesti you and Kevin knowing all this about me, so…. can we talk?” ready the next text.

“If you’re freaked out too…. that’s OK. I’m not sure what to think about everything,” read the next text.

“Stacey, Julie and I have been playing like this for months and I like it a lot. But I didn’t think others would get involved,” read the next text.

“I have a pass to go to office during first period for some paperwork. Can you meet me in the gym bathroom after about ten minutes of my dismissal? I want to talk more,” read the last text.

Joey wasn’t too freaked out by all the stuff that has happened between he and his friends this weekend and it excited him, anyhow.

“Dude. It’s all OK. Don’t worry,” Joey whispered to Steve reassuringly.

“Will you meet me?” Steve whispered back.

“Yeah. I’ll meet you there,” Joey whispered in reply.

Just then, the intercom chimed in, and Mrs. Tyler asked Steve to report to the office for the remainder of the period.

Joey watched his friend walk out and looked over to Kevin who was playing games on his phone. He concentrated on the material for another ten minutes and then asked for a pass to the nurse’s office citing a headache.

Joey headed out with the pass and went down the long hall and turned past the nurse’s office and went down to the gym bathroom. He entered to an empty locker room then went on back to the shower and bath area. Steve was standing by the sinks and looking at himself in the mirror.

“Hey, Steve. What’s up?” Joey asked.

“Oh man, I’m so glad you came…. eh to meet me,” Steve sputtered out.

“It’s cool man. All that stuff you texted; WE ARE cool, man. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure Kevin is cool too. He liked it all,” Joey tried to reassure him.

“Alright, so…. thanks for saying all that. That makes me feel a lot better,” Steve started. “I just wanted to be sure we were OK and…. I…. This is kind of embarrassing, but can we NOT tell Stacey about this morning or any other time I do that?” Steve asked. “I don’t want to mess up the good stuff she and I have together…. ya know?”

“Absolutely, dude!” Joey responded. “Bros before Ho’s, right? We got you, man,” Joey assured him.

“Thanks, Joey,” Steve responded. “Uh…. Any chance we can…. eh… we can do some more like this morning?” Steve asked hesitantly.

“What do you mean? You wanna suck my dick again?” Joey asked directly.

“Um…. yeah…. I mean…. I really liked it and….. I can’t stop thinking about it. Do you mind?” Steve asked hopefully.

“I liked it too, Stevie. Come over here to the shower stall and suck it again, Man,” Joey replied.

Joey went over to the first shower stall, entered and pulled his shorts off and hung them on the hook. He sat on the bench and waited for Steve to follow. Steve stepped into the stall, closed the curtain, dropped to knees and immediately took Joey’s dick into his mouth and began to work on it. Joey dropped back against the stall and watched his friend suck on his dick. It didn’t take long before it grew to full mast as Steve sucked like vacuum on his dick. Immediately, he started swallowing Joey’s dick to the base, moaning and whimpering all along. Joey started to feel like he was on the way to an orgasm, when suddenly the curtain opened.

Standing there at the shower stall opening, was Coach Short who currently watched Steve spurt Joey’s huge dick out of his mouth. Coach stood gazing at them, clearly in as much of shock as they were.

“Uh…. uh. boys, clean up and come to my office,” Coach Short said and turned away from the stall.

A brief minute of stunned silence followed before Steve said nervously, “I’m sorry, Joey. I didn’t istanbul travestileri mean to get us in trouble.”

Joey picked up Steve and hugged him briefly. “It’s all OK, I’m sure the coach will be cool,” Joey said. “Let’s just go take care of it.”

They both walked together into the coach’s spacious office with his desk, a small frig, a couple of chairs, a small couch and a conference table and with several chairs spread around.

“Shut the door, Joey,” Coach said curtly.

Joey shut the door and they both stood behind the chairs at his desk.

“I’m sorry, Coa….,” Steve began.

“Shush,” Coach responded. “You boys weren’t doing anything wrong by my standards, but we need to talk about protocol and risk,” he said. “Men have needs, I get it. I have needs…. just like you guys. But you must weigh the risk of other people finding out. I need you two to be more careful if you’re going to play around,” Coach said.

“Uh…. well, today was our first time…. kinda,” Steve said.

“Well, it’s a good thing we deal with this today, so you boys don’t find yourself in a bad predicament,” Coach started. “So, here’s my suggestion. On my door is a schedule of the various gym classes for the week; it stays this way all year long. Take a picture with your phone and if you guys feel the need to play around, come down here when there’s no gym class, find me and I’ll let you use the office, which is where I can usually be found anyway.”

“Thanks for understanding, Coach,” Joey said. “Honestly, Stevie here is really good at taking care of me and it’s good to know we can have a place for privacy.”

“Well, nothing in life is free now, boys…. so, let’s talk about payment,” Coach continued. “I kind of like this sort of thing and wouldn’t mind watching you two….”

“OK, I…. if it’s OK with Joey,” Steve said submissively.

Joey, nodded.

“Well, go ahead and lock the door and you two can make yourself at home while I spectate,” Coach said.

Joey reached back and locked the door and went to sit on the couch. Steve was lowering himself to his knees and getting between Joey’s legs. He reached up and undid Joey’s belt and shorts and proceeded to pull them down as Joey lifted his ass off the couch. Steve didn’t hesitate and pulled Joey’s now soft dick into his mouth and started sucking again, clearly hungry for the load he was close to getting. It didn’t take long for him to get the head of Joey’s cock in his throat and start pumping him with his mouth.

“Holy shit, Joey! No wonder you want that boy’s mouth on your dick! He’s amazing at it. I’ve never seen anyone do that before…. not with a dick that big!” Coach said encouragingly. “I gotta take care of my own while you do that ’cause that’s damn hot!”

Coach rolled his office chair over next to the couch and pulled his gym shorts down, then his tight briefs. He grabbed his large soft cock and started stroking it while watching Steve swallow Joey’s dick.

“Now, I see you’re blessed like me. I just can’t believe this little cutie can swallow your whole dick…. if you’re inclined to share, I wouldn’t mind giving that mouth a go too,” Coach said lustfully.

“Well, Stevie is really good at it, but he’s my best friend, Coach… so, I’ll leave it up to him if he wants to or not,” Joey replied.

Steve looked over at Coach’s growing dick while he was on the upstroke of Joey’s dick. He stared for a few minutes before reaching out for Coach to come closer. Without hesitation, Coach rolled his chair over next to Steve who grabbed his cock and took over the hand job while continuing to suck Joey.

Joey watched Steve’s hand grow wider as Coach’s dick grew beyond even his own impressive thickness. The black skin against Steve’s hand was insanely hot travesti istanbul as well. Joey was picturing his brother or father sucking a huge black dick and he realized he wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Stevie, keep it up. You look really good sucking my dick and holding Coach’s too,” Joey said encouraging him. “I’m gonna blow soon, Stevie…. suck it!”

With his recent practice at swallowing loads, Steve lifted his head up to receive Joey’s prodigious load. Joey could see his cock lurching as it began shooting load after load into his friend’s hungry mouth. Steve didn’t miss a drop. He whimpered as he swallowed and swallowed draining Joey completely.

When Joey caught his breath, he opened his eyes and saw the look of surprise on Steve’s face at the size of Coach’s dick. It was simply huge, thicker than a soda can.

“Watching you do that; honey has made me harder than ever! I don’t think I’ve ever seen my cock that big…. even when I was a young player,” Coach said watching Steve drool over his dick.

Joey watched Steve hesitate, until he tasted the pre-cum dripping from Coach’s huge dick. Once Steve got a taste, he immediately started sucking and within a couple minutes, had over half of his dick in his mouth and entering his throat. Joey was entranced at how hot it was to see his friend with Coach’s dick in his mouth. His slight face and body contributed to the sexy image in front of him.

“Damn, little girl…. that tongue of yours is something too!” Coach said resting his large hand on the back of Steve’s head. “Keep going, baby…. I know you can do it.”

Suddenly, Coach stood up and said, “Joey, sit in my chair. You sexy thing, I want you to put your feet up on the back of the couch and hang your head off. I’m gonna show Joey how to properly use your throat.”

Steve did as instruct and watched as Coach knelt in front of his face and lined his huge pole up to his mouth. Steve opened wide as watched the huge dick from underneath enter his mouth again. Joey watched in amazement as Coach slid right in and started working his dick into Steve’s throat. Steve was moaning and whimpering again and reached up to hold Coach’s balls as they got closer and closer with each stroke. He could see Steve’s mouth and throat expand to accommodate the large tool.

“That’s right, baby. Swallow my big black dick, my sexy little girl. I can tell a cum whore when I see one. Now I ain’t never seen one this hungry, though” Coach complimented. “This little girl is ready for some more cum. You’re gonna get it shortly. Keep sucking while I pump my dick in your throat.”

Joey watched in awe as his friend took the full huge black pole into his mouth and throat with each stroke. It was crazy to watch how good he was it this. Then suddenly, Coach pulled his dick back and started stroking into Steve’s open mouth. Steve excitedly got on his knees in front of Coach with his mouth open and eyes transfixed on the large black cock in front of him, waiting hungrily for his load. It didn’t take but a couple strokes and Steve’s mouth was instantly filled with thick white cum which he swallowed without even closing his mouth ready for more. Again, his mouth was filled and he swallowed…. and again.

“Oh, shit! You are making me cum like I haven’t in years, little thing,” Coach said while pumping huge pole a little slower.

Finally, after several more mouthfuls, Steve licked and sucked the head of Coach’s dick, then scooped the little bit that hit him on the cheek and sucked it off his finger.

Both Joey and Steve stood and smiled down at Coach.

“Thanks for letting us use your office, Coach,” Joey said.

“You bring her along and you can use my office anytime. In fact, with her along you can use my car and house if you want,” Coach said while pulling himself together.

“Thanks, Coach,” Steve said quietly..”… for the office and……the….”

“Thank you, pretty thing!” anytime you’re hungry and Joey ain’t around you can come see me.” Coach said while waving them out of the office.

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