Kitten Ch. 03: First Stranger Sex

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After the first time Kitten flashed a trucker, she was hooked! We played and experimented with public nudity, which she loved. Truck drivers were treated to a beautiful sight whenever we were on the move.

She flashed people in restaurants whenever she could and there were no children around. Mostly she flashed workmen in burger places. Gave new meaning to the term McMuffin.

A friend of mine had seen me with her in town, and sent me a text asking where I was going with my daughter. I said she was my girlfriend, and she loved flashing in public.

He volunteered for flashing duty. I told him I could do him one better.

I told Kitten that a friend of mine wanted her to flash him, but I proposed something different and she went for it.

I told her my friend was short, round, bald, and not very good looking in the face, but he had a cock like a mule, which intrigued her.

On the day we were to meet him, I took her to a friend’s cabin cruiser at the Marina.

She was wearing a strapless summer dress, white, sheer, and no underwear.

I told her what I expected of her, and that I would tell her what to do.

She had agreed to be my sub by then, had been named “Kitten” and loved her submission.

I had her sit on the couch in the salon, windows all around. It was a sunny day during the workweek, and there was no one around but us.

My friend came aboard, and when she saw him, she looked at me with fear in her eyes. I don’t think she expected him to be quite so unattractive.

She smiled at him and he said, “Oh my God, she’s beautiful, are you sure I am going to be allowed to touch this perfect creature?”

I could see her relax a bit then.

He and I sat around and shot the bull for a while, and I could tell she was getting antsy to be touched.

She was pulling her dress up a little at a time, and when it was above mid thigh, she started opening her legs…trying to get things started.

Not only did she love to tease, but she was very susceptible to being teased, and she was starting to make mewling sounds, and squirm her ass on the couch.

She looked at me as if to say, “Will you please let him come touch me?”

I finally felt sorry for her, and told my friend that he should go stand in front of Kitten, and let her show him what she had to offer.

He did so, and when he stood in front of her, about two feet away, she could see the bulge of his (Fucking Gigantic!) cock in the front of his jeans.

She cut me a sideways glance with a worried look on her face as if to ask me if that was real.

I just smiled and told her to pull her dress down to her waist and show him her breasts. She did.

Her nipples were hard and she shook her shoulders from side to side so he could watch her breasts sway back and forth.

She was so turned on, she rubbed her own breasts and tweaked her nipples. She was on fire for someone to touch her!

My friend, Ron, knelt down in front of her, his face just inches away from hers.

She looked at me again as if to say, “He’s scary casino siteleri unattractive”. I had told him not to shave that morning, and he was a bit scruffy looking.

I could see the battle going on in her head. She was both repulsed by and attracted to his roughness.

She was sitting on the edge of the couch, and he cupped her breasts and twisted her nipples gently between thumb and fingers.

I could hear her suck air in between her teeth. She gasped!

He gently pushed her on her back on the couch. He leaned up over her, and sucked on her nipples, her legs opened wide, and she pushed her pelvis forward.

He rocked back on his heels, as he had been kneeling in front of her. He leaned over her and placed her hands on the back of the couch, which put his face directly over hers. He said for her not to move.

He gently kissed and bit her neck, and kissed his way down to her breasts and sucked each nipple again, gently biting it as he left.

He then rocked back on his heels again, took the hem of her dress and lifted it over her face, so she couldn’t tell what he was about to do.

She squealed, opened and closed her legs several times, and pushed her pussy up anticipating his touch.

He blew on her pussy for a second, and she squirted a little and said, “PLEASE”.

I was laughing under my breath. His teasing had her so on edge!

She told me later that she was about to jump out of her skin with anticipation of what was to come.

He looked over at me and smiled. I nodded for him to proceed.

He slowly moved his tongue to her clit, licked her clit and pussy very softly. She immediately had an orgasm and squirted.

He looked at me and mouthed the word “Squirter?” I nodded and told him to stop teasing her.

He slid two fingers easily into her now wide open, soaking wet pussy, and massaged her G spot.

She groaned loudly with her orgasm. She pleaded for him to fuck her!

He took her dress off her face, and her hands from the back of the couch. He stood in front of her, unzipped his jeans, and let his now thoroughly engorged cock fall out.

She inhaled with a stuttering breath and said “HOLY SHIT! IT’S REAL!” Then said more quietly, “Holy shit! I’m not sure I can take that!”

He kneeled down again, as she watched, and put the head of his cock against her now dripping pussy, and pushed just the head in.

Kitten moaned, half in pain, and half in delight. He asked her if she wanted more.

She said, with a look of awe on her face, ” Give me a second! That thing is huge!”

I asked her what she was feeling, and she said it was delightfully painful.

I asked her what she meant. She said,” I’ve never been stretched this much before. It hurts! My pussy is on fire! I have never felt so wonderfully full.

I love it, and I want some more.. please, but slowly and gently!”

He slid in a little deeper, and she gasped! She moaned loudly, and I saw her eyes roll up in her head.

He backed out to the opening, the walls of her very stretched cunt being canlı casino pulled out by his enormous cock.

He then deliberately, and with some force, pushed a few more inches deep into her now very swollen cunt!

Apparently he hit bottom.

I heard the low, growling sound that she makes when my cock hits “That Spot” deep in her cunt that feels the same as massaging her G spot, only moreso.

She winced and said, “That’s deep enough for now! Please stay right there for a second”.

They remained still, Kitten shivering like she was cold.

I could tell her pain was subsiding, as she relaxed after a bit. She said, “Thats enough but I would like to try again later when I’ve had time to wrap her head around all this.”

He pulled out. She breathed a sigh of relief! Kitten leaned forward and took his cock in hand and licked all the juices off of it.

She sucked on his cock, barely able to get her lips around the giant head and jacked it with both hands until he couldn’t hold out any longer.

He filled her mouth with his semen. I saw her cheeks puff out. She swallowed, and her eyes were watering. She looked up at him and smiled. He said, “I want some more of you” and she said, “Yes, Please”.

I thought it was all over. I thought she had had enough of him and was ready to go home and fuck her for the rest of the afternoon.

I was very horny watching all this, and was looking forward to fucking her delicious pussy…especially after she had just been stretched by the biggest cock she had ever seen!

I knew she was going to beg me to fuck her on the way home, and I could hardly wait!

When Kitten was in a state like this, she couldn’t get enough fucking.

She would cum and squirt, and squeal and scratch and bite until she collapsed!

Kitten was a very special woman.

In my past vanilla relationships with women, things were fantastic for about 3 months, then they would complain my fucking them three or four times a day was too much for them and they wanted to back off to maybe twice a week.

I never suspected this because they were having orgasms every time, and willingly opened for me.

With Kitten, three or four times a day was great, and sometimes she would ask me for more…a delightful change.

Sometimes we would fuck until she was so sore that she didn’t want to do anything besides oral for a day or two. I understood this and would back off.

Once in a while she would ask for “Sore sex” Which meant that she was sore and it made her horny, so I would oblige and fuck her gently…at first.

As my friend and I were getting ready to wrap it up for the day, Kitten stood up, pulled her dress over her head, folded it neatly, laid it on the couch, and said to us that she wanted to experience his cock in a proper bed.

She slid two fingers into her pussy, pulled them out, passed them under her nose, inhaling deeply and passed them under my friends nose.

He looked at me as if to ask if she was for real.

We figured she had had enough (stupid men) and wanted kaçak casino to call it a day. I said, ” Ok sweetie. Stateroom is down the stairs, let’s go.”

Kitten turned and went below to the Master Stateroom.

She pulled the covers off the bed and lay down on the sheets, legs wide open, her very open and red pussy exposed. She said she wanted to experience the biggest cock she had ever seen or imagined!

My friend removed his clothes, climbed up on the bed, positioned his face at her pussy, and, even though I couldn’t see anything but his big ugly, hairy ass from where I was standing, I heard her moan loudly, and saw her bend her legs at the knees.

I knew he was licking her clit to prepare her for what he was about to do to her.

I heard her cum, and she started begging him to fuck her.

He got up on his knees…not a pretty sight from my vantage point behind him, and I could tell he was placing the head of his huge cock at her opening.

I watched as he very slowly, gently slid more of his gigantic cock deeper into her beautiful pink pussy.

He would slide in a little, and pull out to the opening, and part her lips and push in a little deeper than the last time.

Each time, she was saying, “OH! OH! OH!” as he puled out and then, “UNH! UNH! UNH!” as he drove his huge hardness deeper into her!

He did this over and over, very slowly and deliberately. I could hear her juices being stirred as his cock was pushed into and pulled out of her very wet cunt.

The sounds she was making were like nothing I had ever heard her make before. She would moan loudly and say “I’m, I’m, I’m” in a very high pitched voice.

After she did this several times, he asked her what she was trying to say. She practically screamed, “I’m Commmiinnnngggg!”

I knew from this that she was having very powerful, back to back orgasms!

She did that a lot. Her orgasms would run together until I stopped fucking her. Then she would lie there trying to catch her breath through the aftershocks.

This went on for about 15 minutes, then I heard him say he was going to cum.

She practically screamed, “OH GOD!, CUM IN ME! FILL ME UP!”

He repeatedly slammed into her, hard, deep and fast, and I heard her squeal, but this time in pain!


Soon, he growled like a bear, slamming his cock into her hard and deep!

She was screaming in pain and wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in to her, her fingernails digging into his upper arms. He roared, threw his head back and collapsed on her.

I was breathless at the sight and sounds of it all.

After a short while, they regained their composure, and he got up off of her.

I could hear a sucking sound and a pop when his cockhead pulled out.

She squealed again, and lay there panting, body shaking with aftershocks, legs apart, his slightly bloody juices running out of her swollen, very used and wide open pussy.

She sighed and said, “Oh my God! I have never been fucked like that before…but I want to be fucked like that again…just not today.”

She was gasping for breath and whimpering in pain and smiling. Always a lady, she said to me, “Thank you Sir for this gift. I love you.” My heart melted.

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