Kristen’s Awakening

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Big Dicks

This story may contain very graphic sex scenes which is intended for persons of eighteen years or over. All comments, good or bad, are welcome and all will be answered. This story is the property of the author. I welcome your feedback and comments, so please let me know what they are. They really do help me to become a better writer.

It’s been awhile, but I think I finally got my ass in gear to finish another story. Ahead of time, I am going to apologize for using any improper grammar or misspelled words. I really don’t have a proof reader, so… you get the point.


Sitting in my bedroom, looking out the window on a gloomy rainy October afternoon, I started reflecting back over my miserable short life. Up until few years ago, I felt I was in a loving normal family life. I knew my mother loved me, even though she had to work a lot to give us a home and comfortable life. My father also worked hard, but when he was home, most of his time was spent drinking or going out with his buddies. When he wasn’t drinking, we were best buds, hanging out and doing father daughter fun stuff together.

It was my eighteenth birthday which fell on a Saturday. My mom was out holding an open house on a piece of property she was trying to sell, while my dad had invited his brother and a couple of his buddies over for some drinking and swimming. We cooked some hamburgers out on the grill, and as they were drinking, I was laying out by the pool, getting some sun on my lily white petite body. I was only five foot three, maybe a hundred and twenty pounds, my boobs, well maybe a small hand full B cup breasts, being covered nicely in my tiny bikini top. With my dad there with everyone else, I felt I didn’t have anything to worry about. After about two o’clock in the afternoon, when all the beer ran out, my uncle volunteered to get more beer for everyone. Feeling like I was getting too much sun, I decided it was time to head indoors for a quick shower and a change of clothes.

Once upstairs, instead of going to my room for a change of clothes, I headed directly to the bathroom for a shower. Closing and locking the door, I stripped out of my bikini and jumped into the shower. As I was taking my shower I thought I heard the doorknob being jiggled, but after listening carefully, I didn’t hear anything again. Thinking it was just my imagination, I quickly forgot it and finished up with my shower. I stepped out of the shower, drying myself off, I wrapped the towel around myself as I normally do, picking up my bikini I opened the door and started walking towards my bedroom, when I spotted my uncle’s buddies waiting in the hallway. Thinking that they were just waiting for me to exit the bathroom so they could use it, I started to step around them so I could get to my bedroom, but as I was about to pass them, one of the men stepped in front of me, grinning at me.

“Told you she was a real looker, I bet she’s dying to show us what she has under that towel, especially after parading around all afternoon in that skimpy bikini she was wearing.” The shorter one said.

Trying to put on my best face, “you’d better watch out, I’ll call my dad and he’ll throw you both out faster than you can spit.”

They both gave a hardy laugh, the one behind me said, “Hell honey, you should have heard how he was bragging at what a hot number you are, running around the house nearly naked, showing off that cute little ass of yours.”

As I was about to scream out, suddenly my towel was yanked from my body, leaving me holding one end of it in one hand, while holding my bikini in the other hand. I opened my mouth to scream out, when a hand covered my mouth and lifted me off the floor carrying me as I was kicking and trying to claw at the hand on my mouth. Once they had me inside of my bedroom, I was thrown onto the bed as the door as closed. As I looked at my attackers, I tried to crawl backwards away from them, but was stopped by the wall on the far side of the bed. As the taller of the two started to reach out to me, I tried to kick him, but he just caught my ankles and yanked me to the edge of the bed, holding onto both my ankles, he spread my legs out wide, while licking his lips while staring at me.

“I’ve got to taste some of this little hairless pussy, hold her and keep her quite.” As he knelt down and started to slobber all over my vagina, the other quickly yanked down his zipper, pulling his penis from his pants waving it in my face.

“Open up little girl, you’re about to learn how to suck a real cock, bite me and I promise I’ll knock out every one of your teeth.” He then pushed his penis to my lips, and with a pop on the side of my face with his hand, he entered my mouth with his vile thing, pushing it in as far as he could. Slowly I felt it harden, and go in deeper each time he trust his hips forward. I felt something rubbing against my vagina, then I felt a searing pain being ripped into me. It was at this time, I lost all recollection of any events that happened afterwards.

In Ankara bayan escort the fog of my mind, I could hear a woman screaming at the top of her lungs as I lay curled up on my bed, in pain and agony. I was beyond crying or caring, my world was a foggy haze. Vaguely aware of a blanket being wrapped around me, and men and women talking.

The next thing I do remember was being in the hospital, my mother at my side, tears streaming down her face, “I’m so sorry baby, please forgive me.” She was repeating this over and over while squeezing my hands in hers. There was a nurse also in the room, taking my blood pressure, when a doctor walked into the room and as he started to approach the bed, I started screaming, trying to get away from him. Between my screams, I heard him say something about another doctor would be better suited doing this examination. A short time later, a tall blond lady, wearing a white coat, came and sat beside me and began talking to me.

“Hi, my name is Dr. Michelle Hart. I understand that you have gone through a terrible ordeal, and I am here to examine you and get all the evidence I can so that everyone who has caused this horrible thing to you is punished to the fullest extent of the law. Do I have your permission to do a complete exam on you, including looking in and examining your vagina?”

I looked over to my mother, who tried to smile, but slowly nodded her head at me, I then turned back to the doctor, and then nodded my head towards her.

“Your name is Kristen, is that correct?”

Nodding my head yes…

“Kristen, if it’s ok with you and your mother, would you like me to give you a shot to calm your nerves, and maybe make you feel a little better?”

Again I looking back at my mother, she slowly nodded her head.

Looking back at the doctor, I nodded my head also, but then raised my hand asking, “You’re not going to hurt me are you?”

Taking my hand in hers, Dr. Hart smiled, “While you are in this hospital under my care, I promise you no one is ever going to hurt you. I’ll be as gentle as I can, but I must be through in my examination. OK sweetheart?”

Giving a half smile, I nodded my head as I felt a needle in my arm, and soon I was back into my foggy world, only half hearing the voices around me.

When I woke up, I noticed I was in a room with the light coming through a window beside the bed, and my mother sitting in a chair asleep next to me. My mouth felt like it was full of cotton balls, I was so dry, I barely croaked out, “mom” through dry lips. Her eyes flew open and in a rush she was at my side, “Baby, you’re awake, I’m right here.”

Again I croaked out, “Mouth is so dry, water please!”

Taking a cup of water from the tray, she put the straw to my lips, telling me to sip slowly. It seemed like only moments later, I recognized Dr. Hart as she entered my room, smiling from ear to ear. As she sat on the edge of my bed, she again took my hand in hers, giving it a little squeeze.

“How are you this morning, maybe a little sore?”

Having had a little water, I tried to smile a little, “Yes, my throat hurts a little, but my bottom still feels like it’s on fire.”

Looking over at my mother, Dr. Hart looked back at me, smiled and gave me a little wink, “We won’t talk about your pain right now, but I prescribed some pain medication for you for the next couple days, and today I have prescribed the morning after pill for you, do you understand why I have done that?”

Looking at her, then my mother, “Yes, because I was raped, and you want to stop any pregnancy that might be because of it.”

“That’s right honey. I have also posted it so that no males may enter your room. There is also two female detectives just outside that would like very much to talk to you, is it ok if I send them in shortly.”

Again, smiling as much as I could, “Yes, I want to tell them everything so those assholes spend the rest of their lives in prison for what they did to me. I suppose the road to recovery has to start somewhere, and now is the time for it to begin,” as I noticed both my mother and Dr. Hart smiling at me.

As my mother sat on the edge of my bed, we both felt an awkward moment, “Mom, we both know what happened to me, I’ll admit I don’t remember too much about the whole event, but it happened. I don’t feel as if it was my fault, but I do blame daddy for drinking and letting those men into our house and Uncle Tyler for bringing them. We don’t have to talk about it now, but we do need to learn to talk to one another without you feeling like every word is going to hurt me.” I reached out and pulled her close to hug her, “This wasn’t the first Saturday you ever had to work, so don’t keep saying you’re sorry. There isn’t anything you could have done that would have made a difference. All you were trying to do was make a good home for us all.”

“Honey, there is something I need to tell you…”

Just then, two people started to enter the room, one a short petite blond, Escort bayan Ankara who looked like she couldn’t hurt a fly, even if she tried, and a taller brunette, who looked like she could rip the limbs from any man without even trying very hard. The little blond then introduced herself as Officer Richardson, and her partner Officer Todd. My mother then stood and introduced herself, as she shook hands with each of the Officers. The taller brunette, then spoke with a voice as soft as an angel asking, “Mrs. Watterson, would please step out of the room while we talk to your daughter about what happened yesterday. You can stand just outside the door if you like. We will make this as brief and painless as we can, I promise.”

I smiled at my mother, grabbed her hand, “Mom, I’ll be fine, go and get a cup of coffee or something, and while you’re at it, can I have some ice cream please, my throat is still a little sore.”

As my mother made her way out the door, Officer Todd asked, “How are you doing Kristen? Are you up to telling us everything you remember about the events that happened yesterday?”

I told them how I was just lying around, trying to get a tan, about all the drinking, and how I felt it was time for me to go inside and get dressed about midafternoon. I told them when I came out of the upstairs bathroom with the towel wrapped around me, and confronting my uncles two friends in the hallway. I told them about how they talked about me, then stripped away the towel and dragged me to the bedroom. I told them how the shorter of the two make me suck on his penis while the taller of the two was slobbering on my vagina. I told them that when the taller of the two, actually raped me, the pain was so great, I really don’t remember much after that.

It was at that moment the little blond detective snapped her pencil she was writing with, making me think she really wasn’t one to be messed with. Actually in the back of my mind, I felt it really wasn’t wise to mess with either one of them.

Officer Todd looked at me, “Kristen, you really don’t remember anything about your father or uncle during this whole time?”

Looking at her with puzzled eyes, “No, is there something I should know? My mom was about to tell me something when you both walked into the room.”

They looked at one another, when Officer Todd said, “Yes, we feel there is something more you should know. If it’s ok with you, why don’t we let Officer Richardson find your mother and fill her in on what we talked about so far, and have your mother join us to tell you the rest? Would you like that Kristen?”

A little puzzled at the sudden turn of events, I nodded, seeing the fire in Officers Richardson eyes, not towards me or Officer Todd, but still burning bright and hot as she walked out of the room. After a few short moments, Officer Richardson and my mother walked back into the room, my mother looking visibly upset, tears forming in her eyes, while she was biting on her lower lip. She sat down on the bed beside me, taking my hands in hers, as she looked over at the Officers, she then turned to me…

“Honey, this is very painful for me tell you this, but I am glad these Officers agreed to let you hear it from me, rather than you hearing it from strangers. It appears both your father and your uncle also raped you, as well as the two strangers they brought into our home. I’m so sorry baby, please forgive me…” She hugged me tightly, and began to sob into my shoulder as she held me tightly. I hugged her back tightly, letting her words sink into me… slowly seething like a slow ember, growing hotter and hotter, as the burning rage emitted as a long wail from my throat… I began sobbing hysterically, beating my fist on my mother’s back and shoulders. She only hugged me tighter, if that were even possible, rocking me side to side.

I’m guessing the nurses heard the commotion coming from my room and immediately called Dr. Hart back to the room. When she walked back into the room, I probably looked a total mess, snot running out of my nose, I was hyperventilating, trying to catch my breath. She immediately ordered everyone out of the room including my mother. As my mother started to pull away, I shouted…

“No wait!” I wiped my nose with the sleeve of the gown I was wearing, “Wait a minute.” Looking at Officer Richardson, “I want you to make me a promise… I want you to put all those mother fuckers in jail for the rest of their miserable lives, can you promise me that, can you look at me and tell me you won’t let them get away with this and maybe doing it to someone else, goddam it, look at me and promise me that little bit of satisfaction,” as the tears slowly made their way down my cheeks.

Officer Richardson stepped up to the bed along side of me, taking my hand in hers. I felt her hand tremble with rage as she slowly spoke to me.

“Kristen, we found blood on your uncle and your father. Samples were taken and the crime lab positively identified the blood as belonging to Bayan escort Ankara you. There is positively no way the blood could not have gotten onto them, unless they had sexual intercourse with you. All other traces of DNA evidence is now waiting to be tested, and as soon as the results are back, we will have a better picture as to all who may have been involved in the assault on you. I promise you, Officer Todd and I will cross every “T” and dot every “I” when we present our findings to the DA’s office. We will make sure to convey to the DA, no deals, but you and your mother must also make that fact known. You must be brave and you also must be strong to face whatever is put before you until after all this is done. I don’t make promises I can’t keep, but this is one promise I know we can keep. Now I want you to make me a promise, can you do that for me Kristen?”

Looking into Officer Richardson’s eyes really for the first time, I saw a pair of baby blue eyes that looked full of compassion and caring, a look that under different circumstances would want you to smile and be happy. Nodding my head, “Yes Officer Richardson, what would you like for me to promise you?”

“Kristen, after all this is over, I want you to promise me you will put all this behind you and rebuild your life. I know you will need some help, but the help is only as good as you let it be, you have to also put forth the time and energy and fight for it. Don’t let what those men did to you rule and ruin your life forever, can you look at me and make that promise to me also?

As I laid there in my bed, I noticed everyone looking at me, waiting for me to answer Officer Richardson. Looking back into her eyes, I reached out with both arms, pulling her in for a hug, “Yes, I will make that promise to you. I won’t let them get the better of me.”

Officer Richardson, then pulled out a business card from her shirt pocket, then reached back and snapped her fingers at Officer Todd, who immediately put her card in my hand, “If need to talk to either one of us, here are our numbers, call anytime, and as soon as we can, we will get back to you.

“Officer Todd, unless you have any more questions, I think this young lady needs her beauty sleep, and your ugly face is keeping her awake, let’s get out of here.” Officer Richardson said, as they both waved and smiled as they walked out of the room.

Dr. Hart asked if I felt I needed another shot to relax me. I thanked her, telling her that I didn’t feel like I needed the shot, but wanted to spend a little time with my mother so we could talk. As she was walking out the door, she turned, “Just call the nurse if you change your mind and need a little help getting some needed rest.” And then she was gone.

For the first time all day, I saw a real smile forming on my mother’s lips as she sat beside me, taking my hands into hers.

“Honey, I know it’s going to be tough for you, but I want to make arrangements with my sister so that you can go and stay with her for a while, to give me a chance to get us another home, and get all of our stuff moved. I don’t want you to go back and have any memories of what happened in that house.

Before I was released from the hospital, my soon to be therapist came in and introduced herself to me. She said her name was MS Maggie Proctor. I kind of chuckled within myself hearing her refer to herself as MS Maggie Proctor. Not to many people I knew referred to themselves as MS. Just seeing her standing beside my bed, I’m guessing she was about five feet nine inches tall, about two inches taller than my mother. She had dirty blond hair, cut short, maybe two inches long. Enough to comb, but not enough to do anything else with. She had what I would call an average type body, not to large, but she was definitely not petite. She had the breasts I could only dream about, they looked so full within her blouse, but not to the point that they were only thing you would notice about her. Since this was the first time I had seen MS Proctor, she wore very little makeup just around the eyes. In a way, I kind of liked it. She looked very pretty, but not over bearing.

She sat and we talked for maybe about an hour, just getting to know one another I suppose. She asked me about school and what I thought about the kids I went there with. She asked me if I was interested in any sports and if I participated in any of them. I think I was more or less expecting a nerdy type person, someone who felt they knew all the answers, but made you answer them yourself, but I found myself liking her very much. I felt like I could talk to her, and if something was puzzling me, I felt she was sneaky in her own way that would lead me to the answer I needed, maybe not what I wanted, but definitely needed. She had set it up that I would meet with her twice a week in her office, then depending on how things progressed, maybe start working me into some group sessions.

Just as we were about to finish up for the day, my mother came into the room. I said, “Mom, this is my therapist, MS Maggie Proctor, Ms Proctor, this is my mother Helen Waterston, soon to be Miss Helen Miller. I noticed that sideways glance my mother gave me, as she stepped around to shake MS Proctors hand, but it still made me smile a little.

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