Katlyn’s Tease

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Jia Lissa

His face is beet-red as she speaks to him. Sitting naked on a black leather-bound armchair in the center of a dim room, he is embarrassed and excited at the same time. His wrists bound to the chair’s arms, his legs tied to its legs, and his cock standing straight up in his lap, engorged with blood — a steel purple rod throbbing for attention and receiving none.

She kneels before him, atop a table. She too is naked, but her arms and legs are free, and she is teasing him unmercifully. Blood-red lipstick on her lips, and a body to kill — a portrait of erotic energy and throbbing hormones.

She is kneeling, facing him, on hands and knees. Her eyes focus on his; her tongue snakes out to wet her lips between sentences. Her ample breasts hang beneath her, the nipples pebbles jutting out, wanting for contact.

“My pussy is dripping for you, Keith,” she gushes, her eyes never leaving his and commanding his to remain focused on her. “I need your cock inside me. Will you give me your cock, Keith?”

Keith’s face remains bright red — perhaps he has never experienced such brazen sexuality before, but his cock reveals that his embarrassment is most certainly accompanied by extreme arousal. It bobs in his lap, his pulse causing it to jump over and over. The skin of his cock is tight on the muscle, and the tip is wet with precum.

His chest heaves, laboring with each breath. His hands are in fists, and any words he speaks are ragged and breathy. “I will, Katlyn. Take it, now, please. Please come and take me.”

She grins. She obviously is pleased with herself — she has him on the edge of a cliff. By the looks of things, a grazing touch on the underside of his cock might even send him over the edge, releasing his cum for her enjoyment.

But for now, there is no touching each other. She displays herself on the table before the chair where he is tied, and she teases him with words and with flesh, with words and with sex. She crawls toward him, then lifts her hands from the table and places them on his wrists.

Her face lowers towards his crotch, and she blows on the head of his cock, which jumps before her lips. She looks up into his eyes, and his gaze wavers, turning aside from hers. “Look at me, Keith,” she says, always maintaining eye contact. He obeys.

She raises up on her hands, bringing her face up toward his and away from his throbbing cock. She plants a kiss on his mouth, working her tongue between his lips. While he is distracted with her kiss, she reaches between his legs and cups his balls, causing his throbbing cock to ache with a need for contact. He moans and squirms in the seat.

Pulling izmir escort bayan away from the kiss and the touch, she kneels tall, raising her hands above her head, stretching toward the ceiling and raising her breasts with her reach. He stares at her chest, and his faces betrays his desire. But he cannot have it, for Katlyn has other things in mind.

“Keith, can you imagine if this man were to join with us right now?” She gestures, and a man is revealed sitting in a dark corner, having watched the whole scene unfold. His is fully dressed, but his trousers are tented — the desire for sexual release has not escaped him. His hand strokes his cockhead through his pants, and he looks on with wanton at the pair.

Katlyn rotates where she kneels, and faces away from Keith. She again goes to all fours, displaying her ass and pussy a mere foot rom Keith’s face. “Keith, if I could have you both, I would want this stranger in my mouth.” She slides her hand across her collarbone, up her neck, and slides two fingers into her mouth, sucking on her fingers and looking back seductively at him.

Keith squirms more in his seat as she narrates for him. “My pussy juices would be enough right now, Keith — there is no need for lubricant. You could slide right inside me.” And as she speaks, it is quite obvious that she is right, for her pussy is pouring, soaking her lips and running down her inner thighs. She dips her middle finger into her pussy, and a sharp intake of breath reveals her arousal. She continues to suck on her fingers, giving her hand a blowjob that would drive any man insane.

Keith has regained a little of his decorum now, and he is bold enough to speak up. “And where would you want my cock, Katlyn? If you could have both of us.” His hands both wriggle at his bonds — will he try to free himself while she is turned away?

“My pussy of course, Keith. It is begging for you, baby. She lies her head down on the table, freeing her other hand, which snakes underneath her, flicking past her nipple, over the skin of her belly, and past her clit. Her fingers splay over the engorged wet opening of her pussy. “In here, Keith. Please put it in here. I cannot wait any longer.”

But Keith cannot be helpful in any way right now, obviously — so she takes care of it herself. Sliding her first two two fingers into her pussy, she wiggles her hips, squirming with the intense sensation. She moans, and her body shudders. Perhaps she is as close to an orgasm as he. “Oh god, Keith. Fuck me please. Fuck me while this man’s cock is in my mouth!” She is immersed in her fantasy, and Keith can do nothing to help escort izmir relieve her.

She begins working her fingers in and out of her pussy. “Ooooooh, fuck me, stranger!” she calls out. The man in the seat in the corner has taken his cock from his pants and is stroking it quickly, his eyes riveted to her ass and pussy. “Fuck me, Keith!” She begins bucking her hips, calling out and moaning as her climax nears.

“Oh, fuck! God, fuck!” she screams as her knees weaken. She lowers as her knees bend, but keeps thrusting her fingers. Sloppy juices cause a puddle on the table beneath her knees and the sounds of wet fucking are loud and clear. “Yes, just like that Keith!” she screams. Keith’s face is stock still and beet-red, and his eyes are stuck watching her fingers work her pussy.

Her fingers a blur now, Katlyn’s hips buck wildly as she kneels. Her swollen pussy clinches and releases — the wave of desire and tension and sensation is released. “Ooooohhhhhhhhh FUUUUCK!” she calls, then simply screams, her body wracked with an intense orgasm. She curls her fingers inside her, stilling them from the outside, but working the wall of her pussy inside her. She shudders over her whole body, bringing her second orgasm quickly behind the first.

“Don’t stop, Keith! Don’t dare stop yet! Put it all the way in! Fill me up!” The stranger’s work on his cock has been effective. He leans back in the chair, his legs stretched out in front of him and his fist pumping up and down on his cock furiously. “Aghhhghghg” he shouts, and stream after stream of hot cum shoot from his dick, landing in streams on his own pants, the floor, and the chair where he sits.

“Yes, baby! Come for me!!! Come in my mouth, stranger!” The man’s breath is ragged, and he milks every drop of cum from his cock before collapsing in the chair, eyes closed and chest heaving.

“Keith,” Katlyn asks. “Why haven’t you come for me, baby? Can’t you see it’s time?” She removes her fingers from her mouth, raising her head and chest off the table and putting her weight on her hand. With her other hand, which is perfectly soaked with pussy juices now, she spreads her lips out for him, giving him a full view of herself, her sex gushing as she flexes her muscles as if milking a cock inside her.

The man in the corner gets up and silently approaches Keith. He quickly unties an arm, then silently passes the chair and leaves. Keith has his other binds free within a few seconds. He stands, his cock extending before him heavily, bobbing up and down, his breath ragged with anticipation. He literally scoops both arms under Katlyn and picks her up, then setting her down izmir escort on the floor beside the table.

He kneels behind her, and his hand reaches to her hair as she looks back wantonly toward him. “I’m all yours now, Keith. Take me as you please.” He positions his cock at her entrance and plunges in, burying his steel cock all the way on the first thrust, pulling back on her hair at the same time.

Keith does not speak. His left hand tangled in her long brunette hair, he moves his right hand to her hip and pulls back on it, forcing his cock as deep as it will go inside her. He flexes, his cock swelling inside her, and she groans.

Slowly, he pulls his cock out, all the way to the tip. She pants, his hips wriggling back and forth. “No! Don’t take it from me!” she begs. He stops with just the head at her opening, and he leans over toward her ear, pulling her head back by her hair. He whispers, “You may not speak.” Raising back to upright, he slaps her right ass cheek, drawing a stifled squeal from her.

He suddenly drives back into her, balls-deep, but this time he does not stop. Pistoning his hips back out, so that the full length of his cock is outside her, he slaps her ass again. Then he grabs her hip again, tugging on her hair so that it is taut the entire time, and his thrusting now will not stop again until he is spent.

“You tease! You evil tease! You like having a stranger watch, Katlyn? You like a man you’ve never met before stroking his cock as he imagines himself inside you?” The thrusting is powerful and intense as Keith speaks to her. Their skin slaps together with each thrust, and she reaches under her with one hand to feel the sensation of his cock sliding between her lips each time.

“Of, fuck!” Keith calls out, and Katlyn just squeals. She lowers her torso, Keith releases her hair, and his left hand goes to her left hip as she bites her forearm beneath her. “Mmmmf ohhhhhhh yeeeeaaaaah” she calls, each thrust driving her toward another orgasm. Keith’s arousal has him at a disadvantage — he has been ready to cum for the better part of an hour now.

He gives her no warning, though. A few more thrusts take him past the point of no return, and his grip on her hips tighten as he buries himself one last time inside her, freezing deep within her. She flexes, milking his cock with her pussy and this sends him over the edge. He empties himself inside her, the muscles of his arms and chest tight, and his head raised upward toward the sky. “Uuuuuuuunghhhhh!” he calls, again and again as his cock spasms, emptying his balls deep inside her pussy.

Together they collapse on the floor, his cock remaining stiff inside her. After a few moments their breath calms again and she looks back toward him. “We’ll have to have house guests over more often, Keith.” He just grins, sweat rolling off his skin as they relax together.

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