Johnny’s Conquests: Party Time

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Johnny had a crush on Beth the moment he saw her. It was on the first night of the college year where Beth’s roommate knocked on his apartment door.

“Hey, we want to meet everyone on the floor so come out and hang!”

Never the one to leave beautiful woman disappointed, Johnny rounded up his roommates and went outside. He sat next to the tall, athletically built woman with jet black hair smoking a cigarette.

“Hey, I’m Johnny nice to meet you.”

“Hi, I’m Beth nice to meet you too Johnny. You don’t go by John?”

“No, going by Johnny keeps me from growing up too fast. Plus everyone on my team calls me it anyway.”

“Oh, what do you play?”

“Baseball and hockey.”

“Oh nice. I play soccer.”

“Nice. You look like a soccer player.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Do you want to be?”


“Then yes, it’s the nicest compliment I can possible give.”

The two laughed and talked throughout the night. They both had busy schedules, but Johnny always found excuses to see Beth. She made it clear that she probably did not have time for a boyfriend, and there was still someone back home whom she had feelings for, but Johnny still stuck it out. If it was not for the fact that they generally liked each other as people, Johnny may have stopped spending time with her. But the two shared similar personalities and had a very brother-and-sister like rapport.

Johnny’s friend Lucy would often tease him for not being able to get a date with Beth.

“It’s not like I haven’t ask! If she only wants to ‘hang’ and not go on an actual date, then that’s what I’m going to do.” Deep down Johnny did not like the situation he was in, but he was just happy to be there, since he had witnessed firsthand how Beth treats men who she wants no part of…and it was not pretty.

Little did Johnny know, Beth would often get teased by her friends about not dating Johnny.

“C’mon!” would proclaim her roommate, Emma. “You two are like everyone’s parents anyway. It makes sense for you too to start dating.”

“I know, but I don’t have that much time for a boyfriend.”

“Neither does he. And don’t you try to use that guy back home as a reason. Johnny is here. And he’s hot!”

“Then you date him.”

“Why do you not think he’s hot?”

“No…I do.”

“Well then, he’s all yours. At least fuck him.”

The closest Johnny and Beth every got to hooking up was grinding up against each other at a bar one night. They never eve kissed, but Johnny was satisfied with that level of contact. He never expected to hook up with Beth, which kept everything between them cool and collected. He definitely did not expect anything when he got a text from Beth the night before everyone at Eastern State left for break.

“Hey bud, I know a lot of people already left, but I have some friends swinging by so you should come over and get drunk with us, lol.”

“You had me at ‘bud’. I’ll be there.”

Johnny kept everything casual, as he usually did. He threw on a hockey jersey and a pair of cargo pants. He walked to Beth’s apartment and knocked on the door.

“Heeeyyy you, come in” said Beth as she opened the door. She had her jet black hair down, something she rarely did. She had on a pair of jeans and a dark green tank top that ended just above the waist line.

“Has someone been hitting the sauce already?” said Johnny as he walked in the door.

“Don’t judge me!”

“I never judge you, darling. It just means I have to play catch up.”

The combination of alcohol and being referred to as “darling” caused Beth to blush a little. Beth introduced Johnny to everyone in the apartment and pointed him towards the beer. There were only about eight people at the party and Johnny only knew about three of them, including Beth. The guy versus girl ratio was almost even which meant as the night went on people might start pairing off. While all of the girls at the party were pretty and flirty towards Johnny, he was only there for Beth.

The first drinking game of the night was a round of Kings. Johnny always liked it because it got everyone involved and kept the drinks flowing freely. Every couple of rounds, while Johnny would be talking to someone else, he would glance over at Beth. Almost every time he would, he would catch Beth quickly looking away. Was she being shy around him? That was unlikely especially since alcohol tended to make people less shy. Still, what was going on in Beth’s mind right now? Johnny was more than willing to wait and find out.

After Kings, a few people, including Beth, snuck out for a smoke break. Johnny didn’t realize Beth left so he was confused when he couldn’t find her in the small apartment. When she walked back inside, a smile came across his face.

“There you are! I thought I lost you.”

“Aw, did you miss me?”

“Like the desert misses the rain, baby doll.”

“Hehe, you’re pretty smooth when you’re drinking.”

“I’m always smooth, drinking just enhances it. So what’s next?”

“I think we’re getting teen porno the beer pong table ready. Do you want to me my partner?”

“Do you want to win or lose?”


“Then you should have me as your partner. You’ll lose if you go against me.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, it’s a scientific fact.”

“Oh well fuck you then, you can find another partner. It’s on now!”

Johnny formed a team with Emma while Beth found a partner in one of the people he did not know, named Travis. Travis was wearing black suit pants, green dress shirt, red tie, and a black vest. Someone asked him why he was dressed so formally, to which his response was that he was “just dedicated to looking my best when I go out.” From his gelled up hair, to his dress, to him only drinking the craft IPA that he brought and would describe to every person that would sample it, Johnny knew Travis as going to get on his nerves. Travis pairing up with his girl, Beth, was only going to make matters worse for him.

The game started out slow for both teams. Emma sank a cup early, and then Johnny followed suit on the next turn to put his team up 2-0. It was then that Travis made his first comment of the game.

“Do you guys play the rule that if you get shut out, you have to take a lap around the table naked?”

“Uh…sure that could be fun” responded Beth.

“Well if that’s the case, I’m going to start tanking to give everyone a show.”

“If you have to tank a beer pong game to get a woman naked” said Johnny, “you have some serious problems, man.” The room laughed.

“Oh I’d be the one putting on the show.”

“Yes, because everyone would be looking at you.” The room erupted in laughter and Beth put her hands over her face. He could not tell if she was once again blushing. Either way, Johnny felt good about making her laugh and felt a slight bulge in his pants at the thought of Beth naked.

As the game continued, Johnny and Emma went on a cold streak while Travis started to take over the game. With every cup Travis would hit, Johnny felt his competitive fire begin to burn brighter. With his team down one cup versus his team’s three, Emma sank one cup while Johnny’s shot missed, but bounced back to him and he managed to catch it before the ball hit the ground.

“Ok hot stuff” called out Beth. “Behind your back toss, let’s see it.”

“And if I make it, we win” responded Johnny.

“Yeah, but you won’t.”

Johnny took a deep breath, loosened his fingers and warmed up his wrist. He swung his arm behind his back and twisted his hips. He released the ball right before his wrist hit the other side of his body. Everyone in the room watched the ball glide through the air and splash water out of one of the cups. There was a brief second after the ball made it into the cup that was complete silence, before everyone erupted in cheers.

“Woo! What’s up?!?” cheered Johnny as he threw both arms into the air. Emma jumped up and down, then jumped towards Johnny and gave him a loud high five. Travis had a stunned look on his face while Beth looked at Johnny across the table with a shocked smile on her face. Johnny gave her a wink and a finger gun.

“Never bet against me baby doll.”

“Oh I’ll never make that mistake again, dear” said Beth and she playfully blew a kiss to Johnny. Johnny caught the invisible kiss and put it in his pocket. Travis noticed that Beth was paying more attention to Johnny then him, and tried to interfere.

“Good try, partner we did our best” said Travis. He held his arms open for a hug and she loosely hooked her arms around his lower back. Travis held her close, and attempted to lock eyes with Johnny, as if he was letting him know he was marking his territory.

After letting go of Travis, Beth got two more beers, walked right past Travis to walk to Johnny, and handed him one of the beers.

“Aw you’re so kind.”

“I’m a gracious loser.”

“Well I’m a gracious winner. Come on, lets hug it out, bitch.”

Johnny put his arms around Beth and pulled her close. Beth put both arms tightly around his waist and reciprocated the hug. Johnny looked up and saw Travis looking in his sense of direction and felt a feeling of satisfaction. The next feeling he felt was Beth’s hands rubbing across the top of Johnny’s butt before playfully spanking it.

“Hey now!” proclaimed Johnny. “You can only do that if I can do the same to you.”

“Fair.” Beth put both hands on the table and hunched her ass in the air. Johnny licked the palm of his hand and gave a loud smack across Beth’s backside. Everyone in the room, except Travis, laughed at the act.

The party began dwindling down, but Travis remained. Beth was near Johnny the entire night, but Travis was close by as he continued to try to swoon Beth. When Travis stepped outside for a cigarette, Beth let out a curse in frustration.


“What?” asked Johnny.

“I want one last smoke for the night but freaking Travis just walked out.”


“Because he in on full on ‘try-to-get-in-my-pants’ travesti pornp mode. It’s so annoying. I know you don’t smoke but can you walk out with me?”

“Sure. It would be just like the night we met, haha.”

“Aw, you remembered. You’re so sweet.” Beth gave Johnny a kiss on the cheek and they both walked outside, hand in hand.

The sight of Beth and Johnny holding hands visibly deflated Travis. That did not stop him for spending the entire smoke break bragging about his own exploits. After the smoke break, Beth turned to Johnny and rolled her eyes. Almost everyone at the party was annoyed by Travis, but no one was annoyed as much as Beth was.

“I need to sneak away from him” said Beth.

“Do you want to bounce across to my place?”

“No that’s too obvious. Want to jut sneak into my room and listen to music.”

“Sure, let’s do it. But stealthly…”

Johnny grabbed some fresh beers and snuck into Beth’s room, who was sitting on her bed setting up her iPod. He quietly closed the door behind him, but did not latch it at all to not make Beth feel in any way uncomfortable.

“Brought you a new one.”

“God you’re the greatest. Why are you single?”

“Why are you?”

“I’m young and in college. Why not enjoy everything I can.”

“Very good point.”

The two joked around and continued to drink while sitting on Beth’s bed. She propped herself on her knees, and an impulse to kiss her came across Johnny. He leaned in and gently put his hand on her chin and gave her a kiss.

“Sorry, I just really wanted to do that.”

“It’s ok” said Beth with a smile. “I liked it, do it again.”

Johnny gave another kiss and then another. He put his hand behind her head and started kissing her with more passion. He knew this may be the only chance he’d have with Beth, so he was going to make it count. Beth began to reciprocate the passion Johnny was expressing as she got turned on more and more. She started to move her hands under Johnny’s shirt before she stopped herself.

“Maybe you should close the door all the way.”

“Ok.” Johnny gave her another quick kiss before getting up to close the door. He peaked his head outside and saw Travis sitting by himself on the couch. After laughing quietly to himself, Johnny closed the door and quickly focused his attention back to Beth.

She jumped off the bed and greeted him at the foot of the bed with a long kiss. While Johnny had been thinking about kissing Beth for a long time, Beth was the one with roaming hands. She quickly stuck her hands under his shirt and lifted it over his head. Johnny started to return the favor, but Beth pulled away.

“Let me do this. It’s easier for me to get these off since it’s so tight.”

“I may have noticed how tight they were. Are you on the clock?”

“What do you mean?”

“You started getting my clothes off pretty fast. Should I rush this?”

“Not if you don’t want to. I just wanted to get you in your underwear as fast as possible. Kind of been curious at what you’d look like.”

“Oh good, I’m the same way. Start stripping!”

Beth smiled and started to peel out of her clothing. She had on match yellow bra and panties. The breasts were no bigger than 32C but the bra was pushing them up. Her stomach was flat and toned, almost more than Johnny’s was. When Johnny embraced her, he immediately cupped his hand under her ass. Her as was one of the tightest he ever felt and was rock solid. He pulled Beth close and had her feel something of his own that was rock solid. Beth bit her lower lip and undid Johnny’s belt. Johnny’s pants fell to the floor and his hard cock was poking out from his boxer briefs.

After sticking their tongues down each other’s throats, Johnny lifted Beth off the ground as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her onto the bed, placed her down, and lay on top of her, kissing the entire time. He reached his hands behind her back and she arched her back up to allow him to unhook her bra.

He slid the bra off and started sucking and licking her breasts. Beth moaned in pleasure and Johnny enjoyed the feel of her breasts, but he wanted more. He slid down and hooked two fingers under the waistline of her panties. Once they were off, he took a moment to appreciate the sight of Beth’s naked body. He slid back on top of her and gave her a kiss. As he was kissing her, Johnny slid a finger inside Beth’s pussy, causing her to gasp. They continued to exchange kisses as Johnny methodically slid his finger in and out of Beth’s pussy and rubbing her clit with his thumb. Beth was trying to reach down to tug on Johnny’s boxers, but the sensation of being fingered was too distracting. Beth eventually pushed on Johnny’s shoulders when she could not take it anymore.

“What’s wrong?” asked a concerned Johnny.

“God, nothing. I just really want to blow you.”


“Lay on your back.”

Johnny did as he was told and rolled onto his back. Beth finally slid his boxers and grabbed his dick and started stroking. She started tricky masseur sucking his dick, and did not hold anything back. Her sucks were wet and rapid. She would rotate her hand around the shaft and would take in his entire seven-inch cock. Johnny kept his eyes gazed on Beth. He had fantasized before about Beth taking cock in his mouth, so the sight of her actually doing it made his dick harder and made him hornier.

After she slowed down her sucking, Johnny offered to return the favor.

“I never met a guy who wanted to do that” said Beth and lay on her back.

Johnny moved down to her pussy and put her legs on his shoulders. He ran his and across her pussy and felt how wet she already was. She started teasing her clit with his tongue, and then moved on to the outside of her pussy’s walls. Beth almost started to whimper in pleasure. Johnny stuck his tongue deeper into Beth and would flick her clit every time he went up.

“Oh God!” moaned Beth. She was having trouble forming word. “Fuck you’re tha..God, I’m gonna cum. Fuck, fuck, FUCK! I’m cumming.”

Johnny kept eating her out up until the point Beth’s juices flowed onto his face. He pulled his face up and wiped it with his hands.

“Did you let me cum on your face?” asked Beth. “Did I just facial you?”

“I don’t mind, baby.”

“God that’s hot. Can’t believe you made me cum like that. You can fuck me. I want you to, actually. I have condoms if you need one.”

“It’s ok, I have one.”

“Oh? Did you think you’d be getting lucky tonight?”

“I am aren’t I?”

Johnny left the bed, retrieved the condom and moved back onto the bed. After putting the condom on, he teased Beth’s clit with the tip of his head before slowly inserting himself inside her. He started off slowly as he wanted to savor every second of the experience. Beth had other ideas.

“Fuck you’re big. Fuck me faster!”

Johnny obeyed his request and grabbed Beth by the thighs. He started fucking her faster and much harder than he was before. Despite the increase in speed, he was still enjoying every second of it. He could tell Beth was as well, as her head titled back, she clenched the bed sheet tight, and a smile could not be removed from her face.

“Oh God this is good, we should have done this sooner!”

Johnny let go of her thighs and thrust his cock deeper inside of her so he could kiss her neck. Beth wrapped her arms around him and started digging her nails into his back. Johnny began nibbling on her ear, which sent her into a frenzy.

“My God this is amaz…amazing. Let me ride you.”

“Ask nicely” whispered Johnny playfully into her ear.

“Please let me fuck you. You fuck me so well I want to fuck you!”

“Hold tight.” Johnny grabbed Beth’s ass as she wrapped her arms tight and flipped her around on his back. She smiled and was impressed by the maneuver before immediately bouncing up and down on his cock.

“God I haven’t had sex like this is a long time” said Beth.

“Your pussy’s so good, baby!”

“Your cock is better! Fuck I’m cumming again! Grab my ass!”

Johnny grabbed her ass and started thrusting upwards, trying to get Beth to cum.

“Fuck here it comes!” Beth’s head dropped as Johnny felt the familiar feeling of Beth’s cum pour over him. Beth collapsed on of Johnny with his dick still inside her.

“Fuck that’s good” she said with a smile.

“You have a dirty mouth.”

“Oh fuck you” she replied which had them both laughing. “Are you going to cum anytime tonight or did you cum already?”

“No not yet.”

“Do want to?”

“Only if I can fuck you from behind.”

“Oh absolutely!”

Beth removed herself from Johnny and got on all fours facing the headboard. Johnny got behind her and rubbed his hands over her ass.

“Don’t get any ideas.”

“What? Oh I’m. You just had a great ass.” He gave it a playful spank.

“No who’s dirt…ee!” Midway through her sentence, Johnny plunged his cock into pussy. He had no intentions of starting slow, and put both hands around her hips and thrust deep and fast. Every time he thrust, Beth would moan in delight.

“Are you going to cum again?” asked Johnny.

“I don’t know…if I can” said Beth, who was almost out of ways to express her pleasure. Their motions were almost causing the bed to slide off the frame so Beth resorted to grabbing it tightly to both keep it in place and to find a release for the pleasure she was feeling that was not shouting.

“I’m going to cum…” said Johnny.

“Roll me on my back.”



Johnny pulled out and Beth rolled over. She put a hand on his dick and rolled the condom off.

“What are you doing?”

“I came on you twice tonight. You can cum on me. Just not the face.”

“I think I can live with that.”

Johnny stood at the foot of the bed and Beth slid down. Her ankles went to his shoulders and he inserted himself once again and resumed his fucking. His motion was as fast as he could make it and when he could feel himself about to blow, pulled out and started jerking himself off. It only took a few strokes to send his cum across Beth’s stomach, almost reaching her tits. He came so hard, he had to prop himself up on the bed as he finished.

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